Chapter 7

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Shikaku led her up to the door on the end of the hallway while he quickly named the rooms they were passing. Most of them were empty bedrooms but a few were storage rooms or bathrooms. Shikamaru didn't live in this hall, instead he had his room on the other side of the house where rooms for the adult but unmarried members of the main family were situated.

Inside the master bedroom Midoriko took her time while she admired the spacious room with the beautiful bed, a matching make-up table and a built-in wardrobe. All three pieces of furniture had artfully crafted deer silhouettes and the Nara clan symbol carved into them. A glance to the floor let Midoriko recognize the clan symbol inlaid in the floor, the motive was continued in the deer carving on the door across the bed that led to a bathroom.

More than satisfied with the view Midoriko unsealed her two wardrobes. Beside her Shikaku watched fascinated if slightly wary as they grew to be nearly as tall as him. The black haired witch opened the first one to show Shikaku its content. Wordlessly the Nara clan head opened the deer wardrobe that he had commissioned four months ago to show his wife the empty space beside his clothes.

Happily said woman started to move first her dresses and kimonos into the beautiful piece of furniture before she started to fill the empty shelves with her pants and shirts. The two drawers beneath her dresses were also quickly filled with her underwear and Shikaku couldn't help the mischievous grin that stole itself across his face. His new wife caught said expression and the amused eyebrow that he got in return was a welcome opening for Shikaku. With two steps he was behind her and softly kissed her right ear.

"Not going to call me a pervert?" he couldn't help but tease.

"That would defeat the purpose; these are after all more for your benefit than mine," came the dry reply from the black haired woman.

The chuckle that her words elicited vibrated through her body and sent shivers down to her toes, she could practically see the sparks flying between them.

Shikaku hid his grin in her neck before he took a step back to give her some space to finish her task and lazily sat down against the headboard of the bed to watch her flit between her two travel wardrobes and his own oneā€¦ well theirs.

Finished with the clothes Midoriko took out two bags of toiletries alongside a sleeping chemise that she had left out on purpose and sat them on the bed before shrinking her Rune furniture back into easy portable objects that vanished into her satchel, she would take care of the rest on the next day. She quickly organizing her make up into the drawers of her make-up table and then wandered into the en-suite Midoriko waited for Shikaku's reaction concerning her sleepwear that was in full view on their bed, she hoped that he didn't need another hint.

It was a skimpy piece, a really skimpy piece.

Shikaku inwardly shook his head and grinned while he traced the piece of silk and lace first with his eyes and then with his hand. She may not be as outspoken and brash as the better part of the kunoichi population but Midoriko was definitely not a meek civilian woman who hid behind exaggerated modesty and would just take anything he said as an order.

Taking the non-verbal invitation as what it was Shikaku slipped out of his socks and blue Konoha standard over shirt which he laid over the chair beside his side of the bed before removing his bandages and hidden weapons. Checking once more that he had nothing dangerous left on his body he followed Midoriko just in his mesh and pants into the bathroom.

Said black haired woman stilled and watched in the mirror while her husband came closer behind her. When she could feel the warmth he was radiating at her back, she turned around and slowly let her hands wander under the shirt.

But before she could do anything the man in front of her said, "I hope you know that you don't have to do this if it is going too fast. We have all the time in the world."

Midoriko had to smile at that. "Shikaku, I have been worrying myself for the last few days about what to expect from my husband-to-be, you are not what I expected, in a very, very positive way. So believe me, I really want this."

Before he could say anything else the black haired witch pushed the strangely made shirt up until she could remove it from his frame. A small gasp escaped her and she had to bite off the moan that wanted to escape her mouth when she finally caught a glance of her husband's uncovered physique. He was BUILT, powerful pectorals, a six pack and even his sides were packed with muscles. Her eyes traced lazily the many scars that crisscrossed his body. Oddly enough they didn't take away from his attractiveness, she herself had had all visible scars either magically or surgically removed after the war, it may seem conceited and unnecessary but she hadn't been able to look at her own body for a very long time and to see them go had been more than a relief for the witch, it had marked a new beginning for her.

Returning from her thoughts Midoriko's eyes wandered over the naturally tanned skin, Shikaku had a slight sprinkle of hair on his upper body but the only other area where she could see it was the treasure trail that started under his belly button and vanished into his pants. Midoriko was lightly chewing on her lip while she explored the naked flesh in front of her; Shikaku seemed content in letting her lead. After she had lightly scratched her fingernails over his uncovered front Midoriko took the last step until she was standing pressed against Shikaku's half naked body; her still clothed breasts were touching his pectorals.

