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Chapter 2: A Friend and a Rival

A nine year old Naruto cursed as he rolled out of the way to avoid getting hit by a magic blast from his mother.

"Pretty good reflexes Naru-chan but you're going to have to do better than that~" Kushina said in a sing song voice as she raised her arm open palmed. Next thing he knew three chains made of magic shot out of her palm and were heading right for him.

"Oh shit." He muttered as he tried to dodge but one of the chains wrapped around his ankle.

"Gotcha." Kushina smirked before pulling her arm back forcing Naruto to come flying towards her. She began to swing her arm in a circle and Naruto was forced to follow thanks to the chain.

"AAAAAHHHH!" he screamed as he was being swung around like a rag doll.

The chains began to glow a bright white before dispersing and with nothing to restrain him Naruto was sent flying until he crashed into a wall creating a Naruto shaped crater.

"Ow." He muttered as he fell to the ground with a thud.

"Guess we will call it a day huh Naru-chan?" Kushina asked as she walked towards her son.

"N-No w-way Kaa-chan." Naruto said standing up on shaky legs it was obvious that he was still dizzy from Kushina's last move. "I can keep going."

"Maybe but I don't want you to overexert yourself." Kushina said.

"But I need to train kaa-chan. I'll be getting my Evil Pieces soon so I need to get stronger." Naruto tried to protest.

A high-class pure blood devil would receive their Evil Pieces when they turn ten. So in about a year he could start forming his peerage but he needed to be stronger.

He was the son of two powerful and influential devils and one of them was a Satan so he had some pretty big shoes to fill but he was confident he could do it. But in order to do that he would be expected to enter numerous Rating Games to show off his strength which was essentially a violent version of chess. He was king so if he falls then his peerage loses and he simply refused to stay back where it's safe while his peerage fights. He would not be that kind of king. He would fight alongside his allies and win with them.

Which is why he asked his parents to train him.

"Relax Naru-chan you are very strong for your age." Kushina reassured causing Naruto to ease a bit.


"Yes really. You have to understand Naruto that your comparing your strength to mine, your father's and the rest of his peerage's strength but we've had centuries of training and fighting to get as strong as we are today. We didn't get as strong as we are today overnight." Kushina explained.

"Sorry…I guess I'm just rushing a bit. Pretty soon I'll be able to form my own peerage but I want to be strong enough to protect them and fight alongside them. Whenever tou-chan talked about his peerage he sounded so…proud I guess is the word. He was proud to fight alongside them. And when you or the others talk about it you always mention how lucky you were to fight under a great king." Naruto tried to explain before blushing in embarrassment. "I guess I just want to be like him, the kind of king that his peerage respects as a friend and leader."

Kushina just looked at him unblinkingly causing Naruto to shift in place before she grabbed him in a bone crushing hug.

"Aw Naru-chan you're so cute!" she cooed as she rubbed her cheek against his.

"No I'm not! What's with you kaa-chan?! I was being serious!" Naruto protested as he tried to escape her hold but wasn't having any luck.

"Nothing sochi, kaa-chan's just having a moment." She answered as she let him go resisting the urge to hug him again. The way he looked up to his father, she just couldn't explain how adorable she thought it was. "Now go get cleaned up we're having company today."

Naruto looked at her tilting his head in confusion. "We are? Who? The Gremory Clan?"

It had been about a month since he last saw Rias. Ever since their first meeting they would often visit each other. This of course led him to meeting the Sitri heiress Sona who was the complete opposite of Rias but he got along with her fairly well.

"No not them, an old friend of mine is visiting and she even has a son your age." Kushina said as she led Naruto out of the training room.

"Really?" Naruto asked with wide eyes. The only friends he had that were around his age were Rias and Sona and while they were good company he couldn't help but wish he had a friend who was a guy.

"Yes and from what I hear he is pretty strong for his age just like you. Who knows maybe by the end of the day you'll have a new training buddy." Kushina mused. "Now go to your room and get ready."

"Alright!" Naruto said as he ran ahead of his mother.

"Misla, it's nice to meet you again." Ajuka greeted as he opened the door to allow his guests to enter.

The first was a young beautiful woman she had long black hair tied in a high ponytail and violet eyes. The second was a young boy who looked a lot like his mother, shaggy black hair and violet eyes.

"Hello Ajuka, it's been a while since we've last spoken." Misla said with a smile.

"It has indeed and I assume this young man is your son?" he asked nodding to the boy who remained silent.

"He is, come now sochi introduce yourself." Misla said nudging the boy.

