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Kagome Higurashi wandered the halls of Ouran, not particularly paying attention to where she was going.

Her first day of school hadn't been like a first day of school she'd ever had elsewhere. The President of the school had personally come and introduced himself to her, assuring her that if she should need anything, all she needed to do was to send word, and it'd be taken care of. She'd been taken and fitted for a uniform – a fancy yellow dress with white collar. It seemed ridiculously impractical to study in, but Kagome had held her tongue and put it on. She'd then been led on a grand tour of all of Ouran, which had taken the entire rest of the school day – the campus was just that large. After the last bell, she'd been given a schedule and told she would join the rest of her classmates in classes the next day. Her guide had left her, and Kagome had opted to stay around to see what was going on.

Sesshomaru had insisted she join at least one after-school activity to make acquaintances with children of high-profile families. Kagome hadn't been eager, but she'd acquiesced, though with little grace. She'd hoped to find an archery club to join, but Ouran didn't have one – bows and arrows were too chancy to have around very, very expensive pieces of architecture and stained glass, she guessed. The karate club and judo club had been tempting, but – well, Kagome wasn't fond of touching strange other people, to say the least. So far, the garden club was her best option, and that wasn't saying much – she really didn't want to spend her days digging in the dirt.

Hearing a chatter from the third music room, Kagome pushed open the door, wondering if she could learn the piano or something. A music club wouldn't be too bad.


A wave of warm, rose-scented air blew into her face, catching her off guard. A very attractive, foreign-looking man danced up to her, offering her a rose. He smiled at her charmingly, and from behind him, Kagome could hear a gaggle of girls swoon.

"Welcome to the Host Club!"

He smiled at her again, and Kagome blinked, before hesitantly taking the rose.

"...thank you?" she queried.

The man beamed and pranced away, and Kagome could only stare after him.

"Your first time?"

Kagome turned and stopped.

There was another very good-looking boy looking at her, but this one different in nearly every way from the other, and Kagome found herself lost for words.

He had neat black hair and vivid, piercing gray eyes hidden behind sharp, rimless glasses. He wore his uniform like a model, Kagome thought – she'd never seen someone look so good in just a jacket and pants before. And his skin was flawless – not a spot anywhere on his face. And his lips...

Kagome mentally shook herself, refusing to blush. His face was beautifully sculpted, his eyes enchanting, and there was a mysterious aura around him with swirling grays and blues, she summarized to herself. Nothing threatening, but intriguing nonetheless, and very beautiful. She'd been around beautiful men before.

She could handle this.

"I'm sorry," Kagome said finally. "It said music room. I thought there would be a piano club..."

The boy laughed.

"This room hasn't been used for music in a long time," he said. "But no harm done." He smiled at her. "I'm Kyoya Ootori." He inclined his head.

"Kagome Higurashi." Kagome dipped him a short curtsey.

Curtseys were the only things the ridiculous uniform dress was good for, anyway, in her opinion. At least she'd gotten away so far with not wearing the ridiculous poofy petticoat.

She straightened and glanced about. "What is all this?"

"Ouran High School's Host Club," Kyoya told her, still smiling. "Are you familiar with the concept?"

"Yes, but-" Kagome stared, her mind reeling. "You're all in high school."

Kyoya laughed.

"It's a pleasant diversion for all involved, I assure you," he said. "Would you like to meet the others? Perhaps one of them will catch your fancy."

He reached for her arm to lead her, and Kagome deftly stepped aside, her eyes across the room, so it seemed like she hadn't seen him.

"Please," she said, her eyes on the others. "I'm curious now."

Kyoya lead the way over to the multitude of tables, sofas, and chairs, with a plethora of roses scattered about on the tables and floors.

"This is Tamaki Suoh," he said, gesturing to the blonde who had greeted her when she'd come in. "A second year and the Host Club President."

Tamaki was currently entertaining five different girls simultaneously. He had a flamboyant gold aura about him, with streaks of sentimental pink and genuine longing. As Kagome watched, a girl remarked that the tea wasn't to her taste. Tamaki instantly offered to sweeten it with sugar, or, if that was not to her taste, have her drink it from his lips. The girl swooned and the other four squealed, and Tamaki gave them all a charming, princely grin that weakened knees within a 10 foot radius.

Kagome raised an eyebrow at Kyoya, who seemed to stifle a smile.

"Moving on," he said.

He lead her to a much smaller group that sat on a different set of couches. The boys were identical, with light red hair and matching roguish grins. They shared a tight-knit aura of bright, swirling colors, but a red mischievous tone was the brightest. Kagome guessed that they probably got bored easily, and that they tended to create their own excitement when things got dull.

"Hikaru, Kaoru, may I present Kagome Higurashi? This is her first visit to the Host Club." Kyoya turned to her. "Higurashi, may I present first-years Hikaru and Kaoru Hitachiin?"

