Unfortunate Circumstances

London Zoo, London, England:

The Greyback brothers had a nice conversation with Bane, a few other African Wild Dogs coming to greet their alpha, before going to tend to the pups of their pack. Bane had beaten the previous alpha of the pack when he had become full grown and taken a mate, siring eight pups with his mate. Only a daughter had remained within the pack, the other seven pups being given to other zoos around the world to help populate their own exhibits or start their own packs. Bane had lasted with his mate for three years before she had taken ill one winter and passed on that same winter and the alpha had not yet found another mate to run by his side yet and help assist him with the pack. Unlike in other carnivorous packs, it was the females who left the pack instead of the males when reaching sexual maturity but the humans speculated that with the African Wild Dog packs in their natural habitat trying to avoid incestuous relations and there being a lack of unrelated mates, the species would die off in one hundred years. It would have social repercussions on the population if they continued avoiding incestuous relationships within packs.

Being engrossed in their conversation, the brothers didn't hear a set of footsteps coming towards them, until the figure's scent reached Harry's nose and he turned his head to see Uncle Vernon walking up to the brothers. "Uncle Vernon," Harry said as he stood up and ran to his uncle like he had as a child, hugging the man who was like a second father figure to the young king. "Did you just arrive here?"

"Hello Harry. I got here five minutes ago but had to get a map of the zoo as I forgot where the African Wild Dog exhibit was. Hello Faol," he greeted his nephew's brother.

"Hello Mr. Dursley," said Faol politely.

"Now Faol, what have I said about you calling me Mr. Dursley? You know that you're welcome to call me Vernon and my wife Petunia instead of Mrs. Dursley." Vernon had wanted to be accepting of his nephew's family and thus insisted that the other Greyback child refer to Mr. and Mrs. Dursley by their first names.

"Sorry Vernon," Faol apologized as the second of the Greyback brothers smiled sheepishly.

"No harm done," said Vernon with a smile. The man truly liked the young boy and considered him part of the Dursley family, just as Fenrir considered the Dursleys part of the pack.

"Uncle Vernon, how is Aunt Petunia?" Harry asked as they walked across the parking lot towards the car five minutes later.

Vernon sighed at his nephew's question. "Not well I'm afraid," said Vernon. "She hasn't woken and the healers are doing all they can for her. Unfortuantley there are no werewolf healers in St. Mungo's and even if we could take your aunt to the wizarding hospital, it's possible that Dudley's Headmaster would be informed of a woman matching Petunia's description and who knows what that old man would do to her. We don't know if the person who sabotagued your aunt was a Muggle or a wizard."

"So you don't want to take the chance of the attacker coming back to finish the job," said Faol quietly.

Vernon nodded. "I think Severus is on his way with Dudley to Eclipse Pack. Remus owled Severus as I owled Dudley and yourself."

"How is Dudley liking Hogwarts?" asked Harry curiously, trying to get his thoughts off of his sick aunt.

"He was sorted into Hufflepuff, I'm not sure if you've received any letters from Dudders yet," said Vernon. When Harry nodded, Vernon continued. "Well he seems to like Hufflepuff. A boy named Vincent Crabbe was also put into Hufflepuff."

"Yes he knows about me being a werewolf. Dudley already got permission from me to tell his friend. Where did that scum Daniel Potter go to?"

"I believe he went to Gryffindor," said Vernon thoughtfully.

Harry scoffed to himself and when they got to the car the twins filed into the back of the car while Vernon got into the driver seat, buckled up and made his way for the forest of the Eclipse Pack's home, the only sound being the radio that had been turned on after Vernon had started the car. Harry leaned his head back against his seat and stared out the window, his eyes full of worry and fear.

Forbidden Forest Village, Forbidden Forest, Scotland:

In a village hidden far from the eyes of the centaur herds, away from the dangers of the man-eating giant spiders of Hagrid's folly, away from the precious unicorns, lay a village forgotten by time. The village was home to humans, a mix of magical and muggle who worked off the land. The entire area was constructed of stone cottages and a few buildings, the only wooden constructs being a few barns and a livery for horses. Not magical horses by any means, these were regular muggle horses that were used to ride through the forest towards a village somewhere in the Scottish countryside and outside of the protective wards surrounding Hogwarts and her spacious grounds.

