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Chapter 6: I object!


Exactly what was a wedding?

In simplest terms it was a ceremony that celebrates the love between man and woman.

So could it still be called a wedding when the woman is forced to marry the man despite how much she hates him?

In Naruto's opinion the answer would be no. In his eyes this was nothing but a sham. A ploy unite the two families and to preserve the bloodline of Pure-Blooded Devils. And while he understood why the two families were doing this it didn't mean he had to like it.

Luckily for him he didn't have to worry about arranged marriage. His parents would never force that on their son. Ajuka's parents originally wanted him to marry a pure blood devil who was a member of one of the 34 pillars. However he fought back with everything he had to pursue his relationship with Kushina and extra devil. His parents had always disapproved of his relationship with the red haired queen but Ajuka stuck with his heart and married who he wanted to and they were giving Naruto the same choice.

Rias Gremory was unfortunately not as lucky.

A few years back her parents signed up a marriage contract with the youngest son of the Phenex family. A young man named Riser.

Naruto had two words to describe that man.

Arrogant douche.

However his opinion meant nothing in the matter.

When Rias found out about it she was devastated and did whatever she could do to get out of the contract but based on the invitation he received he guessed her attempts were futile.

And now he had to sit back and watch the girl he saw as a sister throw away her happiness to marry a man she hated for the good of her family.

Stuffing his hands in the pockets of his suit's blazer he walked through the halls of Phenex household in search of the bride to be.

There was a currently a party being held to celebrate the engagement. Riser was there too no doubt bragging about his success against the Rating Game he had against Rias. He had watched the broadcast and while she and her peerage did well the lack of experience had cost her the win. Not only that but Riser had a full peerage and he had no problem with taking advantage of the numbers.

He didn't see Rias at the party and figured that she wanted to prolong her appearance as long as possible but she would have to make an appearance eventually.

Walking towards that one of the passing servants told him about he paused took a deep breath and knocked. He only had to wait a few seconds before a voice answered.

"I'm sorry but I am not ready yet. If you can just give me some more time I'll be out there shortly." A feminine voice said causing his lips to curve a bit.

"How cruel. It's been years since I've seen my little sister and she sends me away without even looking at me."

There was a moment of silence before the locks clinked and the door opened. Though his eyes held a bit of sadness due to the situation his smile widened a bit at seeing a girl with long red hair wearing a beautiful white dress.

"Naruto-nii?" she whispered her blue-green eyes wide with shock.

"So Rias-chan remembers after all?" he teased his voice soft.

"Naruto-nii!" she cried again launching herself into his arms. "You're back."

"Yeah, I'm back." He said returning the hug. The two continue to stand there in each other's embrace before he held her back again and looked her over. "If I may be so bold Rias-chan, the years have definitely been kind to you. You've grown into such a beautiful young woman."

"I could say the same about you. You've grown a lot since I last saw you." Rias said with a smile before pouting and giving him an accusing stare. "Which was about 5 years ago."

"What can I say? My peerage hunt took longer than expected. Not only that but we did some intensive training too." Naruto said with a sheepish look. "Besides you did the same thing!"

"Maybe but I only went to the human world to attend school you on the other hand traveled across the world doing who knows what. As you can see there's a bit of a difference there." Rias deadpanned before her face adopted a more solemn look. "If only we could have had our reunion at more joyous occasion."

"I know I saw you're Rating Game. You did pretty well for your first." He complimented.

"Thank you but it wasn't enough. Perhaps if we had more time. My bishops and pawn, Asia and Issei were just reincarnated a few weeks ago. Before that they were just average humans with no battle experience." Rias sighed recalling her Rating Game.

"I see, how unfortunate. Even so they did well." Naruto commented getting a nod from the red head.

"Naruto-nii…" she whispered getting his attention. "My friends did their best but in the end it wasn't enough…they got hurt fighting for my freedom. But in the end I gave up. To see Issei so injured I couldn't take it."

"It just shows what kind of king you are. You're nothing like Riser who has no problems sacrificing his pieces."

