Chuck vs the Blue Bloods

A/N: A recent news story that broke in February germinated the seed of an idea of the casts of two of my favorite shows collaborating.Chuck and Blue Bloods are different types of shows, yes ... but I think they have enough in common to hold them together for an adventure.

What you Need to Know About Chuck:A bit of a sci-fi fantasy combined with self-aware spy genre spoof,Chuck is about a normal guy (Chuck Bartowski) who accidentally gets all the secrets of the US government (a program called The Intersect) zapped into his head, prompting the US government to assign two action-hero(ine) characters (Sarah Walker and John Casey) to defend him from the loads and loads of bad guys that would love to get their grubby mitts on Chuck and his brain. Chuck's Intersect also provides an early warning of sorts on the presence of bad guys, -usually while they're unsuspecting -and allowing our heroes to thwart the baddie's nefarious misdeeds. The very lovely Sarah poses as Chuck's girlfriend, so the outside world doesn't question their constant communications with each other at all hours, including "dates" that are actually missions. Chuck begins the show with practically no action genre survival skills whatsoever, relying on Sarah and Casey to be his bodyguards. Interestingly, and endearingly, as Sarah and Casey educate Chuck on the hard lessons needed to survive in the spy world, Chuck and his loving family (initially unaware of his new role in national security) begin to indoctrinate Sarah and Casey on the joys of normal life, and what it's like to have a strong supportive family and friends, drastically changing the outlooks on life of the two hard-bitten government agents. Chuck's family, most importantly his elder sister Ellie, and her boyfriend-fiance-husband Devon become good friends, and influential people to the former lone wolves that were Sarah and Casey.

Chuckbegan in 2007, and finished in 2012, after five seasons.

What you Need to Know About Blue Bloods:The Reagan family (presumably no relation to the 40th president) is synonymous with law enforcement in New York City. Frank Reagan is the NYPD Police Commissioner, a career cop, a 9/11 first responder, widowed father of four, and grandfather of three. His family includes his own father, Henry, himself a former police commissioner from the "good old days". He has four children, one of whom is killed before the action of the show begins, and so whom is never seen. Ex-Marine Danny Reagan is the eldest, an NYPD homicide cop, who is married with two kids. Erin comes next, a fairly newly divorced single mother and an assistant district attorney in Manhattan. The fallen Joseph was next, and Jamie is the youngest, who was not initially supposed to be a cop, but a lawyer. Something changes his mind on career paths around the time Joseph dies, making Jamie probably the only Harvard educated rookie cop in the NYPD.

Blue Bloods began in 2010, and as of early 2014, just got renewed for a 5th season.

The shows occupy two different genres, but are both unashamedly idealistic about the joys and strengths to be found in family and close friends. Both are also big on calls to duty, even in the faces of physical dangers, challenges from authorities, betrayals by comrades, threats to loved ones, and losses of family and friends.

The bulk of the story takes place in the present (2014) so the first few chapters are prologue.

"Grandma always said a family is held together by its secrets." - - - Detective Danny Reagan

"You didn't go far enough, Chuck! Sarah is special. I know it. You know it. And if you love her and if she's the one, then you don't stop, you don't quit. You never go too far. You are a Bartowski, Chuck. Start acting like one. - - - Ellie Bartowski-Woodcomb

"Family is what makes us strong" - - - - Commissioner Frank Reagan

"You know my father taught me a lot of things. … Like looks can be deceiving. … Fight for your family. … And of course, never use a gun unless you absolutely have too." - - - Chuck Bartowski

"Is there any aspect of public service you Reagans aren't involved in?

"Politics. Too many crooks in that." - Detectives Kate Lansing and Danny Reagan

"I think we need to support Chuck. This is his family, and it's my family too now." - - - Sarah Walker Bartowski

"Saw my first dead body last night. Of course Danny had to be the one to show it to me."
" If you were twelve he would have made you kiss it" - - - Officer Jamie Reagan and ADA Erin Regan-Boyle

Chuck vs The Blue Bloods

Prologue- One Wedding and A Funeral

May 2009

Burbank, California

Servants of the Prince of Peace Chapel

Eleanor Faye Bartowski stepped into her wedding dress with an odd, comfortable mixture of anticipation and resignation. The dress was perfect, the day was perfect, and her groom Devon was … Awesome, she thought with delight. Her newly re-discovered father would be there to give her away, and her wonderful brother who found him would be there with his exquisite date, Sarah – the woman who was clearly inspiring Chuck to do bigger and better things with his hitherto fore mellow, laid back life.

