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Chapter 1: Naruto the Younger Years

Kushina Astaroth was walking down one of the many halls of her home with a smile on her face, greeting the servants that passed by. During her walk her gaze fell upon a family portrait and her smile grew even brighter as her eyes adopted a softer look.

She paused in her steps as she took a moment to study the picture that the family took a few weeks ago.

The picture was rather simple but to her it was perfection. On the left was herself, her vibrant red hair was tied into an elegant bun and she wore a beautiful red gown that matched her hair perfectly. Standing by her side was her husband Ajuka. Usually the Satan hated wearing formal clothes, much like herself, but she forced him into something nicer for the occasion. He wore a simple black suit with a sapphire blue shirt and black tie. Standing in front of them was their 8 year old son grinning at the camera. He wore a red dress shirt and black dress pants. Each parent had a hand resting on a shoulder of their son as they smiled at the camera.

Kushina couldn't help but release a loving sigh as she continued on her way. As she and her husband predicted Naruto was a regular ball of energy and while there were times when she felt like pulling her hair out she couldn't deny that the last eight years were some of the happiest years of her life and she would be forever grateful to Ajuka for not only loving her but also for her wonderful son.

Growing up it was her greatest dream to have a family of her own especially after what happened during the civil war between the descendants of the Four Great Satans who wanted to continue the war between Devils, Angels and Fallen Angels and the Anti-Satan Faction who wanted to make peace and end all the violence. Kushina was originally from the House of Uzumaki her family was wiped out during the civil war. Heartbroken she decided to join the war and fight against the Old Satan faction who was responsible for her family's destruction. It was there that she met the 4 main figures of the opposing side.

Sirzechs Gremory, Serafall Sitri, Falbium Glasya-Labolas and Ajuka Astaroth. A group of devils that would be known as the future Satans.

During the time she was placed under the command of Ajuka and she had to say that she was impressed at what she saw. He was a genius on and off the battlefield. Out of group of four she was glad that she was placed under the command of Ajuka because it gave them the chance to interact with each other and as they got to know each other she soon found herself falling in love. Off course she never said anything because she knew the most important thing at the time was ending the war so she kept her feelings at bay.

End then came the day the war ended and they one. As one of the main reasons for winning Ajuka was named one of the new Four Great Satans and given the title Beelzebub.

This was met with mixed feelings for the redheaded devil. On one hand she was glad the war ended and she was very happy that Ajuka received such an honor but on the other hand she couldn't help the feeling of depression the swelled up in her chest. Now that the war ended everyone would move on and live their life and Ajuka would have new responsibilities as a Satan, which meant that she would probably never see him again. So she was very surprised when Ajuka walked to her a few days after given his title of Beelzebub.


Kushina sighed sadly as she took one final look at the small village she was staying at. Seeing as the war was over she really had no reason to stay here. During the war the only real friend she made was a devil named Grayfia but she was currently living in the Gremory home as a maid, although she noticed that she seemed awfully close to Sirzechs the new Lucifer. Seeing as her only friend had her future set she decided to travel the Underworld hoping to find her calling. She briefly thought of the idea of becoming a made like Grayfia before tossing that thought just as quickly as it appeared. No way in hell would she become a maid, no offence to Grayfia but it just wasn't her.

The only real reason to stay was her feelings for Ajuka but she convinced herself it was just a crush, a silly infatuation. Besides he was probably too busy with his new responsibilities to notice her. She was just about to leave for her journey when she heard someone calling out to her.

Confused she turned around only to widen her eyes when she saw Ajuka heading straight towards her.

"What are you doing here Beelzebub-sama?" Kushina asked with a confused look. Ajuka blinked a bit before looking at her with a frown.

"Beelzebub-sama? What's with the formality?" he asked with a raised brow.

"Ah well I just thought it would be improper to address you informally now that you're a Satan. Congratulations by the way." Kushina said.

"Well you can just drop it." Ajuka said waving his hand dismissively. "As for what I'm doing here I actually came to ask you something."

Now this caught Kushina off guard. "Really? What is it?"

"Can I court you?" he asked bluntly.

