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Chapter 7: Devils Grudge Match

Issei Hyoudou was not a happy camper.

His entire life he was labeled as a pervert. And while normal people would be ashamed or try to hide this Issei was not normal. He accepted that he was a pervert of the highest degree and embraced it.

After all, what was the point of living if you spent your whole life pretending to be someone you're not?

So staying true to his perverted self he engaged himself in all sorts of acts that most would consider immoral, disgusting, or lecherous but it didn't matter to him. If he enjoyed it he did it.

He spent years spying into girls changing rooms, peeking underneath their skirts, reading and writing any form of porn.

Hell he was even able to cop a few feels.

Sure it always ended with him on the end of female fury and he would experience a world of hurt but no matter what happened he refused to change who he was.

Then one day his pervert levels would become so great that he would become Harem King and have a whole flock of beautiful girls fighting over him.

Just thinking about all the glorious oppai he would one day see, fondle and even taste was enough to lift his spirits during the gloomiest of times.

Then he met Rias Gremory who had turned him into a devil and gave him a true chance at achieving his dream.

Not only that but by becoming a devil and joining her peerage he was able to make friends, true friends something he never had before.

Most girls knew about his reputation and flat out hated him, always looking at him in disgust. Guys wanted nothing to do with him afraid that the girls hate would them by being associated with him

But not them.

Akeno, Kiba, Koneko and Asia.

They accepted who his was, hell sometimes they even seemed amused by his perverted nature.

Well maybe not Koneko, but while she was annoyed by his ecchi behavior she still accepted it as a part of him.

And it was all thanks to Rias.

So when he found out that the girl who he owed his new life to was forced to enter a marriage with a jerk like Riser he was livid. Riser had no respect for Rias he only saw her as a trophy. Rias did not deserve that kind of life. He could not just stand by and let that happen. He would fight for her freedom. Even when they lost the Rating Game he still refused to sit by.

With his mind set he headed for the Phenex household guns a blazing. He had planned on kicking Riser's ass but it seemed like another devil had the same idea.

He learned that his name was Naruto and he was some kind of brother to Rias or something. He didn't really care at the moment. The only thing he cared was that he was getting in his way. They got into an argument that was soon broken by Sirzechs.

Flashback: moments ago

"I'm glad you asked Naru-chan, I think I have an idea that we will all enjoy…"

And what would that be?" Naruto asked with a raised brow.

"It seems like both you and Issei-kun have a bone to pick with Riser-kun. So I say we leave it to fate." Sirzechs explained.

"Fate?" the three devils echoed while the rest watched.

"Naruto vs. Riser or Issei vs. Riser, both sound interesting to me so let us see who shall be the lucky devil." Sirzechs explained as he fished into his pocket pulling out a coin. "A simple coin flip that way there can be no argument on who gets to face Riser-kun. Heads Issei, tails Naruto. Rather simple right?"

The room watched as Sirzechs flipped the coin into the air. Once it reached its highest point gravity took over and it came back down easily caught into his hands. Opening the devils looked to see the results.

Riser didn't really care, he would get his revenge on whoever he faced.

Issei and Naruto though watched carefully and when the coin landed in Sirzechs' hand they rushed to see what it landed on. Once they saw they both shouted one in glee the other in despair.

"No! It's not fair!"

"Ha! Tails never fails! Suck it!"

End Flash Back

So here was sitting at one of the tables with Rias and here peerage watching as Sirzechs, Riser and Naruto set up the rules and stipulations for their match.

"We shall settle this the most ways devils settle their disputes. A Rating Game." Riser announce. "The winner will be entitled to whatever they wish as long as it is within the others power. What I want is rather simple. I want you to stop meddling with my wedding so if I win you will leave things alone."

"Works for me, and if I win you will break the contract and allow Rias to marry who she wishes." Naruto stated knowing how much Riser wanted the wedding to commence. This worked out well for him. He would get to kick the peacock's ass and free Rias from the wedding contract.

"I see the contest and stipulations have been made and accepted." Sirzechs announced.

"But I wish to add something." Naruto said. There was no way he was going to let this peacock get away with his insults towards his queen. "And I'm sure Riser would be interested it in."

"And what would that be?" Sirzechs asked acting as the mediator.

"We will each wager one more thing." Naruto said crossing his arms staring at a curious Riser. "Our pride.

"What do you mean?" Riser asked with a frown.