The village was protected by anti-portkey, anti-apparition, and owl redirection wards magical wise in addition to the floo network not allowing anyone not part of the village to floo in or out. The use of fires was strictly controlled, for though their village was protected, a fire could still pass through the wards and destroy the forest around them and the creatures within it. A large wall surrounded the village and pastures were fenced in with a few magical deterrents to keep wolves and other predators from harming the horses and few other livestock, mainly goats and a small herd of cows that were the village's main source of meat. Fish were caught from rivers and chickens were kept within a medium area surrounded by chicken wire where they could free range and be safe. These were people who had defected from both the Death Eaters and the Order of the Phoenix, people whose lives had been changed for reasons known only to themselves and who were ultimately tired of war. Without new blood in wizarding lines, magic would be crippled but too much information leaking to Muggles and the wizarding world would be wiped out. More importantly, these were people who had done what they said they would never do and marry a Mudblood, a term that carried the sentence of a public lashing if the word was ever spoken of in the village, these hypocritical wizards and witches were tired of fighting and being used…had left their respective factions…married and settled down into normal lives. And here was proof that muggles and wizards could coexist in harmony and peace…something that neither world would understand.

Within the center of the village were three cages of silver that shone in the dawn's light as the sun began to rise over the horizon. As night faded into day there were two red wolves, bigger than normal wolves and one girl with a still bleeding wound on her shoulder. It was a bite that would never heal together with the scars caused by the rogue werewolf's claws. A mark from a werewolf never healed and whether the girl would become a werewolf or not would be discovered at the next full moon. The girl was young, perhaps eight or nine, too young to go to Hogwarts. Dark brown hair and brown eyes shone out of a heart-shaped face, eyes that were red from crying and also wide with fear.

The village elders, a small group of seven members of magical and Muggle humans, governed the village and decided what to do for the village's safety and welfare. Until the girl turned or not, she would be kept locked up and if she turned…then they would make the decision about what to do with her. It turned out that the girl and deceased boy, Cassie and Brian, were the children of one of the sentinels of the village. Sentinels tended to not only provide food for the village but also scouted the village and the forest to ensure nobody came near their home. There were guards as well and towers…towers around the village and traps laid within the forest. The traps were well away from the village and the farmers and dogs kept the livestock away from said traps. Wool and furs were traded for other things with other humans outside of town. Sometimes the magical humans of this village would go to Hogsmeade to buy sweets and of course London was an important part to the village as that was where the adults went to work and kept their money in banks, the wizards and witches using Gringotts and the muggle companions using various banks in London for their money.

Wizarding law required that a werewolf attack be reported along with sightings of werewolves to the Ministry of Magic…at least within Britain. They would have to take Brian's body and they had two werewolves in custody to the Ministry of Magic but they didn't want people in their business. Cassie would also have to be taken to the Ministry of Magic and there the healers might be able to tell if she was truly infected though a healer in the village had said the wound looked deep. But if Cassie was a werewolf and did transform then she would have to register with the Werewolf Registry at the Ministry of Magic and might never be able to attend Hogwarts since she would no longer be considered a human. After much discussion between the elders on what to do with their current problem, they had a few Sentinels, along with Cassie and Brian's parents, take the three cages to the Ministry of Magic.

'George?' Fred asked as he stirred to find himself within a cage as the sounds of birds and talking entered his ears. The Sentinels stood there together with Cassie's parents as they stared at the two werewolves with hatred and fear. A few of the wizards here had lost family members to rogue werewolves during the first war, on both sides, and there was much resentment towards the two currently within the two cages.

The other red werewolf whimpered in pain as the pair began to transform back into humans and didn't respond to his brother's words, his eyes shut and body twitching from the silver bullet that hadn't been removed from his body. Due to the silver being dangerous to all werewolves except for the Crimson Blood, George would be unable to his power to inform Harry of where they were. Not that the pair had any idea where they were to begin with, other than that they were in a village. None of Olympian Pack had been here, not even Remus had been this far into the forest during his own schooling years at Hogwarts. The Sentinels had packed up, the muggles carrying knives and guns on their persons, the bullets laden with silver bullets while their magical counterparts were carrying wands. Cassie's wounds had been covered in a thick paste of herbs and covered with bandages but they couldn't do much else until she was taken to St. Mungo's. The wizards here were also learning other ways to kill, non-magical means, which would be an advantage if anyone tried invading their home. The majority of wizards looked down upon anything to do with Muggles and wouldn't know what to do with muggle weapons or muggle martial arts or hand to hand combat. A few of the Sentinels who were good with archery carried bows and had quivers of arrows across their backs.

