Shigure opened the door a crack and peered inside. His sharp ears had caught Hanajima's ascent to Kyou's window, but he'd waited for an hour or so to peek in on them. He saw a girl, eyes closed, holding and petting a sleeping, purring ginger cat, and he smiled gently.

Ha-san may want what's best, he thought, but that poor boy needs someone.

Her eyes lifted and met his. She had sensed him spying. He smiled and placed a finger against his lips, assuring her of his silence. She nodded slowly; an agreement between them. Shigure let the door close. Yes, Hatori would be upset with him when he inevitably found out, but this was Shigure's house, and what went on here was none of Ha-san's business.


Author's Notes

Uh, yeah, so that's all, folks. Not quite the story I intended to write originally, but that's what it is. I hope that you find the ending somewhat satisfying, at least, even if I made you wait forever for it. Thanks for all of your great comments and support!