"Don't even think for a second that I have forgotten what you have said about my queen. I intend to make you pay for that and I know just how to do that." Naruto said as a few curous murmurs broke through the audience.

"Please explain Naruto." Sirzechs asked with an amused smile.

"I am upset that you have insulted my queen while you are upset I have insulted you and struck you on what was to be your wedding party. Correct?"

"Yes." Riser answered with a curt nod.

"In that case the loser of the Rating Game must apologize to the winner for what they have done." Naruto explained.

"And how is a simple apology equal to wagering one's pride?" Riser asked and Naruto grew a dark grin at Naruto.

"Because the loser will have to apologize on their hands and knees in front of everyone here today." He announced causing Riser's eyes to widen before he threw his head back and laughed.

"Yes, that sounds wonderful. I accept those terms." Riser said confident that he will win.

"Very well the Rating Game will take place in half an hour will both combatants please gather your peerage and wait until you are called." Sirzechs announced as Naruto and Riser left to gather their peerage.

As he left the ballroom Naruto allowed a grin to appear on his face.

He was so going to enjoy this.

It only took a few minutes for Naruto to call up the rest of his peerage and for them to appear via transportation circle.

"…and the coin landed on tails which means we get to take him on." Naruto finished explaining the situation.

"So we're fighting Riser and his peerage nya? I call the bomb queen!" Kuroka stated wanting to face the one who hurt her precious sister.

"So what's the plan?" Jeanne asked.

"It's rather simple really. One of us will hold off Riser while the rest eliminates his peerage." Naruto explained causing the room to blink.

"That's it?" Moka asked dubiously. As far as his strategies go this one was rather…simple.

"Honestly I don't care how it's done but I want Riser to pay. He had the nerve to speak to Silvia like she's some prostitute. Don't know about you guys but I can't forgive him for that." Naruto said with a shrug. "Our biggest threats are Riser and Ravel. We're going to have to wear them down so they can't regenerate anymore but the others should be no problem. Yubelluna may be able to put up a good fight but other than that the only real advantage they have are numbers."

"Well Riser insulted our queen which means he'll be in a world of hurt." A young man wearing a blue battle uniform with silver trimmings said. He had blue hair that was passed his shoulders tied into a pony tail, red eyes and silver earrings glittering as they dangled from his ear. In his hand was an ominous red spear.

This man was Cu Chulainn descendant of the original Irish Hero and Naruto's second knight.

"Well said!" Naruto agreed with his knight. His peerage was his family. Insult or harm one of them and you incur the wrath of them all.

"While I am thankful that you wish to defend my honor perhaps it would be best if we actually come up with a strategy." Silvia suggested.

"Silvia's right. From what I hear Riser is pretty strong even without his immortality." Moka added.

"I looked him up real quick on your computer and his Rating Game record is 8-2 and the only reason he lost was because he forfeited out of respect for their households. Now that he beat Rias the records technically 9-2." Jeanne explained. Before leaving their home she did some quick research on their opponent.

Naruto looked at his peerage before sighing. "Fine, we still have some time so let me think of something. Worse comes to worst we have our secret weapon." He said pointing towards the corner of the room.

Standing by himself was a young androgynous boy with long light green hair. He wore a plain white tunic that fell to his knees and white pants and he was barefoot.

"You won't let us down right Enkidu?" Naruto asked with a grin as Enkidu looked back with a small smile.

"I will do what is necessary for us to win." The now identified Enkidu answered.

"Perfect, now then let me think of a plan…"

"Ladies and gentlemen devils of all ages! Welcome to tonight's grudge match between Riser Phenex and Naruto Astaroth!" Sirzechs announced into a microphone from the head table he was sitting in. "My name is Sirzechs Lucifer and I will be tonight's commentator!"

Devils were sitting in various tables all watching the magical screens that appeared in the room.

At her own table Rias sat with her peerage watching the screens intently. She may have lost against Riser but she knew Naruto would have a much better chance at victory then she did. She was a very proud girl but she was willing to admit that the blonde devil trained at the same level as her cousin Sairaorg.

Another part was excited to see how he would do. The only peerage members that she knew about were Silvia and Kuroka. Then he left the Underworld in search of new members. She couldn't wait to see what he and his peerage could do.

"Joining me on my right is my announce partner and lovely wife Grayfia!" Sirzechs continued. It seemed like he was getting really into this. "Grayfia what are is your opinion on this match? Who do you think would win?"