The sun slowly rose over the horizon and as it did the village was silenced as the two werewolves before them began to transform back into their human selves. Even Cassie was silent, watching with fear, its stench clinging to the girl in the third cage, as they watched the transformation take place. All too soon, two naked teenagers were on their stomachs. They might have been forced to accept their transformations which rendered the change from human to animal and animal to human painless but the fact that they could feel their bones breaking…their fur rippling on their skin…their muzzles and heads elongating…organs and bones shifting into wolf form…didn't make it easy. It was actually disturbing. Had they been like Omega then they would have felt every last break and painstaking tremor of the full moon's glow.

Silence. That was the only thing that reached the ears of the Demon Twins as they looked wearily around them. Fred was the only one to stir as he forced himself up and he looked around him at a place and a people he had never seen before. "Where are we?" Fred asked the crowd.

One of the village elders stepped forward, leveling a handgun at the wolf. "Silence wolf!" ordered the elder. "You look like a teenager. Who are you?"

Fred looked at the gun, not understanding what it was despite his father's obsession with Muggle objects. "Gred," he said, trying to lighten up the tense mood of the people staring at him…like he was an animal in a zoo. A word they had learned from Harry after the pack had been formed when hearing about Harry's visit to the London Zoo. The Weasley children hardly knew anything of Muggle entertainment and culture, their mother not approving of their father's hobby or job, their father just interested in his toys that he took apart and put back together with slight modifications.

"Gred?" The elder questioned with a raised eyebrow. The elderly man looked at the gathering around him. "So you mean Fred then for 'Gred' is no name I have ever heard of." When Fred blinked in surprise, the man nodded to himself as if he knew what the boy was going to say. "You look old enough to be in that wizarding school at the edge of the forest. Hogwarts is it?"

Dumbfounded, Fred turned towards his brother and rushed towards him, only to let out a scream of pain as his hands touched the silver bars. The smell of burnt flesh hit his nostrils and he turned his hands over to look at the red skin. "What...what was that?"

"Silver," said a Sentinel. "We know how it burns your kind wolf. Sir shall we take them now?"

The elder nodded and the two wolves were hit with stunners. Dragging the two teenagers out of their respective cages, they were clothed in white robes, bound and gagged, gripped tightly and dragged out of the wards surrounding their peaceful home before disapparting, a Sentinel following behind with Cassie. The elder watched them walk out before retiring to his home, the crowd that was left outside going into their homes to sleep or get breakfast before retiring for the day while the shift changed.

Forbidden Forest, Hogwarts, Scotland:

Neville ran with Zenna through the forest, Luna running ahead all night but as the night faded into morning, the three pack members neither heard, smelled or saw any sign of the Demons of Hogwarts. The howls had faded as they had run, which made them run harder over the forest floor. Leaves crunched under paws and feet as they made their way along trails they knew and deep into the forest, passing the clearing where they gathered to transform. They had found the scent trail of their fellow pack mates and followed it until Luna suddenly stopped.

'What is it?' Neville asked, turning his amber eyes to his mate.

'There's blood around here. One of the twins…scents that I don't know,' said Luna.

Neville growled and put his nose to the ground, taking the lead now, following the scent trail until he stopped at the sight before him. 'Blood,' he barked and if he had been human he might have thrown up at the sight. Not only blood but the smell of werewolf and fear. He swished his tail behind him as a splash reached his ears and he lifted his paw to see blood on it. Zenna looked around her and sat down, feeling faint at the blood. The pair of werewolves left Zenna sitting there as they began searching for any clues to what had happened. Mixed in with the scents of fear, blood, and wolf was the startling smell of humans. 'Humans?' Neville questioned. Why would humans be in the Forbidden Forest?

Luna too caught the scent of humans after pausing in her trek around the clearing and let out a confused whine, the she-wolf's amber eyes bright with worry. Lifting her head to the sky, she let out a howl and then listened for an answering howl from the twins. As her howl echoed around the forest and began to fade she turned her head and butted Neville's jaw, causing a snarl to erupt from the brown wolf at her shoulder. Hanging her head, she stared at Neville, the two wolves' unsure what else they could do except to contact their alpha or maybe Fenrir or Remus. Maybe one of the older werewolves could offer some insight that the younger two couldn't. Shoulders slumped, the pair made their way back to the clearing where the pack changed, stumbling as they changed form halfway there. After Neville was cleaned the blood off in a small creek nearby and the pair had gotten dressed, they made for the school and their second home.

