Challenge Information:

Name of Challenge: A Sirius Secret Challenge

By: DZ2

Deadline: None

Before they died, Lily (or James) told Sirius a secret that, when Harry was old enough, could be told to their son; that time has come!


Whatever the secret, Harry MUST remain with Sirius and Remus

The secret must force Harry to look back on his life and make changes to his future

Any pairings are welcome

Snape either works with Harry to repay the life-debt or he helps Harry out as a permanent mentor/friend;

Harry must be at least 14 years old when he is told the secret (though I will allow Sirius to tell Harry when they meet in POA)

Welcome Additions:

Crossovers with another fandom

The secret MUST change Harry's life e.g: Lily and James aren't his parents; he's not human; something like that

Harry leaves Hogwarts

Another member of the HP universe is affected by the secret e.g: Harry and someone he considers a friend are, in fact, siblings;


Harry remaining the naive, ready-to-die boy that he is

Dark-Harry: Light or Grey ONLY

Sirius and Remus leaving Harry

Other than that; it's up to you!


A black dog walked into the yard of Number 4 Privet Drive and looked around. Its fur was matted and it looked like it hadn't eaten in weeks. The dog's ears pricked forward as it heard the harsh sounds of breathing and it followed the sounds to the back yard where a fourteen-year-old boy with messy black hair was pulling weeds out of the garden. The dog bounded over to the boy and gave a joyous bark, causing the teen to raise his head at the sound.

"Snuffles?" Harry asked and the dog gave another bark.

"What the hell are you doing here?" Harry hissed at the dog. He grabbed the dog by the scruff of its neck and dragged it in the house and upstairs to his room, thankful that the Dursleys were out for the day. When he had shut the door, the dog transformed into the 'convicted' criminal Sirius Black.

"Hi pup," Sirius said. "How you doing?"

"Sirius what the hell are you doing here?! What if you were caught by Death Eaters or the Ministry?"

"Relax pup. Nobody knows my Animagus form except you, Moony, Ron and Hermione."

"And Pettigrew," Harry added, a scowl darkening his face as he thought of the real traitor.

"That rat's probably still running back to his master," Sirius said. "Anyway pup I have something to tell you. Your mom thought you should know the secret when you were fourteen."

"What secret? Why now?"

"You're old enough to know pup. Sit down."

Harry did as instructed and watched as Sirius pulled out the chair at Harry's desk and sat down across from him.

"Pup you noticed anything different about you this summer?"

Harry looked at Sirius with a frown on his face. What kind of a question is that? But then he thought about it. His back had been stiff for a few days now and he was restless and unable to sleep. He'd been irritable with just about everything in his life and for some reason whenever he wore his glasses, his vision was blurry.

Sirius gave his godson an encouraging smile. "You probably won't believe me when I tell you this Harry but you're not human and you have a sibling somewhere. Who it is I do not know."

Wait what? Did Sirius just say I'm not human?"

"Yup," Sirius said. "But don't worry about a thing pup. Moony and I will still be with you."

"So what am I then if not human?"

"You're a demon. One of the highest demons known. A celestial demon. I'm afraid I don't know much about it. Lily did mention that on your fourteenth birthday that your demon blood would activate on the full moon."

Suddenly a blinding white light appeared and Harry shut his eyes. When he opened them again he saw a letter on his bed that hadn't been there before. Harry picked up the letter and unfolded it.


If you are reading this letter then that means you have turned fourteen. I love you so much my darling and am sorry I am not there to tell you what it is going on face to face. You see my sweet angel of darkness, I am not a human. I am what is known as a Celestial Demon and you are one as well.

If you have seen pictures of me then you may wonder why I do not like Petunia. To answer that I must explain my past. My parents were Celestial Demons and the king and queen our people. There is a book in my trunk; I believe it is in the attic at Petunia's, which has a book about our kind so go there when you're done reading this letter. There was a war going on with some demons of different tribes. The Celestial Demons are the ones who are responsible for the rest of demon kind. You should know that demons do not get along with humans. It has to do with us being seen as 'evil' and followers of the Devil but we aren't. Some humans may think of us as angels due to our wings but we are entirely different from angels. Angels are another enemy of all demons my son.

Once you have your transformation into your true body complete, you may find things in your life that will cause your demon blood to boil. Do not do anything rash my son for it will only lead to your destruction and our people will die. Find your brother and rule the demons together as is your birthright and duty.

