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The book cover from an E/C manip. made by Elavielevenstar

Chapter one: First impressions

"Found her captain!" Erik turned as his quartermaster dragged a girl by her only arm towards him.

Erik smirked, "Good work Mr. Gibbs." As if anyone could hide a one armed princess aboard a ship.

Gibbs shoved her and the girl landed at his feet. She gasped and looked up at him, her hand brushing her long flaming red hair out of her face. Erik felt his heart hit his stomach as she looked up at him; her green eyes filled with terror.

"Please!" The captain, shouted. "Take anyone but the princess!"

Erik laughed as he pulled her up, she fought him. "The princess is the only one we want!" He shook her. "Stop fighting me!"

"Let me go!" She shouted.

The captain stepped forward, "Are you aware of what you're doing? She's our only hope for peace!"

Erik laughed, "So? Peace can be made in other ways than matrimony!" the girl kicked his leg. "Ow!" He slapped her face and she looked up at him rubbing her cheek in astonishment. "Keep fighting me and you'll have no fight for later tonight."

She gasped as did everyone else on the ship. "You wouldn't defile a princess!" A woman shrieked. "You wouldn't!"

Erik laughed. "A woman is a woman. What else are they for besides a quick romp in the sheets? Regardless of title, they're all the same between their legs."

The captain stepped forward, "I challenge you to a duel for the princess's release!"

Erik laughed. "I'm under oath as a pirate not kill any tame rabbits." His crew laughed as Erik grabbed her and pulled her around him, gripping his rope so he could swing back on his ship. The black swan. "Inform your king, he'll be receiving the ransom very soon."

Sabrina screamed as soon as her feet touched the deck of the pirate's ship. The captain chuckled from behind his mask at her. she kicked him between the legs; he yelled and released her. Sabrina raced for the side of the ship, ready to fling herself overboard. Death was preferable than being violated by a man like him.

Arms tackled her from behind and she screamed as she fell forward! Her chin hit the deck and she cried as pain spread throughout her jaw.

She felt a man straddling her and she whimpered. Was he going to take her on the deck in front of the whole company? He grabbed her and she clutched his jaw. Anger and irritation faded a little bit as he saw her pain. He grabbed her arm and pulled her up from the deck.

He pulled her down the stairs, "Gibbs!" He bellowed. "Follow me!" The plump man followed them. Her heart pounded as she was pushed into the captain's quarters. She pulled free, stood up straight and glared at him from across the cabin. "You can lower your pistols now." He said removing his hat and sword.

She glowered. "Unfortunately, I have none!"

"Your eyes." he said stepping forward and cupping her chin with his fingers. "I've looked into pistol barrels that were kinder." She bit his finger. "Ouch!"

She stepped back, "You will keep your hands off me!"

He laughed coldly, "I will? Since when does a captor give orders?" she reached out to strike him and he caught her arm. "don't make me angry. I'm trying to behave like a gentleman."

"A gentleman," she laughed. "what gentleman threatens to violate a lady?"

He laughed, "now, we can't have enemies thinking that I've gone soft. Indeed, my harsh words may set tongues wagging for good many days. But don't worry, you may still be a virgin when I drop you off to the man who's paying me so handsomely to bring you to him!"

"Who is he?"

"I'm not going to tell. And believe this," he said as he scanned her. She blushed and wished for her other arm to wrap around her waist. "when I say I'm acting like a gentleman, I'm acting like one."

She smirked, "Really?"

"If I weren't, I'd have you on my bed now, your virginity would be gone and I would have forced you into submission by now."

She struck his face and he grabbed his mask, which she dislodged. "How dare you speak so to me?"

"In Tortuga when a woman hits a man it means she wants him to grab her," he carefully rearranged his mask. "overpower her and smother her in kisses. However, being a gentleman, I must refuse such overtures, even if from a princess." His eyes narrowed at he grabbed the locket around her neck. He opened it and frowned at Raoul's picture. "Now tell me what the devil do you see in this weasel?"

"How dare you!" She grabbed the locket from him.

"If you're in love with him you're too big a fool for a man like me." he said with a cheeky grin. He turned to Mr. Gibbs who was watching them. "Make sure all her personal items are moved here." His eyes danced at the shock in her eyes. "I'm putting you in charge of her."

With that, he closed the door, his red cape swirling behind him, quite a contrast to the solid black clothes he was wearing. But, a perfect match for the devil; and she warranted that there was a devil behind that white mask. She would have to be careful not to unleash that dark section of the man. But that would be hard, because her heart was burning with so much hate for the man.