Ministry of Magic Headquarters, London:

Fred and George stumbled as they landed in the Ministry of Magic Atrium via the apparition point. The wizarding Sentinels dragged the twins past the Fountain of Magical Brethren featuring a witch, wizard, goblin, house-elf, and a centaur. Water sprouted from various points on the statues. The wizarding Sentinels handed over their wands, were given badges, and then walked to the lifts that would take them from Level 8-The Atrium which was the level everyone visiting or working for the Ministry of Magic apparated or flooed into, down to Level 4-Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures. On the white robes Fred and George were two words Fred Weasley-Werewolf and George Weasley-Werewolf. The white robes they had been clothed in were burial shrouds of the village. Their names had been declared for the entire Atrium to hear by the shock of the man who manned the receptionist desk. It hadn't been unusual for Arthur Weasley to bring his troublemaking twins to the Ministry of Magic when they were younger or for Arthur to be called away from work when his children got in trouble at school.

"Level 4-Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures. Beast Division. Being Division. Spirit Division. Goblin Liaison Office. Pest Advisory Bureau."

Stepping off the lift, they made their way down the hallway to the Beast Division. On the walls there were emblems of the logo of the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures; an owl and two stars above it in a circle. They were taken to the Beast Division which housed the Centaur Liaison Office, Committee for the Disposal of Dangerous Creatures, Dragon Research and Restraint Bureau, Ghoul Task Force, Werewolf Capture Unit and Werewolf Registry. The Being Division housed the Goblin Liaison Office, Office of House-Elf Relocation, and Werewolf Support Services. It was to the Werewolf Registry that the twins were being taken.

Entering the Werewolf Registry, the twins were pushed into a couple of chairs, fear in the eyes of all three werewolves…for the girl had been infected by the venom of the rogue werewolf and would turn on the next moon. Though the twins and the rest of their pack didn't know that. Minutes went by before Cassie's parents were called into the room. A healer was called in to examine the bite wound on Cassie's shoulder and the scars on her from the werewolf's claws before being registered as a werewolf. Because of being classified as a werewolf, she was considered a dark creature as well as a non-human. She would never have a chance to live a normal life now and would need permission from the Ministry of Magic to own and carry a wand. She would also not be allowed into school as it was dangerous for a werewolf to be around normal humans. In addition, Cassie was told that her scars would never heal and that if she ever bit anyone then she be killed by the Aurors. She had to sign a lot of papers signifying that she understood everything being told her and was allowed to ask questions. Beside her, her parents watched as their daughter's life was ruined.

While Cassie was inside the office, signing her life as a human away, Arthur Weasley had heard through the grapevine that two of his sons were inside the Ministry of Magic in the Beast Division. The red haired man ran through from Level 2-Department of Magical Law Enforcement where Auror Headquarters, the Misuse of Muggle Artifacts Office, Improper Use of Magic Office, Wizengamot Administration Services, and Office for the Detection and Confiscation of Counterfeit Defensive Spells and Protective Objects were located. He arrived within the Beast Division at a run, panting in front of the door while trying to catch his breath. Opening the door, he spotted his twins immediately and ran towards them. "Fred! George! Why are you here?" In his quest to ensure his sons were alright, he didn't notice the badges on pinned to the white robes until one of the Sentinels coughed loudly to get the man's attention. "Who are you?" he asked as he turned to the person who had coughed, seeing four people standing there with wands drawn.

The Sentinels looked at each other but ignored the question, instead one stepping forward and looking at Arthur Weasley. The man looked like one…

"Fabian?" Arthur questioned, piquing the twins' interest. Fred had been named after Fabian Prewett and George had been named after Gideon. They were Molly's older brothers which meant they were the uncles of Arthur and Molly's children. The man in question had red hair and blue eyes, a few scars covering the man's face and giving it a disfigured appearance

The man pointed his wand at Arthur. "Sorry Arthur but I've no desire to go back to war under Albus. Obliviate," he intoned and watched the spell take hold as Arthur's eyes went glassy from the spell. Then he pointed the wand at the twins and stared at them solemnly. "Sorry kids."

