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Regina couldn't stop smiling at the little baby in her arms. She was currently nursing. She had some trouble, but Snow and Whale helped her latch on. Now she was feeding like a champ. "She must get her appetite from you." Regina laughed softly, looking at Robin who was sitting next to her, looking at his daughter fondly.

"Think so huh?" Robin smiled at Regina. He looked her over before looking into her eyes softly.

"What?" Regina asked, wondering why Robin wouldn't stop staring at her.

"You have never looked more beautiful to me then this very moment." Regina smiled feeling tears fill her eyes once again. Since her daughters birth, she has barely been able to stop crying. She looked down and saw that her daughter was asleep. She looked at Robin and smiled. He had yet to hold her, skin on skin contact for the first little bit was what was highly recommended.

"Do you want to hold her?" Regina asked softly, not wanting to wake her daughter. Robin smiled more brightly then she had ever seen. He nodded and reached to take her from her arms. Their baby shifted while being passed, but settled down as she was tucked into Robin's arms. Robin holding a baby, Regina thought nothing was more stunningly sexy. His big frame holding something so tiny. He held her perfectly and smiled down at her. cooing and whispering. Her little hand reached out of her blanket and Robin ran his finger over it before it latched onto his finger. Robin smiled brightly and stood walking gently around the room. Snow and Belle came over to help her get into a shower to clean up.

Once she was freshly bathed they sat her on the couch downstairs. Regina thought a shower had never felt so good till then. Their little princess had been passed around the group and everyone was just smitten with her. Rumple himself was currently holding her and swaying gently smiling at her.

"So dearie," Rumple started handing the baby back to Regina "Have any idea what kind of magic this little princess possesses?" Rumple smiled knowingly at the parents. Robin looked at Regina with curiosity and she just smiled.

"Don't tell me you didn't notice everything falling and shaking, the white light."

"Well sure, but I thought that was from you." Regina shook her head smiling down at their magical daughter. "So that was her? Really? How?"

"Well, a baby born from true love is magical power in deed, but a baby born of soul mates, that is almost rare, and that is magic itself. Emma posses great magic power born within herself. Your daughter is magic itself. She is made from soul mates, but from also light and dark magic."

Robin and Regina looked down at their tiny daughter in amazement. Shocked that so much power could reside in someone so small.

Suddenly loud cracking was heard all around the house and they could see sheets of ice fall from the windows outside. David ran to the front door and opened it.

"The ice is GONE!" Regina could hear voices from outside and soon Dr. Whale was running into the house, he made his way quickly with some nurses to Regina.

Families were reunited and Regina was put on a gurney and Robin held their baby as they made their way outside to the hospital. As they made it outside, Regina looked around and saw it seemed the whole town had turned up outside her house. Red was standing near a woman who was dressed in a long blue dress, with blonde hair in a braid. This woman smiled at Regina and turned to talk to David and Rumple.

Regina was put in the ambulance and Robin climbed in after her with their baby. Robin soon handed the baby back to Regina and they started to the hospital.

Regina was smiling at her daughter who was currently awake and staring at her. Her hospital door opened and Robin smiled at her. "You up for some company?" Before he could finish however two smaller bodies barreled passed him and made their way towards her.

"MOM!" "GINA!" Roland and Henry both cried gently making their way next to her. Regina smiled and kissed both her boys cheeks before holding their new baby sister up so they could see. Henry and Roland both climbed onto the bed to see better.

"Careful boys, be very soft with your mother and baby sister. Roland be gentle, she is very small."

"Hi baby!" Roland whispered smiling. Her little princess was looking at Roland intently.

"Hi little sis, I am your big brother Henry, and I am going to read to you a lot of stories." Henry smiled, the baby turned towards Henry's voice and looked at him, taking in her big brothers almost.

"What are you going to call her?" Roland asked.

"Well we have thought of some names, but we are going to announce it to everyone, like with Neal." Robin smiled at Regina who nodded in agreement.