Kushina's eyes widened to epic proportions as she tried to comprehend what she heard. Out of all the possible things he could have asked she was most definitely not expecting that.

"W-What?!" she asked blushing madly.

"I asked if I could court you." Ajuka repeated looking at her with a raised brow as her blush deepened.

"W-What do you mean court -ttebane?!" she squeaked, oh dear god she actually squeaked!

Ajuka blinked in confusion at her question. He knew he was not the best when it came to emotions and reading people and he knew he could be socially awkward, a result from his childhood as a recluse when he spent most of his free time inventing, but he thought his question was pretty clear.

"Court as in date. You know, like when a man courts a woman it means he wants to be romantically involved with her typically with the intention of marrying her." He explained giving her the literal definition hoping she would understand.

"M-M-Marry?" Kushina repeated in a faint voice. What the hell was happening? One minute she was resolved in leaving this place forever with her intent of burying and forgetting her feelings for Ajuka and then the next minute said devil appears out of nowhere talking about courting and marriage.

"Well not now of course." Ajuka said scratching the back of his head before shrugging. "But in the future…who knows? It's a possibility."

Kushina fell silent as she tried to process what was happening. Finally she settled with her usual backup plan when she failed to think of something…

"GAH!" Ajuka screamed in pain when Kushina's fist made contact with his jaw with enough force to send him crashing into a nearby wall.

Hit first ask questions later.

"If you didn't want to be courted you could have just said so. No need to hit me." Ajuka muttered as he rubbed his jaw but honestly he was pretty disappointed that she didn't want to go out with him.

Hearing this caused Kushina's eyes to widen as she realized what her action must have implied. "Ah! Wait no! That's not what I mean!"

'Stupid! The man you have feelings for and can't stop thinking about asks you out and what do you do? You hit him! Baka! Baka! Baka!' she mentally chided herself hoping to salvage the satiation.

"It isn't?" Ajuka asked with confusion. So if getting hit didn't mean no then did that mean she would want to go out with him? Strange, as far as he could tell physical violence was always a negative thing but according to her she didn't say no did that mean that when people mean yes they punch each other? Was he really that unfamiliar with how people interact to not know this?

"I'm really sorry about that it's just…you really caught me off guard." Kushina explained with an embarrassed look on her face.

"Ah I see." Ajuka said relieved that she didn't outright reject him although he didn't know if she said yes either.

"W-Were you serious about courting me?" she asked shyly. On the battlefield she was a brave and fierce warrior but when it came to matters of the heart she had no idea how to act.

"Yes I was. I remember the times we shared during the war when you were under my command and I really like you. I would have asked you out sooner but seeing as I was your superior officer and it was a time of war I thought it would be improper. Then came the ceremony naming the new Satans and repairing all the damages done by the war I just didn't have time to find you." Ajuka answered.

"I see." Kushina said smiling a little. So he liked her as long as she liked him? That was nice to know. "But if you wanted to date me why mention all the talk about courting and marriage. That was the part that really confused me."

"Really? Oh sorry about that. Before asking you out I did some research and I learned most women were not fond of one night stands and uncommitted relationships so I thought I would make my intentions as clear as possible. Also I thought the purpose of dating was finding a suitable mate to spend your life with. I was unaware that I researched outdated information." He explained.

'Maybe I should have asked Sirzechs for advice.' He thought before shaking his head. 'Hell no, chances are he would have given me some stupid advice that would make the situation much worse.'

"No not outdated it just sounded like you were taking things too fast –ttebane. I mean we haven't even gone out on one date yet and you're already talking about marriage." Kushina explained smiling a bit now that she understood what was happening.

Who knew the great Beelzebub was so socially awkward. You never would have been able to tell after seeing his mysterious and commanding aura he emitted during battle.

"I see, again I apologize for startling you I didn-" he started before pausing as he thought about her words. "Wait a minute…gone out on a date yet? Does that mean we're going on a date in the future?"

Kushina squirmed a bit before offering a shy smile. "I really like you too and I would love to go out with you."

Her smile grew when she saw Ajuka's face break out into a wide grin.

