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Summary: It's been 5 years since Edward left Bella. Now Bella is a top notch attorney for humans and vampires alike. She is a mom and is pregnant again when the entire Cullen clan comes into her office for some business. What will they think of Bella now? Will the still single Edward try to get her back? What will her new mate and family say about that?

New Moon AU; pairing Bella/ Garrett Rated M

Warnings: violence, lemons, language, non-sexual spankings (Some very violent). VERY dominant and possessive Garrett

A/N: Happy Mother's Day! Set in 2010.

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The Family Ties

Chapter 1 Bella POV

It has been a little over five years since Edward and the rest of the Cullen's left me.

It all started with that birthday party from hell that Alice forced me to have. I never did like being the center of attention and the pixie knew that. I am still not sure how she didn't see the paper cut that started that disaster, especially while she was wrapping those gifts. Gifts, which I ultimately never got to use, except the stereo, since he took them all and all the pictures of us as a family, with him.

Three days after my birthday, Edward was waiting for me on the porch of my house when I got home from school. I was nervous because I haven't seen him or any of the Cullen's since the party, so I didn't know what was going on. He asked me to take a walk with him and not thinking anything bad, I quickly agreed. We walked a little ways on the path and then he proceeded to tell me that the family was leaving, that I was not good enough for him and that he was tired of playing human and that I would forget about him.

Well he was almost right about that. I did get over HIM about a week later as far as any romantic feelings towards him. That was when I realized that we could not be mates like they said.

It was from the help of a cryptic text message that helped me see this truth.

*Little Bit, Pussyward is Not your mate. He would not have been able to leave you if he were. Don't worry, you will meet your REAL mate soon. PW*

After that, I was still missing the other family members, but I didn't break down like I thought I would. I put all my energy in my schooling. I wanted to graduate and go to Law school.

During this time, I forgot about my mystery texter and what he said about me meeting my real mate soon. I was curious at first, but I decided to just go on about my business and let things happen naturally.

I met Garrett three weeks later in Port Angeles. He saved me from a would be mugger/rapist that had me cornered. He took care of the man and turned around and looked me in the eye. There was an instant connection there. I knew then that I had found my mate.

I told him my name and that I knew what he was and that I knew we were mates. He was shocked of course. He then introduced himself and then explained to me that he had to take me somewhere and make sure I was alright and then claim me.

To say I was excited and nervous was an understatement.


He took me to his truck, a grey F150 with dark tinted windows and cream interior, and we proceeded to drive to a secluded campground with cabins for rent outside the Olympic National Park.

The whole way there we talked and I told him about my past with the Cullen's and how I knew about vamps and that he was my mate. I showed him the text and he knew who "PW" was and told me about his past, both human and vampire. He told me about being friends with Carlisle and the Major. Also with the Captain and Lieutenant, who I found out, were Jasper and his brother and his mate, Peter and Charlotte Whitlock.

He then explained to me what being a mate, or more specifically, being HIS mate would entail. He also warned me that I will be spanked for putting my life in danger by walking these streets alone at night.

I was starting to get scared. I didn't want a spanking, but I knew that I deserved one.

When we got to the cabins, he told me to wait there while he went and got the keys. He came back after a few minutes and then drove a couple of miles to the cabin in the back with nothing but forest surrounding it. We got out and went inside.

Upon entering the cabin, I noticed it was really nice as far as cabins-in-the-woods go. The interior walls and ceiling were painted a forest green color, with brown accent walls and trimmings. The floor was hardwood throughout. The furniture was a dark cream color; the kitchen was granite with older white appliances. There was a brick fireplace with a flat screen TV over the mantle. The bathroom was all white with a stand-alone shower and a garden tub. The bedroom had the same colors from the living room and had a king size four poster bed with brown and green bedding.

"Isabella, I need for you to take a shower and then come back out here to me."


I walked into the bathroom and proceeded to wash thoroughly with the supplies that were in the shower stall. I got out and dried off and wrapped the towel around me. I then walked out into the bedroom to find Garrett in nothing but his jeans. He had taken his white button down shirt off and his socks and tennis shoes. I took this time to really look at him. He stood around 6'3", with dark brown hair to his shoulders that was tied back by a tie; he had a goatee, which was strange as I have never seen a vampire with facial hair before. He has the ruby red eyes that signify that he is indeed a human drinker. I find that fact erotic for some reason. I can also see that he has a multitude of scars from what I would assume many previous battles, across his neck, chest and arms.

He walked towards me and I couldn't stop my reaction. My breath hitched and my heart stuttered in my chest and picked up double time. He stopped in front of me and ran his eyes and hands from the top of my head, all the way down to the towel. He unwrapped it and let it fall. Once again my body reacted. My nipples pebbled from the sudden cool air and my tell-tale blush spread from my cheeks down to my sternum.

He continued his perusal of my body with his eyes and hands making sure I didn't have any injuries. Once he found none, he led me to a chair in the corner and sat down with me naked in front of him.

I was trembling from the nerves of knowing what was about to happen and what will happen afterwards as well.