"Most would assume that Riser Phenex would win because he has more experience in Rating Games but I do not think that is the case. Naruto Astaroth has always been a talented young man who should not be underestimated." Grayfia explained in a professional manner. But on the inside she couldn't wait to see her godson defeat Riser.

"True not only that but most of Naruto's peerage is currently unknown. Who knows what they are capable of?" Sirzechs added as the competitors entered the Rating Game field.

"Eh? That blonde bastard has all those beautiful women?" Issei cried out in jealously as he saw Naruto's peerage.

More specifically the female members

Not only did he steal his heroic moment but he was surrounded by such wonderful oppai?

It was official.

He would one day kick Naruto Astaroth's ass.

Once the clock ran down Naruto and his peerage appeared in an unfamiliar with multiple selves of books. Looking out a nearby window they saw that they were in an old village of some kind.

Suddenly they could here Grayfia's voice.

[The current field is a replica of an old medieval village. Riser Phenex's base shall be the village meeting hall while Naruto Astaroth's base shall be the library. Pawns will promote if they are able to make it to the home base of the enemy team. Good luck to both teams, let the Rating Game begin.]

"Alright, you guys ready?" Naruto asked getting nods around. "Good. You all know your jobs so let's do this and win!"

Naruto reached into his pocket and grabbed a few glowing orbs. He handed one to everyone and they placed them in the ear.

"Enkidu, Jeanne I want you two to stay here and guard our base. Make sure none of Riser's pawns get the chance to promote." Naruto ordered. He was confident that his peerage could win but he didn't need to make things more difficult by dealing with multiple pawns turned queens.

"Understood." Enkidu said.

"Got it!" Jeanne added.

"Other than that I want you to monitor us. Make sure to keep us informed on enemy locations. I want to avoid any and all sneak attacks if possible." Naruto added turning towards Enkidu causing the green haired boy to nod in understanding.

That was one of the reasons he considered Enkidu his secret weapon. He had an ability called Presence Detection which allowed him to sense the presence of any devil. It was so strong that he could even sense the presence of water 10 kilometers away. Because of this it was almost impossible to sneak up on him.

"Good, everyone else let's go!" Naruto said as he ran out of the library followed by the rest of his peerage.

As they were running Naruto glanced at them before giving them one final order.

"Alright guys no matter what I want you to avoid elimination. Retreat if you must. I have no doubt that we can take them down but they still outnumber us." He instructed causing them to nod in understanding.

"Good. Silvia take to the sky. Kuroka, Cu Chulainn stay in the shadows. I want you three to hunt out Riser's peerage. " He ordered.

"Alright." Silvia said as wings sprouted from her back before she took off into the air.

"Got it nya." Kuroka said as she turned into a nearby alley way. When it came to stealth Kuroka was a master.

"Roger that." Cu Chulainn said and with a sudden burst of speed he raced paced Naruto.

"Moka you and I will charge forward. Riser will have probably guard his base so we'll take him down as quick as possible."

"Good, I can't wait to slam my foot into his skull." Moka said with a fanged grin.

"Enkidu, have they made a move yet?" Naruto asked into the receiver.

"Yes, they have broken into multiple groups 3 of which are stationed at his base. Another 3 are heading right towards you."

"Noted." Naruto said narrowing his eyes. He could just make out three figures approaching. "Moka do you want to deal with them or should I?"

Moka looked at the approaching girls. A pair of green haired loli twins wielding chainsaws and a blue haired girl wielding a bow staff. Like Enkidu she was able to sense an enemy's location by sensing their yokai, but it had a shorter ranged compared to his, and she could sense that these 3 were not that impressive.

"I do not feel like wasting my time with them. They are small fries." Moka answered causing the blonde king to nod.

He raised his arm forward as an orb of light appeared in the palm of his hand. Without warning three chains shot forward and latched themselves onto the girl in front of him.

"What the?"

"Get off!"

"Let go bastard!"

"I have no time for you." Naruto said as he swung his arm causing the girls to scream as they were sent flying into the air. Before they could react he raised his free arm and shaped it like a gun, pointer finger aimed at them.

"Pierce Bullet" he said firing three quick bullets of golden light that pierced through the chests of the three airborne pawns. Their bodies glowed before vanishing.

As Naruto lowered his arms he heard Grayfia's voice as she made an announcement.