Ellie heaved a sigh as she took in the bridal chamber of the chapel. Of course, no wedding was without compromise and hers was no exception. The fact that they were having a big wedding at all was a concession on her part; she'd have much preferred a quick, simple ceremony on the beach. But her soon to be in-laws were big advocates of a traditional ceremony, and she was learning that her Devon's mother, Honey was a woman used to getting her way. So it was with some resignation that she had to admit that much of this day was Honey's as well as her own.

But location didn't matter. At the end of this day she was going to be married to Devon Woodcomb, the man of her dreams, and she'd happily have this wedding in the sixth level of hell for this to happen, so long as Chuck, Sarah and her father Steven were there to share it with her.

Sarah would be here soon …. Ellie allowed a mischievous smile to part her lips, as she secretly hoped that she had kept Chuck sleeping in late this morning. While they waited, her other three bridesmaids, Cynthia, Kimberly and Justine relaxed a bit. Kimberly was behind her, zipping up her dress.

"You look just gorgeous" Kimberly fawned with delight. Kimberly was one of the ER nurses at Westlake, and had become fast friends with Ellie as soon as she had started to work there.

"Thanks Kim- so do you. You know, I think one of Devon's brothers is single."

"Nice. What's the scouting report on him? Is he a sweetie pie like Devon?"

"I honestly don't know very well. I can count on one hand the times I've even been in the same room with either of them."

Honey Woodcomb, who had been overhearing, came whirling in, a blonde and pink tornado of excitement – and control. "Both Woodrow Jr and Arthur are perfect gentleman, but they live back east, and I'll not have any of you West Coast vixens tempting them to move out here. I've lost one to the allure of Earthquake Land, and that's quite enough." Turning to Ellie, and not noticing that she'd vaguely insulted all four California girls present, Honey asked "Any word on when your brother and the blonde are getting here?"

"No, Honey, sorry – but Chuck and Sarah will be here, don't worry." Ellie said, patiently.

"I'll make sure I have Woody keep an eye out," and with that, Honey was gone.

Cynthia, a classmate of Ellie's from medical school shook her head in sympathy. "Ellie, Devon's a great guy, and nothing should give you a second thought about marrying him, but I wouldn't want that for a mother-in-law."

"Good with the bad, Cindy. Good with the bad." Ellie grinned. Examining herself in the mirror and satisfying herself for the moment, Ellie sighed and made her way to the other end of the bridal chamber. Justine, somewhere in the last two minutes had suddenly become a statue of silent concern as she viewed the small TV that was at this end of the room.

Ellie allowed dismayed sympathy to cloud her features as she saw what was on the TV screen. Justine was watching the news, and the story was obvious. It could only be one thing that they were watching, as a long line of police motorcycles and cars were visible on the news report. They moved slowly and all the vehicles with police markings had their emergency lights on. A glossy black hearse led the procession, followed by two black stretch limousines, and a black sports utility vehicle. The SUV was clearly a police vehicle, as special emergency lights were embedded in the grill of the otherwise civilian-looking car. Other camera shots panned over the seemingly endless procession of police vehicles make their way into a cemetery. The very bottom of the screen held the news banner: NYPD PC's son laid to rest - Detective Joseph Reagan -3rd NYPD line of duty death of 2009.

Justine was another one of Ellie's favorite nurses, and another one drawn to Ellie's happy and attractive personality. It was immediately clear to Ellie why this particular news story was so concerning to her. Scott, Justine's serious boyfriend and date for today was a 3 year veteran of the LA County Sheriff's office. It made no difference that this was news footage from the other side of the country – any disaster that befell a police officer or firefighter anywhere twisted the hearts of emergency types and their loved ones everywhere. Ellie knew that Justine and Scott had probably never heard of this fallen cop, and yet an identical catastrophe could befall Scott on his very next shift.

In truth, it would probably be easier for Ellie to list the number of female nurses she worked with who had never dated a policeman or a fireman - emergency service people did tend to attract one another with their unique stresses and bizarre hours. Indeed, had Ellie not fallen in love with a fellow doctor, who'd be to say she herself could not have been charmed by a handsome charismatic hero-type with a badge? Some of Ellie's nurses were unashamed "badge bunnies" – a type of police and fire groupies, similar to those that favored bands. But Ellie had met Justine and Scott as a couple, and they were very much a real couple. Ellie was hopeful that the next wedding she attended would either be Justine and Scott's if not, Chuck and Sarah's.

