Note: This challenge is from DZ2.

Howling Thunder Challenge

Plot: At a young age, Harry is either turned into or discovers he is a werewolf!


If Harry discovers he is a wolf, it MUST be either before he meets Remus or AFTER when he sees the change;

If Harry is turned, it is NOT by Remus or Fenrir Greyback, but either can be involved in his life following it

Grey or Dark Harry

Harry's friends MUST be Ministry-biased when they learn he's a wolf, but they can change their minds later

Harry must either become part of a pack or build his own with him as the Alpha


Fenrir or Remus is Harry's biological Father - if he finds out he is one-in the story

Good Fenrir-in the story

Remus embraces the change-in the story

Other Were-creatures are discovered-in the story

Alpha Harry-in the story

Harry able to control the change-in the story

Harry discovers a power over canine/predatory creatures through his wolf-in the story

Alpha/Omega relationships



Harry leaves Hogwarts for sanctuary or to learn more about his inner beast


Harry and Tom as allies

Harry and Dumbledore as allies

Horcrux Harry - the turning or his legacy destroyed it before it could be sealed inside him

Other than that, do whatever you want with it

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter.

Added Information:

Harry has a twin brother who IS the Boy who Lived

Good Dursleys

James and Lily ARE alive

Sirius is NOT in Azkaban

Remus joins Fenrir's pack as his Beta

Please note I am taking liberties with the prophecy here, interpreting it my way as you'll see in this chapter.

Harry does NOT go to Hogwarts


"word"=Normal Speech


'word'=Wolf Speech

Pairings to be decided


July was coming to a close and Lily Potter was in labor at St. Mungo's, the only wizarding hospital in the United Kingdom. Her husband, James Potter, was standing beside her and holding her hand as Lily lay panting on the bed. Lily had been in labor for eight hours already. "You're doing great Lily Flower," James said as he squeezed her hand in a comforting gesture.

"Damn you James Potter! If you ever do this to me again I will hex your balls off!" Lily shouted at her husband who quailed under her dark gaze.

At 11:45 PM the first of the twins was born. The baby had raven black hair and grayish blue eyes. "What will you call him?" A nurse asked handing the baby to James after it was cleaned up.

"Harry Remus," James said smiling.

The nurse recorded it on the birth certificate. At 11:58 PM the second twin was born. This was also a boy. He was a bit smaller than Harry and he had his mother's red hair and his father's hazel eyes. The second twin was cleaned up and handed to Lily. "He has your hair Lily," James said.

"Daniel James," Lily said smiling at her second son.

"I bet they'll both be great Quidditch players and pranksters," James said. There was a knock on the door and two men came into the room. One had dark brown hair that had a few gray strands in it. He looked worn down and wore shabby robes. His companion had long black hair and black eyes that had a mischievous gleam to them and was the second in command of the little group known as the Marauders.

"Hi James! Lily!" Sirius said bounding into the room. Remus rolled his eyes at his friend's antics and closed the door behind them. "The kiddies finally here?"

"Are you blind Padfoot? They're right in front of you and they're adorable by the way," Remus said.

"Thanks Moony," James said. "Where's Wormtail?"

"Said he had to stay late at work and was unable to make it," Sirius said. "But we can tell him later about the kids. What are their names?"

"The one with black hair is Harry Remus Potter and the one with red hair is Daniel James Potter," James said.

"You gave your first born son my name as his middle name?" Remus asked in shock.

"Of course Moony. You're one of my good friends. Lily and I talked it over and we'd like you to be Harry's godfather. Sirius you would be Daniel's godfather."

"Are you sure?" Remus asked uncertainly. "You know how the Ministry feels about people with my condition."

"We don't care and you shouldn't either Remus," Lily said as she took Harry from James and held her sons in her arms. "You're a good friend to us like James said and we don't care about your furry problem."

"Besides Remus you need to keep an eye on Padfoot in case anything happens to us. Knowing him he'd just teach them to be pranksters."

"Hey! I'm not always playing pranks!" Sirius shouted.

"Actually you do need someone watching you Padfoot," Remus said chuckling.