[3 of Riser Phenex's Pawns have been eliminated]

"*whistle* looks like Naruto Astaroth was able to make quick work of those pawns." Sirzechs commented from his seat as he observed the battle. "But the battle has just begun."

"He took them down so easily." Issei commented with a frown. Those were the same pawns he first fought against and Naruto dealt with them like they were annoying flies.

"He seems really strong." Asia added having been summoned to watch this with her friends.

"His knight isn't too shabby either." Kiba added watching another screen causing the pawn and bishop to follow his line of sights.

In a flurry of sparks they watched as a blue blur known as Cu Chulainn fought against Karlamine one of Riser's knights. As spear and sword clashed Issei noticed that the male knight had an excited grin giving him a wild appearance as he fought against his opponent.

"Come on! You can do better than that!" Cu Chulainn cried as he thrust his spear.

Karlamine cursed as she side stepped out of the way but the blue armored warrior was not done. The moment his spear passed her he swung it sideways causing it to smash against her side sending her crashing into a nearby house.

"You are indeed a strong opponent but I am not done!" Karlamine stated as she got back on her feet gripping her sword tightly. Soon her sword was engulfed in fire. Swinging her sword she unleashed a torrent of arch shaped flames.

"Sword skill and fire magic? Excellent!" Cu Chulainn said swing his spear like a fan. Wind began to pick up around him before he swung his spear creating a strong gale that blew out the flames before they reached him.

"Tch." Karlamine clicked her tongue in annoyance. Using her enhanced speed she vanished in a blur only to reappear on Cu Chulainn's right. Swing her sword she planned on cutting him in half but the blue armored knight ducked down his hair swishing in the breeze as the as her sword sailed over his head.

"You left yourself open." The blue haired man said as he lunged his spear forward. Cursing Karlamine jumped back gaining enough distance to avoid being stabbed but Cu Chulainne wasn't done. He chased after her and unleashed a barrage of thrusts forcing the female knight to go on the defensive.

Using her sword to parry the spear sparks danced around her as the weapons clashed. Thinking quickly her sword was once more drenched in flames hoping the heat would force some distant.

But that was not the case.

Cu Chulainn seemed immune to the flames as he continued the assault. In fact it seemed the flames increased the pressure she was under. The strength and speed of his attacks seemed to have increased.

Finally her guard slipped and she screamed in pain as the spear stabbed her right shoulder.

There was a sudden pause in his attack.

"Oh what's this? Looks like first blood is mine."

And once more she was caught in a whirlwind of spear attacks.

*clink* she was able to block the spear.

*clink* she parried another shot.

*Squelch* she winced as the spear grazed her left thigh.

*clink* it was starting to get harder but she was able to block another strike.

*clink* her grip on her sword weakened a bit.

*squelch* she grit her teeth as the spear stabbed her side before it quickly retreated preparing for the follow up attack.

"You're guards weakening." Cu Chulainn commented but he did not stop his assault.

"Even so I am far from done." Karlamine said trying to get some distance. She needed to retreat and recover. She stumbled a bit when his attack came to a sudden halt. "Eh?"

"Yeah sorry but I'm going to have to end this now." Cu Chulainn said with an apologetic look.

"What?" Karlamine blinked in confusion.

"Yeah I've been wasting too much time here and while it was fun I have to go." He explained. "So I'm going to have to end this."

"You make it sound so easy." Karlamine said glaring at him. The way he was speaking angered her. He was talking as if she was some weakling.

"What's this? It looks like someone has some fire left. That's a nice look in your eyes." Cu Chulainn sad with a grin. It seemed that he insulted her pride as a warrior.

"Hold your tongue you fool!" she shouted as she charged forwards with a horizontal slash but he leaned back enough to dodge it.

"Don't you know one of the basic rules of swordsmanship? Never swing your sword in anger. It only hinders your strength." Cu Chulainn commented as he stepped out of the way of another slash.

"Silence!" she said trying to cut him to ribbons but he would not stay still. She knew she was losing her temper but during this whole fight she was unable to land a single hit.

"A stubborn one huh? You know…you're kind of cute when you're angry." He said casually as if he wasn't dodging lethal sword strikes. "But again I must apologize. Like I said I really have to get going."

He causally spun his spear around and before she could get her guard up she screamed in pain as she was impaled in the chest.