"I know but even so, I gave up and resigned myself to this fate." She said as a few tears fell from her. "However…I still don't want to marry that man. I want to marry out of love not duty."

"I know." Naruto said tightening his arms around her trying to give her any form of comfort. Hopefully something would happen and things would turn out for the better.

Deciding to give Rias some privacy so she could prepare herself Naruto went back to the ballroom.

"So the rumors are true! You have returned from your journey." A cheerful voice from behind said. Turning around Naruto was greeted with the sight of his grinning face of his best friend/rival.

"Sairaorg! It's good to see you!" Naruto greeted raising his fist to the black haired teen he bumped it with his own.

"When you left you only had Silvia and that bishop, Kuroka I believe. Since you're back I guess you've completed you're peerage?" the Bael Heir asked but blinked when Naruto shook his head.

"No, I still have a bishop, a rook and 7 pawn pieces left." Naruto corrected.

"I knew you were picky but really? After travelling the world for 5 years you still have that many pieces?"

"Like you said I'm picky." Naruto freely admitted. He didn't just want anyone to join his peerage after all. He wanted those with the potential to become the best of the best otherwise he would never surpass his father.

"Speaking of which, where is your peerage?" the black haired boys asked scanning the room.

"Silvia's over there with Akeno and the rest. I was going to talk to them in a bit. The rest don't really care for these kind of events so the opted to stay. Kuroka wanted to come but I ordered her to say otherwise she would have destroyed the place trying to get to the one who hurt Koneko during the Rating Game." Naruto explained remembering the nekoshou's anger at seeing her little sister getting hurt.

"I see…have you seen Rias yet?" Sairaorg asked his expression dropping a bit. While not as close to the girl as Naruto he still cared for his cousin.

"She's holding up I guess. But she really doesn't want to go through with this." Naruto answered getting a nod from his friend.

"Ladies and Gentleman! Please welcome the bride Rias Gremory!" someone shouted as Rias entered the room. Naruto and Sairaorg turned to see Rias walking towards Riser with an expressionless mask on her face.

"Look how smug he looks." Sairaorg muttered nodding towards Riser.

"Are you sure? He looks the same to me as any other day?" Naruto snorted.

"Naruto-sama…" he heard. Turning he saw that his queen was now by his side and with her was the Gremory peerage.

"Hey guys." He greeted.

"Naruto-sama it's been a while." Akeno nodded with a smile but it was strained do to the events concerning her king.

"Is onee-sama here?" Koneko asked looking around the room.

"Sorry but I had to keep her back. We watched your Rating Game and she almost lost it when she saw what happened to you. I thought it would be safest to leave her home where she can cool down." Naruto answered. "Speaking of which you guess did well."

"Perhaps but in the end it wasn't enough." Kiba said his usual cheerful expression replaced with a frown as he watched Riser place and arm around Rias.

Naruto thought of what to say but mentally shrugged. It was clear that trying to cheer these guys up would be pointless.

"Aren't you guys missing a few members." He asked curiously.

"Issei-kun was too injured and Asia-chan decided to stay with him." Akeno answered.

"I see…so do you guys have a plan?" Naruto asked causing them to blink.

"Plan? Whatever do you mean Naruto-sama?" Akeno asked with an innocent expression.

Naruto only snorted when he saw that face. He didn't believe it for a second.

"I know that look Akeno. You guys have something up your sleeves." He said bluntly.

"Well~ Grayfia-sama might have given us a warning that something might happen." Akeno admitted.

"I see…can you elaborate on this 'something'?"

"All she said that it was Lucifer-sama idea." Kiba answered this time.

"Ah, since it was that siscon devil we call a Satan then everything should work out in the end." Naruto said feeling a bit better now.

That was before he felt his ear getting twisted.

"Ouch! Snowflake-chan! What the hell?!" Naruto yelped in pain as his queen twisted his ear.

"Lucifer-sama is a very important and powerful devil Naruto-sama. You should give him the proper respect." Silvia scolded while the others watched in amusement.

"It's not like I'm lying! You know that clown is a total siscon!" Naruto protested.

"Calling one of the Satans a clown? You should know better Naruto-sama." Silvia calmly stated giving Naruto's ear a particularly hard twist.

