Hermione could not be happier than she was at this moment. She had exceptional grades in school, was Head Girl, had great friends by her side, and an even better boyfriend. She felt herself smile as she walked into the Great Hall where she spotted her boyfriend, Ron, sitting across from Harry and Ginny.

Hermione had been waiting patiently for the day when Ron would finally get the courage to ask her to be his girlfriend, and when he did, Hermione had been the happiest girl on the planet. She finally had the man she had fallen for since the day that she saw him. The funny thing was, nobody was surprised when Hermione announced the news that her and Ron were finally official. Ginny had muttered "About damn time" and Harry had slapped Ron on the back and congratulated him for finally asking her out after having a crush on her since first year.

She made her way over to the Gryffindor table, and took her usual spot, to the right of Ron, facing the rest of the house tables, and across from Harry and Ginny. Ron smiled at her when she sat down, and greeted her with a kiss on the lips.

"I don't know how you're friends with her.." Draco said disgustedly as Ron pulled away from Hermione, his face red.

"She's not too bad" Blaise said defending Hermione.

"She's an insufferable know it all, and a teacher's pet. Not to mention she's a Mudblood, and best friends with Potter and dating Weasel. Please explain to me how her friendship could even appeal to you, knowing who she is and who she associates with" Draco spat.

"Drake, you need to learn not to judge a book by its cover" Blaise said as he looked over at Hermione remembering how their friendship began.

Blaise was in the library looking for a book to finish his potions essay, when he heard arguing a couple aisles down from where he was currently bent over reading labels for the book he was looking for. He slowly edged closer to where the shouting was coming from, making sure not to be seen. He was a Slytherin after all, and didn't need to be caught eavesdropping.

When he rounded the corner he found who was responsible for the argument, it was Ron, who was currently shouting at Hermione.

"Honestly Hermione, I don't understand why you spend so much time studying and doing homework. You're already weeks ahead of the rest of the class! Would it hurt to spend a little bit more time with me?!"

"Ron, I've told you how important my grades are to me, and I need to be at the top of the class for the position that I am going to be applying for once we are finished school."

"I understand that Hermione, but you won't even do anything sexually with me and it's been 6 months! I thought I was the man of your dreams, and that you've wanted to be with me for a while? Well, you're not exactly proving that to me.." Ron said frustrated.

Hermione's face darkened. "Is that all you want from me is to get into my pants? Am I some sort of trophy that you believe is yours for the taking? Well guess what, I'm not."

"You're lucky you're with a guy like me Hermione. Most guys would have already left you because you won't do anything besides make out with them. Just remember how lucky you are that I'm still with you and haven't left you like most guys would have" Ron said angrily before turning around and marching out of the library.

Blaise watched Ron walk out, and then turned back to Hermione, who now had tears spilling down her cheeks. He was about to turn around and leave when he heard Hermione say "You can stop hiding now, he's gone."

Blaise froze. How long had she known he had been standing there?

"I know you're there, I heard you bump into the bookcase before settling in and eavesdropping on mine and Ron's conversation."

Blaise stepped out from behind the bookcase and said, "I apologize for eavesdropping"

Hermione looked up and shook her head laughing, tears still evident on her cheeks as she said "No you're not, you're a Slytherin. You guys are never sorry for what you do."

Blaise smirked and said "True."

"Well you can go and tell the whole school that Ron and I are fighting because I won't sleep with him. Bet that would get a real rise out of a lot of people. The pure innocent Mudblood Granger won't even sleep with her boyfriend of 6 months" Hermione said using her fingers to quote what he said.

"I'm not the type to spread gossip Granger. I merely listen to it. Besides, I don't agree with what Weasley was saying. There is nothing wrong with you wanting to wait to sleep with someone, and any decent guy who respected you and truly cared about you would understand that and wouldn't try to pressure you into doing things that you aren't comfortable or ready to do" Blaise stated.

Hermione looked up at Blaise shocked.

"I know my reputation amongst you Gryffindor precedes me, and it doesn't help that I'm best friends with Draco, but just remember not to judge a book by its cover" Blaise said as he started to walk away from Hermione, who's mouth was hanging open.

Hermione composed herself quickly and stood up. "Zabini, wait!"

Blaise stopped walking and turned around and looked back at Hermione "Yes Granger?"

"Thank you" Hermione said giving him a genuine smile.

After that, Hermione and Blaise had become civil with one another, and would send each other secret smiles in greeting when nobody was looking. It then turned to them meeting up in the library after dinner for a few hours a week, where they would sit down and discuss things about their lives. They would also do their homework together, sitting in a secluded spot in the library where no one would find them. Blaise now considered Hermione as one of his best friends, and she had told him she considered him as one too.