"But still, you are a pretty good fighter. You could use some more training but still pretty good. Tell you what, after this is over you and I can go find a nice quiet place where I can give you some…private lessons." He said with a grin as he wiggled his eyebrows a bit.

Karlamine glared at him but all she received was a flirty wink. The bastard was flirting with her as if he didn't just stab her with his damned spear.

Mind full of unpleasant thoughts about him she closed her eyes and vanished in a burst of light.

[1 of Riser Phenex's knights eliminated.]

Grinning at the announcement Cu Chulainn turned around and started to whistle a jaunty tune as he continued his hunt.

With Naruto and Moka

"Looks like Riser lost another servant." Naruto said as he and Moka stood in front of the village meeting hall which was acting as Riser's base.

"And he is about to lose two more." Moka added as she stared at the two figures in front of them acting as guards to the building.

The first was a well-endowed young woman with shoulder-length black hair and blue-green eyes. Her hair has two Chinese-style buns on both sides of her head, while the front features bangs that form a slight V-shape across her forehead. Her outfit consisted of a navy blue qipao with gold accents, a white sash around her stomach, and black, low-heeled shoes. The qipao is open at the chest area, giving view to her breasts and cleavage. She also wears black armguards over her forearms.

The second was a woman with short, light brown hair and grey eyes. Her hair had three red highlights across, and wore a plain white mask which covered the right side of her face. Her outfit consisted of a black jacket and matching jeans. The jacket had wide shoulders and a wide collar, and features three leather straps on both her arms. It was also slightly opened, revealing her rather-large breasts and cleavage, and it was cut off at her midriff. Her the right pant leg of her jeans were cut off, revealing some of her thighs and butt, and also featured three leather straps on her calves, just below the ankles, and two extra straps on her right pant leg to keep it in place. She also wore black fighting gloves and boots to enhance her blows.

These two woman were Xuelan and Isabela, the rooks of Riser's peerage.

"I shall handle these two." Moka said. "While my sensory is not as strong as Enkidu's I can still feel the presence of another so someone is still inside."

"Right, so I guess I'll let you handle these two. Far be it from me to deny my adorable rook her fun." He said with a cheeky grin as he pinched her cheek causing her eye to twitch.

"Unless you want me to bite off your fingers I suggest that you release me." She stated in a flat tone causing Naruto to let go immediately.

"Right, sorry about that." Naruto said with a sheepish chuckle as he took a step back. A fist sailed straight passed him and headed for Moka who caught it with ease. She looked at the assailant and saw that it was Xuelan.

"So rude, couldn't you see that we were having a conversation?" Moka asked in a bored voice before raising her other arm to block the incoming kick that came from Isabela. She quickly grabbed the masked rook's ankle before she could pull back.

"Well it looks like you have everything under control so I guess I'll be heading out." Naruto said as he headed for the meeting hall.

"We shall not let you pass!" Xuelan shouted as she and Isabela tried to chase after him but coulnd;t break free from Moka's grip.

"Now now who said you two could leave? I'm still upset that you so rudely attacked me while I was speaking to my king." Moka said before she spun around and threw the two girls in the opposite direction of Naruto. Now the roles were reversed. Instead of them guarding the meeting hall it was Moka who stood in their path. "It seems that I will have to teach you some manners."

"We shall first deal with you and then your insolent king." Isabela said cracking her knuckles. By her side Xuelan got into a basic martial arts stance glaring at the silver haired girl before them.

Moka looked at them and couldn't help but chuckle.

"What is so funny?" Xuelan demanded.

"You two." Moka answered with a smirk a fang protruding from her lip. Her silver hair blew in the wind a bit do to the breeze as her red eyes looked at them in amusement. "You seem to believe that you can defeat me."

"What nonsense are you speaking? There are two of use and one of you." Isabela pointed out.

"Exactly. There are only two of you and you think you can defeat me." Moka said with a haughty tone. "Truthfully I'm torn between being amused or being insulted that you think you two are enough to defeat me."

Isabela and Xuelan gritted their teeth in anger. They shared a glance and nodded before turning their gaze back at Moka.

Earlier Riser had ordered his peerage that if they came across Naruto then they were to do anything possible to make him suffer but after hearing the way Moka spoke to them they reached a silent agreement.

They would put Naruto in the back of their minds for the moment as they focused on taking down the girl in front of them.

"You two have been staring at me for some time. I know I am beautiful but I thought we were going to fight." Moka taunted with a mocking smile.