James and Lily smiled at their friends. "Alice should be having or have already had her child," Lily said as she remembered her best friend.

"I'll go check on her," Remus said and left before they could stop him. He couldn't believe that not only did James and Lily chose his name as their oldest son's middle name but that he had also been made godfather of their oldest son. It was too much to deal with at the moment and the werewolf found it hard to believe but James and Lily had always been good friends to him.

Remus went to the information desk and got the room number for the Longbottoms. He made his way to the room and knocked. "Come in," a male voice called. "Ah Remus Lupin is it? Is there a problem?" Frank asked.

"No sir," Remus said. "Lily had twins and wanted to know if Alice was okay."

"Yes she gave birth yesterday. Alice and the baby are doing fine. We have a son who we named Neville Frank Longbottom," Frank said proudly as he picked up his son to show Remus.

Remus smiled. "I'm happy for you. I will let Lily and James know that everything went fine."

"Thank you Remus," Frank said.

Remus nodded and walked back to the where his friends were. "Alice and Frank are fine," Remus said as he entered. "Alice had a healthy baby boy, if a bit chubby."

"Remus," Lily scolded.

"Sorry Lily. The boy is named Neville."

"We'll have to get together sometime James so our children can meet each other," Lily said.

"Sounds like a plan Lily. But not until you're better. Maybe when the babies are a few weeks old."

Life went on and everything was happy for the Potters. They had a normal life until they were forced to go into hiding when Dumbledore informed the Potters and Longbottoms that he had overhead a prophecy about one of their sons being the one to defeat Voldemort. So both families had gone into hiding. James and Sirius decided to make Peter the secret keeper, thinking that Sirius would be the obvious choice and if anything happened to the Potters then the Death Eaters would go after him. However people say it is the quiet ones you have to watch out for and it proved true on one Halloween night.

"Rose are you sure you will be okay watching the children while we go out?"

"I'm positive Lily. You and the Longbottoms haven't been out for some time. I'll be fine watching the young ones alone."

"Floo call us if you need anything. We should be back around midnight," Frank said.

"You four go have fun and don't worry your young heads about a thing," Rose said.

So the two couples went out to dinner that night, not knowing that their lives would be changed in a few short hours. It was around eleven in the evening when Voldemort, the most feared dark wizard since Grindelwald, arrived at Potter Cottage. Peter Pettigrew, also known as Wormtail, had sold out the Potters to his master. A full moon shone on that Halloween Night. Beside the hooded figure was a werewolf. "Judging by the times Peter gave me, the youngest Potter twin is the one to defeat me. You can have the older one," Voldemort said.

Voldemort whispered the unlocking spell and stepped inside the house. In the living room he came across a woman whom fell at his wand before she could even scream for help. Then the dark lord and the werewolf made their way upstairs. There were three bedrooms in the home. The first bedroom they came across was the master. The second bedroom belonged to Daniel and the third bedroom belonged to Harry. The werewolf looked at Voldemort who was making his way to Daniel's room so he shrugged his shoulders and walked into the third bedroom. He shut the door behind him and made his way over to the crib.

The werewolf stared into the gray blue eyes that shined eerily in the dark. He could feel the power radiating off the child which intrigued him so he made a decision not to kill the child like he had planned. Instead the werewolf picked the child up and plopped it on the ground, eyes staring out at the full moon that appeared from behind a cloud. He transformed into a werewolf and raised his head. Spotting his prey he lunged at the child and sank his teeth into Harry Potter's shoulder, passing the curse of lycanthropy on.

Meanwhile Voldemort stared down at the younger of the Potter twins in disgust. "So you're the child destined to defeat me huh? Well sorry but I'm not going to let that happen. Avada Kedavra!" A jet of green light sped out of his wand only to hit a golden shield that had suddenly wrapped around Daniel Potter. A bit of the spell got through and cut a lightning bolt scar into the toddler's forehead and rebounded on its caster. Voldemort let out an inhuman screech as his soul was torn from his body and fled the room.

The werewolf raised his head as he heard the scream and crashed through the window. Landing on his paws he vanished off into the night to avoid being caught by Aurors. A few seconds later the second floor collapsed and the two children fell onto the first floor as rubble fell around them. Harry Potter lay bleeding from the bite the werewolf had given him.

