"Follow me!" Wheatley announces as he moves forward his rail. But he abruptly withdraws himself when a some orchestral boom from the speakers, voices chanting in union in the background.

Stanley and Chell cover their ears in surprise.

"Now this makes things more interesting, hm?" The Narrator speaks. His voice acts as a signal to the group for they immediately ran.

"Oh come on," The Narrator purrs, "I'm not going to kill you. I just want to continue the story, do you understand?

"Look, Michelle, here's the deal, I'm taking Stanley back with me and I'll leave you, happy, with GLaDOS."

Like hell, Chell thinks to herself. Like hell am I going to stay here and be killed by a homicidal AI. It's kill or be killed here.

"No?" He says aloud. "Fine, let it be that way Michelle." An audible sound of a chair moving in the background and some whisperings are emitted from the speakers. Chell knows that's not good. Not in one slightest bit...

"We're almost there!" Whealey announces to both of them. A mechanical door is a few feet away from them . Just a couple of more steps. Six steps. Five, Fou-

The ground just instantly gives way, leaving Chell and Stanley falling into the bottomless pit.

This is a story of two people named Stanley and Michelle.

Chell's head jerked upward as she awoke. She looked around her wildly. She was back in the offices. She was back... with Stanley. In the maze of offices.

Both of them worked in a very large office building.

Chell jumped out of her seat when she heard a knocking on the door, cutting through The Narrator's monologue. The knock was quite... uncertain. Like someone was being asked to knock at the door against his will.

Michelle, who had just awaken, opened the door to see who was knocking.

Chell did not move. She knew better than to trust The Narrator now. There was another knock. She's not opening the door.

The Narrator seemed to notice her decision and let out an audible sigh. If you're really not willing to listen to me, then go ahead.

She continued to stand her ground.

Okay, let's try it my way. She heard GLaDOS' voice in the background. She heard Her clear Her throat. Since the crazy mute lunatic was the first one to wake up, she opened the door since it was quite impolite to leave the person outside.

Chell cannot respond to this. She can't move from her spot. GLaDOS was working with the Narrator. Why? She gaped at the camera at the corner. She couldn't believe that GLaDOS was helping The Narrator... That She's actually agreed to be accomplices with him.

GLaDOS made an electric sound of impatience. A panel pushed Chell roughly forward. Open. The. Door.

Chell fumbled for the door knob and twisted it open.


She was greeted with a very bright blue light. She shielded her eyes and stumbled backward, landing on Stanley. He yelped and fell off his chair. Wheatley stared, confused, at the two who, in the moment of confusion, had entangled themselves. Chell and Stanley looked at one another before looking away and started undoing the tangled mess of limbs.

They heard a growl from The Narrator. Right. Back to the story. Since both of you have thrown the story far off track, and we can't at all trust The Lineā„¢, The Intelligence Dampening Sphere will guide us through the entire journey.


Chell and Wheatley asked in union.

You heard him. GLaDOS chuckled, Follow the Moron.

Author's Note:

And there we end the story in complete and utter confusion! I don't want to expand this so you can make up your own ending to this story. If you like, you can tell me how you think this would end. I know how it would end. It would end being a more complicated story. And I really need to finish a lot of my work now. I promised myself that I'd finish a fic this summer... but... well... all plans don't go the way you expect it to happen...