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The infirmary was quiet for once in the school year as the creature was set down on one of the beds and then bound with rope. Professor Sinistra waited in the Headmaster's Office for the Aurors and Madam Bones to arrive. Madam Bones called in Kingsley Shacklebolt, Auror Tonks and Rial Gore to help her out. When they walked through the fireplace and waved their wands to brush the soot off their robes, Madam Bones looked at the Astronomy Professor. "Why were we called here Professor?"

"The Headmaster can tell you more Madam Bones but it's horrible! There has been a death at Hogwarts, shortly after the four champions were announced for the Triwizard Tournament!"

"Four champions?" Madam Bones questioned, shock and disbelief evident in the Matron's voice.

"Indeed Madam," said Professor Sinistra. "The students are locked up in the Great Hall with the visiting students from Beauxbatons and Durmstrang. The Prefects, Head Boy and Head Girl, and the majority of the Professors are with them. Headmaster Dumbledore, Professor Burbage, Professor Sprout and Professor McGonagall are in the infirmary with the deceased and the accused."

"Who is the accused and who is the deceased?" questioned Gore.

"The deceased is pureblood Ronald Weasley and the accused…is none other than Harry Potter!"

In the infirmary, the first thing he saw was the ceiling above him and a white light that hurt the demon's eyes. Still under the effects of the body-bind curse and having his arms and legs strapped down to the bed as well, made him unable to move. Madam Pomfrey was tending to her patient. Even though he was a demon, he had still spent a lot of time in the Hospital Wing under her care and Madam Pomfrey would continue to do so. It was her oath as a Healer to never let harm come to anyone under her care. She ignored Dumbledore as he told Madam Pomfrey to step aside and let the creature suffer...getting a stinging hex thrown at him in retaliation. Nobody, not even the Headmaster, told Madam Pomfrey what to do within her own domain.

"No Albus! I don't care if Harry is a demon or a human. He is injured and my patient. I will treat him and if you don't like it then you and everyone else can get out of the infirmary!" shouted Madam Pomfrey who was right now in an argument with the Headmaster. "I thought you cared for the boy?"

"Poppy be reasonable," said Minerva only to get the Matron's fierce glare on herself.

"I thought you liked Mr. Potter? Apparently that only applies when the boy was considered a full human," said Poppy in a dangerous tone, magic crackling in the air around her.

"You are not allowed to fight as a Healer," said Amelia Bones as she entered the infirmary with the Auors and Professor Sinistra at her heels.

Madam Pomfrey turned to see the Head Auror walking into the infirmary. "I am aware of that but somebody needs to stand up for an injured student," said Madam Pomfrey. The oath that all Healers took prevented them from fighting.

Amelia ignored Madam Pomfrey. "Is the suspect secure?" asked Amelia Bones.

"Yes Madam Bones," said Professor Dumbledore. "We can give you memories of the events that led up to the murder of young Mr. Weasley if you need them for evidence."

"Thank you Headmaster. But would you like to explain why you allowed a dangerous person on school property?"

Professor Snape had remained silent during the confrontation between Madam Pomfrey and Dumbledore, finding it amusing though he was careful to keep his Slytherin mask in place. "Yes Headmaster. Do you or do you not know something you aren't telling us?" he questioned. Professor Snape was curious to know who exactly had separated the princes of the demon race when they had been born.

Internally, the Headmaster was angry that Severus and Madam Bones dared to question him or his motives. Everything would have been alright if the boy hadn't somehow woken up his demon side that Dumbledore had sealed. The boy would have continued on his destiny to kill Voldemort and either died in the process or be slain by Dumbledore in the end. Then he would have been granted more recognition by the public and the British Ministry of Magic. I should have killed Sirius in the beginning, thought Dumbledore to himself. Only the Potters, Peter and Sirius knew that Dumbledore had been there to cast the Fidelius Charm and plant the suggestion into Sirius's mind to let Peter be the Secret Keeper instead.

