Title: A Traitor in their Midst

Author: zarah Rating: PG-13 because there'd be some swear words, buddy! Email: pipermae14@yahoo.com Summary: The Mutant X team realizes that their former teammate is now one of their enemies. and it'd take some extreme measures to bring her back. Spoilers: Nothing specifically, except for the presence of Gabriel Ashlocke. Takes place about two years in the future Disclaimer: The characters don't belong to me, except for the original ones that I created. Chances are, if you recognize the name, its not mine. Distribution: Take it if you want, just give me a note so that I'll link you to my site. Notes: I hope you'll like it. This is dedicated to all those who took time in giving me reviews for my first three fics :) This is also my first attempt at writing a LONG Mutant X fic, so. here it goes! And a (*) means a shift in the point of view, so don't be fooled Feedback: Will be greatly appreciated and loved :)

bChapter One/b

They were in a very dark, very secluded alley, just behind a popular bar and disco in the deepest part of the suburbia. There were nine of them, each sporting a vicious, deadly look in their eyes, and they surrounded six other individuals, each with varying amounts of fear in their faces.

"What are you-"

"What do you want with us?"

"Oh, dear God, help! Help-"

"I suggest that if you're not planning on dying anytime soon, then shut your mouths and just follow what we want." A stunning red-haired woman turned to the others as she surveyed the entire scene with a trained eye. "Take these new mutants," she ordered with disdain. "Make sure they're bounded tight and securely. We don't want new mutants running about in the city, do we?" she threw a disarming smile at each of the frightened faces that stared right back at her.

The subordinates nodded mutely before they proceeded with closing on their prey. Some of the new mutants tried to fight, some didn't, and soon all their efforts were wasted when they were all dragged as captives to a vehicle. One woman managed to break free from her captor, and she tried to run, using her amazing speed and agility to her benefit. And yet, she stopped abruptly and fell onto her back, as though she hit an invisible wall very hard. Eyes wide with terror, lips mute with fear, she reached out to touch the wall that blocked her escape, and her face turned white as she realized that nothing was there. There was nothing in front of her now, whereas only seconds ago there was a thick barrier that stood on her path to freedom.

The air around her suddenly moved with incredible force. In a blink of an eye, an elemental stood before her, his head cocked to one side. "Trying to escape, honey?" he asked. With a sly, demented grin, he thrust his hand forward, and the woman flew backwards, towards the arms of her captor. She screamed with all her might, but after a hard punch to the stomach she screamed no more.

"There's a nice, silent lady." A feral muttered, her green eyes gold with power. "Now gag her before I gag you." she said to the man who held the unconscious lady in his arms.

This subordinate nodded, before taking his orders and muffling the woman's choked cries with a rag. He then proceeded to drag her towards their cloaked vehicle, towards the place where she would join the other five new captive mutants.

Seconds later, that vehicle flew above the secluded bar, stealthy and soundless in it's retreat.

The remaining three mutants, the heads of the mission, turned to go into their own, separate vehicle. Each was superior in the manipulation of his or her own power; each gifted with strength and intelligence that they used to serve their purpose as members of The Strand.

"So how's your first night out, Sinead?" Glenn, the aerokinetic elemental asked, his handsome face softened with a smile.

"Two years is quite a break, girl." Bryn, the canine feral said. She flipped her curly black hair behind her and grinned. "Glenn and I here thought you'd never wake up."

Sinead was about to respond when she stopped rigidly, her face soon twisted into a curious, excited expression.

The hair on the back of her neck suddenly stood furiously, alerting her that someone was coming. She listened intently, and closely, as faint sounds of footsteps grew louder and louder, the beat of their steps echoing the beat of her heart perfectly. She turned her head sharply into the direction where the footsteps were coming from; her hands clenched to her sides, her body pumping with adrenaline. She was ready for action - ready for battle, to fight, to kill.

"We have company," she said with what was to be called enthusiasm, as her blue eyes met with that of Glenn's.

Bryn took a step forward and sniffed the air around them. "I smell three different scents of new mutants." She said to the others. "Two incredibly good-smelling guys and one girl." She sniffed again. "Nice cologne there, lady." She turned to the other woman. "Remind me to get the brand before I kill her, okay?"

Sinead just nodded. "You betcha."

They stood there, watching, anticipating the arrival of their enemies. "Three guesses as to who we're about to fight." Bryn said.

"Gotta be Adam's team," Glenn muttered as he closed his eyes to ready himself for battle. "They're the only ones who's foolish enough to go against us."

"So what are we dealing with here?" Sinead asked, her blue eyes wide with curiosity. "Or shall I say, who?"

"I keep forgetting you're going to deal with them first time. Let's see, we got a hot elemental guy with electrocuting powers, a telempath woman who'll make you crazy with illusions and a molecular dude who'll go translucent or rock hard at an instant." Bryn counted each member of with one hand. "I'll go get the girl."

"I'll deal with the molecular."

Sinead shrugged as their enemies finally arrived. "Guess that leaves me with the elemental." She took a step forward, her back arched and her eyes feral gold.

There were indeed three of them, as Bryn had said. They stood before the members of The Strand, silently challenging them for a fierce combat. It was three against three.

"Let the new mutants go," the blond guy demanded, a fierce expression fixed on his handsome face.

"Sorry, bro." Glenn answered him casually. "No can do. You see that dot in the sky? That's the thing that brought them out of here. I guess that leaves us for you to deal with."

"You're going to tell us where you took them," the woman in the middle said, a harsh look on her gentle face.

"Or what? You're going to shoot at us with your little psionic blasts?" Bryn shook her head. "Hate to say it, but you're going to need more than your mental magic to get anything out of us, sister."

