Visions from Afar

He sees her for the first time at exactly 5:15 in the evening on the third Sunday of May. He remembers the day so well because it's his anniversary. He's shopping for a gift, actually, when he spots her.

She is pretty, petite, bright. She is reaching up, high above her head, for something three shelves too high for her. He can't tell what it is from this angle, but she's in the food isle so he can only assume its some type of meal. She is struggling to grab the item she is reaching for. He should go help her. He will go help her.

It isn't very often that people need his help. He tends to fade into the background pretty often, go unseen. Sometimes, when he sees someone in need, he hurries to the rescue. But someone else always swoops in, always saves the day.

It pisses him off.

He wants to help people. He's spent his whole life trying to help people. He's gone to school to help people. And yet every time the chance is presented to him, he finds it ripped away, taken by someone bigger, stronger, faster, and better looking.

He wants to be a hero and he believes in small acts of kindness. The way to show you care, his mother always told him, is through the little things. Not many people need saving from a fire but a great deal of them need help mowing the lawn. If he did that, she told him, he would be a hero. He has always wanted to be a hero.

His brother was a hero, but not the kind of hero that he is striving to be. His brother was great, above him, handsome and worldly and brave. He wants to be like his brother. But he is neither talented nor brave enough to attempt what his brother did. He wants to be a hero, but he isn't brave enough to be a big kind of one.

But that's okay, he tells himself. Small things matter. Small people can still be heroes. And he wants to be a hero. And in that moment, he wants to be a hero for her. She looks like someone who needs a hero. She looks like she needs to know there's always someone looking out for her. He can be that person. He can be good enough for her.

He sets the flowers he's been looking at back where they came from and begins to push the cart forward. The wheels squeak as he goes and he knows it isn't that loud but feels as if everyone is staring at him. She's not, though. She's still looking above her, reaching, like she doesn't notice him. That's okay, he tells himself. She will.

Now that he is closer, he can see what it is that she's reaching for—a bag of chips. Sour cream and onion, in fact. Those are his favorite. In that instant, he knows that he is meant to be there, meant to be her hero. They like the same chips. That must mean something.

The distance between them is shrinking with each step that he takes. The closer he gets, the more beautiful he realizes that she is, and the more nervous he becomes. He's never been very good at talking to pretty girls and she is very, very pretty. Blonde hair frames a heart shaped face; expressive eyes are bright with determination. She has a pink painted lip pulled between her teeth. The dress she is wearing—a pretty blue summer one—rides up just enough so that he can see her thigh. It looks amazing, flexed, balancing on extremely high stiletto heels.

There is no one else in the isle, just she and him. It's the perfect opportunity. He quells his rapidly beating heart, swallows his fear, and takes a step. She's right there, still reaching. Just a little more and—


The spell is broken, shattered, laying in pieces all around him.

Suddenly, a man rounds the corner. He is tall and handsome, dressed impeccably in a pair of nice slacks and a form fitting blazer. His shoes are definitely designer. He is carrying himself like he knows exactly what he wants and exactly how to get it. He's holding an expensive cell phone in his hand, absent mindedly typing something away. His eyes, though, those are what really sets him apart. They are large and blue and powerful. Those are the eyes of a man who has power and knows it.

He is staring at this man because he is standing close to the woman of his desire—Felicity. It's such a pretty name and it suits her so perfectly. She looks like a Felicity. A dainty name for a dainty woman.

"What are you doing? We're going to be late," the man speaks again. His demeanor and tone command respect. He steps forward and places a hand on her arm.

He doesn't like this man. There's something not right with him. He is standing much too closely to his Felicity. And then…

…Then, he reaches up. He reaches up like it's nothing and grabs the large bag of chips. He hands it to Felicity, who is now beaming at him.

It's like his whole world is shattered. This time, like every other, he has been out-matched. Someone has beaten him to the punch, someone else is the hero. It's not him. It's never him.

He can feel the anger boiling inside of him. It's strong, stronger than any other type of anger he has ever felt before. He is angry and tired. He is tired of people always besting him. He is tired of always coming in last place. He is tired of never, ever being the hero.

But, he will be. He vows this to himself as he watches that man—no, that monster—place a hand on the small of Felicity's back and lead her from the store. He is touching her so casually, like she is his to do with as he pleases, like he hasn't just taken away his chance at happiness, at being a hero.

No, not this time. He will be a hero. He will be like his brother. He will save her. He will save her.

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