(The Kudo Ballad)

Exhibit L--you are my friend
And I've always been with you
No matter when
I may not be the me
You always hope to see
But please do believe that with you
I'll always be...

Exhibit O--you are a gift
A rare piece of jewel more precious
Than a kiss
I haven't told you that
In words you can understand
But please do hear me out when I say
You are all that's in my mind...

Exhibit V--you are a dream
A goal, a purpose that always goes
Solving intricate mysteries
May well be my thing
But your enigmatic charm has but deftly
Caught me by a string...

Exhibit E--you girl
It may seem a little complicated
But you are my only pearl
I may not be around
To hug you tight
But I haven't stopped dreaming so
Every lonesome night...

If these aren't enough evidence
To prove you are my only essence
If every passionate investigation
Should lead to fruitless, empty deductions
Then, as a thousand inconsistencies
Begin to overshadow my integrity
And as your sight gets clouded by tricky lies
That your trust in me starts to die--
Don't be swayed, stay where you may
If you don't ever want us to be apart
Please do always take everything I say... take me...
To heart.