"Isabella," he said in a stern voice that had me even more scared, "tell me why you were walking around at night, by yourself."

"It's Friday night and I was bored at home. Charlie is in Seattle working on a case there."

"You were bored. I almost lost you before I found you, and you tell me "you were bored."

He says this almost to himself, like he couldn't believe it, so he had to say it several times out loud.

I was silently crying at this point, 'cause I knew my answer made him even more mad than he already was.

"Since this is your first punishment, I will go easy on you. This will be your warning spanking. You, knowingly putting your life in danger, will get you 100 swats. That will consist of 50 swats with my hand and 50 with an object of my choice. Today, however, will wield you 50 total, 25 by my hand and 25 with the object. This will teach you not to do this again. Come here."

I walked over to him and he laid me over his jean clad legs with my naked ass in the air. I got scared and started squirming trying to get away.

Big Mistake!


"Do not try to get away from me. Those were for that. Now, since there is a low number, I want you to count. If you stop, I will start over, understand?"

"Yes Sir"





This went on for 23 more times and the whole time, I was a sobbing, apologizing mess.

He sat me upright and said,

"Now go stand in that corner until I tell you to come out and no rubbing."

I did what I was told and I stood there trying to calm my sobs and crying and trying to calm my breathing and heart rate before I passed out. I heard him moving and get something out of what sounded like a bag. I didn't even notice he had one with him.

Ten minutes later, he told me to come back to him and stand in front of him. It was then that I saw the yard stick resting on the arm of the chair.

I started panicking and telling him "no" and backing up from him.

Again, BAD idea!

"Every step you take is adding 5 more licks to your punishment, as well as, every time you say "no" to me. You have already been warned about that. So now instead of your final 25 licks, you will be getting that, plus 15 more. Now, come here and bend over the seat of this chair. Hold on to the bottom of the back of the chair like this."

He then got up and showed me how to stand.

"If you move away from me, I will hit harder. Understand?"

"Yes sir" I sobbed out.

I got into position and as soon as I was in there, I heard a whooshing sound and a louder smack as the ruler hit my bare backside.


I screamed and fell on my bottom to get him to stop.

It seems as if my brain is the only thing that stopped, because in the minute, I totally forgot that he said 'if I moved that he was gonna hit harder'. I was afraid to look at him and I was sobbing so hard I thought I was going to pass out.

I just kept repeating how sorry I was to him, hoping for some sympathy.

No such luck.

He just went to his bag and brought out some rope and I really started panicking then. He came and picked me up and repositioned me the same way again. He then tied my hands and arms to the back of the chair and my ankles to the legs of the chair. This left me with nowhere to go and my bare ass up in the air.

"Don't worry about counting this time" I heard him say.

Before I could respond, the whooshing sound started and I couldn't think straight anymore. The pain was intense and he kept his promise of harder hits. I couldn't stop the screams and pleas for him to stop and have mercy.

Then all of a sudden, they stopped and I sagged on the chair in relief, a hiccupping and sobbing mess with tears and snot all over my face, my hair sticking to my face from the sweat and tears.

He came over and untied me and pulled me on his lap. I couldn't stop the wince when my sore bottom hit his jean clad legs. He held me close while I calmed down. When I was able to calm down a little, I noticed a soft humming sound coming from him. It sounded like a cat purring and it helped calm me down enough so that he could talk to me.

"I hope you understand why I was so hard on you Isabella. I just found you and I could have lost you. I am a very dominant male and vampire and I will not tolerate you putting your life in danger. You are forgiven, Isabella. You served your punishment and we will move on from here and not dwell on it. Now go clean up and I will fix you something to eat and when you come out, I will apply the after care while you eat. Then I want you to take a nap" he said while steading me on my feet and pushing me towards the bathroom.

Once in there, I took care of my human needs and decided to take another shower. Fifteen minutes later and wrapped in another towel, I exited the bathroom to see the bed turned down and a plate of meat and cheese was on the side table along with a bottle of water.

Garrett motioned me to lie down on the bed and told me to eat and drink while he took care of my sore bottom. I was thankful and told him that much.

I lay on my stomach and proceeded to eat the food and drink the water while he rubbed the cream on my very sore bottom. The combination of his cool hands and the effects of the cream had me feeling a whole lot better.

Before he finished soothing me, I was finished eating and fell asleep to his gentle purring.

I woke up several hours later alone in the bed and in serious need for a human moment. I carefully got out of the bed and went to the bathroom. Once finished, I looked in the mirror at my bottom to see the damage under the towel. It wasn't as bad as I thought it was. He didn't break the skin; it was just red and slightly bruised.

I took a deep breath and left to go back to the bedroom. I almost jumped out of my skin when I saw him there sitting on the bed in nothing but his boxers. My blush, I'm sure, went from the top of my head down to my toes. I then remembered that he needed to claim me and I couldn't stop the low moan that came out at the thought.

I looked up under my lashes to see if he heard and from the sexy smirk he was sportin', I could guess that he did.

He gestured for me to come to him and when I did, he pulled me to him by my hips and began to rub them through the towel.

"I need to claim you"

With that he crashed his lips to mine.