Well here we go guys another chapter and not nearly as long of a wait on this one. In this chapter we'll see Ash's first Sinnoh gym battle.


Pokemon Attack


Ash stared at the Pokeball with a smile on his face. He knew what was inside, but everyone else had no clue what was inside it.

"Come on Ash what is inside that ball?!" Iris asked getting irritated that Ash wasn't revealing what was in the ball.

"Well Iris I know what is in the ball, so I might as well show you guys what's in it." Ash then opened the ball and a small yellow fox appeared. The fox looked around at everyone then sneezed spewing embers from its ears. Seconds later Ash heard squeals behind him. Then without warning the small fox was surrounded by all of Ash's girls.

"Oh my Arceus! Ash it's so cute!." May shouted as she hugged the fox much to its disdain.

"What is this Pokemon Ash?" Dawn asked as she petted the Pokemon earning a contented sigh from it as it snuggled closer to her stomach.

"Well Dawn that is a Fennekin. It is the fire-type starter in Kalos. My friend Serena got one as her first Pokemon, so hers must have had an egg." Ash explained taking the Pokemon and scratching behind its ears.

"Oh so its just like how you got Chespin." Flannery added walking up to Ash and petting Fennekin.

"Exactly, looks like I have another little guy to look after now." Ash was about to return Fennekin, but an idea popped into his and he pulled out two more balls. He opened the balls and Chespin and Greninja appeared. Almost instantly Chespin and Fennekin flocked to the fully evolved water/dark-type. Ash then walked up to the two smaller Kalos starters.

"Well you two this is what can happen when you train hard and never give up." Ash said gesturing to Greninja who was grinning as he basked in the attention the two smaller Pokemon were giving him. Suddenly the two Pokemon got determined looks in their eyes and ran up to Ash and started to pull on his jeans.

"So you two ready to start training." Getting nods from the both of them Ash and the Pokemon ran out back to start training.

(5 Hours Later Oreburgh Gym)

After 3 hours of rigorous training, and and an hour and a half of much needed rest Ash was standing outside the Oreburgh Gym. A look of determination was on his face as he walked in the gyms doors. As he walked around he wasn't surprised to find the gym leader, Roark, in the back of the gym examining his fossils.

"They truly are amazing aren't they?" Ash asked as he stood next to Roark gazing at a few fossils.

"Yes they truly are. You know its not every day we get a champion in here." Roark said with a smirk as he looked to Ash.

"Well you must know why I'm here Roark." Ash said with a large grin a he looked directly at Roark.

"I think I might have an idea. Why don't you introduce me to everyone and then we'll get down to business." Roark said turning to the rest of Ash's group. After introductions Roark led everyone to the battlefield.

"The official three-on-three battle between Roark and the challenger Ash will commence. Trainers reveal your first Pokemon."

Roark quickly grabbed a ball. "Golem time to level the competition." The Megaton Pokemon appeared ready to battle.

"Hmm Golem eh. Well I might not have had this guy very long, but he's been training hard and it's about time to test out his abilities. Okay Chespin I choose you." The Spiny Nut Pokemon appeared in a flash of white and jumped in excitement for its first battle.

"Well Ash you are the challenger, so you get the first move."

Ash wasted no time in calling an attack. "Chespin use Vine Whip to hold Golem in place then use Leech Seed." Chespin's vines lashed out wrapped around Golem's impeding its movements. Once Golem couldn't move Chespin launched a volley of seeds that hit Golem. As soon as the seeds hit vines quickly spread out and wrapped around Golem. Seconds later Golem cringed as its energy was sapped and transferred to Chespin.

"Golem use Incinerate." Golem opened its mouth and spewed a wall of flames at Chespin.

"Chespin use Dig to dodge then use Grass Knot." Hearing his orders Chespin quickly dug into the ground and as soon as the flames died down Chespin reemerged unscathed.

"Nice strategy to dodge Ash, but now dodge this. Golem use Double-Edge." But as soon as Golem started running it tripped and face planted.

"Oh no I forgot about the Grass Knot, Ash you clever bastard." Roark then watched a grin crawl onto Ash's face.

"Time to finish this Chespin use Energy Ball." Everyone's eyes went wide when Chespin formed the ball of energy and fired it at Golem knocking it out.

"How can a Pokemon that young know a move like that!?" Roark was shocked that such a young and inexperienced Pokemon knew a powerful move like Energy Ball.

"By the look on your face I can tell your surprised that Chespin knows Energy Ball. Well it learned it entirely by accident." Looking around Ash noticed everyone's surprised face. "Let me explain. We were training earlier today with Fennekin and Greninja, and after getting pushed around by Greninja Chespin finally had enough and out of nowhere it created an Energy Ball and fired it at Greninja. And let me tell ya it scared the shit out of Greninja, the look on his face was priceless. After that I trained Chespin exclusively on making that Energy Ball more stable and powerful, looks like it payed off."

"Golem is unable to continue, Chespin wins."

Roark returned Golem and thanked it for its hard work. "Okay Ash you may have won the first one, but you're not gonna win this one. Steelix time to show Ash who's boss." The Iron Snake Pokemon appeared towering over Chespin. Steelix flashed an evil grin that Chespin cringe in fear.

"Chespin come one you beat Golem I know you can beat Steelix." Hearing the resolve in Ash's voice Chespin pushed its fear back and got ready to battle.

"I got the first move this time Ash. Steelix start off with Stealth Rock." Steelix launched several large rocks that got planted around the field.

"Hmmm back to that strategy again." Ash couldn't help the frown that spread across his face, he didn't like Stealth Rock.