You see James is not your father. Your father is a shadow demon and your brother's father is an ice demon. You my son have the ability to control shadows and air, and your brother the ability to control ice and air. All celestial demons have the ability to control air and are natural fliers. All demons have a fake name and a true name. My true name is Zira Elkhound. Your true name is Askelaad Elkhound and your brother's true name is Viridian Elkhound. Never share your true name except with other demons! If you do than the one you share your true name with has power over you and can control you.

As I mentioned there was a war going on and your grandparents lost their lives as did many of our people. Your father and Viridian's father both died in the battle. To protect you both, I went into hiding in the mortal world where I took a new name and a human form in order to protect us. Because I took on the appearance of a human child and am of royal blood, I was able to keep you two from developing further in my womb and lived out my life as a witch. I never told James what I was out of fear for the two of you but I know he loved you both. I hope you are with your brother reading this but if not then you should find him. As far as I know our people are in hiding due to the war. We were betrayed by some of the lesser demon clans and nearly wiped out. Look for your brother and then you two must look for our people in order to bring them back.

I love you so much.

Zira Elkhound

"Sirius what part is it in the Lunar Cycle?" Harry asked.

"It's the full moon. Why…"

"Because it looks like I'm going to begin my transformation tonight," Harry said. "And I can't do it here."

"I'll take you back to my house for the transformation then," Sirius said.

"Alright but I need to get my mom's trunk. According to the letter it's in the attic," Harry said.

Sirius nodded. While Harry was in the attic, Sirius took the time to raid the fridge and throw a meal together for the two of them. He made chicken salad sandwiches. Harry meanwhile was searching the attic for his mother's trunk. He finally found it underneath a white sheet. It was made of cherry wood and was decorated with an engraving of a stag and a doe with lilies in a circle around the stag and doe. The lock was in the middle. Grabbing the trunk with one hand, Harry dragged it downstairs where Sirius took Harry's wand and shrank the trunk before putting it in his pocket.

They ate the lunch Sirius had made and then went back upstairs so Harry could collect his school supplies and Hedwig's cage. He threw everything in the trunk before shutting it and Sirius shrank it down before putting it in the pocket where he'd put Lily's trunk. "Let Hedwig out. She'll be able to find her way to my home."

"Where do you live anyway?" Harry asked his godfather.

"In London," Sirius said. "Though I hate my house. Too many bad memories for me there but it's safe and has excellent wards."

Harry opened the window and let Hedwig out. After the Dursleys had found out that their freak of a nephew had a convicted murderer for a godfather who was on the run, they had removed the bars from his window and allowed Harry to let Hedwig out at night. They didn't want to risk Sirius showing up on their doorstep and turning them into bats. Harry was glad he hadn't mentioned anything about Sirius being innocent for the Dursleys treated him a little better because of the threat of a murderous wizard.

Sirius transformed back into Padfoot and the two left the Dursley's home. They made their way to Buckbeak and Sirius transformed back into his 'charming' self and cast the Disillusionment Charm on them. "Get on Buckbeak," Sirius said.

"Sirius are you sure nobody will be able to track the magic you're doing?" Harry asked worriedly.

"Nope. I stole a wand from a house and am using it. So people will just think it's the owner of this wand who is doing the magic and won't suspect me. Once we're safely inside my home I'll take the charm off."

"What is this charm anyway?"

"It allows you to become invisible and you can even add a spell to your feet so that you are also silent."

Sirius got on behind Harry and nudged Buckbeak with his knees. The hippogriff ran out of the alley and then flew up into the air and made his way to London. The flight didn't take very long and they soon arrived at 12 Grimmauld Place. Harry stared in wonder as the house appeared between houses 11 and 13. It looked like the muggles on either side of him couldn't even feel the house growing.

"That's awesome!" Harry shouted.

Sirius laughed. "Yeah my great great great grandparents cast spells on the house so that the muggles wouldn't notice a thing. This used to be a wizarding neighborhood and now it's a muggle one. Come on in."

Buckbeak pushed past the two wizards and made his way up to the room of Walburga Black where he had been staying. Harry stepped inside and looked around. The place was dusty and could use a good cleaning but he thought it was more of a home then the Dursleys had ever given him. They crept past Mrs. Black's portrait after Sirius explained about his mother and Sirius took out the trunks and restored them to their normal sizes.

That evening, Harry was settled into his room which had once belonged to Sirius's kid brother, and as the moon rose in the sky Harry screamed as the transformation began. Far away in Malfoy Manor, Draco Malfoy began screaming as the full moon shone through the curtains of his bedroom.