She was floating. Floating in a sea of gray alabaster. Limbs felt light, as if they were barely there, it made her feel strange. She liked the sensation coursing its way through her chest, but at the same time, it felt as if she couldn't feel any part of her body at all. It was contradictory. It was strange. She thought she was seeing through her eyes, but she couldn't feel them open. She couldn't feel her body, or if she even wore clothes, or if there was some light source so powerful that it was washing over her body as she thought of it. Hell, maybe it was just the effect of Lauren's medicine she had given her. Yeah, that's what it was.

The brunette remembered that. Everything else was... blurry. There was some type of fae that drank blood, she remembered that. Dyson was there, his masculine form filling her vision and she could have sworn she felt her lips tug into a smile of remembrance. And of course, Lauren Lewis. Her Lauren. She had tried to save her life. Or was it the other way around? Didn't the blood sucker walk in and try to hurt her Lauren? Wasn't that when she had gone... insane?

Was it insanity or was it a deal?

She had no control over when she turned, when the blue monster escaped her subconscious and became her conscious. But it gave her a surge of energy, of power. Wasn't that the price she had to pay to protect the ones she loved?

Anything fueled by anger and desperation is not a good thing, she countered. No, not just anger, but her rage. Her concealed, desperate anger. Was it her darker side? Or was it simply her nature as a whole. She never liked thinking about it. Maybe that's why it happened more increasingly. No, it was because her loved ones were in danger.

No. Just Lauren.

The first person she had ever said she loved.

Sure, she knew if Kenzi or someone else in her life who couldn't very well take care of themselves in the Fae world, would turn her into the Darkness. But Lauren...

She felt strands of her hair touching her cheek, which is the only reason she knew she had shook her head, and she thought she sighed and let her head fall back into the sea.

It wasn't long before there was a strange tug in her heart. It made her scrunch her brow and turn her head- or that's what she thought anyways. There was something swimming with her in the grayness. It was a strong color, something she remembered was the color of blue. It was strange, like some type of aura. It strayed outside of her reach, her circle of her own aura, and she thought how nice it would be to go to it.

Her arm, her hand, was pointing towards it. Her fingers seemed to be so close, if only she could move slightly, they would be engulfed in that beautiful blue. The strange glow of color was engulfed in darkness, set at such contrast with the gray and color, but it didn't reach understanding for the brunette.

She felt herself smiling again as she slid her fingers over the blueness, finally able to reach it. It was like pulling a curtain, it's folds and texture like silk feeling so right against her numbed flesh.

It really was amazing to feel it again.

The happiness. The anger.

Love and desperation.

Loyalty and cruelty.

Strong and gentle.

Virtuous and Succubus.

Brown and blue...

Weakness and power.

So strong, pulling her in. Her fingers slowly pushed into the blue, piercing it slowly as she extended her arm, and it didn't take long for the tugging in her chest to grow so horribly, yet so nicely. Her eyes perceived something other than gray and blue. Bright, glowing and burning, light. Light and voices.

Someone whispering something so familiar.

Yes, she could hear it now.

"I'm here."

It was so beautiful, that voice. So beckoning and loving.

And she knew in her blossoming heart, she was going home.

It didn't take long to get the vampire Raze securely into one of Lauren's lab beds. Dyson had even went as far to growl as he picked the vampire up and had him sailing across the lab to do a glorious face plant onto the cot. If Kenzi hadn't been so scared for her best friend, she probably would have put up her hands in a mock points indicator and yell out how well Dyson's aim was.

But that wasn't the case, and the Russian girl was holding Bo's hand as she laid out on her own bed that was covered with blood from when she had first arrived at the lab. She had seen Bo turn into... well whatever she turned into, only with a count on one hand, and she had to calm herself when remembering it was still Bo. When the Succubus had almost chi-sucked the woman in the trailer at the first portion of their friendship, it was different. Bo had been hungry, her hand was almost shot off!- and Kenzi was able to stop her. But this... this was completely different. It scared the girl. It really scared her.