"Really?" he asked excitingly his grin widening more, if possible, when he saw her nod. "Yes!"

Kushina giggled as the usual calm, cool and collected Satan pumped his fist in the air.

And thus began the courtship between Kushina Uzumaki and Ajuka Beelzebub

End of Flashback

Kushina couldn't help but chuckle with a nostalgic smile as she went down memory lane. She couldn't believe that she actually punched him when he first asked her out. During their relationship she learned many things about her him.

One of the main things about him was that he loved to create. She knew he was a genius but when she saw the inventions he made she was amazed. It was because of this that he became the Chief Advisor for the Technology Department of the Underworld. And it wasn't long before he created his greatest invention. The Evil Piece System.

The reason for the Evil Piece System was to help replenish the number of devils after the Great War which had caused the death of countless devils, and the creation of the Evil Pieces eventually lead to the creation of the Rating Game, which was popular among the devils.

Thinking about this caused her to glance at her wedding ring as another fond smile found its way on her face.


Walking down the halls Kushina searched for her boyfriends of a few years. He had called her earlier and he sounded rather nervous. Whatever he wanted to talk about must have been important. She had just turned a corner when suddenly


The sound of an explosion broke the silence. Kushina shook her head with an amused smile. Explosions were a rather common occurrence in Ajuka's home. Finally she reached her destination and opened the door to his personal lab.

"*cough cough* is that you Kushina-chan?" she heard her boyfriends voice ask through the smoke. When it cleared she covered her mouth with her hand to smother her laugher.

Ajuka was scratching his head covered in soot and dust no doubt a result of the explosion.

"Hello Ajuka-kun." She greeted grinning at his disheveled appearance.

"Sorry about that, I was working on something." He explained as he tried to fix his appearance but she just shook it off.

"That's alright, I know how you get. What is it that you wanted?" she asked tilting her head to the side. She raised a brow when she saw him adopt a nervous look but he quickly wiped it off.

"Well I wanted to talk to you about something." He started as he cleaned the soot off him as best as he could. "You remember my newest creations right?"

"The Evil Pieces right? It's become quite the topic. What about it?" Kushina asked.

"Well do you understand it?" he asked stuffing his hand in his pocket.

"Not everything but I understand the gist of it. You based it off of chess and it's used to reincarnate other species into devils. Each piece gives the person a new power." Kushina answered with a thoughtful look before continuing. "There's also that Rating Game idea you've proposed and a lot of people are really interested in it."

"That's right and that's why I called you. I wanted to know if you wanted to join my peerage." He asked pulling out a small box. They must have held the Evil Pieces Kushina thought.

"You want me to join your peerage?" she repeated getting a nod from the Satan. "Wow I wasn't expecting that. Sure I'd love to join your peerage Ajuka-kun! What piece will I be?"

Ajuka took a deep breath before opening the box. He took out a piece but closed his hand before she could get a good look at it. Placing the box on a nearby desk he took one more deep breathe…

Before dropping down on one knee.

Kushina's eyes widened and it was like she had forgotten how to breathe. He opened his hand revealing a chess piece, a queen she recognized, and attached to the top of the piece was a diamond ring.

"When I create my peerage I will become king and every king needs a queen and I can think of no other then you who could stand by my side as my queen. Kushina I love and these past years with you have been the happiest of my life. So today I am asking you: Kushina Uzumaki, will you join my peerage as my queen? Will you join my family as my wife? Will you marry me?" Ajuka asked staring at her with eyes full of love.

Kushina was frozen in place eyes wide with tears forming. With her heart beating at an accelerated rate she dropped to her knees and looked him in the eyes and nodded.

"Yes, yes and yes." She answered each question quietly.

Smiling Ajuka detached the ring from the Evil Piece before grabbing Kushina's left hand and placed it on her ring finger. The he opened her hand and placed the queen piece in it before closing it gently. Unable to stop herself Kushina lunged at Ajuka and wrapped her arms around his neck before kissing him.

End of Flashback

It was on that day she became The First Queen. Soon after that the Evil pieces were passed on to different high class devils in order to create their own peerages.