"Hello Beelzebub-sama, my name is Sairaorg Bael. Thank you for allowing us in your home." He said politely with a bow.

"Misla-chan is that you?" they heard someone ask. Turning they watched as Kushina and Naruto make their way towards them.

"Kushina-chan it's been ages." She greeted her old friend who nodded in return.

"I know and this must be Sairaorg ." Kushina said looking at the bow who bowed again.

"You are correct Kushina-sama." The boy stated.

"Ara, such a polite young man. Naruto come greet our guests." Kushina said.

"Yo! The name's Naruto Astaroth nice to meet you!" Naruto greeted with a grin.

"Hm, he seems to have taken after you Kushina-chan." Misla mused with a smile.

"Really? I haven't noticed. Honestly I think he takes after Ajuka more than me." Kushina admitted.

"Oh that's right. I've heard from Venelana that Naruto is growing up to be quite the inventor." Misla said with an amused smile as she remembered hearing how the blonde tried to turn a television into a gundam which resulted in an explosion.

"Very true. Naru-chan why don't you show Sairaorg around the house?" Kushina suggested.

"Sure! Come one Sairaorg I'll give you the grand tour!" Naruto said.

Sairaorg looked at him blankly for what seemed like hours before nodding.

"Very well." He muttered as he followed Naruto out of the room leaving the adults.

"So how has it been?" Ajuka asked with a serious look.

Misla looked at her friends before releasing a sigh. "Difficult but we've managed."

"I still can't believe the bastard did that." Kushina fumed with an angry scowl plastered on her face.

The Bael Clan was one of the more prominent clans in the Underworld and like most families they had a branch of magic that was unique to members of their family. Theirs was known as The Power of Destruction. However Sairaorg did not inherit it and Lord Bael blamed Misla since she was not a Bael. When he learned that Rias inherited the Power of Destruction from her mother, who was a Bael, he was even more upset. Thinking that his eldest was a disgrace he appointed his youngest son and Sairaorg's younger half brother as the next heir to the Bael clan while banishing Sairaorg and Misla to the countryside of Bael territory.

"It's been a few months since the incident but I'm more concerned about Sairaorg." Misla said in a quiet voice that conveyed a mother's concern for her child.

"What's wrong with him?" Ajuka asked with a frown.

"While he doesn't really care what his father thinks I can tell he is worried about me. We have always been close and I can see that he blames himself. Not only that, but the other devils have not been helping. They have constantly ridiculed him and I can tell that it's starting to get to him." She explained her eyes downcast.

"I see a lot has happened to him despite being so young." Ajuka agreed.

"That's why I hope your plan works Kushina-chan." The black haired woman said gazing at Kushina who was smiling comfortingly.

"Don't worry. Sometimes when life knock you of your feet you just need a good friend to help you stand." She explained still smiling.

"You may be right." Misla agreed with a hopeful smile. Maybe having a friend would lift up her son's spirit.

"And this is the training room. If I'm not in my room or my dad's lab then I'm usually in hear." Naruto said as he led Sairaorg into the training room.

Sairaorg studied the room before glancing at Naruto.

"If it is alright with you and your parents I would like to stay here and use the room for the remainder of my visit." He said in a rather stiff voice.

"Uh…yeah…sure." Naruto said in a wary voice.

He frowned as he watched Sairaorg walk towards one of the weight stands and began some heavy lifting. During the tour Sairaorg barely spoke to him and when he did it was usually one word answers and he spoke in a clipped tone. He was hoping to become friends with him but he was making it rather difficult.

'Damn, it was so much easier becoming friends with Rias and Sona.' He thought with a frown before walking towards the other boy and picked up his own set of weights.

"So…what's the Bael Clan like?" he asked hoping to start a conversation. He raised a brow when he noticed Sairaorg tensing up and his eyes narrowed but he didn't say a word.

"I heard that they're one of the strongest Clans right?" he tried again but was once again met with silence.

"Hey where's your dad? How come he didn't show up with you and your mom?" He tried once again. This time though he got an answer.

"…" it was so quiet that Naruto couldn't hear him.

"Sorry but I didn't catch that." He said and was surprised by the angry glare Sairaorg shot him.

"I said shut up!" he growled causing Naruto to frown.

"Oi, I'm just trying to be nice here. No need to act like a jerk." He said getting a bit irritated.

He tried to be friendly with his guy and was only met with the silent treatment. Now he finally talks and he gives him the attitude?

"Nice?" Sairaorg scoffed. "Bullshit! You're just mocking me like everyone else!"