"Okay Chespin use rapid fire Energy Balls." Chespin started to fire off several Energy Balls most made contact, but Steelix looked barely fazed.

"That's not gonna work this time. Steelix use Fire Fang." With amazing speed Steelix closed the gap and bit into Chespin's arm with flaming jaws. Chespin screamed in pain as his arm was scorched. When Steelix let go Chespin fell the the ground panting.

"Come on Chespin you can do it. Get up and use Rollout into Brick Break." Chespin got up and rolled into a ball quickly catching up to Steelix. Right when Chespin caught up to Steelix it stop rolling and used Brick Break right on top of Steelix's momentarily stunning the Pokemon.

By this point Steelix and Chespin were both heavily panting. Either could give out at any moment.

"Steelix push through and use Iron Tail." Steelix swung its massive tail and slammed it into Chespin's side sending it flying across the battlefield. Roark was sure he won, but to astonishment Chespin started to struggle back to its feet.

"Come on that's the spirit. You can do it, I believe in you." Hearing those last words from its trainer Chespin let out a roar of determination and stood up before being surrounded in a bright white light.

"Dammit just when I think I'm about to win this thing it has to go and evolve!" Roark stood cursing his bad luck as he watched his opponents Pokemon evolve in front of him.

When the light died down Quilladin the Spiny Armor Pokemon stood where Chespin was previously standing. Ash quickly scanned his new Pokemon and smirked as he saw his Pokemon learned a new move, a very powerful move.

"Well I'll be damned Quilladin you evolved. But its time to end this lets show Roark your new move. Okay Quilladin use Wood Hammer!" Quilladin charged Steelix with renewed vigor and slammed a glowing green arm onto Steelix's head. After two powerful blows to the head Steelix fell the ground knocked out with a small dent in its head. Quilladin fell to it knees, but it caught itself panting heavily.

"Steelix is unable to continue, Quilladin is the winner."

Roark returned Steelix and Ash returned Quilladin.

"Well Ash so far this has been an intense battle, but its time for my come back. Now Rampardos show them your power." Roark threw out his prized Pokemon and it didn't disappoint. The Head Butt Pokemon appeared and let out a deafening roar before getting in a stance ready to battle.

"Wow Rampardos looks as strong as ever. Well I know one of my Pokemon is dying to fight Rampardos again. Torterra I choose you!" Ash threw his ball and the Continent Pokemon appeared in flash of read. When Torterra saw its opponent a grin spread across his face. For Rampardos it was the opposite when it saw Torterra its face twisted in rage as it remembered its loss to Torterra when it was a Turtwig.

"Torterra start strong with Leaf Storm." Torterra roared and sent a massive storm of razor sharp leaves towards Rampardos.

"Rampardos use Zen Headbutt." Rampardos charged head first through the Leaf Storm and to everyone's astonishment the Zen Headbutt deflected many of the leaves. As it neared Ash started to get worried.

"Torterra stop and switch to Earthquake." Torterra stopped Leaf Storm and slammed its front legs into the ground causing the field to shake. Rampardos was feet away from Torterra when it was hit by the Earthquake this caused it to lose its footing and miss the Zen Headbutt.

"Rampardos recover and use Flamethrower." As it ran past Torterra Rampardos quickly spun around and unleashed a torrent of flames hitting Torterra. When Torterra was hit it yelled in pain as it was burned.

"Torterra use Synthesis then use Frenzy Plant." When the tree on Torterra's back started to glow it sighed in happiness as it regained much of its lost energy. Then as Rampardos was preparing for its next move Torterra unleashed a massive Frenzy Plant. A literal forest erupted from the ground and slammed into Rampardos knocking it out instantly.

"Rampardos is unable to continue, Torterra wins. Since all of Roark's Pokemon cannot continue the winner is Ash."

Roark sighed as he returned Rampardos and walked up to Ash shaking his hand. "I must say Ash you truly have improved, and you worthy of the title of champion. I mean that Chespin of yours was truly outstanding."

"Thanks Roark I'll try to drop by some time when I get the chance, and you can show me some of your fossils." Ash said giving Roark a big smile.

"I'd love that Ash, I'll be rooting for you." He then waved to Ash, but right as Ash was about to leave he remembered something. "Hey Ash wait up."

Ash turned to see Roark running after him. "Huh what Roark?"

"Well Ash I know what happened to you a few years ago, and I thought I should tell you that Paul is Veilstone City's new gym leader." Roark noticed Ash tense up as he mentioned Paul.

"Thanks for telling me Roark I'll see you around." With that Ash and the rest of the group took of down the road.

Eventually after walking for a few hours Anabel got up the courage and asked Ash a question that was on everyone's mind. "Umm Ash where are we going now?"

Ash turned and faced the rest of his group and with fire burning in his eyes he answered her question. "Well Anabel we're going to Veilstone City." And without another word Ash continued walking down the road towards Veilstone.

(2 Days later Veilstone Outskirts)

Everyone in our group was asleep as fire in the middle of the camp slowly started to die down. As everyone dreamed peacefully no one noticed a small Pokemon sneak into the camp and crawl into Ash's sleeping bag.

Dammit I wish Torterra could learn headbutt or zen headbutt, because I had this sweet idea where Rampardos would finish the fight with like a headbutting match. But since Torterra can't learn any type of head butting move I had to settle with another way to end the fight. Well with this chapter out of the way our group his heading to Veilstone to face Paul dun dun dun, and who is the Pokemon that snuck into Ash's sleeping back. All will be revealed next chapter. So until next time I'm outta here.