"And there goes the trip down memory lane." She muttered to herself as she turned the corner. She reached a familiar door and opened it.

"What happened this time?" she asked entering her husband's lab, which was filled with smoke from the explosion.

"*cough cough* sorry about that Kushina-chan. Seems I've made a miscalculation." Ajuka said as he waved his hand in order to shift the smoke away.

"*cough cough* sorry kaa-chan." An eighth your old Naruto apologized trying hard to not inhale any smoke.

"After all these years I'm used to you trying to blow yourself up Ajuka-kun." Kushina sighed.

"I'm not trying to blow myself up!" Ajuka shouted indignantly but Kushina simply ignored him.

"But are you sure it's safe for Naru-chan to be in here?" She asked with a frown.

"Don't worry Kushina-chan, Naruto's perfectly safe here." Ajuka said confidently.

Unfortunately it was at that moment that a chunk of the ceiling fell down and landed right on Naruto's head.

"OW!" Naruto yelped as he clutched his head.

"Safe huh?" Kushina flatly as she looked at her husband with a deadpan expression.

"Oops…I mean mostly safe?" Ajuka offered with an awkward smile.

"I told you he was too young to be in here." Kushina said crossing her arms.

"Come on kaa-chan. I like watching tou-chan working." Naruto whined hoping his mother would let him stay. Ever since he could remember he was fascinated by all the things his father created and he wanted to learn how to invent things too.

"I know sweetie but still…" Kushina trailed off. While she found it adorable that her son wanted to follow his father's footsteps as an inventor she still felt he was too young to be around all these dangerous equipment.

Especially when they exploded.

"Relax Kushina-chan, I promise I'll be extra careful." Ajuka reasured.


"Extra careful?" Kushina asked plainly as she gazed at some strange machine in the corner of the room that just exploded. It was much smaller compared to the other explosions but still…

"Starting now?" Ajuka tried sheepishly.

"It doesn't matter. We have to leave. Don't you remember that we have somewhere to be?" Kushina asked.

"We do?" Ajuka blinked in confusion.

"Yes." Kushina asked with a tick mark. "I just told you this morning. We are heading to the Gremory house."

"Oh right." Ajuka said remembering this before deflating. "Do we have to go? I really don't think I can handle Sirzechs childish antics today."

"Hush now, we're going and that's final." Kushina said. "Besides it's been ages since I've gotten to speak with Grayfia-chan. I thought Sirzechs was your best friend, why are you acting like being with him is an annoying chore?"

"Because sometimes it is." Ajuka deadpanned. Don't get him wrong he cared deeply for his fried but sometimes Sirzechs could be too…Sirzechs. That was really the only way he could describe it.

Sometimes he wondered how Grayfia had stayed married to him after so many years.

"Wait a minute Sirzechs? As in Sirzechs Lucifer?" Naruto questioned he had heard stories about the Crimson Satan but he never met him in person or at least he doesn't remember meeting him before.

"That's right Naru-chan. one of the Satans and your godfather." Kushina answered. "Now get cleaned up and get dressed."

"Okay kaa-chan!" Naruto said as he ran to his room to get ready.

"Good while he's away we can get ready." Kushina said heading out the door.


Only to have her eye twitch dangerously as her hair blew in the air from the force of the explosion.

"Damn it Ajuka I told you to stop playing with your toys and get ready!" she shouted turning to glare at her husband.

"They're not toys!" the Satan retorted.

"Don't care! Now put your toys away and march up to your bedroom and get dressed!" Kushina yelled pointing in the direction of their bedroom.

"Oi, don't go talking to me like I'm some child!"


"And again they're not toys. You know I hate when you call them that."


"Don't think glaring like that will work on me Kushina-chan."




"The only reason I'm leaving to get ready is because I promised my dear friend we would visit him today and I would hate to break my word. It has absolutely nothing to do with that stare of yours."

And with that the great Beelzebub marched out of his lab, past his wife and straight towards their room.

As soon as he turned the corner Kushina crossed her arms and grinned in victory. He may be one of the strongest and influential figures in the Underworld but it was nice that he knew who wore the pants in their marriage.