"Wait! We won't tell anyone!" shouted Fred. "Our mom named us after…"

Fabian looked at the other Sentinels and slipped his wand back into its holster, another Sentinel putting up the muffliato charm over the room so nobody but themselves and the twins could hear. "Swear an unbreakable vow and I may allow you to keep your memory."

"Unbreakable vow?" Fred questioned.

"It's a binding spell. You can't mention my name or the fact that I am alive to anyone. The consequence of breaking such a vow is death," said Fabian.

The twins looked at each other, silently communicating the way they often did. The thought of being killed if they told their mother that one of her brothers was still alive was frightening. But it was more frightening being here and knowing they had been caught. "Can…can we think about it?" asked George.

Their uncle looked at them, seeing the fear in their eyes at the unknown situation around them before nodding. "Very well. You'll have a week to decide. If not then you'll be obliviated."

The pair nodded and Fabian nodded to the wizard who had put up the spell to cancel it. Fabian then stepped back out of sight as Arthur blinked his eyes. "Are these your sons?" questioned another Sentinel.

"Yes they are. Why are they here and why do their badges say 'werewolf' on them?"

"They attacked our daughter and killed our son," said Cassie's father as the parents and their daughter walked out of the office. "Because of your children, our daughter will never have a normal life and our son is dead!"

The parents left the room, a few members of the Sentinels leaving along with Fabian. That left three Sentinels remaining in the room with Mr. Weasley and his twin sons. Then they were called into the office and sat down in a couple of chairs, Mr. Weasley watching with horror as the questions started.

Eclipse Pack:

Harry rushed from the car as soon as Vernon had parked it behind the wards. A dirt road led up to the garage that housed the pack's cars. Faol climbed out of the car and waited for Vernon to lock the car up, dragging his trunk along with one hand behind him and leaving Vernon to get Harry's trunk and owl cage. They walked towards the house where Remus, Fenrir, and Joshua were waiting for their king. Harry didn't bother with pretenses, worry in his eyes. "Father where is Aunt Petunia?"

"She's in the infirmary. It's in the eastern wing next to the Potion lab," said Fenrir. "Joshua take Harry there."

"Yes Alpha," said Joshua before leading Harry to the eastern wing of the building. The cubs of the pack stared at their king where they were running around as he passed them, a few of the Subordinates ushering the children back into the classroom to continue their lessons. Harry was silent, his eyes amber as he walked through the building to the eastern wing. After a ten minute walk through the building, they got there and Harry looked around for his aunt before spotting her. Running to her, he snapped his teeth at the healer who was attending Petunia Dursley's unconscious form. "Aunt Petunia?" he asked.

Severus had sidelong apparated Dudley, the boy's trunk shrunk and in the pocket of his Potions Professor outside the wards of Eclipse and the pair hurried through the wards and to the main building of Eclipse Pack. By now, word had spread throughout the pack that their king was back home and heads poked out of the huts around the forest clearing. "Where's Mrs. Dursley? I'm the Potions Professor at Hogwarts," he said.

"In the infirmary," said a young werewolf. "Head towards the eastern wing of the main building and that's where the infirmary and the Potion's lab are."

Severus nodded and Dudley followed his professor as they hurried towards the building. They rushed to the infirmary to meet an angry eleven-year-old Greyback who was growling low in his throat at the intrusion. "Harry…" said Dudley worriedly, staring at his cousin's amber eyes.

"Harry…it's Severus. I'm here to help the healers with your aunt. Please let me in," said Severus.

"Harry, let them through," said Fenrir. "Dudley deserves to see his mother and Severus can help. He is the youngest Potions Master and is good at what he does."

Snarling, Harry glared at them but reluctantly stepped aside, instead demanding to know what had happened from the healer. Once Harry was out of the way, Severus rushed forward to examine the unconscious woman as Dudley ran after to see to his mother. Unfortunately, things would just get worse now for the Crimson Blood since he was back home….

Hogwarts School, Scotland:

Back at Hogwarts, Zenna and Luna had made their way back to the Ravenclaw common room without any trouble and Neville was sitting in the Gryffindor common room, having snuck upstairs to the third year boy's dormitory and put the twins' clothing in their trunks which weren't locked before sneaking back out. He had then taken a shower and changed into clean clothes before going down to the common room to get a chair by the fireplace. The three had been silent as they had run back to the school and snuck into the castle and up to their respective houses. It was close to breakfast that the twins came back to Hogwarts with their father. Neville and Luna looked to them along with Onyx and Faye from Eclipse Pack while Zenna was trying not to fall asleep in her porridge at the table.