Now Shikaku's arms came alive and opened the pearly haori Midoriko was wearing and hungrily took in her blemish free, pale skin and the matching pearl colored silk bra. He stroked her sides before undoing her hakama and letting them slip down, pulling her up until she trapped his hips with her legs.

Both sighed when they felt the contact and Midoriko slowly started to undulate against Shikaku's blatant interest.

"Tease," Shikaku grunted before he undid her bra with one hand and latched onto her left breast with his mouth.

Midoriko gasped while she leaned back slightly, secure in the knowledge that Shikaku was strong enough to hold her and moaned happily and asked breathlessly, "Who is the tease now?"

Shikaku smirked into her breast before nipping once more and then asking, "Bed or shower first?"

"Shower, I feel a bit gross after this long day," Midoriko gasped and unhooked her legs from around his waist.

With a quick step to the side she opened the shower cabin before starting the water. Finished with her task she sent Shikaku a smirk over her shoulder and slowly removed her tabi (kimono socks) and panties. Shikaku growled playfully before removing his own cargo pants and boxers as well as his hair tie. In the meantime Midoriko had leaned against the shower and slowly caressed her breasts while she watched Shikaku undress. When the Nara clan head looked up he had to hold onto his control to not take her in right that moment against the shower stall. Instead he walked nonchalantly closer and kissed her knee-weakening before he opened the stall and moved both of them under the water.

Midoriko sighed while she leaned against Shikaku and enjoyed the water that was running down her body. The needy lust that had been burning through her body only moments ago had receded a bit and the green eyed woman was now enjoying the light touches and soft swipes with which those big and rough hands lavished her body. She let loose a constant flood of small breathy moans, soft gasps and light whimpers while Shikaku explored her body, though without touching either her sex or breasts. When the fire inside her belly slowly started to return Midoriko took the shampoo from the shower fixture and put some of it on her hands and lifted them up to Shikaku's head where she washed his hair with a gentle and careful massage, it had a thicker texture than her own but was softer than it looked. She maneuvered him under the water stream and when the water ran clear she repeated the same procedure with the body wash while she simultaneously explored the body in front of her, especially his muscular arms and legs found appreciation during that time. The ninja in front of her seemed to enjoy it, although she couldn't be completely sure because he hadn't moaned or even sighed once since the start. The only signs of arousal were Shikaku's dilated eyes, his elevated breath and of course the erection that strained in her direction.

After she was finished Shikaku took a bigger portion of the shampoo into his hand but seemed unsure where to begin, with a smile and peck to his cheek Midoriko moved his hand to her head before she let them glide through her wet hair. It took a while for the sudsy water to run clear but neither of them seemed in any kind of hurry. The moment the water started to run clear Midoriko moved her hair over her right shoulder to the front to give Shikaku access to her back. His callous hands glided over her skin and sent pleasant shivers through her body, in response her nipples tightened even further.

With a quick movement of his hand Shikaku abruptly stopped the shower and moved them both out of the stall. Midoriko's shivering, this time from the cold air stopped when Shikaku wrapped her into one of the big brown towels that hung beside the shower and dried off her skin. The black haired woman sent him a grateful smile before she concentrated her powers to her hands until they started to glow. As a reaction Shikaku's eyebrow rose when she moved them to her head and then combed them through her hair. The water evaporated nearly instantly and her hair was left dry and shiny. Curious about what he had just seen Shikaku touched it to verify its dryness. When the black haired woman offered nonverbally to do the same for him a slightly wary look flitted over Shikaku's face. Taking her clues from his face, Midoriko instead grabbed a towel and carefully pressed most of the water out of his hair, the hair was still damp but no longer dripping.

"It's a trick of my people," Midoriko stated while she distractedly combed her hands through his shoulder length hair.

Shikaku nodded at this before he took a step closer and took her face into his hands. "I'm sorry about refusing but I need some more time to be sure of you loyalties."

"Ninja are paranoid." Midoriko grinned teasingly before she kissed him playfully on the lips. "Don't worry I have been warned by my colleagues and lawyers about it. If you want I can show you some of my abilities in the next few days."

Shikaku relaxed slightly more even though he didn't show it. "Hhm, maybe we can even spar so that I can assess your skill level."

To this Midoriko just laughed before she shook her head and replied, "I think you misunderstand, we are taught to control our powers and use them defensively in a pinch but civilians don't learn physical fighting. I admit I know quite a lot more techniques then the average graduate but that's because we had a civil war only ten years ago, right during my graduation time and everyone was getting pulled into it. The opposition was killing indiscriminately, men, women and children, so we either had to learn more defensive and protective spells or die."