Frank and Alice had said goodbye to the Potters and had apparated home to discover their house was destroyed. They rushed inside the home and looked around at the debris. The family cat lay in the middle of the living room, having been struck down when it had tried to protect Augusta and Neville. Something stirred down the hallway and a bookcase slid into the wall to reveal a screaming toddler and an elderly woman. "Mother! Neville!" Frank shouted running to his mother and son.

"We're alright Frank."

"What happened?" Alice asked as she took her son from her mother-in-law.

"Death Eaters came to the house. I saw them coming through the window. They broke down the door and began firing spells and curses everywhere. Said they were here to kill us due to your position as an Auror Frank. Flint leapt in front of a killing curse and that gave me enough time to grab Neville and go the safe room. I heard them trying to get inside but the wards held."

"Frank what about the Potters?" Alice asked in fear.

"We should go over there right away. All of us," Frank said and the Longbottom family apparated to Potter's Cottage.

"James, the children!" Lily shouted as she saw the house lying in ruins. They rushed into the wreckage of their home in a desperate attempt to search for their children. Where the living room had been they had found the babysitter lying dead. "Oh Rose," Lily said sadly as she stared at the lifeless eyes of her friend. James shook his head sadly and continued through the rubble.

"Lily I found Daniel!"

Lily cast a last look at her friend and ran as fast as she could through the rubble to see her youngest son crying and bleeding from a lightning bolt cut on his forehead. "DANIEL!" Lily shouted scooping her youngest son up and hugging him to her. James halted as he found Harry.

"I can't believe it.," James said in a hollow voice.

"James what is it?" Lily asked in fear. "Did you find Harry?"

For there was little Harry in front of him, crying from the pain where the werewolf had bitten him on the shoulder.

"Dada! Mama!" Harry gurgled seeing his dad standing before him.

Lily came into the room and her face twisted into a look of horror as she saw the bite on her oldest son's shoulder.

"Up Dada," Harry said trying to sit up. He let out a whimper of pain as he did so.

"James! Lily!" Sirius shouted as he apparated on the street in front of Potter Cottage. He rushed into the room and stared in horror at the bite wound.

"Sirius get Dumbledore and a team of Aurors here," James snapped at his friend. He spun around with his wand raised as he heard three pops and relaxed when he saw it was the Longbottoms but they looked scared as well.

"No need Sirius," Dumbledore said. Behind him were a series of pops as a team of Aurors arrived on the scene. "Is anyone hurt?"

"We're fine," Frank said to Dumbledore.

"How did you get here so quickly Albus?" Sirius asked.

"Did you forget that it was I who cast the Fidelius Charm on both Potter Cottage and Longbottom Cottage?" Dumbledore asked. "I suspected Voldemort," everyone flinched at the name, "might try something on All Hallows Eve. It is when the veil between the living and the dead is at its weakest." He turned to the Longbottoms. "What happened?"

Augusta described the attack. Dumbledore took a chubby Neville and waved his wand over the toddler. "Neville appears to have a strong magical core and it seems he will have a strong point in Herbology and with plants," Albus said. "I don't sense any dark magic on him so he isn't the child we're searching for. Which means it is one of your children," he said raising his head to look at the heartbroken Potters. The Longbottoms they were glad that Neville wasn't the child of prophecy.

Dumbledore and the Aurors made their way into the rubble of Potter Cottage and stopped dead at the scene before them. "That brat's a werewolf?!" Kingsley shouted in shock.

The realization sank into the hearts of everyone there. The brother of the Boy-Who-Lived was a werewolf. Dumbledore examined both boys with a critical eye, waving his wand over Harry before turning to Daniel. He fought to recoil at the Dark Magic located in the boy's scar and knew without a doubt that Daniel was the Boy-Who-Lived.

"Headmaster?" James asked worriedly.

"Just call me Albus my boy." He took Daniel Potter from Lily's arms. "May I present to you the Boy-Who-Lived, Daniel James Potter!"