"Nobody knew about Mr. Potter being a demon," said Minerva McGonagall. The idea was preposterous to her and she still couldn't believe that one of her students was obviously a dark creature and shouldn't have been allowed inside the school. It was different than when Mr. Lupin had been in school. Remus had never intentionally attacked anyone and though there was that close call in the Marauders fifth year that had almost gotten out of hand and anyway Mr. Lupin hadn't chosen to be a werewolf. Minerva didn't know a lot about demons, not having taken Care of Magical Creatures when she was at Hogwarts but she had read that Demons were born and not created. They weren't like werewolves or vampires who were bitten to be created though she knew werewolves had the ability to pass on the gene that way.

Amelia walked further into the infirmary to take a look at Mr. Weasley's prone body lying on the bed next to Harry Potter's. The woman was a hardened fighter with being Head of the Aurors and the Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement but the sight of Mr. Weasley's throat slashed open got to the woman as noticed by her suddenly pale complexion. The other two Aurors came up behind her, Gore conjuring a bucket before he emptied his stomach at the sight before him. Kingsley also looked rather green around the gills and instead focused on the creature that was Mr. Potter.

"Why has he not been healed?" questioned Kingsley.

"The Headmaster doesn't seem to think he needs to be healed," said Madam Pomfrey causing the Auror to look back at the suspected criminal.

"Heal Mr. Potter," said Amelia, banishing the bucket full of vomit. "Gore, please come with me. Kingsley, see if you can get statements from the witnesses while Gore and I deal with the Headmaster," said Amelia.

"Of course ma'am," said Kingsley. Madam Pomfrey began healing Mr. Potter's injuries even while Dumbledore was being ushered out of the infirmary by Madam Bones and Auror Gore.

Back in the Great Hall, Neville and Luna were looking nervously to the doors that led out to the Entrance Hall and the rest of the school by use of the Great Staircase. They had no idea what was happening to their prince or how to get to him. If they helped him then they would risk their own exposure. But if they didn't help their prince then they could possibly face the wrath of the newly awakened prince at Hogwarts…and who knew how Prince Viridian would be when he found out that Prince Askelaad had not been helped by them. Nodding to each other they waited for the shield to be taken down. Moving back into the crowd of students, the teenagers worked together to create a distraction. Focusing on her magic, Luna caused the windows in the Great Hall to shatter, glass raining down upon the students closest to the windows. Students screamed as glass came down upon them as they ran from the windows. What was once a calm night changed as high winds came from the west…the branches of the Whomping Willow swaying in the breeze, the branches of the trees in the Forbidden Forest began to creak ominously in the wind, the surface of the Black Lake began to ripple as the winds blew across it…. fast and fierce winds that seemed to howl and signal something ominous was happening. Within the Forbidden Forest the Centaur herd looked up as the air suddenly became oppressive. "War is coming," muttered a young centaur named Sazark. Sazark had a palomino horse body while his torso, face and arms were tan with sapphire eyes. Just a colt, his opinions weren't listened to by his herd but was wise for his age.

While the Centaur Herd was observing the brightness of Mars in the night sky, the earth began to shake which was courtesy of Neville Longbottom, who was using his element Earth. The screaming intensified as people were knocked off their feet to the shaking floor beneath them. We're in for it now, thought Luna as pain shot through her back as her wings pushed out of her body and spread fully. People backed away from Luna as they saw the girl's eyes change to silver along with the silver feathered wings and black claws that extended from her fingers like a bird's talons.

"A demon!" shouted Mr. Filch from where he had fallen onto the floor, his beloved cat Mrs. Norris lying beside him. He pointed at Luna before fainting, the caretaker's shout attracting the attention of the remaining teachers in the Great Hall.

Neville stepped up beside Luna and gave her a worried look. "Go," said Luna in Shalood. "Free our prince. I'll meet you both in the Forbidden Forest." Neville placed his hand on Luna's shoulder comfortingly and fled out of the Great Hall, making his way up to the infirmary on the fourth floor.

Luna's spread out her wings to their full extent so that the humans could see her feathers. "I have never had any friends as a child and since coming to Hogwarts in Harry Potter's second year. I was laughed at and bullied by my housemates. My things were stolen and then poor Harry was entered into this tournament against his will. Yet he saved you all from the Basilisk in my first year at Hogwarts by doing what the teachers should have done and you turned your backs on him. Harry is just a teenager and the world expects him to clean up their own mess that they created as a result of blood prejudice. Why should he have to fight in a war that is the fault of adults? Why should any of us have to fight in a war?"