At that Shikaku's eyebrow rose but he didn't say anything; war was ugly no matter the scale. He would have to find out some more about it as well as on which side his new wife had fought when he had the time. Because fought she had, of that Shikaku was sure, she may have got away unscathed if the state of her body was any conclusion but her answer had been a tad too nonchalant for her to only have been on the sidelines.

So instead of pressing for more information he removed the towel from Midoriko's body once more and smiled when she stood completely naked if a bit shyly in front of him. Which was understandable, even most kunoichis with the exception of the seduction division would feel uncomfortable standing completely naked in a room to be ogled by a man they had only met a few hours ago. Midoriko was no virgin of that he was sure now, though he couldn't decide if he felt relief or disappointment about the fact that somebody else had known her body so intimately before him. With a last mental shrug he took her hand into his and led her back into the master bedroom, it didn't matter, she was his now and would hopefully be for a very long time.

In the bedroom Shikaku made quick work of lifting Midoriko onto the bed and put her in the middle of it. The emerald eyed woman smirked slightly up at him and moved her hands quickly over her head before she stretched her body and sprawled out over the bed. Shikaku took in the comfortable tensed muscles and the heated look she was sending him and just smiled lazily, minx. With a languid movement he settled over her and started to ignite her arousal once more, but unlike before his hands went straight for the prize this time. Shikaku watched with dark satisfaction while Midoriko writhed under him and tried to desperately increase the attention he was giving to her clitoris. It didn't take Shikaku long to have her panting and moaning in pleasure and right before she climaxed he sank into her.

Shikaku didn't expect the scream that was forced out of her throat when he entered her, nor the violent muscle contractions that clamped onto his cock. A swearword escaped him while he helplessly hammered into Midoriko for a moment, said woman could just writhed underneath him and came and came.

The Nara was sweating and grimly holding onto his self control, he was an experienced shinobi damn it, not some hormone driven civilian boy who had never had sex in his life before! And so he breathed through the divine pleasure that was Midoriko's orgasm with precise and slow thrusts and only when he felt that Midoriko's contractions were weakening he picked the pace up once more.

The witch underneath him didn't know where up or down was.

She had thought herself experienced and lucky with her former lovers but what her new husband was now doing to her let her question her former lovers prowess', either they had only been mediocre or Shikaku was unbelievingly good.

A surprised sob escaped her when she felt another peak building, tears ran down her face and she helplessly tried to hold onto something to anchor her to this world, but with even her arm muscles spasming it was a futile endeavor, Midoriko could only move her pelvic weakly into the earth shattering thrusts and take what Shikaku was giving her.

Said Nara clan head couldn't help but feel smug about the way his wife was reacting to him, she was immensely gratifying for his ego; he still seemed to have it after all! After her second orgasm Shikaku slowed down a bit, his strokes became languid and deep and finally Midoriko had a chance to catch her breath. She laughed breathlessly before she pulled the shinobi above her into a kiss and then promptly scratched her nails down his back when he hit impossibly deep in her and stayed there for a moment. Shikaku groaned and shivered at the single hard contraction he elicited and the slight pain on his back, before he doubled his efforts once more. As a result Midoriko's moans turned a tad desperate once more which only provoked an arrogant grin from the Nara head. In response the black haired witch weakly hit him on his arm and shoulder, it elicited a breathless chuckle from him before the brunette bent down and kissed Midoriko again.

When Midoriko's next orgasm hit neither of the Nara pair was prepared for it and the witch wasn't even able to moan, her mouth opened but no sound came out while her eyes rolled into the back of her skull and her whole body twitched without her having any control over it. Unable to withstand the pressure this time, Shikaku finally let go and sank himself with nearly impossible fast thrusts into Midoriko's body before he too climaxed. The Nara desperately closed his eyes while he felt wave after wave of pleasure running through his genitals while he came deep inside Midoriko.

After some minutes of just heavy breathing Shikaku finally pulled out before he rolled over and took Midoriko with him. The speechless witch lay nearly completely sprawled out over his chest and her heart was only slowly calming down.

When she finally had the breath to speak Midoriko turned her head and looked tiredly into Shikaku's eyes. "Your first wife divorced you, didn't she?... She must have been numb down there."

Shikaku who had started to tense at the beginning of the sentences laughed surprised while he softly moved Midoriko's hair out of her glistening face and away from her body. His lips where still twitching while he listened to her falling asleep.

When he was sure she wouldn't wake up by being moved, Shikaku tugged the blanket away underneath them and covered both of them. A relaxed sigh escaped him before he fell into a light doze; the unfamiliar chakra signature right next to him prevented him from falling asleep too deeply.