That seemed to have been the last straw. With a battle cry the both of Riser's rooks charged intent on punishing their opponent.

The smile on Moka's face immediately fell face twitching into a scowl as she glared at them eyes full of contempt. She drew her leg back and waited until they were in range. Once they were close enough she pounced.

"A simple frontal assault? I am no longer amused. Far from it actually. I am insulted that you would think such a tactic would work on me. Fools like you should know their place!" Moka said shouting the last three words as she delivered a devastating spin kick.

Both Xuelan and Isabela were shocked when the kicked landed. Thanks to the rook piece they consumed they gained a significant boost in attack and defense. However when Moka's kick landed their world exploded in pain. It was like their defense was non-existent.

The two rooks were sent flying crashing through three houses. As they hit the fourth their momentum dropped so they crashed into it before dropping on the ground unable to move.

"Maybe next time you will think twice before insulting a vampire like that." Moka stated as she walked towards the two fallen rooks and watched them struggle as they tried to stand.

Soon the two rooks began to glow before they vanished.

[Both of Riser Phenex's rooks have been eliminated]

"A 1-hit K.O." Sirzechs whistled looking at Moka impressed. "From what she said it looks like she was a vampire before joining Naruto. I don't know how he convinced her to join him but that's one hell of a rook he's got."

Both Issei and Koneko stared at the screen with Moka in it with wide eyes. They both fought and won against Isabela and Xuelan respectively it still took them some effort to take them down but this Moka was able to do it so easily. However something Sirzechs said caused Issei to blink. Turning towards Rias he voiced his question.

"Buchou from the way your brother spoke it sounds like Moka being a vampire is a pretty big deal. Why?" he asked. Sure he was surprised that the existence of vampires were real but he was starting to get used to all the supernatural things happening around him.

"It's not necessarily a big deal as it's more of a surprise." Rias explained turning her attention from the screens to her pawn. "You see in a way vampires are a very proud and aloof people even more proud then we devils. They also don't get along with other races believing they are superior. That's why it's surprising that Naruto-nii not only has a vampire servant but she also appears to get along with him pretty well. She didn't even question the orders he gave out."

"I see." Issei said with better understanding.

"Naruto-sama sure has some strong servants." Kiba said thinking about the two battles he just witnessed. Moka destroyed her opponent without batting an eye and Cu Chulainn was in control the whole time. He frowned as he remembered the blue knight. Karlamine was his opponent during the Rating Game and he only one due to the help of Issei and his Boosted Gear. True they were outnumbered but still. "Hard to believe they're around our age give or take a few years."

"Big gap." Koneko added comparing Moka's battle to her own. When she fought Xuelan she had thought the other rook's strength could be compared to that of a queen but against Moka it was so one-sided it wasn't even funny.

"And we still haven't seen Silvia or Kuroka yet. No doubt they've improved." Akeno said adding her own two cents in.

Rias nodding in agreement with a smile. So far Riser lost 3 pawn, a knight and both rooks while Naruto still had his entire peerage. They were off to a strong start and if things continued this way then her marriage contract with Riser would be terminated and she would be free to live her life and love who she wanted.

Village Library- Naruto Astaroth Base

"Mou~ I'm bored!" Jeanne whined lying on the ground staring at the sky. To pass the time she decided to watch the clouds as they passed by. "Is anyone coming En-kun?"

"Yes, there is a rather large group nearby. Since they have already lost 6 members they're probably trying to think up a strategy to get past us. They can't afford to charge in and lose anymore servants." Enkidu explained as he leaned against the library wall with his eyes close.

"Well I hope they hurry up." She said as she sat up and crossed her arms pouting in annoyance. "How many are there?"

"There are 7. I'd say 5 of them are Riser's remaining pawns trying to gain a promotion." The green haired boy answered.

"Think I should go over there and disrupt their meeting before they can make a decent plan." Jeanne asked standing up stretching her arms a bit.

Enkidu was silent as he thought about it before nodding." Yes, that seems like a good plan but remember what Naruto said. If you can weaken or even eliminate a few of them then good but if things get too hectic get out of there."

"Got it!" Jeanne cheered happy that she could finally do something. "Which way?"

Enkidu pointed in the direction he felt their presence. Nodding with a smile Jeanne ran off her enhanced knight speed turning her into a blur. Watching her go Enkidu released a sigh as he shook his head. "Sometimes that girl has too much energy."