Professor McGonagall stood as did the Headmaster when the three came inside. Heads turned to watch the troublemakers of Gryffindor sit at the Gryffindor Table as Arthur Weasley walked up to the Staff Table and speak quietly to them. The beta pair heard what was said at the Staff Table, Headmaster Dumbledore's face looking grave at the revelation that the Weasley twins were werewolves. Minerva took them up to the Headmaster's Office so they could speak to Molly and Dumbledore followed after them, leaving Professor Flitwick in charge of the students.

Molly Weasley stared at her sons in horror as Arthur told her that he had heard the twins were in the Werewolf Registry office of the Beast Division earlier this morning. The twins didn't tell her about Fabian being alive but were forced to tell her about them being werewolves. They tried to explain that they hadn't attacked a couple of children and they refused to give up who the person was that turned them into werewolves. "Mom we're…"


The twins stared in horror as their mother slapped first one twin and the other. Even the other three adults in the room appeared shocked that their mother had hit them. "You are no sons of mine," she snapped at them. "Having werewolves in the family…hiding it from us…attacking a couple of innocent children…how dare you pretend that everything is fine! When did this happen?! When did you become monsters?!"

"We aren't monsters," said George. "We're your sons. Dad…?"

"I'm sorry but I have to think of Ginny and Ron," said Arthur. "What will happen to them?"

"Well we once had a student who was a werewolf here and I made concessions for him to stay but because your sons have attacked two children already I'm afraid I cannot let them attend Hogwarts any longer," said Dumbledore. "They'll have to be expelled and not allowed to return."

"Albus surely that isn't necessary!" said Minerva. "They might be pranksters but I don't think they would ever intentionally harm someone, let alone murder!"

"Minerva, Remus was a different case," said Dumbledore. "He never attacked anyone while he was here. Perhaps if the Messrs. Weasley had bothered to inform the school that they had become werewolves then allowances could have been made for them. I'm afraid that this is out my hands."

Minerva glared at the three adults. "Messrs. Weasley, if I could, I would take you both in myself as my wards. However, my home doesn't have room for two teenagers in it."

"We understand Professor McGonagall," said George sadly.

"I'll miss having you around," said McGonagall before she stormed out of the Headmaster's Office. As they were at the school, Dumbledore decided to let the twins eat one last breakfast with their old house but they were officially no longer students. They trooped down to the Great Hall and the twins sat down dejectedly at the far end of the Gryffindor Table, no longer happy or boisterous as they usually were. As they were eating breakfast the doors burst open and in marched a squat woman wearing a pink cardigan around her shoulders and pink robes.

"Hem, hem," said the woman as she marched up to the Staff Table.

"May I help you?" asked Dumbledore as he rose to his feet to greet the woman before him.

"Madam Umbridge, Headmaster. Senior Undersecretary for the Minister of Magic."

"Ah Miss Umbridge. You were in Slytherin I believe?" said Professor Flitwick.

"That is correct," said Umbridge as she stared down her nose at the half-breed before her. "Headmaster," she said turning her attention back to Professor Dumbledore, "I have just come from the Minister's Office and have been informed that you are harboring two werewolves at Hogwarts. Messrs. Weasley I am led to believe? Third-Year students of Gryffindor House?"

"That is correct Madam but how did you come by this information?" asked Dumbledore as whispers started up all around the Great Hall and students close to the twins scooted away from them.

"One of the people in the Werewolf Registry came to the Minister and informed him of the two werewolves you are allowing to attend Hogwarts," said Madam Umbridge. "I've brought a few members of the Werewolf Capture Unit to bring the two werewolves to Azkaban until they are tried for biting a young girl and killing a boy."

Next Chapter: The twins face a trial and Azkaban. Can Harry get them out in time and what will become of them now? Will Harry find out who poisoned his aunt? Lily informs James that she was the one to poison her sister and Dumbledore tries to find out who turned the twins. Severus works to save Petunia as her life slowly slips away. Will a cure be found in time or will she perish, invoking the wrath of the Crimson Blood?

Following Chapter: Who are Duke Ravenclaw and Duke Hufflepuff? Will the rest of the Olympian Pack be found out along with the Eclipse pack members at Hogwarts?