"What do you know Loony?" questioned Daphne Greengrass, a fifth-year-Slytherin who was known as the Ice Queen in her house and among other students. "He is our savior after all."

Luna's eyes filled with sadness as she tried to brush off the name that people called her behind her back. "Did any of you think that Harry didn't want to be the savior of the wizarding world or carry the fame that came with losing his parents?" Luna asked softly. She knew what she was seen as. Crazy and deserving of being locked up in St. Mungo's for believing in creatures that didn't exist and her decorations like her radish earrings or her necklace made up of Butterbeer corks. Only her parents and herself knew that she was in fact a seer and that Rowena Ravenclaw's blood ran through her veins. The mockery and insults behind her back and often to her face allowed her to observe what went around her. People spoke freely in front of Luna because they knew nobody would believe her if Luna said anything about the plans students made to prank other houses or herself.

"Nobody remembers that the wizarding world didn't just end in Halloween of 1981 but that two people lost their parents," said Luna. "I never turned my back on Harry even though we didn't know each other. I didn't believe that he would set a Basilisk on the students and I know he wouldn't put his name into the Goblet of Fire. If I was in his place, I would leave you all to suffer the consequences of the former wizarding war and to your fate," she said, her voice turning cold. Looking around her she saw surprised faces, both at her sudden clarity and at the statement she had just made to the school. "Harry lost his parents as a result of the Dark Lord and Neville also lost his parents. Both of them became orphans as a result of blood-purists following a mad man."

The hall was filled with stunned silence and Luna took the chance to run for a window. Wrapping her wings around her, she leapt out the window, narrowly missing a red stunner that was shot at her from one of the sixth years. Luna ran towards the Forbidden Forest as fast as she could. What Luna Lovegood had said left a bitter taste in the mouths of some of the students. It also gave the teachers pause as they attempted to process the quiet Ravenclaw's words. Nobody pursued Luna because they were to stay with the students and it was a few minutes before one of the professors sent a patronus to the Headmaster to inform him of the events.

Neville had run up to the infirmary as quickly as he dared. Pushing the door open, he poked his head inside and saw the room was clear. He ran inside and saw first the still form of Ron and lying next to him in Harry's personal bed, was Harry Potter himself. Neville ignored Ron's body, he hadn't liked the redhead for he kept others from being friends with Harry while he was alive. Neville had wanted to get to know Harry since their parents had been friends' but it was not to be. Neville pulled out his wand and pointed it at one of the ropes tying Harry to the bed. "Diffindo," he said as he moved his wand in a jagged horizontal line, a jet of green light hitting the rope tying Harry's right wrist to the bed. He repeated the process with the remaining ropes and then let forth another spell as Madam Pomfrey came out to check on her patient. Startled, Neville looked up and pointed his wand at the matron.

"Mr. Long…" she started before crumpling to the ground as she was hit with a red light.

"Finite," said Neville as he pointed his wand at Harry, a red light flying from his wand, ending the body-bind spell. Harry groaned as he tried to sit up but the teenager was still in pain. Neville put his wand back in his wand holster that he had bought when in Diagon Alley for school supplies in the summer before fourth year started against his grandmother's knowledge. He then helped Harry to his feet and they made their way to one of the windows. Neville didn't know how to cast a Memory Charm and they didn't have time to do so anyway as he and Luna would now be on the run as well for aiding a fugitive. Harry shook his head and pointed towards a shadow corner. Confused, Neville changed direction and went to that instead. When they got to the shadowy corner of the infirmary, Harry asked for a destination in Shalood.

"Forbidden Forest sire," said Neville.

Harry nodded and gripped Neville's arm. Hoping that this worked and that he didn't kill himself or Neville, the shadows seemed to caress Harry in their embrace and listened to their master's silent command before they vanished, leaving only the prone forms of Madam Pomfrey and Ron Weasley.