"Okay I'll stop! I'll give Lucifer-sama the proper respect! Just let go before you rip my ear off!" Naruto conceded sighing in relief when Silvia release her hold on his abused ear.

"Very good Naruto-sama." Silvia said with a please smile as the others snickered at the blonde king's misfortune.

"This is a lot funnier when it happens to Sirzechs." Naruto muttered.

"As amusing as this is we better go see Rias." Akeno said pointing towards Rias who was able to gain some distance from Riser for the time being.

"Right, and don't worry guys. If Sirzechs is up to something then things will turn up for the better." Naruto said feeling more confident. No matter what he said about his godfather he knew that the red haired Satan always came through in the end especially when it concerned family.

"You're right. It was nice seeing you again Naruto-sama. We will make sure to speak to you again before the night ends." Akeno said as she, Kiba and Koneko headed towards their king.

"Well I better go speak to Lord Phenex. I just got it and it would be considered rude to ignore the host." Sairaorg said.

"I already spoke to him and Lady Phenex so I'm good. We'll catch up later, maybe have a spar." Naruto suggested getting a grin from his rival.

"I look forward to it." He said before turning to speak with the host.

"What do you think Lucifer-sama is planning?" Silvia asked curiously.

"Whatever it is it's going to be flashy." Naruto answered knowing how much the red Satan enjoyed theatrics. "I know how much you've been looking forward to seeing Grayfia again. Did she say anything?"

Silvia frowned and shook her head. "I have not seen onee-sama yet. She must have spoken to Akeno earlier, before we arrived most likely."

"You're probably right, I haven't seen her either." Naruto agreed.

Silvia and Naruto stood there watching as their fellow devils conversed. After a while Naruto sighed in frustration.

"You know as much as I missed seeing everyone during our journey I can honestly say I haven't missed these parties." Naruto complained causing Silvia to smile.

"Ah yes, I seem to recall how much you hated attending these social gatherings. You did anything possible to get out of them." She said turning to look at him with a smirk. "You even went as far as breaking your leg minutes before the event."

"…okay maybe I went a bit too far that time." Naruto admitted looking away.

"A bit? You call causing bodily harm to yourself to avoid a party a bit?" Silvia deadpanned causing Naruto to laugh sheepishly.

"Well it's a good thing I have you to stop me from doing stupid things like that right?" he asked with a grin causing the white haired girl to roll her eyes.

"Despite my best efforts you still find a way." She countered. Naruto's grin grew a bit more but they were interrupted once more.

This time it was by a voice that was most definitely unwelcomed.

"Such an honor. To think that the son of Beelzebub-sama would return to the Underworld just to attend my wedding." It said.

"Don't flatter yourself. I received the invitation on the same day I decided to return. It was nothing but an unfortunate coincidence." Naruto flatly stated as he turned towards the older blonde.

Standing behind him was none other than the groom himself, Riser Phenex.

"Unfortunate? Surely you jest. You should consider yourself lucky you were able to return in time to see two families unite." Riser boasted causing Naruto to roll his eyes. He could practically feel the smugness coming off him in waves. "Although I must admit I am curious. Why do you look so down during this wondrous occasion?"

"Wondrous?" Naruto scoffed "I think you're the only one who would use that word to describe today. A wedding is supposed to be the bride's most important day and yet your bride looks like she'd rather take a bath in holy water."

"She's just a bit sore from her lost." Riser said carelessly before his eyes drifted towards Silvia. "And Miss Lucifuge if I must say that you have grown far more beautiful than I remember."

"Thank you for the compliment Riser-sama." Silvia thanked curtly. She had a low opinion of the man just like her king but even still he was of a higher social status than her and needed to be treated with the proper respect.

"Can it be considered a compliment if it's fact." Riser mused shifting his leer from Silvia to Naruto with a thoughtful expression. "Tell me Naruto, would you consider a trade?"

"Trade? What are you talking about Riser?" Naruto asked with narrowed eyes.