"Scott's here today, safe and sound, right?" Ellie asked in concern for Justine.

"Oh yeah." Justine said. "We'll probably be thanking your in-laws for the open bar" she smiled.

"What's this?" the bride gestured towards the TV "What does PC mean?"

"Police Commissioner. The New York PC has two sons who are cops. One of them went through the wrong door a few days ago. So sad. Not only did this commissioner lose one of his men, it was his own son that died."

"God, that is awful." Ellie sighed as she listened to the newscast.

"NYPD police Commissioner Frank Reagan gave a brief yet poignant eulogy over the casket of a fallen officer all too near and dear to himself. Regan's second son, NYPD detective Joseph Conor Reagan was killed in the line of duty early Friday morning while serving a high-risk arrest warrant with his team. Two suspects were also killed during the execution of the raid. Reagan emphasized that the slain detective's sacrifice is a grief to not just one but to two 'families' as all police officers are part of a common brother and sisterhood. Commissioner Regan further elaborated that Joseph is not only survived by his brothers Daniel and James, his sister Erin, a niece, two nephews, his grandfather Henry, … but also his family of 35,000 fellow NYPD officers, all of whom he leaves behind."

During the newscaster's small soliloquy, silent footage and pictures passed by of the police procession into the cemetery, a still shot of the fallen cop looking very serious and handsome in his uniform and of NYPD commissioner Frank Reagan, a vibrant, handsome 50-or-60 something looking man at the lectern of a large cathedral. Although his speech was muted out for the sake of the news anchor's voice over, it was clear he was delivering it with a quiet strong dignity-that even so did nothing to mask his pain. The camera also panned over several hundred cops in uniform, and the grief stricken faces of some of the family in the front pews of the church.

"And we are now live at the Holy Cross cemetery in Brooklyn, where the NYPD honor guard has just set up …" the newscaster continued as the footage changed to the procession of vehicles.

Ellie sighed again. "Any chances of talking Scott into a particularly safe duty? If you need help bullying him into guarding a crosswalk or something let me know, I have years' experience of pushing around a little brother to get what I want." Ellie offered with a helpful grin.

Justine laughed a little, and opened her mouth to respond, but before she could, Honey arrived again, looking with some dismay at the news report. "Now, now ladies. A fallen policeman is very very sad, but we don't want to let it mess up our special day today, do we? Especially when we can't do very much about it here. Come come, Ellie, let's check your make up again. The rest of you line up! Flowers ladies!" Both bride and bridesmaids meekly followed Honey's directives.

Again Ellie stood before the full length mirror, pretending to verify that her witnessing a sad news story had not catastrophically damaged her mascara. There was a knock at the door behind her, which Honey answered, and Ellie heard a most welcome male voice from the hallway.

"Hi, can I talk to my sister? It will only take a second."

"Oh, no Chuck! It's bad luck to see the bride before …"

Truly annoyed now, Ellie called back "It's fine, I don't believe in that stuff!"

"Okay fine, just get in, get in!" she could hear Honey hiss.

Elle arched her back and beamed. Only two men in her life had any claim to her heart, although in very different ways of course. The first one she was marrying in an hour. The second one she had known her whole life since her parents had brought him from the hospital – the boy she had taught to tell time and use a VCR player, her wonderfully sweet and kind hearted … if somewhat directionless at times… brother Chuck.

Chuck stared at his big sister, resplendent in her white dress, truly at a loss for words. She demanded some sort of verbiage "What?" she asked with a smile.

"Look at you," he said with a wistful sigh. "Your dreams are coming true"

Ellie corrected him. "If it were up to me, I'd have a small ceremony on the beach, sand between my toes, people I love, but … we all have to make sacrifices for family, right?"

"One, two, three …" Honey began inspecting the bridesmaids, and suddenly found herself 25% short. "Where the hell is my blonde?" she snarled over the absent Sarah Walker.

"Anyway, I don't know yet what I'm going to get you for a wedding present, but I'll start with this: I quit the Buy More today."

Ellie's eyes widened in surprise and delight. Chuck had always been meant for bigger things than he was currently doing, and she had been trying to coax him to expand his horizons past the Nerd Herd desk for a year or more. She whirled with glee "What!?" and her smile now lit up the room, brilliant even for a bride.

"The Buy More … is no more." Chuck said with warm certainty.

"Oh, Chuck! That is … that's just incredible!" Sarah cooed with delight. "What are you going to do with your future?"