Everyone cheered and congratulated James and Lily. Lily took her son from Dumbledore and the two parents gave him attention. Meanwhile little Harry began to cry harder as he saw that his parents were not going to pick him up. Everyone moved out of the room except Dumbledore who waved his wand and a cage appeared. Dumbledore then levitated Harry into the cage and the door slammed and locked.

"James and Lily, can I talk to you a moment?" Dumbledore asked.

"Of course Albus," James said. He handed Daniel to Alice and the Potters followed Dumbledore away from the rest of the group.

"Daniel is going to need training since he is the Boy-Who-Lived in order to defeat Voldemort when he comes back," Dumbledore said.

"You think he will come back?" Lily asked.

"I believe he might try my dear," Dumbledore said gravely. "That is why Daniel must be prepared in order to defeat the Dark Lord when he returns."

"What about the werewolf? I'm not having that thing here where it can infect my son," James said.

"Yes I agree. It's too dangerous to let the wolf stay with you. So it must be…"

"Send it to Petunia. She and her family can deal with it," Lily said.

"So you're willing to get rid of it then?" Dumbledore asked to be sure.

"Yes," James and Lily said after looking at each other.

"Well then go back to the party and I will take care of everything."

"Thank you Albus," James said shaking the man's hand.

"I'm glad you two realize how important Daniel's safety and training are."

"Of course we do!" Lily shouted offended by her old headmaster's remark. "We care deeply for Daniel and won't let anything happen to him."

"I didn't mean anything by it Lily," Dumbledore said. "Good day." He watched the Potters go back and then glanced coldly at little Harry before turning to Kingsley. "Register him with the Werewolf Division at the Ministry Kingsley and then I will take him from there."

"Right," Kingsley said. He wrapped a bandage around the child's shoulder so it wouldn't bleed to death and barked orders to the other Aurors that had come with him. Two Aurors levitated the cage and they walked out onto the street in front of Potter Cottage and disapparated.

Arriving at the Ministry people stared at the child in the cage with surprise for a few recognized it as one of the Potter twins. But when one of the Aurors mentioned the Potter child had been bitten by a werewolf, the people gave a clear berth to the Aurors as they made their way to Level 4 of the Ministry that housed the Werewolf Registry. The Werewolf Registry was in the Department for the Control and Regulation of Magical Creatures and was part of the Beast Division.

Kingsley felt sad for the child's fate. To be bitten that young and to survive was a miracle. He knew that werewolf children suffered at the hands of their parents when they were bitten by werewolves and vampires but he had never thought the Potters would agree to give up one of their sons just because their son was a werewolf. When the lift stopped at level 4, they got off and made their way down the hallway. Kingsley pushed the door open and they walked in, dropping the cage with a thump.

Harry ached from the wound on his shoulder and looked around him. "Mama? Dada?"

"Shut up wolf!" An Auror shouted leveling its wand at Harry.

"That's enough Mayweather!"

Muttering the Asian Auror put his wand away and glared at the werewolf child with disgust and hatred in his eyes.

"Ah Kingsley. Have another one do you?" A woman asked as she came out of a back room.

"It's one of the Potter twins," Kingsley said. "Dumbledore had us bring it here to get registered."

The woman came to stand in front of the cage and peered in at the terrified child. "Oh dear. Do you have any idea who bit the child?"

"No clue," Kingsley said. "Could be Greyback for all we know or one of his pack members. By the time we got to the Potter's the house was destroyed and we found the older twin bitten."

"Are the Potters alright?"

"Yes they're fine. The Longbottoms are fine as well and both boys are safe."

"Quit chatting and let's get this over with," Mayweather said.

The woman, Anna Wiltshire, was one of the few people who felt sorry for the werewolves that were brought in to be registered. "I see you bandaged the child up before coming here Kingsley."

"Just because the child is a werewolf doesn't mean he should bleed to death," Kingsley said.

Anna studied his eyes and drew Kingsley away. "Kingsley have you looked at the boy's eyes?"

"No I haven't. Is something wrong?"

"I need a blood test to be sure but he has the same eyes Fenrir Greyback does. He also looks strangely like him."