Draco had picked up on Blaise's disappearances, and ended up following him one night to see what he was up to. Draco had suspicions that he was going to meet up with a girl, but he had never imagined who he would find waiting for Blaise. At first, he had thought that Blaise was going to make fun of her for sitting in the library alone after dinner, and was shocked when he saw them greet one another with huge smiles on their faces. He was even more repulsed when Blaise sat down across from her and had greeted her using her first name, and she did the same.

Draco had left the library immediately after that, and had made his way back to his dormitory where he waited for Blaise to return.

As soon as Blaise entered the dormitories he shared with Draco, he could tell something was wrong.

"What's up mate?" Blaise asked as he looked at the irritation and anger written all over his best friends face.

"Why don't you tell me?" Draco snapped.

"What's got your knickers in a twist?" Blaise asked as he sat down across from Draco.

"Where have you been going every week for hours at a time?" Draco asked looking directly at Blaise.

"Been hanging out with a friend" Blaise stated simply.

"And that friend just happens to be Mudblood Granger? What the hell Blaise! What has gotten into you? Have you gone absolutely mental?! What would any of the other Slytherins say if they had seen the two of you sitting together in the library looking all chummy" Draco said angrily, his fists clenched.

"I would tell them that it is none of their concern with who I choose to be friends with. And why were you spying on me?" Blaise asked calmly.

"I was trying to figure out what the hell you were up to and why you were being so damn secretive that you couldn't even tell me, your best mate where the hell you were going. Now I see why" Draco stated, still pissed off at his friend.

"Why would I tell you? So you could try and convince me that I'm being an idiot and that I'm ruining my life by associating with a 'Mudblood' and then you could have told me about how I was disgracing the name of all Slytherins? No thanks. I am more than capable of making my own decisions, and choosing who I want to be friends with. And yes, that means Hermione" Blaise stated.

"Well that's because you are!" Draco hissed, his eyes narrowing.

"Honestly Draco, you need to grow up. If you continue to be as hateful and resentful as you are, you're going to end up having no one by your side. You should learn to give people a chance, you'll find that not everyone is as bad as you thought them to be" Blaise said as he stood up, and left Draco staring after him dumbfounded.

"Yeah, whatever" Draco said waving Blaise and the conversation off.

"You know, you and Hermione are actually a lot alike. And if you weren't sworn enemies, I could see you guys being great friends, or even potentially in a relationship together" Blaise stated.

Draco spit out the pumpkin juice that he had just taken a sip of and turned and looked at Blaise.

"Do not ever compare me to Mudblood Granger again. Got it?" Draco hissed, his face dark.

"Whatever mate, I'm just stating the truth" Blaise said shrugging his shoulders at his friend.

Draco turned his attention away from Blaise then looked over at the Gryffindor table. He stared at Hermione intently, wondering what the hell made Blaise think they would be good friends, or could even be in a …. Hell, he couldn't even think the word.

Draco could admit that the girl had brains, hell anyone who knew her could. She was the smartest witch ever to attend Hogwarts, much to Draco's annoyance. He was the only one who was even capable of keeping up with her intelligence, and sometimes she out shinned him. She had a wild temper, which Draco had experienced many times, as he was the one who would usually bring it out of her, much to his amusement. He had a temper that matched hers, if not greater. That was really the only similarities he could think of. She didn't play Quidditch, and if Draco thought about it, he couldn't even remember a time where he had seen her on a broom. She was a Mudblood, he was a Pureblood. He considered himself to be a pretty attractive man, and was pretty confident in his good looks, whereas she was meh. He never really looked at her enough to even remember if she was pretty or not, and her face was usually contorted with anger whenever she looked at him anyways. She was Gryffindor, and the best friends of two people he hated more than her, and he was Slytherin. There was no way that the two of them could be friends, or anything else for that matter.


Breakfast was cleared from the tables, meaning that is was time for all of the students to head to class. Hermione of course, flanked with Harry and Ron, had left the Great Hall before breakfast finished in order to get to class early enough to get a good seat. It was the beginning of the school year, and one wanted to get to class and claim the seat that they wanted for the remainder of the school year.

As they rounded the corner, Hermione slammed into what felt like a brick wall.

Her bag went flying, spraying her belongings across the corridor floor. She landed flat on her back with a loud thump.

"Out of my way Mudblood" a male voice drawled lazily.

Hermione's eyes snapped up to who she had run into, and it was none other than Draco Malfoy. She noticed that Blaise was standing beside him, shaking his head at his friend's behaviour.

"Maybe you should watch where you're going Malfoy" Hermione spat as she stood up and brushed herself off.

