It' late. I shouldn't be here. I should go.

No matter how many times he thought it, his feet kept moving towards the Thorston household. He knew Ruffnut was the only one there, the parents off preparing supplies for the foreboding war and Tuff was out hunting to blow off some steam. It had been a hard day for soon as the Berkians arrived back, most headed home for some well deserved sleep.

So why would she wanna see you? Shes probably asleep, and still angry.

Ruffnut had a crush. On Eret. A dragon trapper. A trapper. That's not the way on Berk. He catches and sells them. Given, he wasn't from Berk. He was new and different, which Ruff found enthralling. Also, he's apparently gorgeous.

Snotlout doesn't stand a chance. He just doesn't get it! She likes muscles, he has muscles! She wants a viking, he's a real viking! He grew facial hair for her, for Thor's sake! At first he thought she was just playing hard-to-get, which he could go along with. Then Fishlegs decided to make life hard for him, and wanted some of his princess! Then there's Tuffnut, who even thought he has his own girl trouble, still finds time to fight off his sister's admirers. He still doesn't understand! They were somewhat friends when they were younger. Maybe she thinks it would be weird. He was over his crush on Astrid. All he had to do was win her over with some flexing and viking charm! Simple, right?

Not a chance.

He wasn't really sure how it happened, it just did. He woke up one day, completely fine, and headed to the training ring with Hookfang. Everything was normal. He took a look around and his eyes stopped on her. He still doesn't know why, and he hates himself for it. Snotlout never looked at her for this long, and he didn't know why. It's Ruffnut! He'd never thought of her as pretty, let alone a girl! But he felt different, which made her look different. She looked the same as everyday, but something was off. She was just sitting there with Barf's head in her lap, looking bored. WHY WAS THAT ATTRACTIVE TO HIM!? On Astrid, maybe, but never on Ruffnut Thorston! Of all the people! He looked to Astrid, trying to ignore the feeling of terrible terrors jumping around inside him. Nothing. Hiccup and Astrid were basically married, but Snotlout is not a quitter. But he didn't feel the need to try with Astrid. Why was today so off? Everything was backwards that day. He decided that looking at Ruff, just for now, wouldn't hurt.

Big Mistake.

Back to the problem at hand, he was in front of the Thorston household. He knew she was upset. Her advances on Eret were worthless. Eret insulted her. He said things no one ever wants to hear from the object of their affections. About her appearance, her attitude, everything that makes her Ruff. SHe looked, hurt, then ready to kill. Everything after was a blur. Eret escaped, and they were back on Berk.

He just felt like seeing her. Maybe she's see him in a different light. Hell would break loose tomorrow, most were sure of it. He wanted her to know his real feelings before the war broke out. He knew it was a long shot, but it was better than nothing. In a last ditch effort to leave, Snotlout heard shuffling from inside. He repeated a mantra to himself, trying to build up his courage.

Better than nothing, better than nothing, better than nothing.

He kept repeating until his hand made it to the door, and continued even after his knocking ceased.