"Mocking you? I'm just asking you some questions! How the hell is that mocking you?" Naruto asked with narrowed eyes.

"Shut up! I don't care if you're some Satans brat! I'm not going to just stand still and take this." Sairaorg growled as he dropped his weights.

"Some Satans brat?" Naruto hissed back with a glare. "Alright I've tried to be nice but you're seriously pissing me off!"

"The same could be said about you buddy!" Sairaorg shot back.

The two continued to glare at each other until some sort of invisible signal went off.


Both boys' heads snapped back from the punch they received. Sairarog was the first to recover and delivered a solid punch to Naruto's stomach causing him to lurch forward. Clasping his hands together Sairaorg slammed both hands into the back of Naruto's head causing him to crash into the ground.

Naruto wasn't going to take this without fighting back though. He grabbed Sairaorg's ankle and pulled causing the other boy to lose balance and fall. Sairaorg tried to roll away but Naruto jumped to his feet and landed a kick to his side.

"Not bad." Sairaorg admitted before getting back up and charging. He cocked his fist back and aimed a punch at Naruto's face planning to knock his head off

The blonde had other plans though. He moved his head to the side narrowly avoiding the blow but he used Sairaorg's momentum against him. He grabbed his arm and threw the boy over his shoulder who grunted in pain as he connected with the ground.

"Come on jackass. With that attitude earlier I expected more from you." Naruto taunted.

"Don't get cocky." Sairaorg said with a frown as he stood up. "I was just warming up."

Before Naruto could blink he felt a wave of pain hit him. He looked down to see a fist lodged in his gut.

'Fast.' Was the only thing Naruto could think of before the fist left only to be replaced by a knee strike.

'And strong.' He thought before he was sent flying away before crashing into a nearby wall. He absently noticed it was right next to the crater he made when his mother through him at the wall earlier.

"I have to say I'm disappointed. I expected more out of Beelzebub-sama's son." Sairaorg stated with his arm crossed.

"You've barely spoken to me but whenever you do you always address me as my father's son." Naruto growled as he stood up and got into a fighting stance. "My name's Naruto you ass so you better start sing it!"

"Are we here to talk or fight?" Sairaorg said getting into his own fighting stance.

Nothing more was said as the two boys charged at each other. The room was filled with grunts and the sounds of impact as the two boys exchanged punches, kicks and head butts.

Naruto winced after receiving a pretty hard uppercut and countered with a roundhouse kick. Sairaorg recoiled a bit but didn't move from his spot. He shot his arm out and grabbed the collar of Naruto's shirt before hitting him with a devastating head butt.

"Gah." Naruto yelped before casting a spell. A small magic circle appeared in front of his hand before it was engulfed in fire.

"Take this bitch!" Naruto shouted as he hit Sairaorg's chin with a blazing open palm strike.

Sairaorg staggered a bit and Naruto took this opening as a chance to start his comeback. He first hit a roundhouse kick that was able to connect with Sairaorg's chest. The moment his foot hit the ground he spun around to build some momentum and simultaneously hitting him with a right elbow to the chest and a left punch to the stomach.

"Argh!" Sairaorg grunted in pain before digging his foot down and hitting Naruto with a straight left punch but before Naruto was pushed back he grabbed his shirt and followed with a right.

Naruto spit out a glob of blood before grabbing a hold of Sairaorg's shirt in a similar hold as his. The two shared one more glare before they entered a punching contest with their free hand.

Blow after blow.

Punch after punch.

Hit after hit.

Soon their faces looked as if they were just giant bruises but neither would give up. Both faces scrunched in annoyance as they simultaneously cocked their fists back.

"Just go down already!" they both shouted nailing the other with their fists.

It seems that their endurance finally fell as they released their hold on the other and fell to the ground. Both were breathing heavily as they stared at the ceiling to tired and hurt to even try and get up.

Naruto had to admit that Sairaorg was very strong for his age. Physically he was levels ahead of Naruto and the only thing that let his continue on was a combination of his will to continue and his stubbornness on refusing to give up.

"Draw?" Naruto asked tiredly.

"…Draw." Sairaorg agreed.

"So mind telling me what I said that pissed you off?" Naruto asked neither bother to get up.

"You were making fun of me and my situation." Sairaorg answered causing Naruto to frown.

"How was I insulting you? When my mother told me a boy my age would be coming over I was hoping I could be friends with him since I don't have many friends my age. But when I tried to talk to you, you barely said a word. I just asked a few questions to try and get to know you." Naruto explained wondering how he offended him.

"You mean you don't know." Sairaorg asked after a moment of silence.