Kingsley's eyes widened in shock. He went back to the boy and crouched down, peering into the terrified eyes of the new werewolf and realize Anna was right. Oh Merlin the press would have a field day with this if they knew. Not only was the child a werewolf, it seemed he was the son of Fenrir Greyback, one of the most hated werewolves in the British Magical World. He went back to Anna who was waiting for him. "I see," Kingsley said. He ran a hand over the back of his neck. "What do we do?"

"If I'm allowed access to his blood then I can test his blood to be sure but if my hunch is right then he has to be registered under his father's name. I'd like to know how the hell Lily Potter got pregnant with Fenrir's baby though."

"Maybe she had an affair," Kingsley suggested though he could not believe it himself.

Anna shrugged her shoulders in response. She hadn't known Lily at school, having been a couple years younger and had been sorted into Hufflepuff so it's not like they had many classes together. She went to the floo and called a healer from St. Mungo's to bring the vial of Fenrir's blood as well as bringing a vial to collect blood from a new child werewolf for a DNA test. Healer Rookwood arrived and greeted Anna and Kingsley politely. He followed the Auror back to the main room and nearly dropped his bag in shock when he saw a fifteen month old child with a bandaged shoulder. "Take a vial of his blood then?"

"Yes," Kingsley said. "And a DNA test as quickly as possible," he added in a low whisper so the other Aurors couldn't hear.

Rookwood nodded and opened his bag. He pulled out a glass vial and a needle. "It's okay little one. I'm just going to take a vial of your blood," Rookwood said as he crouched down in front of the terrified child. He could see the pain in the child's eyes as well as the sadness and felt his heart clench at the sight. He was the only one on the ward who treated werewolves who came into the ward as humans and was sadly close to losing his job because of it. Opening the cage he coaxed Harry out and rubbed some alcohol on his arm after he found a vein before sliding the needle underneath the skin. Harry closed his eyes while the blood was being drawn and then when that was taken care of, Healer Rookwood unwrapped the bandage and saw the scar. He cleaned it and wrapped a fresh bandage around the boy's shoulder and healed the other scratches Harry had gotten in the attack.

"I'll get this done as quickly as possible." With that he stood up and left. Kingsley put Harry's shirt back on and sadly pushed him back into the cage and locked the door. They began filling out the registration form. His date of birth, his hair color, eye color, and skin color, mother's name, the date he was bitten, putting 'Unknown' in the space for the werewolf who had turned him, and mentioned the bite mark on his right shoulder.

Back at St. Mungo's, Healer Rookwood went into a lab and did the DNA test. Because of magic he didn't have to wait very long and was shocked at the results. The Potter child was really the son of Fenrir Greyback. He floo called Anna and told her which shocked her. "Anna?" Kingsley asked seeing the look on her face.

"He isn't James Potter's son Kingsley. His father is Fenrir Greyback."

Nobody noticed the beetle that was on the wall and listening to the conversation. Rita Skeeter's mind was imagining the possibilities of a story like this and couldn't wait to get back home so she could type it up. Oh the scandal this would be! Perhaps it would make her career and if not she knew it would certainly help.

Anna put Fenrir Greyback in the spot for "Father" and filed the report with the Ministry of Magic. Now that Harry Remus Greyback was registered he would be considered a second class citizen by the magical community and not have as many rights due to being a creature. As they walked out of the room, levitating the cage in front of them, the beetle flew out of the door and flew down an empty hallway before resuming its human body.

Dumbledore appeared soon after and took the child from the cage before going to an apparation point and disappearing from the Ministry of Magic. "Go home?" Harry asked the bearded man.

Dumbledore raised a hand and smacked the child across his face, making little Harry cry out in shock. He apparated to 4 Privet Drive and conjured a leash and collar which he stuck around the child's neck with a note pinned to the child's shirt. Performing a spell to make sure the child couldn't run off, Albus Dumbledore walked down to the corner of Privet Drive and disapparated back to Hogwarts. Little Harry sat down on the ground, confused about what was going on and not understanding why he had been taken from his parents. The poor child was left on the front doorstep, tied up like a dog, and crying his heart out.