Sinead watched her enemies closely, specifically the tallest man who had yet to say a word. She caught sight of the electricity that danced on his fingers, and she grinned. "And that makes you mine, sweetie." She thought to herself. Absentmindedly, she licked her lips as an excited thrill ran up and down her spine.

"I'm getting bored with this small talk," Finally, the silent man talked aloud as a larger, more powerful arc of electricity appeared on his hands. "What do you say we beat the crap and get the info out of them at the same time." He told his companions, his voice very deep and very masculine.

"Sounds like a plan," the woman muttered.

"Let's get it on," the blond said.

With a war cry, the three soon charged the three.

Glenn laughed as the strong wind he created launched him through his enemy. The man used his arms as blockage and then visibly went solid. Glenn back flipped, stood straight and then used the air around him as sort of a whip that crackled with energy. "This is going to be fun."

Bryn crouched down low, her dark face alighted with a dangerous smile. Her enemy stood her ground, her face all serious. Bryn then launched high into the air, past the brunette's head, and before the other could even blink she had already attacked from behind. "Can't really use that telempathic gift if you can't stare at me, can you?"

Their fights became distant sounds to Sinead as she stood, face to face, with the man that was to be her enemy. She sized him up as she stared at him through golden eyes, and she saw him smirk at her. "No weak point to see here, honey." Without warning, he threw a long ark of spark at her, and she moved away quickly. The power went past her harmlessly and electrocuted the trash can behind her.

But before she could even regain her stand, the man was already on her face, and he delivered a severe kick that sent her sprawling on the floor.

"Aww. What's the matter? Can't fight me? Too weak?" He then produced another arc of electricity on his fingertips. "Too bad."

But Sinead was already on her feet, and as fast as her cat-like pace carried her, she ran to him and then jumped high into the air, kicking at him as she did so. Her feet connected solidly with his groin, his stomach, his chest, and finally, his jaw. She heard the satisfying sound of a bone breaking, as well as a body crumpling to the ground. She grinned, her teeth bared in the dark of night.


Jesse struggled to stand on his feet. His enemy had been both powerful and ruthless, manipulating the wind around him as a weapon that hit on his body several times. He winced as he felt his skin breaking when the whip-like air hit him on the arm again. But there was a bright side to all of this; his enemy doesn't seem to think that by sucking up all the air around him and letting him suffocate to death is an easier and a more sure-fire way of getting his opponent killed. And if that was the case, then Jesse was sure that he can't fight no matter what.

"That means he has got no brain," he thought to himself.

He went translucent, the whip missing his body and it went through him harmlessly. His powers have grown immensely from this past two years; he could now be solid or translucent for a longer period of time. Jesse ran towards the aerokinetic, and used his grown powers to make his hand the only solid part in his translucent body. He grabbed the man's throat, throttled him for a while and then threw him at the farthest corner of the alley. He heard the sound of a body colliding against solid, brick wall, and he knew that the man wouldn't be rising from that spot anytime soon.

Emma rolled to one side to dodge the attack of the feral bitch that almost made her face a doormat with her powerful kicks. She gritted her teeth as she struggled to gain a more steady view of her opponent. A metal gleamed at the corner of her eye, and she rolled again to move towards it. Grabbing the metal cover, she swung it to the oncoming attacker, using it as a fast- spinning Frisbee. The metal head connected solidly to the woman's ankle, making her scream in pain and fall on her side to clutch her injury. Emma stood up, and then focused her telempathic powers on the woman, making her feel the heat and see the flames of a big, all-consuming fire.

"Oh, God!" The woman screamed as she looked blindly around her, her hands raised to shield herself from the invisible tongues of fire that existed only in her mind. Feral fear dominated her mind as she continued to protect herself.

Brennan wiped the dirt from his face as he slowly stood up. His body ached like he had been run over by a truck; the woman could surely kick some serious ass. It had been a long time since he'd had a more than able opponent, and it made the fighter in him excited for a long, hard brawl. He made a mistake, though, when he blinked, and it was enough time for the woman in front of him to disappear, only to have her appear behind him in a blurry of movements. "Bryn was right. You're hot," she whispered against his ear. His eyes widened as he thought he recognized the voice, but the thought only registered briefly in his memory as a kick sent him crashing forward. He squeezed his eyes shut as he fell, face first, on the floor. He rolled flat on his back, but his red-headed enemy had her foot already secured firmly on his chest. She stepped harder, causing him to cough due to the pressure on his lungs. Her face, obscured before by the darkness of the alley, glared at him in all its beauty.

Her face stared down at him, and his breath caught. She had the same, fierce look on her eyes, the same sheer amount of strength, speed and power, the same technique and skills-

Before he could stop himself, he whispered, "Shalimar?"

She frowned for a moment before a sly smile appeared on her face. "What's wrong? Too weak? Too bad." She was about to swing her foot towards his head to deliver the final, fatal blow when she stopped suddenly, and then flipped forward to avoid Jesse's attack from behind.

"Brennan, you okay?" Jesse asked as he offered him a hand.

Brennan took his hand. "I'm fine," he said. He looked around for his opponent, but soon he realized that she was gone, along with her two other teammates. He turned towards his friend, his eyes wide with realization. "That was-"

Jesse just nodded. "I know. New enemy."

Emma joined them, her face dirty with soil marks all over. She furiously wiped at it with her sleeve. "I swear I'm going to kill her when we meet again!" she declared hotly. She looked at Jesse and Brennan. "Looks like they've got a new member. I've never seen the redhead before." She gave Brennan a curious stare. "What was she?"

"She's a feral." Jesse stated. "I saw her eyes flash gold."

"That wasn't just a feral," Brennan declared with a slow, sure breath. "That was Shalimar."