"As you know once Rias and I marry her peerage shall become my own. I will freely admit that I was envious that you were able to discover the lovely Silvia Lucifuge before I. So much so that I offer a trade. Akeno Himejima for Silvia Lucifuge. A fitting deal if I do say so myself. One queen for the other." Riser suggested letting his eyes roam back to Silvia.

"Not happening." Naruto denied immediately.

"You don't even want to think of it?" Riser asked with a raised brow.

"No, you may view your servants as nothing but tools but there is no way in hell I'd even think of trading off Silvia like some baseball card or something." Naruto said with a glare.

"Such a shame. I would have surely enjoyed my time with her." Riser sighed earning another glare from Naruto this time Silvia joined in giving her own glare but he ignored it. "Ah well I also came here to give you a warning."

"A warning?" Naruto asked curiously as Riser leaned in closer his pleasant demeaned replaced with a harsh scowl.

"Don't do anything to ruin this day." He hissed.

"Whatever do you mean Riser?" Naruto asked feigning a clueless expression.

"Do not play games with me Astaroth. It is no secret that you and I do not like each other. I also know you do not support the wedding between Rias and I. If you do anything to jeopardize this event I will show you the wrath of a phoenix." Riser warned raising his right hand as embers danced across the tips of his fingers.

"Phoenix? Please with all the bragging you've been doing tonight I thought you were more like a peacock strutting its feathers." Naruto mocked as the temperature around them began to rise.

"I have warned you Astaroth so do not try my patients." Riser said turning to walk around.

"That may be too difficult Riser. You've always had the patients of a spoiled toddler." Naruto shot back causing the third son of the Phenex house to turn around and glare at the younger blonde.

"What was that?" he asked through gritted teeth.

"You seem a little upset Riser. Is the little peacock about to throw a temper tantrum?" Naruto mocked.

"Naruto-sama…" Silvia warned noticing how angry Riser was getting.

"Careful Riser, you wouldn't want to make a scene would you." Naruto asked ignoring the phoenix's anger. "After all it is your big day after all. It wouldn't do well for your image to behave in such a manner."

The temperature returned to normal and Riser took a deep breath to calm his nerves. Exhaling he looked at Naruto with a haughty grin, malicious intent in his eyes.

"You're absolutely right. It is my big day and I refuse to let you ruin it." He said leaning closer to Naruto this time speaking in a whisper. "More importantly I won't let you ruin my mood when I have such a wondrous night to look forward to."

Naruto tensed a bit understanding what he was implying and it was his turn to glare at him.

"I can't wait for the honeymoon. I'll have her screaming my name all night long." Riser continued thoroughly enjoying Naruto's growing anger. "You know what they say about redheads Naruto…always the feisty ones."

"Naruto-sama calm down." Silvia quietly said seeing her king visibly shake as he tried to control his anger.

"I'd listen to her. Just because you are the son of a Satan does not mean you will gain special treatment for interfering with the contract between the Gremory and Phenex families." Riser said before offering a charming smile to Silvia. "It is a shame he has denied my trade. I would have enjoyed having someone of your beauty joining me."

"I would sooner turn stray then serve under you Riser Phenex. Naruto-sama is the only man I will follow." Silvia said her voice cold enough to create frost.

"Don't be like that." Riser said grabbing her chin. "I'm sure if you and I were to spend some quality time together I could warm that frozen heart of yours."

"It would serve you well to unhand me." Silvia said gritting her teeth. She was seconds away from freezing his balls off.

"Playing hard to get huh? That's alright I do so love a challenge." Riser said releasing his hold stealing a glance at the still silent Naruto before smirking, might as well strike as the iron was hot. "That's alright the thrill of the chase can be just as exhilarating as the climax. Once I'm done with Rias I'll return for you. You are usually so reserved and polite but I wonder…are you one of those wild girls behind closed doors?


Gasps could be heard across the room as Riser was sent flying through the air landing on the ground with a thud a few feet from the grand doors of the room's entrance. Turning around the guests saw Naruto Astaroth standing still with his arm outstretched his hand clenched into a fist and angry gold aura surrounding him. His head was down, hair showing his eyes.

