The room was dark,bigger than it had been in their teen years. Raven lay curled up against her pillow, Beast boy next to her, one arm slung over her waist. They were both asleep. It was quiet.

Their door open with a so slight squeak, light from the hallway leaking in, tiny footsteps entering the room.

"Turn off the lights! Or else we're going to ruin the surprise for both of our parents!" Nightstar whispered loudly her long, black hair whipping around her shoulders as she faced the two toddlers behind them. Mar'i (Nightstar) Grayson had green eyes and orange skin like her mother, jet black hair like her father. Some might sat she looked like Black fire.

One of the toddlers were her brother, having spiky red hair and Caucasian skin, and blue eyes, much like his father also. The other toddler however was a girl, and the second child of Beast boy and Raven. She had purple hair and pale skin, with a fang and green eyes. The boys name was Ginger, the girls name is Jade. They are both four years old.

The first child of Beast boy and Raven was slowly creeping up to her parents bed, being quiet as possible. She had wavy blonde hair up to the middle of her back, before her dad's Sakutia. She had sun kissed skin and amethyst eyes, having a fang also. Her name was Margo. Margo and Nightstar were the age of seven.

Jade saluted to Mar'i before running into the hall in her footie pajamas, reaching on her tippy toes to turn off the hall light. Ginger struggled to maintain a balance on the breakfast they had cooked for their parents. The food consisted of cheerios soaked in milk and two burnt toast, along with burnt cookies and raw egg, a glass of milk, and some starburst candy. Margo studied the sleeping facial expressions on her parents before nodding her head at Night star, who was helping Jade and Ginger over to the bed.

"Raise the shield so my parents won't hear." Nightstar said. Margo's eyes burned white And her tiny hand was engulfed in black energy, and the door turned black along with it.

Ginger waddled towards the sleeping Raven, holding out the plates. Jade climbed onto the bed, sitting in front of her parents. Mar'i slid next to Margo, who was leaning into Raven, grinning. Nightstar got ready to pull the curtains away, welcoming the Sunshine.

"1..2..3! HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!" They chanted.

Raven jolted awake, her eyes wide as Beast boy fell off the bed. A lamp was engulfed in black energy and exploded with shock.

"Hey Mommy! We made breakfast for you and cards for you!" Margo welcomed, oblivious to the stunned look on her parents faces. Jade threw herself onto her mom, hugging her. Ginger shoved the breakfast under Beast boys face, making the glass of milk spill all over the bed.

Beast boy huffed to the rude wake up call and nudged Raven, making her sit up in the bed and face the children. She Gave a halfhearted smile and took the breakfast from Ginger's small, fat hands.

"This is nice..." She lied. She took the spoon and tried the cheerios, only to find out they were soggy. She resorted to the candy, since the all the other things were either burnt or soggy. Nightstar slapped their cards onto her lap, almost tipping the whole breakfast over without a care in the world.

Ginger snatched a burnt cookie and happily chewed on it. The cards consisted of terrible writing and drawings of Raven, with notes on how much they love her.

"Do you like your breakfast?"Margo asked. Raven nodded, lying once again, but it was worth seeing the grin spread over her daughter's face .

"We love you mommy! I'll be back, but we have to go surprise Night star's and Ginger's parents. Love you!" The four of them left without another word, running to Star fire's room.

They're coming for you, Raven sent to Night wing telepathically.

Oh man. I hear them already.

Just a small idea I got and decided to write it down :D