Kagome curtseyed again. "Pleased to meet you both."

The twins exchanged a grin, before looking back to her. "Hiiii~!"

"They are the club's premier brotherly love attraction," Kyoya told her.

"You say that like that's a bad thing," Kaoru said. He suddenly looked hurt. "What's wrong with loving the one closest to you?"

"Nothing, Kaoru." Hikaru was suddenly there with him, holding his twin tightly. "Don't listen to him. No one can ever understand our bond."

"Oh, Hikaru..."

They held each other, and there was a shriek of glee and loud swooning and fainting from their fans.

Kagome stifled a giggle and looked to Kyoya, who smiled back at her and moved on.

"This is Mitsukuni Haninozuka, a third year. He commonly goes by 'Honey'," Kyoya said, gesturing. "Honey, this is Kagome Higurashi, a new student here at Ouran."

Honey was short and blonde. When he looked up at her, he had wide blue eyes that sparkled, and his aura was a soft pink mixed with a hard streak of dark blue and black.

"Kagome-chan!" he chirped. "Do you want to play with my bun-bun?"

He held out a stuffed bunny to her, and Kagome couldn't help but smile.

"Maybe later, Honey," she demurred. "Ootori-senpai is showing me around."

Honey beamed at her and skipped back over to his guests, who gushed over his bun-bun.

Kyoya gave her an evaluating look.

"I hadn't pegged you for the loli-shota type," he remarked.

"I'm not," Kagome said. "It's just-"

How could she explain? The wide, colorful eyes and the short, bright hair, combined with the youthful manner...

"-he reminds me of someone," she finished. "That's all."

Kyoya raised an eyebrow but offered her a smile. "Shall we continue?"

He moved on to a tall, stoic looking boy with very short, dark hair. He was sitting on a window seat, looking out of the window. A small group of girls was hiding behind a nearby pillar, watching him with wide eyes. His aura felt hard and strong, with a small whisper of a softer, sweeter side hiding within.

"This is Takashi Morinozuka, who goes by 'Mori'. He's also a third-year student," Kyoya said. "Mori, this is Kagome Higurashi."

"Nice to meet you," Kagome said, curtseying.

Mori looked at her, blinked, and offered her a small smile. There was a jealous shriek from behind the pillar that was quickly muffled.

Kagome rolled her eyes and turned to Kyoya, who smirked and lead her on.

"Not the wild type either?" he said.

"Wild type?" Kagome repeated. She turned around to look back at Mori. "Wouldn't 'brooding type' be more accurate?"

Kyoya chuckled. "Perhaps. He is president of the kendo club, however, and heir to the Morinozuka family, which gives him credence as a strong, wild type."

"So you have loli-shota type, wild type," Kagome ticked off. "The twins were what? The inane incest type?" she asked.

To her surprise, Kyoya laughed – a deep, genuine laugh. Kagome watched him, startled into smiling. Kyoya laughing was much different than Kyoya's polite chuckles or courteous smiles that didn't reach his eyes. When he calmed himself, his eyes were much more alive, and he pushed his glasses up onto his nose. Kagome felt her heart skip at the sight.

"We call them the 'little devil' type," he told her, an amused smile on his face. "And Tamaki is the princely type."

Kagome looked up at Kyoya, biting her lip.

"Do you host?" she asked.

Kyoya gave her a smile, but Kagome was disappointed to see he'd gone back to his default smile – charming, polite, and utterly disingenuous. "Of course," he said.

She sighed to herself. "What type are you?"

"I'm the cool type," he told her.

She was tempted to say that at least his type fit him. Kyoya was cool, but probably not in the way the title was intended. He seemed more cool in manner – like nothing ever surprised him, as he'd planned ahead for any contingency long ago. The gray in his aura would at least support that notion, Kagome thought to herself – it had a cold, determined feel to it.

She glanced around. "Is there anyone else?"

A clock sounded, and there was a loud sigh of distress. Kagome watched as the girls all got up and bid their entertaining hosts good-bye.

"There's one more," Kyoya told her, leading her back toward the group of hosts, all gathering together now that the girls were gone. "Kagome, may I present Haruhi Fujioka, our 'natural' type? Haruhi, this is Kagome Higurashi."

Haruhi turned to look at Kagome and smiled. She was fairly short, had short, brown hair, and large, happy brown eyes. Her aura was bright and friendly, but had a down-to-earth, practical feel that Kagome was immensely grateful to find here in this opulent school.

"Pleased to meet you," she said, smiling. Kagome blinked.

"I'm pleased to meet you as well," Kagome said, smiling. "Pardon me if I'm being oblivious, but... are the girls really allowed to wear the boy's uniforms too?"

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