"You bastard!" Riser roared as he stood back up a bruise on his cheek already healing.

"Like you're one to talk jackass! Take back what you said or I'll tear you apart!" Naruto shouted back raising his head blue eyes glowing with power.

"You have some nerve Astaroth! I warned you now burn!" Riser shouted firing a ball of fire at Naruto. Before it could hit a shield of ice appeared between the two creating mist as the fire came in contact. "Oh? Ice cold enough to block my fire? Not bad Miss Lucifuge but if you would be so kind and back off it would be most appreciated. This is a matter between me and your king."

"The moment you intended to harm my king it became my business." Silvia stated.

"Letting a woman fight your battles? How pathetic Astaroth." Riser taunted.

"Says the man who hid behind 15 girls and only fought when his opponents were weakened." Naruto countered recalling how Riser stood by during most of the Rating game only getting involved when most of Rias' peerage were defeated.

"What is the meaning of this?!" Lord Gremory shouted as he walked towards the commotion. His wife and a surprised Rias followed.

"Is it not obvious Lord Gremory? This cretin is jealous of my wedding with your daughter and is trying to ruin it!" Riser shouted.

"Jealous? Of what? The fact that you're forcing an unwilling girl to marry you? Yeah because that's something to be jealous about." Naruto said his tone sarcastic as he rolled his eyes. Both Lord and Lady Gremory flinched a bit when he said 'unwilling girl' knowing how defiant their daughter was about this.

"Naruto what going on?" Lord Gremory asked. He knew that Naruto didn't support this but he didn't think he would react violently.

"Mr. Peacock over there had said some derogatory things about Rias in front of me. Then when he started to insult my queen in such a lewd manner I took it as a personal insult." Naruto explained his eyes never leaving Riser.

"Personal insult? Please she is but a servant." Riser said dismissively causing the Gremory family to narrow their eyes. They were a family famous for the care of their servants.

Naruto opened his mouth to say something but before he could utter a word-


The doors to the ballroom was blasted from the hinges slamming into the back of Riser causing him to fall on the ground buried beneath the debris.

Naruto looked where the doors used to be to see a young teen with brown hair and eyes. Said teen was glaring defiantly at the gathered devils.

"Listen well you high-class devils! My name is Issei Hyoudou. I'm here to take Rias-buchou back!" Issei shouted to the room.

"Intruder!" one of the guards shouted.

"Get him!" another shouted as a group of guards ran towards him. However before they reached him they were cut off by three young devils.

"Iseei-kun leave these guys to us." Kiba said blocking a sword strike with one of his own blades.

"…you're late." Koneko said punching one of the guards away.

"We were wondering when you'd show up." Akeno commented lightning sparks dancing around here hands before fire a wave of lighting at a nearby guard.

"Thank you guys." Issei said before turning towards the group of stunned devils. "Riser! Listen you bastard and listen well because I'll only say this once!"

Everyone was silent as they stared at the boy wondering what this reckless devil will say.


His proclamation was met with silence as everyone was staring at him in disbelief.

Naruto was the one who broke out of his stupor first.

"Oi! That's not the kind of thing you go shouting in the middle of a room full of powerful and influential devils!" he shouted with a twitching eye. "Especially when the parents of the girl whose virginity you claimed are standing right next to said girl."

"Who the hell are you?! Don't get in my way bastard! Who do you think you are ruining my dramatic and heroic entrance?!" Issei shouted as he glared at Naruto. Since he didn't see Riser anywhere he would direct his anger at the nearest source. While he didn't know the blonde devil before him it seemed like he was trying to stop him from saving his precious buchou.

"Who the hell am I? I should be the one asking that you little punk!" Naruto yelled returning Issei's glare for glare. The idiot ruined his confrontation with Riser.

The two boys stalked towards each other as they began to trade insult while everyone just watched unsure of what to do. Rias looked like she wanted to find a hole to die in she was so embarrassed while Silvia looked at Naruto with a tired expression. It seemed that she was used to him causing a scene.

"I already told you! I'm Issei Hyoudou pawn of Rias Gremory! Now get out of my way you stupid blonde so I can kick Riser's ass!"