"Funny, considering you're the one who ran into me. Maybe if you weren't so busy staring at that pathetic excuse you call a boyfriend, you would pay attention to your surroundings and not walk into innocent bystanders who were trying to make their way to class like myself" Draco replied, already bored with the conversation.

"Oi! Don't you talk to Hermione that way you prat!" Ron snapped angrily, his face betraying his hatred.

"How cute, Weasel sticking up for his girlfriend" Draco snarled.

"Shut up Malfoy before I hex you" Ron hissed angrily.

"In what world would you be able to hex me? I'd have you laying on the floor immobilized begging for your life to be spared before a spell even passed through that pathetic mouth of yours" Draco hissed menacingly, his eyes glinting dangerously.

"Honestly Malfoy, get over yourself" Hermione stated as she interfered between the two boys who were staring at each other in pure hatred.

"Pretty pathetic how you can't even fight your own battles Weasley. I remember when I had to get my girlfriend to defend my honour because I was a shitty wizard.. Oh wait.. That's never happened to me" Draco said smirking.

Ron pulled his wand out of his robe pocket and pointed it at Draco.

Draco raised his eyebrows in amusement.

"Ron, don't. He's not worth it" Hermione said pushing his arm down to his side.

Ron let out a frustrated sigh.

"Look at you, trained like a dog" Draco smirked, amusement in his voice.

Ron raised his wand and yelled "Stupefy!"

Before the spell could hit its target, Draco raised his hand out in front of him palm forward, stopping the spell completely. He then clenched his hand into a fist, and raised it up slowly.

"Oi what the hell!" Ron exclaimed as his body started rising, his feet now dangling above the floor.

Draco slowly raised his fist a bit more so that Ron was now a few feet above the ground.

"Put him down Malfoy" Harry hissed.

Draco snapped his eyes in Harry's direction, narrowing his eyes.

Harry stopped talking and remained silent upon seeing the look in Draco's eyes.

When Draco was satisfied that Harry was not going to say a word, he turned his attention back to Ron. "What did I tell you" Draco hissed darkly. "Try something like that again and next time I won't be so nice. Let this be your warning."

Draco opened his fist, and Ron tumbled to the floor, very ungracefully.

Harry leaned down and offered Ron a hand, pulling him up from the floor.

"Hermione do something!" Ron whined.

Hermione was still staring at Draco, shock and confusion written all over her face. She couldn't believe what she had just seen.

"Hermione!" Ron exclaimed.

Hermione shook her head and looked at Ron. "What do you want me to do Ron?" she asked impatiently.

"Deduct house points, put him in detention, I don't know! Just do something! You can't let him get away with this!" Ron stated angrily.

"Get away with what exactly Weasley? As I recall I didn't once raise my wand. Actually, if I recall the situation correctly, you were the one who drew your wand at me, and fired a spell at me if I'm not mistaken" Draco stated.

Ron looked over at Hermione waiting for her response.

"He's right Ron.." Hermione said slowly.

"WHAT!" Ron exclaimed. "But Hermione you were here for the entire thing! He provoked me! The entire situation was his fault!"

"God Weasley, stop your damn whining it's annoying" Draco said rubbing his temples.

"Shut your ferret face!" Ron snapped angrily.

"That'll be 20 points from Gryffindor" Draco said coolly.

"WHAT!?" Ron yelled exploding.

"And actually, now that I think about it, that will be another 20 points from Gryffindor for you trying to attack and seriously injure the Head Boy" Draco said smirking, pulling aside his robe and revealing the gold Head Boy badge.

Ron's jaw dropped.

"You're Head Boy?" Hermione asked shocked.

"Of course I am Granger" Draco replied cockily. "I am second to you in grades after all."

"I told you guys Dumbledore is off of his rocker, and this further proves it" Ron stated angrily. "Choosing this ferret to be Head Boy. Like the git needs a free pass to torture people and get away with it."

"Ron, Dumbledore probably had a reason for choosing him to be Head Boy, even if it doesn't seem to make sense at the moment" Harry said defending his idol.

"I don't know how you can defend him especially over something like this" Ron said shaking his head.

"Well, this has been a nice.. chat. But frankly, I'm bored of listening to Potter defending the old bat, and Weasley, I really just can't stand looking at your face any longer. So, if you will excuse me" Draco said turning around and taking off towards class.

"I REALLY hate that slimy git" Ron stated as he watched Draco's retreating figure walking away.

"You and me both mate" Harry said.

"Here" Blaise said holding up Hermione's bag, which had all of her supplies put back inside neatly.

Hermione smiled warmly at him and said "Thanks Blaise."

Harry and Ron looked at Hermione, their mouths hanging open.

"No problem Hermione. I'm sorry about Malfoy, I don't know what's gotten into him lately. Are you okay?" Blaise asked in his deep voice that Hermione was so accustomed to hearing.