"I don't know!" Chuck said, enjoying the freedom.

"Oh, there she is!" Honey groaned with relief behind them. Brother and sister whirled around to view the newcomer. Honey's missing blonde, Sarah Walker apologetically crept into the bridal chamber, before being immediately ushered into line by Honey. The athletic and gorgeous Sarah was easily the tallest woman there, and her golden tresses fell just below her shoulders. In fact Ellie had given Sarah an out this morning for the bridesmaids hair appointments, believing that her brother's girlfriend looked better with her hair down, and knowing that Chuck preferred it that way too. Honey had been annoyed at this, of course but all Ellie had to do was to convince the golden haired Honey that blonde looks better free and down, and the sideways appeal to Honey's own vanity had had its effect.

"I made my dreams come true, Chuck. What are you going to do about yours" Ellie prompted. Sarah had been so good for Chuck these last two years, and Ellie credited her with inspiring Chuck to do greater things with his life.

She towered over Kimberly, Cynthia and Justine, and that was possibly the reason why she looked a little awkward and shy in her slinky pink bridesmaid dress. She gave Chuck an uncomfortable glance, as if she felt self-conscious with all these strangers, or if she were sitting on an unpleasant piece of news.

Chuck seemed not to quite notice—or perhaps he just dismissed it as Sarah not being the bridesmaid type of woman. Ellie watched him stride over to his girlfriend, and ask if he could have a word with her. The two of them quickly went outside.

Justine shook her head as the couple left. "Ellie, your brother's a sweetie pie, he really is. But I'm still surprised he landed that one."

Ellie opened her mouth to defend her brother, but was herself interrupted by Kimberly. "Oh, I'm not. Chuck can be a charmer on his good days. I'm guessing Sarah met him on a good day."

"Pretty much." Ellie reinforced "I guess so. Her phone was broken and he fixed it for her. Chuck's probably like a lot of guys – they look good when they're doing something they know how to do. You just caught him on a bad day, Justine. In fact, his birthday party was just about a day or two before they met."

"You're sure they're a strong couple right?" Kimberly verified. "I mean Chuck's off-limits?"

Ellie's kind glance became tinged with menace. "Kimberly, Chuck and Sarah are going to go the distance, and you are not going to distract my brother. He is 100% completely off limits. Clear?"

"Oh, heard! Totally!" Kimberly held up her flowers in innocence. "I don't poach. You just told me they were on the outs a few months ago, and I was just wondering where they'd gone with that."

"Well they just went away together for a few days, so I'll bet they're pretty strong." Ellie affirmed. "Out of bounds, Kimberly".

Sarah came back within short order, a sweet smile on her face. She came over to Ellie and pecked her cheek. "Chuck was right – you look wonderful. Devon's going to be so happy. And he does indeed have the rings."

Ellie sighed, and beamed at who she by now presumed would eventually be her sister-in-law. The day was hers, and was going so wonderfully. The small core of her family, her and Chuck had always included Devon through these last few years, and today was about making that official. Chuck had miraculously found her long lost dad, through hacking or info gathering, or whatever voodoo her tech support nerd brother did, and things seemed to be going swimmingly with he and Sarah. After so many years of loneliness of just her and Chuck, her family seemed to be growing threefold in the space of just a few days. She had never felt anything quite so beautiful.

BB=====================BB ===========================BB========================BB

New York City, New York

Borough of Brooklyn,

Holy Cross Cemetery

As one family gleefully anticipated the joys of a wedding and the merging and growing of the families that it promised, another family 3000 miles away tried to come to terms with the fact that their own had recently and violently shrunk.

Erin Regan-Boyle sat in one of the rear seats of the first limousine, her eyes relatively dry, considering. She was simply at the point where she had cried herself out. Thankfully Danny, Linda and their kids Sean and Jack were in the second limo, meaning that the only "child" she needed to stay strong for was her far-older-than-her 13 years daughter Nicky, who occupied the seat next to her, mute in misery at the loss of her loving Uncle Joe.

Across the compartment, in the couch seat facing them sat Jamie and Sydney, their left hands clasped together, and the engagement ring that Jamie had only given her a month ago sparkling on her finger. Erin's brother Jamie was naturally pale of complexion, but today he looked absolutely as white as a ghost, his face a mask of grief, anger … and something else uncomfortable, Erin couldn't guess what.