"This is so exciting! I get to meet another Satan!" Naruto said excitingly as he looked out the window of the carriage they were riding to the Gremory house.

"Don't get too excited son. It will only lead you to disappointment when you actually meet him." Ajuka explained only to receive a slap in the head courtesy of his wife. "Ow!"

"Don't go insulting Sirzechs." Kushina reprimanded.

"Oh please, you act like you've never insulted him before. Hell my insults could be considered compliments compared to some of the things you've said." Ajuka rolled his eyes smiling a bit when he saw Kushina blush a little.

"That's not the point." She huffed, turning away with a pout.

Eventually the conversation between Kushina and Ajuka ended along with Naruto's sightseeing as their carriage finally reached its destination.

"Alright lets' get this over with. The sooner we finish the sooner we can go home and I can work on my new project." Ajuka said stepping out of the carriage.

"New project? What is it? Can I help?" Naruto eagerly asked as he stepped out.

Ajuka looked at his son with a grin. Seeing Naruto show such interest in his work always brightened his mood. He was about to say yes when they both ended up on the receiving end of Kushina's fists.


Both father and son massaged the lump on their head as Kushina stared at her family with narrowed eyes.

"No talking about projects! We are here to spend some time with our dear friends, do you understand?"

Ajuka nodded with a resigned look but Naruto pouted at his mother.

"But kaa-chan I don't have any friends here! We're here to see your friends not mine! I don't even know anybody here." Naruto complained.

"Don't worry sochi-kun, Sirzechs has a little sister. She may be two years younger than you but I'm sure you'll get along." Kushina said.

"Really?" Naruto blinked. Good, this meant that there would be another kid to play with while the adults would have their boring conversations about whatever it was that adults talked about.

"Careful though, if you get too close to her you'll earn the wrath of that siscon we call Lucifer." Ajuka muttered but Naruto still heard and looked confused.

"Siscon? What's that?" he asked only for his mother to rub his head.

"Don't worry about it sochi-kun it's nothing." She said with a sweet smile before glaring at Ajuka. She told him time and time again to watch what he said around her sweet, innocent baby.

However their family moment was interrupted by a loud shout.


The family turned towards the voice only to see a large dust cloud heading straight towards them.

"Oh for the love of-ACK!" was all Ajuka could say before he was tackled and engulfed by the smoke cloud.

As the dust cleared Naruto could see his father trying to break free from a man with shoulder length red hair who was hugging him.

"Damn it Sirzechs! Let go of me right now!" Ajuka shouted trying to break free from the red heads hold.

"But it's been so long since we've seen each other! Aren't you glad to see me?" Sirzechs asked refusing to release his hold.

Ajuka continued to struggle before turning to glare at Kushina, who wasn't even trying to hide her laughter. "Damn it Kushina! This is why I didn't want to come in the first place!"

"What? Our first meeting in who knows how long and you try to get out of it!? So cruel Ajuka-kun!" Sirzechs whined with comical tears and Ajuka winced positive that a few of his ribs broke as his grip tightened.

Kushina continued to snicker at the scene while Naruto was plain confused. He had no idea who this man hugging his father was but if he heard his dad correctly then his name was Sirzechs and the only Sirzechs he's ever heard of was Sirzechs Lucifer and there was no way this strange man could be a Satan like his father.


"Now who do we have here?" he heard someone ask. Turning towards the new voice he saw a middle-aged looking man with long crimson hair and bluish green eyes. Standing by his side was a young woman with shoulder length brown hair.

"Lord and Lady Gremory, how nice it is to see you again." Kushina greeted the head of the Gremory family.

"How nice to see you too Kushina, but I don't think we've met this young man before." Lord Gremory said pointing towards Naruto.

"Honey, go ahead and introduce yourself." Kushina said gently pushing Naruto towards them.

"Hi! My name is Naruto Astaroth, nice to meet ya!" Naruto greeted with a smile.

"Oh my, what a handsome young man. I bet your son will is going to be quite popular with the ladies when he grows up Kushina." Lady Gremory stated with a smile.

Kushina was about to say something when a loud voice interrupted them.