With Naruto

Naruto walked into the village meeting hall. It was a rather large building and the inside was rather plain. There were, multiple rows of chairs facing the stage across the room. And standing on the stage was a lone figure.

She was a young girl with long blonde hair and dark blue eyes. Her hair was tied into twin ponytails with large, drill-like curls, and blue ribbons keeping them in place. The front of her hair had several bangs hanging over her forehead, with a V-shaped fringe hanging over the bridge of her nose. She wore a light purple dress with dark purple accents and a blue bow at the front. At the back, three feather-like extensions mimicking a bird's tail protrude from the dress.

When he entered the building he expected to meet a Phenex.

He just wasn't expecting to fight this particular Phenex.

Standing before him was Ravel Phenex the youngest child and only daughter of the Phenex Clan.

"Ravel? What are you doing here? Where's your brother?" Naruto blinked in confusion before he looked around the room. It was rather open but maybe Riser found a hiding place.

"Onii-sama went off with the others." Ravel answered. "He had a feeling you would come after him first so he entrusted me and two others to guard the base. However based on the latest announcement they have failed."

Naruto frowned as he listened to this before speaking into his receiver.

"Change of plans guys. Ravel is the one guarding the base. Riser is out there so be on the lookout."

"Do you need my help dealing with her?" he heard Moka ask.

"No, go out and regroup with the others."

"I just finished my fight a while ago. I'm currently at the blacksmith that's 3 kilometers northwest from the village center." Cu Chulainn said.

"Good, Moka meet up with them. Jeanne Enkidu how are things with you two?"

"Seven opposing devils are grouped in the nearby area. Jeanne has gone to disrupt them." Enkidu explained.

"Alright, Jeanne if you see Riser in that group do not attack. Retreat back to Enkidu and build up your defenses. Moka and Cu Chulainn once you two meet up I want you to head back to the base and assist them." Naruto ordered keeping a careful watch on Ravel who was watching him calmly.

"Got it." He heard the four voices of them devils mentioned.

"Kuroka, Silvia how are you guys doing?"


"You two there?"

"Sorry for the delay Naruto-sama but you do not have to worry about Riser attacking our base. He is standing in front of me right now."

"…I see, what about you Kuroka?"

"Just ran into the bomb queen nya."

"Alright change of plans. Cu Chulainn I want you to head back to the base and assist Jeanne and Enkidu. Eliminate the rest of them as quickly as possible. Moka use your senses and head towards Silvia and Riser. Weaken him as much as you can but if it looks like he is about to win retreat and recover. I'll handle Ravel and meet up with you."


Once finished he focused on Ravel who was watching him intently. He frowned in thought wondering how to proceed. From what he understood Ravel never actually fought in any of the Rating Games she had participated in but despite that she was still a member of the Phenex Clan and that damned immortality would be difficult to deal with.

"I assume that you are done with your chat." She asked looking bored. Raiding a brow he mentally shrugged deciding he would stall her as he thought of a way to end this quickly. Maybe he could talk her into surrendering.

"Actually I am. I guess I should thank you for letting me talk." Naruto said.

"It was nothing. I do not like the idea of striking an unprepared opponent. Attacking you while you were busy seemed like a cheap trick and while this Rating Game is important to my brother I still have my pride." She answered. She admired her brother she would not deny that but she would not go against her principles. The battle had no started so she would not attack until he was prepared.

"How honorable of you." He commented with a nod of respect. That kind of thinking may cost certain battles but refusing to go against what she believed in was an admirable trait. "I noticed in your last Rating Game you just let Issei go pass you, is there any chance that you would just let me go?"

Honestly the thought of just turning around to find Riser entered his mind but he immediately threw that idea away. It would be foolish if he turned his back against this girl.

"I'm afraid not. I let Issei Hyoudou go because he was no threat. He had no chance against my brother so I saw no point in fighting him. You however are different. I would be foolish to consider you otherwise." She stated with a shake of her head. "It is true that I never really engaged in actual combat during my Rating Games but that was mostly because I didn't have to. But it seems my side has already suffered a substantial loss in numbers in such a short time. So for the sake of my brother, you Naruto Astaroth shall be my very first opponent."

And with that wings of fire sprouted from her back and her hands were engulfed with flames.

Despite himself Naruto couldn't help but grin.

"Alright then Ravel, I hope you're ready because I won't go easy." He said his body now covered in a golden aura.

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