"It's misty outside, eh?"

I didn't realize anything until the girl next to me said something to me. It must have been for a couple of minutes now that she was sitting there, I guess. Then I suddenly remembered.

It was one of those early Saturday mornings. I had to go to school to write another failed exam. Outside it was cold, but at least it was warm in the train.

"The next station is Ruthermouth," it sounded from the speaker above me. "You can change trains here to Wynnich and..." I sighed. Every day it was the same story. Every time it was this same stupid train. Couldn't it be, just for one time, a bit different?

Then the train stopped at Ruthermouth. People were going in and out. Then this girl entered the compartment I was sitting in. She sat down next to me. Strange, I thought, but probably because I sat in the first row of the compartment.

The girl didn't look much older than me, I guess about 21 years old. She wore a light blue dress and I could see some snowflake printings on it, of which the color perfectly matched her platinum blonde hair, which she wore in a French braid. I nodded at her while she sat down, just to be polite.

I looked outside the window. After a short while she put out her earphones and said "Hi."

I turned to her. "Hi me?" She nodded. I smiled to her and laughed. "Oh, hi."

Then I looked out of the window again. I had one of those moments when I was lost in thoughts. In the reflection of the window I could see the girl was looking as well.

Then she started to talk. "It's misty outside, eh?"

"Yeah," I answered, feeling a bit uncomfortable. I wasn't used to the fact that people talk to me in the train. "It sure is."

"It would be nice when there was some snow accompanying this mist," she laughed.

"Snow?" I asked? "Why snow?"

She looked at me. "Don't you think snow is nice? Look over there!" she said, while pointing at the window.

When I looked through the window, I suddenly saw a snowflake falling on it. For a moment I was a bit confused. "Snow…" I whispered. I blinked my eyes, but another flake appeared on the window. I looked at the girl and explored her body. "It's snowing." I didn't know what I had to think about this girl, but there was something about her. Something... different.

The girl laughed. "See?" she said, while pointing her finger at the window. "I like snow, but I think most people don't like it right now." With those words, the snow disappeared as sudden as it fell on the window.

I looked back to her, my eyes still full of confusion. My feelings were right. There was something special about this girl. Something I wanted to discover. When she turned her face to me, I quickly looked away.

Suddenly there was this voice again. "The next station is Enton. Please don't forget your personal belongings and-" I didn't hear the rest. This girl was somehow occupying my mind. While the train was slowing down, I took my bag and stood up. She also stood up. I hoped she also had to leave here, but when I passed her in the alley, she sat down again.

Just as I wanted to walk towards the door, I suddenly felt a cold hand grabbing mine. It was hers. I turned towards her, I guess I had a very silly look on my face.

"Take care of yourself… i-in the mist," she said, I could hear the hesitation in her voice. Then she smiled. She released my hand, leaving a small but beautiful snowflake on my palm. I looked at it with big eyes. This was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. I didn't notice the train had already stopped. That was when I rushed through the door.

When I finally stood on the platform, the train was already leaving. There was only one thing I could think of that moment.