Chapter One

To Go or Not To Go. . . That is the Question

Conner McDermott stared at his strong, callous covered hand. In it held a letter to his ten-year high school reunion. Normally Conner would never want to be caught dead at some lame excuse for a party. . . but there was an exception to this one. . .and her name was Elizabeth Wakefield.

It's already been ten years, Conner thought to himself, man things change.

He threw down the letter on the table and sat down in his favorite chair. Things had change so much over the last ten years but then again not at all. Sure now he was twenty-eight but all of his interest were the same. He was working daytime shifts at music store and at nights he would play gigs.

He hadn't stayed in touch with any of his friends from high school, not that it mattered to him but. . . he didn't have anything going on that week. The only friends he even missed were Tia Ramirez and Andy Marsden. He only had one friend in New York even though he'd lived in there for five years.

What ever happened to Tia and Andy, he wondered, and why did we grow apart during college?

Conner sighed, ran into his bedroom, grabbed his guitar and stared playing.

In a half hour time his roommate Ben Lawrence came home from work and opened Conner's door.

He yelled over the music, "Hey! McDermott!"

Conner stopped playing instantly and turned around glaring at his only friend, "What?"

"Lighten up man. . .what happened today?"

"Nothing," Conner said flatly.

"Fine McDermott. . . but it wouldn't have anything to do with that high school reunion invitation would it?" Ben smirked.

Conner put down the guitar and flopped onto his bed, "You're annoying."

Ben smirk grew into a grin, "I have to be. . . I mean how else would I get you to talk to me?"

Ben reminded Conner so much of Andy except for the fact Ben could be excited about anything. Ben would be willing to lend a hand to anybody, "Fine. . . yeah it was the invitation."

"Are you gonna go?"


"You have to! Its you're high school reunion!"

"Oh yeah and I had such a great time in high school that I definitely feel the need to go back there again."

"You could see your old friends again," Ben pointed out.

"Yeah and what a great conversation that would be: 'Conner why did you never call me?' or 'Conner, where ya been man?' Yeah and then I could tell them how great my life has turned out. My great career of making nine bucks an hour at Sam Goody's and having one gig a month."

"What about that girl you told me about?"


"No the girl you 'loved.' " Ben said laughing, "Sorry McDermott but I just can see you in love after all the girls you've gone through. Hell you don't give half of them your real name so they won't know where to call you."

"Elizabeth Wakefield," Conner said sharply, "and its not like you would no what its like dating a girl."

"Girls are a mystery, and you know how I am with the guys."

"Oh yeah," Conner said sarcastically, "You do so well. When was you're last date? Two years ago?"

"I just have high standards."

"I'm sure."

"I do! And you're going to that reunion and I'm going with you just so you can prove to me she existed."

Conner rolled his eyes, "Fine but you're payin for the plane tickets."



"Hey honey, how was the rest of your day?" Elizabeth Wakefield (now Manning) said to her husband Sam as soon as he had gotten home from work.

"It was work. . .the favorite part of my day was being at the doctor's office with you," he said as he kissed her on her forehead.

"Yeah I'm so glad the baby's due date is coming so soon! Only two months away," she smiled as she rubbed her stomach, "but I had a pickle with strawberry ice cream on it which really made my day."

"Gross," her husband said teasingly at her food cravings, "and I'm sure the baby's saying the same thing."

Elizabeth laughed," Um. . .Sam after I got home the doctor called."

Sam Manning's faced instantly paled, "The baby's okay isn't it?"

"Relax honey it's nothing like that. I---"

"Nothings wrong with you is it?" Sam asked alarmed.

"I'm fine," Elizabeth laughed, "I just found out the sex of the baby."

"I thought we were gonna wait until it was born?"

"I know I know but. . . I was too curious. Don't you wanna know?"

Sam thought it over a minute," Well if you know. . .then I should to don't you think? It would only be fair."

"Yeah that, and the fact that you're now dieing to know."

Sam smiled flirtatiously, "Maybe."

"It's a girl!"

Sam jumped up off the couch, "I knew it!"

"Also I've got some other good news! My ten year high school reunion is in two weeks!"

"Are you sure you can travel like this?"

"What? Are you saying I can't travel! I mean we live in Orange County! That's only forty-five minutes away from Sweet Valley!"

Beware of the mood swings, Sam thought to himself, "No of coarse not but I'll pack for you."

Liz settled back down, "Fine but I think we are gonna pick up Jessica in L.A. She called and said her and Jeremy needed a ride."

"Alright. . . but this better not be like the time we all drove to San Diego."

"I'm sure Jess isn't gonna throw up on you this time," Liz said trying to stifle her laughter.


"Andy!!!" Tia Ramirez screamed to her roommate Andy Marsden, "Andy where are you!!! I've got the best news!!"

"Gosh can't a guy use the toilet without being screamed at?" Andy Marsden said sarcastically as he walked out of the bathroom zipping up his pants.

He and Tia had reconnected after college. He had gone to New York during college and Tia had gone to UCLA. They kept in touch and after graduation decided another New York adventure was what they needed.

They lived in a very low-cost apartment as Andy was a stand-up comic and Tia was an out-of-work actress. She had decided to quit social work after coming home crying day after day at the disadvantaged children. Now she held a day job at a Starbucks and Andy held one at Radio Shack.

"Tia what is it?" he noticed she was practically jumping up and down. His thought was either they had won the lottery or the cute guy who always came to Starbucks at 7:15 in the morning had finally asked her out.

She paused dramatically, "Andy. . .we are. . . going. . . to. . .our. . .high school reunion in two weeks!!!!"

Andy was less than thrilled, "Oh that was it?"

"That was it? How can you say that? We can go back and see everyone!"

"Oh. . . alright."

"You're gonna come aren't you Andy, "she pleaded giving him her infamous 'puppy-dog eyes.'

"Don't give me that look!"

"Please Andy! Please!"

Andy rolled his eyes, "Fine but you're packing for me."

"We both know how great I am at packing."

Andy glared at her mockingly ,"Don't touch my clothes."

"Oh come on Andy! I've finally learned how to fold! Trust me!" she yelled cheerfully as he ran into his room.