A small figure sat on the top of stairs and listened to the yelling below, holding onto a stuffed lion in one hand and the elegantly carved rail in the other. The bright green eyes shine with tears as he winces when he hears what is being said from down below in the living room.

"How can that…how can..how can he be my child? It doesn't make any sense to me!" A deep male voice yells out in anger.

"It doesn't need to make sense James. Harry is your son. Even if he is not a wizard, it doesn't mean he is not," A calm, feminine says low enough were that the small figure has to strain his ears to hear what she just said.

"My son? Merlin, Lily, that worthless squib is not my son!" The sharp sound of flesh hitting flesh suddenly sounds, startling the child and causing him to gasp as new tears spring to his eyes.

"Don't you ever, ever call my baby worthless again, James!" Lily snaps. "Harry is a bright young boy, a CHILD, and he is very special. Just because he doesn't have magic doesn't mean he isn't those things. You, as his FATHER, should know this James!"

"Lily, I didn-"

"No, enough! We will no longer speak of this..ever again. Do I make myself clear?" Lily ask her husband in a slightly calmer voice than it had just been seconds ago.

"Yes dear," James says quietly to his wife, almost too quiet for the small figure to hear. James moves from the couch he had been standing by and walks over to his wife. He goes to touch her but she turns away.

"Just leave me be James," She whispers as she turns back to him, tears shining in her bright eyes. James winces when he sees the tears in his wife's eyes but nods his head anyways as he swallows thickly.

"I will be up in..the guest room closest to our room if you need me," He whispers to her before turning and walking towards the stairs.

Harry James Potter, the very same child who had been the focus of the argument between the two adults, quickly scrambles to his feet and runs down the hallways towards his room. He opens the door and closes it quietly behind him, hoping his parents had not been alerted to him being awake. The small child sighs as he leans back against the cherry wood door of his room. He starts looking over his room with eyes to wise for a child of eight years old. In the dark it looked a little scary but he didn't dare turn the light on, less he wanted to alert his father who he could hear walking up the stairs to the fact that he was awake.

Suddenly he starts shaking as the things that he had just heard runs through his mind. He bites his lip to keep himself from making noise as he sobs. The things his father said hurt. His father didn't want him. Not because he was ugly or stupid. No he didn't want him because he couldn't do magic.

Harry has always known his parents were a wizard and witch and that had always excited him but until recently he never understood why everyone, including his parents, wouldn't allow him to touch and would rarely let him see magic. It was because he was a squib. Sometimes Harry wondered what it would be like if he had been born to Muggles. Never knowing magic was real, never feeling like an outsider in his own family. He sighs again as he walks over to his bed and crawls under the silk blanket laying on the bed. All of this was making him tired. He closes his eyes and lays his head on his soft pillow. As he falls asleep he makes a wish. Please help me make my father love me, please give me magic.

-1 Year Later-

Harry took a sip of water from his glass of lemonade as he looked over the back yard. It wasn't as nice as his own home's back yard, but it was still pretty. From the table he was sitting at, on the patio it did help give him a good view of the whole back yard, so yes he could say is was pretty. From what he could remember the garden in the left of the yard contained flowers and the one on the right contained some plants used in potion making.

"-and then she gave me a cookie! Isn't that exciting? Hello? Harry are you even listening to me?" I look over at my best mate, Neville Longbottom, with a sheepish look on my face.

"I am sorry Nev, I just got lost in thought again," I say with a small sigh. Neville shakes his face and makes a small sound of disapproval.

"Harry really? You need to start paying more attention to your surroundings," We look at each other for a few seconds, both of us quiet, and then we start laughing loudly. After a while they turn into just quiet giggles.

"Merlin, Nev! Way to start sound like Mad Eye Moody!" I say between giggles as I shake my head, some wind rushing past causing my hair to move around. I run my hand over my hair trying to tame it, even though I know it's a lost cause.

"Sorry! I can't-" Neville breaks off and starts laughing all over again, which makes me start laughing again as well.

"My, oh my, what has gotten you two to laugh like this?" We both stop laughing quickly and turn and face the voice. It was Neville's grandmother


"Nothing Grams!" Neville says quickly, maybe a little too quickly but his grandmother doesn't seem to notice. She just shakes her head as she looks at me.

"Harry what time did your parents say they would be here to pick you up? It seems I have forgotten," She says as she starts gathering the plates and glasses on the table. She was like my mommy and didn't like relying on her House Elves even though she was a Pure-Blood. Though on like Mrs. Longbottom, mommy didn't even own a House Elf.

"They said they would be picking me up around one," I tell Mrs. Longbottom quietly. She makes a noise and nods her head.

"Oh yes, that is right. Well boys go get cleaned up and Neville help Harry find all his things so he is ready to go when his parents get here." After saying all that she walks away, not even looking back to make sure they would go do as she said. As if they wouldn't though. Harry shudders as Neville and he walk towards the door leading into the house. The last time they had not listened to Neville's grandmother had ended up with both of them getting a spanking with one of her late husband's canes.

