Many thanks to all the fantastic translators for translating Oregairu in its entirety.

During the events of Volume 7 Chapter 9: His and her confession won't reach anyone

The night was cool. Upon exhalation, white clouds would puff out of my mouth. The wind blew silently, ruffling my long black hair, throwing them in disarray. I and Yuigahama stood far back in the cover of the trees. Hikigaya left the cover and quietly walked toward the two who would meet.

"Hey, Yukinon, it will work out, right?" quivered Yuigahama.

"Don't be ridiculous. Of course it won't work out." I said while shrugging.


Ebina showed no interest in Tobe beyond the level of friends during the entire field trip, despite our best efforts, and neither did Ebina ever treat him that way in the past. Therefore, Tobe's confession would definitely fail to produce any good fruits. It was up to Hikigaya to make this work. Honestly, though, I doubt Hikigaya's actions would do anything but provide damage control.

Finally, Tobe and Ebina stood face-to-face.

Tobe began studdering, "U-um, you see, I..."

Ebina had an extremely cold expression and Tobe's shoulders were shaking violently. Anyone could see the logical outcome. What was to come next should have been as I had predicted.

"I've liked you since a long time ago. Please go out with me."

But Tobe kept his lips closed as those words were said. No, Tobe definitely did not say those words.

It was Hikigaya.

"I'm sorry. I don't really want to date anyone right now. No matter who confesses to me, I definitely won't go out with any of them. If that's all, I'll be going back now," stated Ebina with a stony expression.

After she said that, Ebina turned around and quietly retreated, leaving Hikigaya and Tobe behind. I see. It was going to be a failed confession anyway. Therefore, Hikigaya confessed to Ebina before Tobe could. The result was the same. However, this meant Tobe would not have to suffer through a failed confession. Hikigaya bared the full brunt of the embarrassment, dissatisfaction, and sadness for Tobe. So, this was Hikigaya's plan, the result of his resolution. A logical conclusion.


"Why?" I muttered under my breath.

Why were my own shoulders shaking? Why was I so angry?

Tobe looked as if he were about to cry and walked in the opposite direction of Ebina. Hikigaya sauntered back to us with his hands in his pockets. His eyes were pointed toward the ground. Both the hair and the darkness of the forest hid his expression. I glared at him.

"…I hate how you do things," I said, lashing out at him before I could take back my words.

My heart smoldered, yet the source of the fire was unclear. I was on the verge of tears, but the reason for it was not known to me.

"I can't explain it very well and it's really irritating but… I really hate how you do things," I spat.

"Yukinon..." said Yuigahama as she attempted to reach her hand out to me, but dropped it.

Hikigaya took on the blame, just like during the festival. To him, it did not matter how he carried out as long as it provided a satisfying result. He had a complete disregard for morals, kindness or respect. Whatever happened to the people in question, to related people, or even to himself, was not considered. Hikigaya's plans never compromised. They were the absolute worst.

"…I'll be going back first," I said in a low voice.

I turned around and headed away from Hikigaya. My feet carried me quickly, as far away as possible. I kept moving away without a destination, for I didn't want to be there at all.

I always thought that I was a cold, logical machine - a logical monster. I thought that it wasn't possible for me to get worked up like this. I thought I could use something up and throw it away without any attachment. I always thought that Hikigaya desired something precious and unbreakable more than anything, more than anyone else. I always thought that Hikigaya had a line that he could not cross, for he held onto that desire for that precious thing.

I was wrong. Hikigaya's true nature was nothing like what I thought it was. It was him that was the logical monster. He would willingly embrace all that was false, all that was vicious, if it was for the sake of his plans.

To be faced with the incarnation of what you thought you were rattled you to the very bones. But what was even worse was having the image of the person who you thought you knew being forcibly shattered, revealing that they were that incarnation all along.

I bit my lip and began sprinting far far away from it all, and from Hikigaya Hachiman.