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Chapter 1

Fiore, Magnolia – National Stadium

There was a beauty pageant being held at the National Stadium, currently located in Magnolia. People in the stadium began to clap and cheer for the participants. Some of the girls included were Lucy Heartfilia, Mirajane Strauss and Erza Scarlet.

"Good luck, Lucy-chan." Mirajane smiled at the latter. She gave her a grin in return.

"Thank you, Mira. You too~!" Lucy sang.

"Mira, Lucy, does this dress make me look cool?" Erza said as she posed in front of the two with a red sunflower dress on.

"It makes you look cute, Erza." Lucy giggled.

Erza grimaced at the dress. "Too bad… I was aiming for cool. It was such a pretty dress too." She let out a sigh of disappointment.

"This would look good if Mira wore it for the Floral Round." The redhead nodded in approval. She pictured Mirajane in the dress, smiling. "Red looks very good on Mira. Lucy, you look good in yellow and blue." Erza claimed with a smile.

"Aw… Only good, Erza?" Lucy faked a pout.

Erza and Mirajane giggled, "You look gorgeous in yellow and blue."

The stage producer walked in their room, "85 minutes till the beauty pageant, girls. Get your hair and make-up done. Especially you, Ms. Heartfilia. I want you to win!" she squealed.

"Okay. Thank you for your support!" Lucy waved at the stage producer before the girl disappeared.

"Mira, can you do my hair?" The blonde asked. Mirajane nodded and turned to her redheaded friend.

"Erza, can you do my hair?" Erza nodded and turned to Lucy, "Can you do my hair?"

"Sure, Erza! I would love to!" Lucy grinned. The girls formed a circle and started doing each other's hair while chatting.

"Do you still remember Levy?" Mirajane asked her two friends as she started brushing the blonde's hair.

"Of course we do," Erza answered.

"She stopped being a model to continue her studies." Mirajane sighed.

"Yeah, I heard she was in Fairy Tail Academy," Lucy chimed in.

"I'm so jealous of her! I mean, look at us, we wanted to get out of the limelight but our contracts haven't been terminated." Mirajane let out a sigh in frustration.

"Well, honestly, I don't want to quit. I love being able to join pageants with you girls," Erza smiled. Lucy and Mirajane nodded before screaming.

"HEY! DON'T MOVE!" The girls screamed. They stopped chatting and got back to work.

"I hope Levy's safe; I don't want her to get involved with animals." The blonde said in a disgusted tone.

"I'm sure she has good classmates. She's probably in Class A. I hope she sees Elfman in Class E." Mirajane giggled.

"Hey, have any of you seen Gajeel since the freak day?" Lucy asked.

"Ah, the day he ate metal," Erza recalled, "I still remember the look on everyone's face." The redhead shook her head in disbelief.

"I think he's studying in Phantom Lord." Mirajane answered. Lucy started wondering where their other friends were. They had come to the pageant to support them.

"Where are Natsu and Gray?" The blonde asked.

"Probably fighting by the food stands." Erza felt her head ache as she imagined the boys making a scene in front of thousands of people.

"Done," Lucy said as she gave Erza a mirror, barely making it.

Erza had her hair in a bun with two strands in front. Erza thanked Lucy and she waited for her best friends to finish doing their hair.

Erza was done with Mirajane's hair. Her hair was curled at the tips and she had half bangs. [A/N: Tenrou Island hairstyle.]

"Erza, my hair looks fabulous, thank you!" the white-haired girl grinned and her friend smiled in return. The redhead stood up and went to the dressing room.

Mirajane had also finished doing Lucy's hair. Her hair was curled at the back with two hair strands dyed blue in front.

"Cute!" Lucy squealed and thanked Mirajane for doing her hair. She ran into a dressing room and Mirajane walked into another dressing room.

Erza exited her dressing room with a ballroom dress on. It was red and had sparkles on it. Her shoes, even though they couldn't be seen, were red heels.

Lucy exited her dressing room with a ballroom dress on as well. It was blue with tiny little glitters on it. Her shoes were blue doll shoes.

Mira exited her dressing room with a ballroom dress on also. It was pink with black outlines. When she would move, the dress would shine like a star. Her shoes were pink doll shoes.

"Do even need make-up?" Mirajane giggled.

"I'll just apply a bit of mascara." Erza said and picked up a mascara bottle and applied it on her eyelashes.

"I'll apply eye shadow." Mirajane grinned and got to work.

"You can't go wrong with blush," Lucy said as she took the blush-on.

The girls were already halfway done with their pageant. Even though the beauty pageant was small, many participated but it was down to Mirajane Strauss, Erza Scarlet, Lucy Heartfilia, Juvia Lockser and Yukino Agria.

"We now have our winners!" The judges announced through their loud microphone.

"Third runner up goes to Juvia Lockser!"

"Second runner up goes to Mirajane Strauss!"

"First runner up goes to Erza Scarlet!"

"First place goes to Lucy Heartfilia!"

Cheers erupted from the people watching.

Lucy frowned while Erza and Mirajane hugged her. "What's wrong, babe?"

The pageant queen shook her head, "I don't feel like I deserve this. You both looked so gorgeous tonight."

"What are you talking about? You looked stunning, too!" Mirajane giggled.

Erza nodded, "We are proud of you."

"Juvia wants to congratulate Lucy-san," Juvia said as she hugged her.

"Thank you, Juvia-san. Please call me Lucy," the blonde smiled as she returned the hug.

"Please call Juvia by her first name," the blue-haired girl responded.

"Lucy, we have to go get Natsu and Gray now." Erza said. The latter nodded and waved to Juvia.

"See you next time, Juvia!" She shouted and ran back stage to her and her best friends' room.

"Lucy-chan, get changed!" Mirajane shouted from her dressing room.

"Okay!" Lucy ran into her own dressing room and saw her jeans and blouse with a blue shoulder bag.

Lucy ran out of the dressing room wearing her casual clothes and black sneakers. She thought about what she and her friends would be doing after dressing. "We have to get Natsu and Gray and eat out."

Erza busted out of her dressing room with a blue skirt, a white blouse and black boots. "I just hope those two idiots haven't destroyed the stadium."

Mirajane ran out of her dressing room with a pink dress that reached her knees and flat shoes. "Jeez, I almost forgot about that! Good thing you reminded me," she let out a sigh of relief.

"Alright. Let's go get Natsu and Gray!" Erza cheered and they walked out of the room after stuffing all of their equipment into large bags they would have the boys carry.

End of Chapter

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