There never was – and there never could be- a "good" time to say goodbye to a beloved family member like Joe. And yet the timing of his death made it all the more obscene. Spring of 2009 was becoming so happy a time. Erin and Nicky were beginning to bond over the first boy to ask Nicky to the 7th grade dance. Jamie and Sydney had just graduated Harvard Law together, passed the bar together, and gotten engaged … their wedding plans taking a back seat as they were both being aggressively courted by firms in New York, Philadelphia, Boston and Houston. Danny had gotten his promotion from the Narcotics division to Homicide. Things had generally been coming up roses for the Regan family … until that phone call at 4:15 in the morning earlier this week, the timing of which precluded it being anything good.

Unsettled by the quiet, Sydney made a little small talk. "I suppose that Angela will meet us there."

Nicky responded. "I saw her car earlier. Her parents flew down from Portland. They're about six cars back."

"I like Angela. She was good for Joe." Jamie choked out. "Were we wrong not to invite her to ride with us?"

With uncharacteristically cool confidence, Nicky responded. "Angela and Joe were just dating. They weren't engaged." She then paused, worried that she sounded needlessly cold and inconsiderate. "I don't mean to be rude about her… it's just that… she's not family. At least not the way you're going to be, Sydney." She added with a sad smile. Sydney took in the smile and responded with one of her own.

Erin watched in some consideration. She and her daughter had always had a good relationship, although often rife with mother-daughter issues. Nicky however, positively worshipped the males in her family, from her great granddad, to her granddad … to her philandering, irresponsible, estranged father – okay, no points for character judgment on that one – To her loving and doting uncles Danny, Joe, and Jamie. Erin didn't blame her, and treasured her brothers' roles in Nicky's life. Nicky was little when Danny and Linda had gotten married, and so Nicky had always known Linda as Danny's wife. Sydney had also been a part of Jamie's life for a long time, and so Nicky had slowly accepted her as well. But Nicky had always been slow to accept new women in Joe's life. Her uncle was not quite a ladies man … but he had just been taking his time to settle down, and in Angela, Nicky continued to see an outsider.

Sydney clasped Jamie's hand, and rested her head on Jamie's shoulder. "She's really going to miss him, though."

Xxx xxx xxx xxx

In the next car, Linda Regan worked hard at containing her own grief and to keep a dry eye, which was quite a challenge with her two sons. Jack was keeping things together pretty well, but Sean was a bit of a talkative mess, his emotions waffling back and forth between grief, pain, anger, and even hatred for the horrible men who had done this to the family. Joe Regan had always been the life of all the birthdays and Christmas mornings he could remember, and the void he was feeling was as real, if not as large, as anyone else's in the car. Oddly, all of Sean's emotions mirrored her own; they just weren't restrained by any kind of discipline.

"Sean, Uncle Joe wouldn't have wanted you to say you hate the drug dealers. Uncle Joe didn't hate anyone." Danny Reagan quietly admonished his youngest. It was the most natural thing in the world for a father to say, who didn't want to see an ugly emotion like hatred spawn in his son's heart. It was also more than a little ironic, as Danny often let his anger feed him when he worked a case.

"Except for Dolphins fans. He hated them" Jack tried to wisecrack, while looking at Sean. Such levity would have typically earned him a cuff from either Linda or Danny, or perhaps even Henry, who was sitting next to him, but all could see that he was trying to tame his younger brother's moods. It actually worked, and Sean chuckled.

"Remember when he took us to that Jets game last year?" Sean suddenly remembered.

"Yeah!" Jack smiled. "He taught us everything about football"

"Yeah. Yeah." Danny joined in. "He was always the football expert in the family. Baseball was more my thing. Also, you two need to get Uncle Jamie to teach you about chess. Jamie's good at it, Joe was too. I… kinda suck."

"It's because you're a Marine, honey, and you still don't get why the king can only move one square, instead of kicking butt like the rest of the pieces." Linda said with a soft smile.

"Seriously, he's the most important piece on the board, and he fights like one of the itty-bitty pawns. What is that?" Danny complained.

"Hey", Henry interrupted. "I'm a Marine, and I like chess. And the king only moves around a little bit because he delegates." He reached over and gave Sean a noogie. "but you're dad's right. It'll be up to Uncle Jamie to teach you all about chess now."

"You know pops," Linda switched topics. "You and Danny really look good in your uniforms. It's a crying shame that things like this are the only occasions you get to wear them anymore."

