100 Theme Challenge


Theme Five: Unbreakable


"Unbreakable. Definition: An article or object that is not easily broken." Soft pink eyes scanned over the words for a second time briefly before closing. "I know what it means. I just don't want to believe it..." Momoi whispered to herself.

She sighed and put the dictionary back on her coffee table, staring at the cover blankly as she drifted off into thought.

Momoi had been ecstatic when the newly formed Generation of Miracles had played in their first game together.

They were strong, they worked well together, they were friends, and they were feared, respected and soon - undefeated.

They were unbreakable.

Each of them were exceptional basketball players, each with their own unique abilities and talents, she found. Although different, they were one.

The pink haired girl hadn't know why or how their team began to fall apart at first but once she had discovered the reason, she had tried to mend them all back together - but with no such luck.

It was later on that she realized what had brought them all together was slowly but surely tearing them apart. It wasn't until Kuroko disappeared without so much as a word after their last game that they team really crumbled. Of course, she had seen the signs. But ignored them. Hoping that things would get better. They didn't.

When it was time for graduation, Akashi had called them all together one last time.

Momoi had thought it was going to be for something - anything - else other than to create an 'oath' amongst them. She had been surprised that Kuroko had also joined in the oath.

After deciding to take part in the oath, they had stuck around for only a few minutes more, saying their cold goodbyes. Momoi had asked Kuroko what school he was going to attend, despite knowing that she wouldn't be going with him even though she wished she could.

But, unknown to the others, Momoi had also made an oath. An oath to herself, for the team that she used to be so close to once upon a time, that she will make them unbreakable once more.

No matter how long it took.


There you have it. Theme five... *dies* It's so short. But I still love it! Although now I feel bad for Momoi.. ; u;