Before the other devils could blink Sirzechs appeared in a red blur and scooped Naruto up in his arms with a silly grin.

"Mou, it's been so long since I've seen you. I know I'm your godfather but it you want to call me 'big brother' it's okay."

"Oi Sirzechs, let go of my son before you mentally scar him." A disgruntled Ajuka grunted as he walked towards the group.

"Aww, don't be such a grouch Ajuka-kun." Sirzechs pouted before feeling pain on his cheek. He only had to think for a second before realizing what was happening. "Ow! It hurts Grayfia!"

"Well if you behaved and acted like the mature responsible Satan you are supposed to be then I wouldn't have to do this." Came his wife's monotone answer.

Having escaped his hold Naruto stepped away from the couple to stand by his father who rolled his eyes at their action as if he'd seen it a thousand times before.

Which he has.

"Ne tou-chan, you are they?" Naruto asked.

"Those are your godparents Grayfia and Sirzechs." Ajuka answered.

"Wait…he's Sirzechs Lucifer? As in Sirzechs Lucifer the Satan?" Naruto asked with a perplexed look.

"Why yes I am!" Sirzechs said as he freed himself from his wife's hold. "Why do you look surprised? Oh I understand! You must have been struck speechless to be in the presence of someone as awesome as myself."

"No no that's not it. It's just…I thought the other Satans would be super cool and badass like tou-chan but you…you kind of remind me of a clown." Naruto answered honestly.

There was a moment of silence…


That was broken by Ajuka who threw his head back not even trying to hide his laughter. Kushina covered her mouth to try and suppress her giggles but it was a difficult task to do. Lord and Lady Gremory chuckled in amusement and while Grayfia didn't make a sound her lips twitched into the tiniest of smiled and her eyes danced with mirth.

And Sirzechs…

"A clown?" the crimson Satan muttered to himself as he fell on his knees an aura of depression hovering over him

"He's the one you called a siscon right?" he asked remember what Ajuka said in the carriage.

"I thought we were best friends Ajuka-kun! How could you tell your son such lies about me?!" Sirzechs shouted pointing an accusatory finger at his fellow Satan.

'But it isn't a lie.' Every adult thought looking at Sirzechs with blank looks.

Sighing at her husband's embarrassing, and usual, behavior Grayfia bowed to the Astaroth family. "I apologize on behalf of my husband's behavior."

"It's okay Grayfia. We are more then used to how he acts…no matter how said that may be." Ajuka said muttering the last bit before looking at Naruto. "Naruto say hello to you godmother."

"Hi nice to meet you!" Naruto greeted with a grin.

"It is nice to see you again Naruto-sama. You have grown a lot since I last saw you." Grayfia commented.

"Naruto-sama? Why did you ass –sama to my name?" Naruto asked in confusion.

"It is because you are a high class devil and the son of two very important devils. It would only be proper to address you in such a manner." Grayfia answered.

"But I'm only 8. It's not like I did anything super important to get called that." Naruto protested.

He may have been young but from the lessons his parents made him take he knew –sama was a suffix you used on someone who deserved the utmost respect. He also knew that he did nothing to deserve such respect and he did not want to mooch of his parents fame and success.

"Perhaps but it would still be improper to address you in any other manner." Grayfia insisted.

"Mou, why do you have to be so serious Grayfia-chan. Just drop the act and hug my son like you want to." Kushina complained.

"I assure you that this is no act Kushina-sama." Grayfia replied causing Kushina to cry anime tears.

"We're supposed to be best friends Grayfia-chan and best friends don't talk so formally with each other." The red headed woman whined.

"Kaa-chan, tou-chan what's going on?" a young girl's voice asked. Naruto turned towards the new comer and saw a young girl with long red hair.

"Ah Rias what good timing, come and meet our guests." Lord Gremory said smiling at his daughter.

"Who are they?" Rias asked titling her head to the side. She knew who Ajuka was because her big brother brought her to and meeting for the Satans and he introduced her to them including Beelzebub.

"Rias this is Ajuka-sama's wife Kushina Astaroth and their son Naruto." Her mother introduced.