"Dirty shame" Henry agreed. "It's funny. When you first become a cop, you love to put the uniform on every day. Then when you make detective or PC, you only get to wear them for things like this that are officious and pompous at best, and horrible at worst. And as for you two," he gestured to his great-grandsons "When we get out of here you're going to see more cops than you've ever seen in one place in your lives. Just remember that they're all here because of what a great uncle you guys had. And he loved you very much. And whatever you do, don't worry about the druggies that did this. They're having their own conversations with God right now. "

Xxx xxx xxx xxx

From the third car of the procession, a large black Ford Expedition, Deputy Commissioner for Public Information Garrett Moore sat in the rear driver's side seat. Practicality insisted that the somewhat smaller Detective Abigail Baker take the passenger side, as she fit better in the back when Commissioner Frank Reagan rode shotgun.

Reagan had his head bowed, and Garret could see that New York's top cop was having his own private conversation with the Almighty. Now then, was the time for silence and respect.

Like the commissioner himself, Garrett was never truly off duty, and rarely wasted a minute of time. And this time trapped in the command SUV was wasted time. Oh, the funeral of Reagan's fallen son, a hero of the NYPD was very much a required and solemn occasion, and Garrett hadn't even a slight complaint about attending. Garrett was as appreciative of the ceremony at Saint Patrick's and the bagpipes and the firing squad and the bugler as anyone else. It was taking part in the long, drawn out procession that annoyed him. And when the commissioner was in prayer, it wasn't the time for meaningful communication.

With nothing else to do, Garrett decided to do his job – collect relevant news and information. He withdrew his iPhone, and called up his favorite news site.

A moment later, Abigail heard a very soft "Hmmm?" from Garret. As she turned her blonde head to see what had gotten Garrett's attention, Garret cast a downward glance, embarrassed to have been caught sneaking work in the car. The detective arched an inquisitive eyebrow.

Wordlessly, Garret passed her his iPhone so she could read the news story. After a moment, her own bewildered and confused look mirrored Garret's. Silently, she mouthed the words "Meth lab?" to the Deputy Commissioner. Her expression betrayed a sense of incredulity.

Garret simply shrugged, as no further details were present yet.

"Something good?" Came the voice from the passenger seat. Frank Reagan had obviously detected the silent back-and-forth going on behind him, despite their attempts at stealth. Both Garrett and Abigail grimaced, as both had been eager to let the grieving father alone with his thoughts at the moment.

"Nothing that really needs your attention, commissioner. Not really on any day, and certainly not today. Just weird story out of California." Garret temporized.

"You know I love hearing about how weird California is. And I could use a chuckle today, so let's have it." Frank said without looking back.

"Well I wouldn't call it funny, but since foolish criminals are always good for a laugh, why not?" Garrett said. "Apparently there's this old abandoned drive in movie theater out in Barstow, the Starbright. It hasn't been used for years… at least not as a movie theater. Apparently some methamphetamine cooks decided that the series of access tunnels underneath it with no ventilation looked like a great place to do business."

"Ugh." Reagan groaned. "Let me guess. Everyone got overcome by the fumes"

"Good theory. Now imagine your theory was directed by Michael Bay. They blew themselves and the whole complex sky high. Investigators are saying that it looks like someone carpet bombed the place." At the odd absurdity of it, Garrett couldn't help a soft grin. Dumb criminals produced their own type of gallows humor. If nothing else, it sometimes made police work a bit easier.

"Any civilian casualties?" Frank asked.

"Um, no. Apparently this place is out in the middle of nowhere, even by Barstow standards. Nobody hurt but the bad guys."

There was a somewhat awkward period of silence, which Frank broke after a moment. "Well you're right Garrett. It's not funny. But it is weird."

The SUV became silent again as brake lights appeared on the hearse and two limousines in front of them. The procession had arrived at Joe's final resting place.

A/N: Chuck fans may recognize the first scene as an extension of a canonical scene in the season 2 finale "Chuck vs. The Ring", which aired in May 2009. The news story that Garret reads happened in the episode before, "Chuck vs. The Colonel"

As noted before, Blue Bloods was not yet on the air, but Joe Reagan's death is canonically shown (via his tombstone) to have been May of 2009. For most of the first season, the Reagan family continues to labor under the illusion that Joe was murdered by drug dealers fleeing a warrant - it is revealed not to be the case. Joe was actually murdered by a cabal of corrupt cops known as the Blue Templar ... a treacherous sub organization in the NYPD ... which when you think of it, is not a million miles removed in spirit from Fulcrum in Chuck Season 2.

More to come, of course. be patient