"I don't want you to go Harry," Neville says with a pout as he walks through the doorway leading into the house. I look back out at the back yard and sigh as I turn back towards Neville quickly.

"I don't want to go either," I tell Neville and it was true. I didn't want to go home. Ever since that night I had heard mommy and father fighting things had been really tense at home. Father barely looked at me and when he did it was only because mommy was by us. It hurt me a lot, but I was trying not to let him see that. If he was going to hurt me, he didn't need to know he was doing so.

Mommy realized this and have tried to get us to become close like we were before I had heard the fight, of course she didn't know I heard that, but every time she tries it just seems to make things worse. Father and she end up fighting and father leaves for the night to go stay with uncle Sirius. When that happens I always make mommy her favorite tea and bring it to her room for her to drink.

Oh yeah, just her room because father and her haven't shared one since the fight that one night. She hugs me always when I bring her tea and tells me she loves me. She says my father loves me but that it is just hard for him to accept that I won't be able to do what he and she both love so much. I always nod and pretend to understand but the truth is I never understand and I don't think I ever will.

"Harry!" I open my eyes just in time to stop myself from running into a wall. When had I closed my eyes? I look over at Neville and bite my lip. Neville has his arms crossed and an exasperated look on his face.

"Seriously lost in thought again? Really, Harry, you do need to pay more attention," He tells me before rolling his eyes and continuing walking down the hallway. I frown when I look around and notice we were in a hallway all the way in the front of the house. I hadn't noticed our walk here at all. I shake my head and hurry to catch up with Neville.

"Sorry mate, I just got a lot on my mind," I say to him when I catch up to him. Neville looks over at me with a raised eyebrow. Sometimes his status as a Pure-Blood really shows through when he did that, and this was one of those times.

"Your father again?" I had told Neville everything that had happened after I had heard that first fight between my parents and since then Neville has been a big help to me. I nod my head.

"Yeah, my father again," I say as I stop walking when Neville does. Neville opens the door we had stopped by and we walk in. I don't even gasp at the beautiful décor of the bathroom anymore, already being used to it.

"Well what has he done now?" Neville ask as he walks over the marble tiled flooring towards the pristine white sink.

"He keeps ignoring me," I say as I follow Neville. Neville makes a small noise, which I know is his way of telling me to continue, as he turns the water on in the sink and begins to wash his hands.

"My mommy keeps trying to make us spend time together. Just the other week she forced me to go on a picnic with him! After we got home, not even an hour after we had left, he stormed off and flooed over to uncle Sirius house. Mommy was so angry that she had uncle Remus come watch me so she could go over and yell at father," I tell Neville. Neville dries his hands and looks at me with wide eyes but I ignore him as I start washing my hands.

"What happened after that?" He ask me. I look up from looking down at my hands and I bite my lip. I shrug.

"Mommy came home and her eyes were red and puffy but father wasn't with her. She sent uncle Remus home before he could ask and made me go to sleep. The next day when I woke up father was down at the table eating breakfast. Both of them acted as if none of what happened the day before had actually even happened!" I say as I finish washing my hands and shut the water off. I quickly dry my hands and turn to face Neville all the way.

"Blimey, Harry, I am not sure what to say," Neville has a look of pity in his eyes and I have to fight with myself to keep my own from rolling in annoyance.

"It's okay. I don't expect you to say anything," I say to Neville. "I just needed somebody to talk to." And Neville was the idea person. Besides being Harry's best mate he also had a rough childhood like Harry. Growing up without parents had made the young boy grow up faster than most children their age.

"Alright," Neville says quietly. Suddenly seeming to get what Harry wanted. "How about we go get your things ready for when your parents get here? We both may not want you to go but we also know that no matter what, it will happen."

"Okay let's go do that," I say. Neville was right after all. Even if I didn't want to leave, I would have to go with my parents. It was the way things happened.

"Do you think before you go that my grandmother will let us have some cookies?" Neville ask me as we walk out of the bathroom door and close it behind us.

"I don't know Neville," I say as I look over at him. He was bigger than me, probably weighed about sixty pounds more than I but yet again I didn't weigh that much and was short for my age. Neville wasn't fat but he could stop eating so many cookies. I stop myself from telling him that though and sigh. I needed to stop thinking of things like that. One day I was going to actually say what I thought and I would end up hurting somebody I cared about.

"Oh, okay…" It's quiet for a few seconds and suddenly Neville grins at me. I look at him worriedly. Oh no what did he have planned now? Before I could warn him, he suddenly reaches forwards and taps me on the shoulder. "You're it!" He yells at me before laughing. He quickly turns away from me and takes off running down the hallway.

I stand there for a few seconds blinking and then I grin. "Oh I am going to get you for that!" I yell as I take off after him, laughing as I do.