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I can't believe it. He didn't recognize me. Conner had absolutely no idea who I was. God I'm such an idiot! I thought we'd all meet up again and everything would be fine. I guess I forgot he was such a jerk. I always thought it was my fault we lost touch. Now I'm stuck in a hotel room and Andy's getting ice cream. Great, just a fabulous reunion. Terrific.


Left turn here? Wait no. . . I can't believe I forgot the way back to the school! I guess it'll be worth it when I find Conner. Ice cream's gonna be a little late Tee.


Who was that woman earlier? Damn. . . she was hot. Oh well, where's Liz?


Man, Conner even gets upset over a little woman walking into him. Hasn't he ever heard of anger management? But that woman's boyfriend, or whatever he was, is good-looking. I need to get a grip, if he has a girlfriend than he probably wouldn't be interested in me.

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