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It was late in Konoha and everything was peaceful, Well, Not everything...

Currently our favourite lightning user's wife was in hospital after he and the Hokages, Found her in an old building in a forest known for its evilness inside

Sakura Uzumaki was giving Rin a checkover while Naruto was interrogating Toma, Kakashi was waiting to hear about Rin and Minato was there to give Kakashi support and to see how his female student was.

"I sware if Toma has something to do with this I WILL kill him" Kakashi growled out wishing he could give the man a slow, painful death,

"I'm sure Rin will be fine Kakashi, shes strong and doesn't give up" Minato tried to sooth him

"Hm, Somehow that doesn't make me feel any better Sensei" He replied muttering

"I know..." Minato decided to leave it at that

2 Hours Later...

"Kaka-Sensei?" Sakura asked coming out of Rin's room,

"Is she ok?!" He asked desperately,

"She was...Severely Raped, There was alot of bleeding so we had to stop that, nothing was too badly damaged but there was so much fluid from...the men who did this we had to flush it out of her system, I'm afraid that after we did that she became sterile, I'm sorry Sensei but she can't have children...shes awake and able to have Visitors and be discharged soon" with that Sakura walked away giving Minato a look that told him to look after them,

Kakashi and Minato walked into the room where Rin was,

She saw them and smiled weakly feeling upset and embarrassed at what happened and how she looked then,

"Hi.." She tried her best to hide her tears but they just flew out of her eyes so Kakashi walked over to her and sat down while giving her a big hug and tried to not cry himself like he felt like doing when he found out what happened

"Rin...Don't blame yourself, you didn't know this would happen.." Kakashi tried to sooth her but it didn't work because she didn't stop crying,

Minato noticed that the family needed some time to heal so he walked out of the room turning around to give them a sad smile and find who did this to his student and was going to give them hell for ruining this happy family's happiness

"I'm sorry Kaka-Kun...if I wasn't weak this wouldn't of happened" She continued to cry into his chest and blame herself

"Rin your not weak, Your strong and brave, you taken by surprise, You didn't know this would happen now don't blame yourself" He managed to stop her tears but he still kept her pulled to his chest as he rubbed circles in her back,

Meanwhile at the Tower. . .

"You really are a sick, twisted man Toma, You have caused severe pain to two people I'm very close with and your still alive, I'd say you're lucky because if I got my way, you would be dead hanging off the ceiling by your fingers with a hole threw your chest!" Naruto raged feeling little to no empathy for the man

"Well I'm not so your going to have to deal with it" He smirked when he saw Naruto's eyes flash red

"YOU MISERABLE-" Naruto was cut off from his rant when he felt a hand on his shoulder so he turned around and saw his father with a sad but furious look in his eyes

"Naruto . . . Shouting and screaming won't reverse what has happened nor will it make it easier, Rin and Kakashi are going to be fine but they have alot going on now" Minato finished talking to Naruto and moved to Toma

"Going to kill me for hurting your little pets? you have no proof I was the one who did this" Toma smirked not knowing what was going to happen next

"We can get my sons generations Yamanaka to go through your mind, She's very reliable, either way we will get what we need to have you executed along with your little friends who think its funny to cause so much pain to a married woman with a son." Minato was serious about the man's execution, No-one had the right to hurt his students like this

"Naruto we'll put him in a cell for now, Then we will go see how we can solve the problem of how to tell Ryu that his mothers in the hospital"

"I think we should leave that to Kakashi Tou-San, He's the boys father so its only natural" Naruto pointed out

"Ok then, Lets go" And so the Namikaze's walked to the cells to lock Toma away until his execution

With Ryu and Fugaku . . .