"Know what?" Naruto asked turning his head a bit to get a better look at the boy.

"When you asked about the Bael Clan and my father it made me angry. Something recently happened to my mother and I and it is because of them." He answered wondering if he should continue. After a moment of thought he sighed and decided he might as well explain why he got so mad that he started a fight. "Have you heard about the Power of Destruction?"

"Yeah, my friend Rias has that ability why." Naruto said remembering his red headed friend showing him the destructive power of her magic.

"The Power of Destruction was originally from the Bael Clan. The reason Rias can use it is because her mother was originally a Bael before she married into the Gremory." He explained.

"Huh, so that would make you too cousins or something?" Naruto asked curiously.

"Pretty much but unlike her I did not inherit the Power of Destruction and my father was not pleased with that." Sairaorg said with a frown. "He thought it was a disgrace for the Bael heir to not have the Power of Destruction. Once he found out the Gremory heiress could use it, it upset him even more. He blamed my mother for giving birth to what he considered a useless heir so he banished us from the main house. Now were forced to live in the countryside at the very edge of the Bael lands. If being kicked out of our home wasn't bad enough we also have to do with the constant insults and mistreatment from the other devils. When you kept asking about the Bael Clan I thought you were making fun of my situation."

"I see. I'm sorry about asking about such a sensitive topic." Naruto said after absorbing what he just heard.

"It wasn't your fault you didn't know. I apologize for jumping to conclusions and letting my anger get the best of me." Sairaorg said.

"But if you want my opinion you don't need the Power of Destruction." Naruto said with a thoughtful expression.

"What?" Sairaorg looked at Naruto confused.

"I mean you were really strong and it was just hand-to-hand combat. I can only imagine how much stronger you'll get when your older. Plus there are a lot of other things you can learn to get stronger too." Naruto said and Sairaorg actually smiled for the first time since he came here.

"Thanks…you were pretty good too." Sairaorg complimented. "No matter what I tried you just wouldn't stay down."

"Naru-chan! Sairaorg! Where are you?!" they heard Kushina asked from outside the training room.

"Uh-oh." Naruto muttered not looking forward to this.

"Did you find them Kushina-chan?" they heard Misla asked.

"Not good." Sairaorg mumbled after hearing his mother.

"Hm. You said your boy likes to train right? So does Naru-chan. I bet they're in the training room having a friendly spar." Kushina's voice said as it got closer.

"Shit." Both boys cursed as the door opened.

"Naruto/Sairaorg!" both mothers shouted as they saw their sons lying on the floor.

"Hi kaa-chan." Both the boys said trying to smile but it came out as a grimace.

"What happened?" Kushina said as she ran over to her injured son with Misla following her lead.

"Well you see…Sairaorg and I were talking..." Naruto started to explain getting everyone's attention. "Then we head this weird sound. We decided to investigate and it led us to the training room."

"What was it?" Kushina asked worriedly. Had someone managed to sneak into their home and harmed her baby.

Sairaorg was just looking at Naruto with a raised brow wondering what the hell kind of story he wsa pulling out of his ass.

"And when we entered the room we saw…" he trailed off trying to think of something before blurting out the first thing that came to mind. "Bigfoot!"

*chirp chirp chirp*

Naruto wasn't sure if the cricket noises were imaginary or not but he didn't care. He was to busy avoiding everyone's eyes trying to hide the embarrassed blush he knew was spreading on his face.

"What?" Kushina asked with an incredulous face.

Naruto looked at Sairaorg for help but the black haired boy just looked at him blankly. It was obvious that he was not going to even try and help with his ridiculous excuse.

"Yeah…we saw Bigfoot working with the weights and once it saw us it freaked out and attacked us. It turns out Bigfoot is insanely strong because it took the both of us to take him down. But we were able to take him down but once he heard your voice he ran off. Sairaorg and I were so tired that we fell to the ground exhausted just as you entered.

Bigfoot huh? Why didn't we see him leaving the training room?" Kushina asked flatly with a raised brow.

"Well…Bigfoot has got to be really quick and stealthy right? Why else has no one been able to get a clear picture of him?" Naruto explained. "So yeah, that's pretty much what happened."




"BAKA!" Kushina shouted with a comical look of rage. "Do you really think I would believe such a story?"

'As if someone like the First Queen would fall for such a lie.' Sairaorg thought rolling his eyes. How did Naruto think that anyone would believe that ridiculous story?

"Everyone knows Bigfoot lives in the human world! There's no way he would be here in the Underworld!" Kushina continued and if Sairaorg was able to stand he would have face planted hard.