"Oh hell no! If anyone's going to kick Riser's ass it's going to be me! Get in line punk, you can have the spares."

"Not happening! Beating that stupid yakitori is the first step in winning Rias-buchou's heart! Then I'll be one step closer to becoming harem king!"

"I don't care about your stupid dream! That damned peacock insulted my queen! You already had you're chance at him so it's my turn!"

The argument was broken as a giant fire erupted from beneath the door that laid on the ground reducing it to ashes. Standing up a furious Riser stared at them hatefully.

"I will not let this stand. You two have made a mockery of today and have insulted my name too many times to forgive." He hiss in a quiet but enraged voice.

"You want a piece of me peacock/yakitori?!" they both shouted before glaring at each other. "Piss off I get him first!"

"Oh dear, it looks like we have quite the predicament here." A new voice interjected. Turning the three devils saw the smiling face of Sirzechs Lucifer as he calmly walked towards them.

"Lucifer-sama." Riser greeted nodding his head a bit.

"Lucifer-sama?!" Issei asked looking at Riser in shock before turning towards Sirzechs eyes wide. The man before him was Rias' older brother as well as one of the strongest devils in the Underworld?

"Siscon-sama." Naruto casually greeted with a small wave.

*chirp chirp chirp*

"Still so cruel after all these years." Sirzechs sulked head hung low twiddling his fingers in a self-depressed manner as the other devils gaped at Naruto's blatant disrespect.

From where she was standing Silvia face palmed.

Seeing how immature her husband was acting in public Grayfia joined the younger Lucifuge and face palmed as well.

Sirzechs coughed into his hand regaining his composure before looking at the younger devils with a calm smile. "Like I said we seem to have a predicament."

"Yes, these two miscreants are trying to ruin my wedding." Riser sneered.

"Shut up yakatori! I'm trying to save Rias-buchou from entering a loveless marriage!" Issei shot back.

"Riser insulted my queen and there's no way in hell that I'm just going to let that slide!" Naruto added glaring at Riser.

"Lucifer-sama you must do something! It's obvious that Naruto Astaroth has ordered this fool to try and ruin things! He has never supported the bond between Rias and I. Not only that it is well none that there is some bad blood between us. Now that Rias had failed in her attempt to escape the contract he is trying to do something." Riser stated trying to get things back in control. He would not let these two ruin this for him.

"That's some pretty big accusations Riser. And without any sufficient proof I am well within my rights to challenge you to a duel to regain my honor." Naruto said.

"I'm afraid you are mistaken Riser. Naruto had nothing to do with this." Sirzechs interrupted before another argument broke out.

"How can you be so sure Lucifer-sama?" Riser asked doubtfully. He truly believed that Naruto was responsible for this disaster.

"Because I was the one who invited young Issei-kun here." Sirzechs explained. "You see I was curious about the power of a dragon and accidently asked Grayfia."

"So you're the one responsible for his appearance." Riser asked in disbelief.

"It's fine right? Don't get me wrong, the Rating Game was enjoyable but I thought it was a little one-sided for my inexperience sister fighting against a genius like you Riser-kun." Sirzechs explained pointing ignoring Naruto's snort at the word genius.

"So…you're saying I cheated?" Riser asked disgruntled.

"Of course not." Sirzechs placated. "But you see I wanted to provide some entertainment for my precious sister's party. Make it as interesting as possible."

"But Sirzechs…" Lord Gremory started but Sirzechs kept going.

"Think about it Riser Phenex vs. Issei Hyoudou, phoenix vs. dragon. Doesn't that sound entertaining?" the crimson Satan said pointing at the two mentioned devils before gesturing towards Naruto. "But another new development appeared. Like Riser-kun said there has always been some bad blood between him and Naruto. A grudge match to end the rivalry also sounds entertaining no?"

There were a few murmurs of agreement. It did sound interesting.

"So what do you suggest?" Naruto asked with a raised brow. Sirzechs just smiled mischievously.

"I'm glad you asked Naru-chan. I think I have an idea that we will all enjoy…"

End Chapter

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