Authors Note

Hey guys! Before there was fanfiction there was me writing my own stuff and after fanfiction I'm sure there will be more of my own stuff. When authors on FF spend their time to post stories they give up time which they could be using to vid game or hang out with friends. They write because they love to and for fun they don't get paid and many who read their work are too damn lazy to say thanks. When you read any fic at all and you like it leave reviews they make the people who write the stuff feel good about themselves. If you don't like what you read don't flame give constructive criticism. Alrighty now that that's out of the way below is a list of elven words that come up in the story, they will be updated if I add more as I add more chapters. Well that's it for now. Enjoy the fic and don't forget to tell me how much you love it!

Elven Word Definitions

Melamin-my love


Naneth- Mother

Rima- Run

Nurta- Hide

Diola lle-Thank you


Mellon nin- My friend

Mae govannen-Well met



Elleth- elven maid

Umai- Giant spiders which infested certain parts of the forest of Mirkwood.

Sortie- Ten to Fifteen Soldiers

Score- Twenty soldiers

Astalder- Valiant one, as elves value life over death those who preserve life are well respected and loved

Tulien- means coming in elvish, also the name I chose for Tauriel's brother

Sani- Game similar to checkers and marble flicking. You have to knock out only the piece you are allowed to eat or your piece dies. Not much of a challenge for elves with their eyesight.