Chell pressed the button again and again just for the sake of keeping the cardboard cutout of a baby from "crawling" to the fire. The cries of the baby coming out of the speakers reverberated through the whole room.

This is really annoying already, Chell thought. I'm at this for a hundred times now. I'm stopping!

The baby proceeded to the fire and burned immediately, the cries fading as the baby "died".

You heartless bastard

Same to you, piss off.

The Narrator let out an exasperated sigh.

Did you do this because you hate babies or just to spite me?

What do you think?

Because if it's the latter, well, I don't know what to do. I'm completely out of ideas. I can't think of a single thing that might improve the experience for you.

That's good to hear. Chell scoffed.

I… I'm not even going to try.

Please don't. You really have wasted my time too much. I would rather be spending my time baking a cake.

I'm out. I'm out. I'm

The lights dimmed before it closed.

It's over.


Thank you for playing. Your input was extremely valuable.

Like hell.

Chell let out a resigned sigh and sat on the floor of the imperceptible chamber. It's finally over. She'll wake up this horrible, horrible dream like nothing happened... And everything will be al-

Oh, hey, since my game is so awful, why don't we try someone else's game, just to ease the pain?

Chell was outraged!

Let's see… what do we have here?

Don't tell me. Please. No more games.

Yes, this seems like it'll work. Let's give it a shot.

Chell felt her feet leave the ground as an invisible force pulled her upward. She expected to hit the ceiling but she did not.


Chell awoke in a field. She gazed at the blue sky with only very little clouds. The flowers littered on the grass... wait...

That's odd... everything... looks... cube-y

Well, Michelle, is this any better?


At last, the one thing you've always desired: a game I had absolutely nothing to do with. But is it enough?

Chell was too busy looking at her hands... cube hands in disbelief.

Tell me that, Michelle. Will it ever be enough?

Well, I'll say this, I'm done making things for you. From now on, I will only create to fulfill a greater artistic purpose.

Watch this, Michelle, I'm going to build a house!

A house?

She looked up and saw dirt - cube dirt - being piled onto one anothe- what?

Are those two blocks of dirt hovering from the ground with no support at all?!

Yes! It's complete!

Chell tried her best to hide her snickering.

I made this, Michelle.

You call that a house?!

Look at it. Gaze upon my work of art and feel ashamed of your own inadequacy.

Oh please...

Ah, but you've only seen it from the outside. You've only gotten half of the experience. Please, step inside, and make yourself comfortable.

Chell saw the door open on its own. She smirked. She wanted to mock the narrator by getting inside and showing how uncomfortable she would be. She got in.

God it is uncomfortable in here.

Chell started squirming in it.

Isn't it grand? Isn't it perfect? It could only be better if–

You made it spacious?

Wait, that's it! We must rebuild it out of diamond! Diamond everything!

Diamonds... hmm... are you serious?

Chell squeezed herself out of the dirt house.

Yes, yes, yes–come along, Michelle, we have to go mining!

Chell walked to the "dirt cube boarder" opposite the house and prepared to jump...




What? I CAN'T JUMP?!

The Narrator seems aware of the problem of not being able to jump and he gladly dug the boarder away.

Chell walked to the underground cave. It reminded her somehow of that place. It was dark and mysterious. Probably inside that cave is a lot of insane things. She slowly descended the cave, going deeper and darker in every step.

Oh, my. It looks like it's going to get a bit dark. Have you brought a light?

What do you think?

Oh, no, no, no, no, no. This is far more open-ended than I had in mind. I'm looking for something more narrow and linear, something that makes you feel utterly irrelevant.

This won't do at all. One out of five… even the diamonds couldn't save this one.

Let me check what else we have here…

Chell sat down on the cube whateveritis she's standing on. She couldn't see it so she has no clue at all on what it is.

I have a pretty good feeling this'll do the trick.

Oh No... I don't like this... I have a bad feeling about this...

I'm sure you'll love this, Michelle.

Really... really... really bad feeling.

Once again, Chell was lifted from the ground by the invisible force.


Argh my head hurts.

Chell awoke to a lively song coming from the radio. It was familiar. Too familiar. She heard it before. She heard it before. She remembers the song.

No... This is just a joke, right?

The all-too-familiar song was Her song. She sang it to Chell right after She was shut down. She sang it to her. She was Still Alive.

With no other choice, Chell opened her eyes to the bright light from the ceiling of her glass room. She looked for a sign of the presence of Her or The Narrator.


She got up from her stasis pod and stared at the toilet beside her. Then she glanced at the radio on top of the white table and the clipboard with the basic warnings of testing elements on it.

Chell was scared out of her wits when The Narrator suddenly let out a loud mischievous laugh.

YES! I don't even know what this game is, but I LOVE it!

What the hell?! You little son of a bi-

You trapped in a glass box with no way out, listening to me talk–oh, it's inspired! I couldn't have done it any better myself.

What is this game even supposed to be? I can't figure it out! Do you any ide-

Chell made a bad hand gesture towards The Narrator with both of her hands. Chell glared at the camera on the wall directed to The Narrator, hate and anger boiling inside her.

I just escaped from this hell and you...

She took the radio.


She got ready to swing it at the camera, barely remembering the glass panel separating the camera and Chell.


She was going to throw it.


She threw it and shattered the glass panel. She jumped away out of shock. Not because she was shocked that glass panel shattered but because she lost self-control. She spoke. She literally spoke. She spoke and broke her resolve never to speak, especially in the presence of someone she deems threatening (and annoying).

Could it be...

You came from here?

Oh give the boy a prize. You randomly put me into this world without giving a damn about where I came from.

Chell sat back down on the bed with her head on her hands.

So you did come from here. Why did you leave? Look at the fashionable room you are in. This place is good. Perfect, even.

Chell let out a bitter chuckle.

If only you knew...

Am I wrong? Here, let's proceed to this next room.

Eager to prove The Narrator wrong, Chell leaped from the bed and went to the first test she has ever solved.

See. Look at the button artistically placed on one side. And the Cube dispenser on the other.

Like hell, wait 'til we get through the easy tests of the testing track.

Come on. Solve it.

Chell obliged and placed the cube on the button.

That's it! Now into the elevat- no wait! Where?! Argh! Be right back Michelle. I'll get the elevator.

Chell saw the elevator left without her, and so did The Narrator. Chell did wait for The Narrator to come back and sat on the cube which is atop the button.

Well, I'm back.

Chell fell down the cube at the sudden entry of Her voice.

I didn't see the deer toda- What did you just do to your relaxation vault?

Chell whistled to herself. Nope nothing happened.

And where did the elevator go?

She paused.

What were you doing while I was out?

Chell was about to shrugged when the elevator came back down.

Michelle, here's the elevator. Now let's-

Wait who're you?

Oh god no. They met...

I might be asking you the same question.