Ryu and Fugaku were watching T.V in the living room while eating sandwiches,

Ryu was on the soft chair with arm rests and Fugaku was sitting in his Fathers lap eating the last of his ham sandwich and watching the way Ryu was acting

Ino just came in from the kitchen after making some chocolate brownies for Ryu and his parents once Rin was found to cheer them up but she just received an call interesting call from Kakashi telling her they found Rin and asked if Ryu could stay at the Uchiha estate while he was staying with Rin at the hospital

"Ryu-Kun would you like to say over tonight?" she asked the little Hatake boy hoping he would say yes since he didn't have much of a choice,

"Yes please, have they found Kaa-San yet?" His eyes held tears that threatened to fall and Ino looked at Sasuke and he understood that they need to make up an excuse so being the Uchiha prodigy he is he made up the best excuse he can "They have but they have her at the Hospital to make sure she's ok, which she is but they just want to make sure nothings wrong so don't worry now why don't you too get ready for bed and we'll be up soon" Sasuke smiled understanding that Ino needed to tell him something

When the children when upstairs Ino sat down and Sasuke put his arm around her waist like he usually did every time she sat next to him and leaned on him "So what's wrong? Is it about the baby or something else" Sasuke asked

"No Kakashi called and they found Rin" Ino relayed the events and every time she mentioned things they got worse and he ended up getting paler from shock or anger someone would hurt his sons friends family the way they did

In the end Sasuke decided to get the police force he managed to bring back out to look for the men who did this

"...Yeah...yeah ok thanks...bye" Sasuke just hung up the phone after talking to one of the police commanders, The Yamanakas were a big help in the police force considering they wanted to join when the Clan heads daughter married Sasuke,

"They said the men who did this have already left the village, apparently they find men who want to get revenge on women so they get hired and do this alot,, but lucky for us one of them died, someone's getting information out of his body" Sasuke sumerised with the snake he summoned and told him to go tell Naruto about the information he's gathered and to give the Hatake's support

"Kakashi told us not to tell Ryu about the fact Rin's Sterile now, and that he wants to do it himself"

"Alright, now lets go to bed, Its been a big and busy day" Sasuke stopped talking to lift up Ino bridal style and smirked at her little squeak

With Kakashi and Rin. . .

Rin and Kakashi were still cuddling but their positions were different to last time, Kakashi was laying on the bed and Rin was lying on top of him, her head on top of his chest listening to his heartbeat and calming her down.

"I asked Ino if she and Sasuke could have Ryu stay over for the night and I also asked them not to say anything about your . . .situation until your ready to leave and we'll tell him together" Kakashi explained the plan to Rin but got a bit more worried about her when all she did was nod

Before he got a chance to ask her if anything still hurts a nurse came in carrying a chart and a pill with a up of water

"Mrs Hatake you are free to be discharged today as soon as you have had this medicine it will cancel out all the pain still lingering where the men entered you and/or touched you, we have also found out that the cause of the reason you are sterile now is because when he entered you he gave you a disease that while no longer is in your system caused alot of damage to your ovaries causing them to break down the eggs and become infertile, good afternoon" with that she left

"The nurse could of at least stopped saying 'when he entered you' kami she makes it sound like it was nice!" Kakashi grumbled glaring at the door

After Rin finished taking the medicine she smiled softly at Kakashi before frowning "It wasn't, It felt terrible, It hurt and I felt sick when it happened and I wish if anything it was as gentle as you are but it wasn't and it wasn't you no matter how much I wish it was because if it was you then I would of been happy since the one I love would of 'entered me' and maybe instead of being sterile Ryu might of been a big brother but that won't happen now"she left off tears rolling down her cheeks when she thought of how to tell Ryu he will be an only child from now on

"Rin don't cry, even if we can't have anymore of our own we could adopt, there are many orphans who need homes" Kakashi smiled softly as he wiped the tears off of her purple marked cheeks and helped her stand

After Rin handed the glass of empty water to the receptionist and discharged herself, her and Kakashi walked down the street getting looks of sympathy along the way

"You think they know?" Kakashi guessed knowing it was all around the village about what happened to Rin because some of the police force were overheard talking about it by some gossipers

"Just ignore them, they'll stop eventually" after saying that they both found themselves at their home/estate and walked in to get some rest

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