'Pms and full moon'

chapter 1:

"alright" Lewis says to the three girls in front of him "full moon tonight,I'm staying to keep you safe!"

"We don't need you" Rikki says coldly.

"What she said" Cleo agrees.

"Girls,we need someone who won't get affected by the full moon. Bella said nicely

"Thank you Bella, well I'm going home I'll call you later for the full moon" Lewis says before leaving.

"Hey you two, what's with being so mean?" Bella asked.

"He asked for it" RIkki replied

"Yeah,we're not babies, we can take care of ourselves" Cleo said rudely.

-Bella then realised what was going on, since she met Cleo and Rikki they had always got their periods at the same time, apparently Emma did too before she left. They had all synced together is what Cleo told her one didn't realise until now but they were both PMSing, and she was stuck with then during the full moon.