"You don't need to apologize on his behalf. Don't worry about it, I'm used to putting up with Malfoy and his foul moods, as I usually am on the receiving end of it. And yes, I'm okay thank you." Hermione said grabbing her bag from his arms. "What I don't understand is how you put up with him."

"Honestly, he's not usually that bad. Plus, he's my best friend. We tend to stick by our best friends sides even if they are being an idiot. Although, I don't necessarily always agree with the things he says and does, when it comes down to it, I would have his back and I know he would have mine," Blaise stated.

"I'll take your word for it," Hermione said not believing that Draco could be any nicer, or that there was a better side to him.

"No you won't, because you don't believe me," Blaise said with a smirk. "Not that I blame you, Drake can be an ass. Anyways, I'm going to head to class, I'll see you there," Blaise said as he made his exit.

"See you!" Hermione said smiling and waving.

She turned back to Harry and Ron who were looking at her with dumbfounded expressions.

"What?" Hermione asked innocently.

"What the hell was that about?" Harry asked.

"What was what about?" Hermione asked.

"Since when do you and Zabini talk, and get along?" Ron asked, jealously leaking into his voice.

"We have for a while," Hermione stated.

"Well isn't that something you felt you should have shared with us? With me more specifically?" Ron asked, his temper flaring.

"Oh honestly, I knew you wouldn't take it well, which is why I avoided telling you," Hermione snapped.

"Do you like him?" Ron asked jealously.

"What? No!" Hermione said laughing. "I consider Blaise one of my best friends, nothing more."

"A best friend?" Ron questioned.

"Yes, a best friend" Hermione stated confidently.

"When did you guys start talking?" Harry asked.

"About a year ago."

"You've been talking to him for a YEAR? And you never felt the need to once mention this to me?" Ron asked angrily.

"I'm a grown woman Ronald, and I am able to talk to whoever I please. You don't see me saying anything about you talking to Lavender, who you have dated before. Blaise and I are strictly friends. And I am not going to have you telling me who I can and can't be friends with," Hermione snapped.

Harry interjected before Ron could say something back that he would regret. "Ron, Hermione's right. She' allowed to be friends with who she wants. And you do talk to Lavender…"

Ron narrowed his eyes at Harry and was about to make a comment but Harry held up his hand cutting Ron off, "I'm not picking sides or anything because you are both my friends, but I don't see the harm in Hermione talking to Zabini. He seems to be nice enough for a Slytherin, and he stayed behind when Malfoy left to make sure that Hermione was okay and he even gathered up her belongings for her. If anything, he just gained respect in my books for doing that. And Hermione is a good judge of character, we should both trust her. If she feels that Zabini is worth having a friendship with, then we should respect that and support her decision."

"Thanks Harry" Hermione said smiling as she engulfed him in a hug.

"Yeah, you're right" Ron said calm again after hearing what Harry had to say.

"Now, let's head to class and see what kinds of seats are left shall we? I don't want to be stuck sitting at the front of the class in Snape's potion lessons.." Harry said shuddering at the thought.

Ron went green thinking about having Snape watching over his work so closely.

Hermione linked her arms through theirs and said "Well then let's get a move on!"

When they finally made it to the classroom, they found that the majority of the class was already there, but to their luck, there was a free table second row from the back, which they quickly walked to and claimed as their own.

Harry let out a sigh of relief at not being stuck at the front of the classroom. He then turned to Hermione.

"Am I the only one who realized that Malfoy didn't even use his wand to stop Ron's spell?" Harry asked as he cast a quick glance over at Draco, who was leaning casually back in his chair.

"You're not the only one" Hermione stated slowly.

"How is that even possible? I've never heard about anything like that before, have you?" Harry asked curiously.

"No I haven't. I haven't even read anything about it in books"

Hermione said as her eyebrows burrowed together in thought.

"Well be careful Hermione. With him being Head Boy, you're going to be forced to spend a lot more time with him then usual. And from the looks of things, he's a lot more skilled in dark magic and more powerful in it than any of us anticipated" Harry said worrying about his best friends well being.

Hermione chewed on her bottom lip nervously.

"If that git tries anything to hurt you I'll kill him" Ron hissed quietly.

Hermione smiled weakly at Ron in response. She knew that Ron was just trying to 'defend her honour' and all, but she seriously doubted that Ron would even be able to touch a hair on Draco's head. Draco had made what he had done in the corridor look effortless, which made Hermione wonder just how powerful he actually was. The thought was both intriguing and scary at the same time.

One thing Hermione knew for sure was that she had to try and make sure to keep Ron as far away from Draco as possible, otherwise she might not have a boyfriend much longer.

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