After both boys held her with the help of Regina and Robin, they left with Emma, Whale followed in after and instructed Regina to get some rest. Robin nodded in agreement and took their baby to the nursery so Regina could sleep. She agreed quickly before she fell asleep quicker then she ever had before.

Regina over the next several hours received a lot of visitors. More then she ever thought she would. People were bringing her flowers and gifts for the baby, calling her the new Princess. Granny brought her favorite gift, a knitted blanket with a red ribbon woven in, and a large bag of fries, hamburgers, and salads. Regina wanted to kiss the woman. The biggest surprise guest came in with Red.

"Regina, I would like you to meet Elsa, she is the Queen of Arendelle, she is the one who has brought the winter."

Regina looked at her and recognized the name. "I have heard of Elsa, the snow queen, she put her kingdom in an eternal winter." Regina said without anger, just factual.

"Yes, and I am sorry about what happened. I had no idea that you were in there, or in such delicate condition. I am truly sorry. I was blinded by my hatred and revenge for Rumplestiltskin that I let it control my powers again."

"Well get in line, we have all been there." Regina laughed. "But thank you for helping us. I am not sure how much longer we could have survived iced in there."

"Your baby is alright?" Elsa asked stepping closer.

"Yes, she is fine." Regina smiled fondly, thinking of her daughter, who was currently being taken on a "walk" around the hospital with Snow.

"I can't control my powers most of the time, I have no idea how to really control it at all, only that love thaws the ice." Elsa rang her hands looking ashamed. "I have no idea how I even got here. Or where here is."

"Well we can help you, this town is almost nauseatingly helpful to people in need." Regina smirked as Red giggled in response. Elsa smiled in relief and nodded.

Regina was smiling at her daughter and singing softly as she nursed. Regina was stroking the silk hairs on her head. Snow had been right, she had a lot of dark hair, just like Regina's. But her eyes were a deep blue, all babies were born with blue eyes, she hoped they lightened though and took on Robin's shade of blue. Regina held her baby's hand and played with her fingers and she sang softly.

"My beautiful girls." Regina looked up suddenly, seeing Robin leaning on the door frame looking at her fondly. "How did I ever get so blessed?" He asked coming over and sitting down on the bed.

"Hmm, well I think every moment you have been in my life, I have been blessed, and now look what you and I have made together. Something to precious and so pure that is seems almost unreal. I find myself having to touch her, just to make sure she is real." Robin nodded and smiled.

"Careful your majesty, people will think you have gone soft." Robin teased before kissing her passionately. Regina hummed into his kiss and felt her body relax even more.

"I love you." Regina sighed leaning her forehead against Robin's. Robin smiled and kissed her softly

"I love you my love. You have made me so happy. Given me something so precious." Robin smiled kissing his daughters sleeping forehead. Regina sighed contently shifting as Robin tucked himself next to her and leaned into him as he tucked her close to him, kissing her forehead.

"Did you visit Marian?" Regina whispered not wanting to wake their sleeping child who was sleeping contently in Robin's arms.

"Yes, and she offers her apologies once again." Robin sighed. Marian was still in Jail, she was offered bail and freedom as long as she stayed away from Robin and her and Roland. But she was still pretty adamant that she was doing the right thing. She felt bad though when she learned that Regina was pregnant. But learning from Robin that Regina and Robin were soul mates, that he was able to share his heart literally with Regina. Marian quickly realized that she had lost Robin completely. Emma and Gold had convicted her to finish out the year in jail, then she was to be put under house arrest till her sessions with Dr. Hopper helped her.

"It is not going to be easy for me to forgive her Robin." Robin nodded and kissed her.

"I know my love. And I am not going to push you, but please do try, for our children's sake." Regina giggled at that statement. "What?"

"Just hearing that, our children. Sounds like a dream almost, like it can not be real."

"I know, but amazing how real it is, you, me, Roland, Henry, and our little Princess here."

"Yes, but you realize being a princess, and me the queen, makes you the king." Regina giggled at Robin's shocked face. He quickly smiled smugly and looked at her.

"Does that mean I am the king of our castle?" Bouncing his eyebrows. Regina laughed and kissed him passionately.

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