'That's why she doesn't believe him?' he thought incredulously.

"So what really happened?" the red headed devil asked tapping her foot impatiently.

"It was my fault Kushina-sama." Sairaorg said sitting up, though it took a lot out of him. "Naruto was just trying to be polite but I let my temper get the best of me. What started out as a simple misunderstanding turned into a fight? I apologize for my actions."

"It wasn't just him kaa-chan. I let my temper get to me too." Naruto said not letting Sairaorg take all the blame.

Kushina looked at the two boys before turning to Misla who just shrugged causing her to sigh.

"Fine but don't think I'll let you off the hook so easily. Now come on we better fix you up." Kushina said with an annoyed look and in order to show how displeased she was she grabbed Naruto by the ear and began to drag him away."

"Ow! Kaa-chan let go!"

"Are you telling your mother what to do?

"Ouch! Of course not kaa-chan! Ow! Please stop twisting my ear!"

Sairaorg and Misla sweat dropped as they watched Kushina drag Naruto away ignoring the younger boys pleads. Shaking her head a bit Misla looked at her son with a concerned expression.

"What about you Sairaorg? Are you okay?" she asked gaining her son's attention.

He was about to answer but paused to think about it. Before he was always tense and on guard because everyone around him usually had something derogatory to say to him but today he met a boy his age that didn't seem to care about his problem.

Hell he didn't even know about before today.

Not only that but he was strong. Usually when he got into fights it was against devils his age who never trained a day in their life or older more experienced devils who could take him down without much effort. Today was the first time he fought against someone who was on equal levels with him and it was refreshing.

It was true that his body was sore but he felt himself starting to relax so he grinned at his mother and she blinked in surprise when she saw the genuine happy look in his eyes.

"As I matter of fact mother I'm more than okay." He said his eyes drifting towards the door where he could still faintly hear the voice of Naruto complaining that his mother was pulling his ear too hard.

"I've never been better." He said closing his eyes missing his mother's surprised but pleased expression.

"I'm glad." She whispered with a smile. Despite her son's bruised face it's been some time since she's seen him this happy.

"Do you really have to go?" Kushina asked as she and the rest of her family stood by their mansion gates.

"I'm afraid so." Misla said smiling when Kushina pouted.

"No need to pout dear. They have their own house to return to." Ajuka sighed but Kushina crossed her arms and turned away with a huff.

"But they can just spend the night here. It's been so long since Misla and I got to spend some time together who knows when we'll see each other again." She protested.

"I'm sure we'll be seeing each other soon Kushina-chan." Misla promised causing the red head to sigh.

"Fine, it was nice meeting you Sairaorg." Kushina said smiling at the boy who was standing by his mother silently.

"And it was nice to meet you Kushina-sama. Thank you for letting us into your home." He thanked with a bow but Kushina waved him off.

"Think nothing of it. In fact you're both welcome here whenever you want. Isn't that right Ajuka-kun?"

"As long as they stay out of my lab I really don't care." Ajuka said absentmindedly only to wince as his wife drove her elbow into his side.

"I'm sorry Ajuka-kun you're going to have to speak up. I didn't quite catch that." Kushina said with a sweet smile that didn't fool anyone standing there.

"Really? How rude of me. I said that our doors are always opened to out dear friends." Ajuka said with a nervous smile. But he sent Naruto a quick glare when he heard the younger blonde snicker.

"Well we better head on out." Misla said as she turned to leave. Sairaorg followed suit but paused and looked over his shoulder.

"Oi, Naruto." He called out gaining everyone's attention, including his mother's who stopped walking to see what was going on.

"Yeah?" Naruto asked tilting his head in confusion. Sairaorg just looked at him with a serious look before a grin broke free.

"You better up your training because the next time we meet it won't end up in a draw like today." Sairaorg announce causing Naruto to blink before shooting the other boys a similar grin.

"You're absolutely right! Next time I'm going to kick your ass!" Naruto declared earning a snort from the other boy.

"Please, by the time of our next spar I'll be so strong I'll take you down in 5 seconds flat." Sairaorg countered.

"That's some big talk for someone who could barely sit up a while ago. I was on my feet pretty fast." Naruto smirked.

"Only because your mother dragged you by your ear." Sairaorg shot back.

The adults watched in amusement as Sairaorg and Naruto kept shooting back barbs at each other. Ajuka was particularly interested because it reminded him a lot on how he and Sirzechs acted when they were kids.

It was on this day that a rivalry between two young devils with unlimited potential was formed.

But more importantly it was on this day that a friendship was made.

End of Chapter

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