"Well hello there Rias-chan, it's nice to meet you." Kushina greeted with a smile.

"It's nice to meet you too miss." The young girl greeted with a bow.

"Rias-chan why don't you take Naruto inside and play while we grownups talk." Lord Gremory suggested.

Rias blinked at her mother before smiling and nodding. It looked like she would get a new friend today. Walking over to the older blonde she grabbed his hand and began to pull him inside.

"Okay! Let's go Naruto! I have a bunch of toys we can play with in my room!" she cried excitingly. The only time she got to play with another kid was when her friend Sona visited and while she enjoyed spending time with the Sitri heir sometimes she could be a bit too serious.

Naruto looked at her and then at his mother silently asking for the go ahead. Seeing this Kushina smiled.

"It's okay Naru-chan. We grownups are just going to take for a bit so go have fun with your new friend." Kushina said causing the blonde to smile.

"Okay, see you later kaa-chan." He said before he and Rias ran off to have some fun.

"Wait was that Rias-tan? Come back Rias-tan!" Sirzechs shouted after just noticing his sister's sudden appearance and exit only to get hit in the head by his wife.

"Behave." Was all she said as Sirzechs laid on the ground nursing the lump on his head.

"Your creepy obsession with your sister aside let's get down to business." Ajuka said only to join Sirzechs on the ground with a matching lump courtesy of Kushina.

"We're not here for business we're here to speak with friends so lighten up." Kushina said.

Off on the sides Lord and Lady Gremory could only sweat drop at the sight of the two most powerful devils lying down on the ground being bossed around by their wives each sharing the same thought.


"So you're the heir of the Gremory Clan right?" Naruto asked as they walked down the hall.

"Yup! When tou-chan and kaa-chan are done leading the family it will be my turn!" Rias explained with a smile before looking at Naruto. "What about you? Are you the Astaroth heir?"

"No my Uncle Diodora is the heir, but if anything happens that leaves him unable to fulfill his duties I would be next in line." Naruto answered with a frown. He met his uncle once and he could honestly say that he didn't like him. He felt a weird vibe from the man not to mention things were always tense and uncomfortable when he was in the same room as his father.

"Hmm I see. Anyway here we are!" Rias exclaimed as she opened the door to her room.

Naruto gazed at the room and he surprised at what he saw. The walls of her room were covered with different anime posters, plushies of different characters were scattered throughout the room, and he even saw piles of CDs and DVDs.

"So what do you think?" Rias asked seeing her new friend's surprised look.

"Otaku…" was the only thing that passed his lips.

Hearing this caused Rias' shoulders to slump and it looked like she would cry at any moment as she spoke in a small voice. "I'm sorry."

"Why are you sorry?" Naruto asked in confusion.

"You're probably not into this stuff but I was so excited about making a new friend I didn't think. You probably think I'm a weirdo." She muttered.

"Not really." Naruto answered right away gaining her attention. "My room's kind of the same but instead of anime stuff it's filled with blueprints, drawings and different models."


"Yeah, my dad's like the best inventor ever and I want to be just as good as him but he says I'm too young to work with tools by myself so he buys me models to make instead. And the drawing and blueprints are things I want to try and build when I get older." Naruto answered.

"So you don't think I'm a weirdo?" she asked hopefully. Maybe her anime obsession didn't scare him off after all.

"Nope, to tell you the truth I've never watched an anime before so I can't really judge." The blonde shrugged.


Only to take a step back at Rias' loud shout.

"Um…I've never watched an anime before." He repeated unsurely.

Rias looked at him in unmasked astonishment. She could tell Naruto was older then her which meant that he's been alive longer then her. And in all that time he's never watched an anime?

She would have to fix that.

"Come on! We can watch one now!" she said as she dragged him towards the large TV and put a DVD into the player.

Naruto sat down and looked somewhat interested. The anime she chose was something called Gundam whatever that was.

"So she posses the Power of Destruction?" Ajuka asked rubbing his chin thoughtfully.

"Yes, we were quite surprised when she first shown sides of it. Almost blew off Beowulf's head." Sirzechs said chuckling a bit. Rias' power was too weak to cause any real damage to his pawn but the look on Beowulf's face was priceless. "What about Naru-chan?"

