Hello everyone! Welcome to my fan-fiction, Bad Company. I have recently gotten into the Supernatural series, starting back since last year, and I can definitely tell you that I am Team Dean. I am a little bit hesitant about going through with writing this fan-fiction due to my mishaps of using an OC that ends up being too much of a Mary Sue, in turn, causes me to lose interest because of mistakes and running out of ideas, as well as unable to keep the characters in line when I try to add in a few chapters of my own...As of right now, I am really into writing this fan-fiction with high hopes that I can go through with this, though I am having a bit of a rough patch due to the fact that I desperately need the help of an outside source to run over my chapters (I have like, four chapters written) and they need proofread before I begin to consider posting them.

I really would like for this to end up turning into something great. As a writer, I try so hard to meet the needs of what I want in a fan-fiction as well as the needs of the readers, so I am open to ideas and tips. Watching Supernatural, (being Team Dean and such) has inspired me to do a little twist to the series. Throughout it, I can't help but watch Dean go through life, having things that is so near and dear to him be ripped away. And I'm also a sucker for some romance, so I thought, why not make a series where he can have someone who could be the comfort and push he needs to get through those times?

This someone is an OC by the name of Abigail Colt. She comes from a long line of hunters, also being a descendant of Samuel Colt. Abigail was born with supernatural perception along with the ability to sense them proving her parents an important asset to their hunts. At the age of fourteen, her family was brutally murdered after a demon couldn't possess her, leaving her father mortally wounded in which, he tells her to call their closest friend; John Winchester. As Abigail's father's last wish, John takes her in.

This also means, Dean and her wind up developing feelings towards each other. Dean himself is a damaged person, but after the first two years of Abigail living with them, he realizes he isn't the only one who is damaged. Abigail herself is suffering from the reminiscence of her family's demise believing that it was her fault to which, she suffers from severe night terrors and often insomnia.

Though they are a level-headed team, John winds up missing causing them to turn to another means of support-their youngest 'brother', Sam; who had left the family business for college. As a couple, Dean and Abigail are each other's rock; the very means of keeping a level head during a hard point in their lives. Dean is ever loyal and faithful to Abigail, knowing that she knows exactly how he feels.

As the story line progresses, there will be changes towards the Canon...meaning that Lisa will probably not have any major significance as well as Anna...simply 'cause I didn't care for her. Trust me though, Dean will still be Dean. That's what made me love him in the first place! So, no worries!

Note:If anyone is interested, before I start this series, I am desperately looking for a Beta Reader to ensure that I won't have any problems! Also, this story will be rated M for language and smut, as well as some- and I am stressing some- situations that will involve attempted suicide and drug use. So, please, as an attempt at forewarning, don't read it if you aren't into it. Thanks! (: