A Dark Theatre?

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I entered the aged stone building in the city. People lined the halls as I climbed the stairs to the top floor. 10 flights up. As I reached my final destination I sighed as I passed a couple in the common room making out. Is this what I've gotten myself into? I asked myself as I looked around for my room. As I walked down the long, narrow hall I eyed the murals on the walls. I found my room number. 1015. I looked around before entering. Every room looked the same. Large brown doors, tile floors, some doors had message boards and pictures and name plates and things attached. I looked to my door, blank. Across from the door, on the wall was a mural of 'The Phantom of the Opera'. I took out my key and unlocked the door.

I was surprised to see the condition of the room. My 2 other room mates had moved into the surprisingly large room already. There was one bunk bed and one regular bed. The top bunk and regular bed were already claimed. So I dropped my bag onto the bottom bunk.

Surveying my surroundings I noticed that the person above me had loud purple leopard print sheets and random fuzzy pillows adorning her bed. The other bed a worn in tie-dye, and neon pillows and flashing Christmas lights around the closest window. I looked to where my trunks and boxes were stowed from the previous day when the movers had come. I reached into a box and pulled out my modest baby pink and blue sheets, and her favorite stuffed animal. I pulled out a few posters of 'Rent' and 'Beauty and the Beast'. A few of my favorite shows.

I sighed as the door suddenly flew open. On the other side stood 2 girls, the one in front wearing brown suede pants and a black shirt with an open blue vest, she had long purplish hair and lavender eyes. The second girl was wearing a knee length red and black plaid skirt a black tank top adorned with safety pins and black boots that came up to her knees, she had shoulder length brown hair.

-Normal POV-

"Hello." The girl with purple hair started. "You must be our 3rd musketeer." The girl behind her giggled. "I'm Tomoyo and she's Chiharu. And you are?"

"Sakura." The new girl smiled, stood up and extended a hand to the girls. Both shook her hand in turn.

"Would you like help unpacking?" Chiharu asked coming from behind Tomoyo.

"That would be great." Sakura said shyly. The three girls kneeled in front of the boxes on the floor.

"You didn't bring a lot. Tomoyo here brought everything she owns. Boyfriend and all." Chiharu laughed hanging some clothes in the closet.

"Hey! Least I already knew my boyfriend. You looked kinda cozy out there with his roommate!" Tomoyo said helping Sakura make the bed.

"Hey girls, have you seen a small white shoe box around?" a voice asked from the open door. Sakura looked to the mysterious visitor. Beautiful The visitor thought.

How handsome. Sakura thought in return.

"No Syaoran! We have not seen your stupid box. And if we had we'd of thrown the repulsive things away! Take your pranks and sick mind off of OUR territory before I'm forced to kick your ass." Tomoyo replied standing up and slamming the door in 'handsome' Syaoran's face. His laughter could be heard through the thick wooded door.

"What was that about?" Sakura asked shyly once again.

"Oh that was just Syaoran. He's got this thing with pulling pranks on people, and he has this shoe box full of handcuffs, duct tape, honey, shaving cream, matches, and a few other odds and ends." She jokingly coughed. "Of course we NEVER take it away from him. But he'll get too egotistical if you don't keep him in line."

Chiharu and Tomoyo started cracking up while Sakura only giggled.

"Why are you so shy Sakura? I mean this IS a Performance Arts School." Chiharu asked, wiping the tear from her eye that was produced during their laughing. "You seem more of the reserved, studying, academic, Ivy League kind of student. Not a theatre student."

Sakura sat in silence for a few seconds thinking, before quietly replying, "There's something about a dark theatre that intrigues me. There's more to it then I can explain."

"Dark theatre huh? Well, we're going to this hot party tomorrow night at a penthouse uptown. Wanna join?" Tomoyo offered.

"I'd love to."

"Great! This'll be great! You guys can wear some of my new line, and we can try and get Sakura out of her shell!" Tomoyo shouted jumping to her feet once more.

"What shell?" a voice asked opening the door. A boy with blue hair poked his head into the room.

"Ah! Eriol! Let me introduce. Eriol, Sakura, Sakura, Eriol." She elbowed Sakura next to her, "This hottie is mine." She winked at him.

"Nice to meet you Eriol." Sakura said extending a hand to the boy.

"Ah, a girl with some manners. Please, wear off on Tomoyo." He replied taking her hand.

"HEY! WHAT'S THAT SUPPOSED TO MEAN?" Tomoyo shouted pushing Eriol into the door.

Syaoran stopped outside the room. "Uh oh..Eriol watch out, she's lethal with that door of hers." Tomoyo shot her boyfriends best friend a look before turning back to Eriol.

"Ah come on, ya know I love you." Eriol said hugging Tomoyo.

Chiharu leaned over to Sakura, "This is when you stop paying attention. It could get nasty." The girls giggled.


After asking the majority of his friends about his box he decided to give up. He sighed as he plopped onto his bed in the room he shared with his best friend Eriol and new bud Takashi. 1016. He gazed toward the bunk above him and gave a low chuckle in his chest. He reached up, took the computer edited image from the boards above, and ripped it to pieces before tossing it into the trash. Out of no where he thought of someone. Wonder who she is. She was so pretty. Those eyes. Green. My favorite color. he sighed before daydreaming about the new girl who was right across the hall with his best friend's girlfriend. I wonder if she'd ever go for a guy like me? Suddenly Tomoyo's familiar shouting filled the hall and room. He got up and flowed into the hall way to find out what was going on.


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