"Right now he's got a good grasps on the basics but it seems like he's focused on proving the saying 'like father like son'." Kushina answered.

"What do you mean?" Grayfia asked curiously.

"Naruto's shown interests in my work. He's always in my lab watching me when I work on a project. Sometimes he helps but most of the time he's watching and studying." Ajuka explained with a smile.

"Mou, if that keeps happening then he's going to become a boring recluse like you." Sirzechs complained earning a dirty look from his friend.

"You might want to watch your back Ajuka, Naru-chan might just sneak up on you and steal your place in the Technology Department from right under your nose." Lord Gremory teased. However it was at that time that they were interrupted.


"Oh you have got to be kidding…"Kushina groaned in disbelief.

"What was that?" Grayfia asked urgently thinking the house was under attack.

"Has someone broken in?" Lord Gremory asked standing up from his seat.

"This is your fault. He gets it from you." Kushina said sending an accusing glare at Ajuka who refused to look at her.

"What?" the others asked confused wondering why they were so calm.

"Better go see what happened." Kushina muttered as she stood up and headed towards the sound of the explosion, her husband following her.

The other adults still looked confused at Kushina's unconcerned attitude before following her. They reached the destination and the Gremory family tensed when they saw that it came from Rias room.

Kushina opened the door and waved her hand trying to redirect the smoke from entering her lungs.

"Naruto you have some explaining to do." Kushina said sternly with her hands on her hips.

"*cough cough* sorry kaa-chan I didn't mean for the TV to explode." Naruto tried to explain as the smoke cleared revealing a pair of disheveled kids, a destroyed room and a television that was on fire.

"How?" Kushina asked tiredly.

"Well Rias-chan was showing me this anime called Gundam and I got to thinking, how cool would it be to have a giant robot, especially during a rating game? She agreed with me so we started looking for things to make a gundam out o and the TV was the only thing we could think of. I think I crossed the wrong wires though because it blew up." Naruto explained not looking into his mothers eyes.

The adults were stunned speechless at his answer.


Or at least they were until Sirzechs fell on the ground laughing.

"He tried to make a gundam out of a television and it exploded…I don't think I've heard that one before." He said gasping for air.

"I'm really sorry about that. Please don't be made at Rias-chan it was all my idea." Naruto said hoping to shift any blame from his friend but the young red head shook her head.

"No if Naruto-kun's in trouble then so am I. I agreed with his idea so it's just as much my fault as his."

"Calm done. No one was harmed so no one's in trouble." Lord Gremory reassured he was just glad the children were unharmed.

'No no I think I'm still in trouble.' Naruto thought noticed the annoyed look in his mother's eyes.

"Well it appears that we've caused enough damage. Besides it's gating late so we should probably head home." Ajuka said.

"What? But it feels like you just got here." Sirzechs complained standing back on his feet. "And I barely got to spend any time with Naru-chan!"

"And for that I am very grateful." Ajuka said straightforwardly causing Sirzechs' head to drop.

"Very well, it was a pleasure to see you again hopefully you'll be able to visit again soon." Lady Gremory said with a smile.

"Bye Naruto-kun I had lots of fun!" Rias said waving at the retreating blonde who was following his parents out.

"See ya around Rias-chan!" Naruto waved back smiling. That smile was wiped off when he entered the carriage and met Kushina's angry glare.

"Grounded." Was her only response.

"How long?" Naruto asked knowing there was no use in trying to get out of it.

"For 1 month you are not allowed to enter your father's lab."

"What?!" Naruto and Ajuka asked with a horrified look.

"You heard me and don't give me that look Ajuka. You're the one who taught him how to blow things up and he decided to blow up a room in our friend's home." Kushina said crossing his arms.

"I don't blow things up on purpose!"

"I didn't blow it up on purpose!"

End of Chapter

So what do you guys think? A little back story on how Kushina met Ajuka and how they got together.

Rias: Like I said earlier there will be no Naruto x Rias, they will have a strong friendship bordering on siblingship. That is it.

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