Lauren, on the other hand, was holding a syringe insanely close to the vampire and her face, which would have been less scary if she sported some kind of emotion, was all but emotionless. She wanted, needed, to be by Bo's side but she also wanted to get the vampire knocked out cold. Actually, if she were being completely honest with herself, she wanted to get him out of sight. Just in case the one that woke up in the hospital bed was the dark side of Bo, and she wouldn't try to break through anyone and everyone in the room just to kill him. Trick hadn't been very forthcoming with any information on what was happening to Bo, and it irritated Lauren to the ends of the earth. There, standing in their vicinity, was someone who knew more than everyone in the room combined. On the Fae, anyways, Lauren thought. And yet that person was keeping his mouth clamped completely shut. How nice for all of them.

"Her blood," Raze said, his heart and chest completely healed, "I need her blood."

Dyson growled again and would have clawed out the vampires neck if not for Lauren's forearm stopping his advances. His cornflower orbs looked at her as if she were mad but when he saw that the hand she had used to stop him was holding the syringe with clear liquid, he didn't argue.

"You will be transported to the Dark to await your punishment. You will never touch that woman again," Lauren said, her voice hard.

Her eyes flashed when the vampire tried to say something else, but Lauren quickly jutted the syringe into his throat, making sure to miss the arteries but not the vein, and injected the Fae with the medication. His voice scratched as he bit back his pain, and before he could say anything else, the special sedation kicked in and his eyes drooped backward along with his head.

"He'll be out for a few hours," Lauren confirmed, moving to a small tray of medical syringes and instruments. Touching her cheek softly, she was glad Dyson had helped her put the bandage on it so it would heal, but damn it still stung. "Well enough time to get him transferred to the Dark."

"Thank you, Lauren," Trick said, coming close after standing by the door watching his granddaughter for the short period between knocking her out till then.

"Trick, tell us what's going on," Dyson commanded, his eyes locked on the Blood King's.

The elder shook his head. "I don't know myself, Dyson. Believe me," he insisted as he saw the distrust in all occupants eyes.

The metal of the instrument tray hummed as Lauren threw down her gloves and syringe onto it with aggravation. "That's not good enough, Trick! This has happened four times now. Her cells aren't dying anymore, she passed her Dawning, you said it would fix her. My science can't-" Lauren sighed as she looked to the ceiling quickly to calm herself. Flicking up her hand she whispered, "I'm sorry," before turning and wrapping her fingers around the metal ridge of the tray.

Trick spoke after a few moments in sadness, "I understand your frustration, Lauren. She's my granddaughter, trust me, I understand. Because of her Dawning, her darker side will be more powerful, more tenacious. Her anger has shown to be getting the better of her. Her desperation to keep all those she loves safe. And if it wasn't just that, the power struggle inside of her must be great."

"She's both Light and Dark, genetically. Her unknown father, whatever he is, his blood still runs through her. If it's so strong, how has she been able to keep it at bay for this long," Dyson said.

It was Lauren who, turning slightly, responded, "She's seen us in danger before. This has not happened. It has to be something to do with her cells or... something I haven't thought of."

The room grew silent once more and all participants tried to think of something, anything, to explain their lover and friend's sudden escalation. Was it only because of their danger? Or was it something else?


"Bo!" Kenzi exclaimed as her friend's eyes opened quickly and her body jerked up into a sitting position. Multiple eyes immediately went to the pair, their breaths held and their hearts hoping. "Bo?" Kenzi asked when all her friend did was not smile nicely or reassuringly at her, but moved her head around the room.

It was chaos when the Succubus' low burning azure eyes came to rest on the sedated vampire. Her teeth bared immediately and she pushed Kenzi away from her, hard, and the girl's back hit the bed next to her with enough force to knock her off of the seat and collide with the floor.

"Bo!" Dyson yelled, the back of his mind screaming at him that they should have secured her arms to the bed as they had done Raze.

"Ysabeau," Trick yelled in union with Dyson.

A hard fist contacted with Dyson's neck as he tried to stop the woman he loved, and the Succubus moved to the tray of instruments. Ignoring the sputtering coughs of the injured wolf on the ground, Bo's eyes turned on the vampire as she held a dangerous scalpel in her clasped hand.

Her eye contact was broken as a body with a white flash stepped in front of the man, the woman putting her fingers clutching at the linen on the bed to stop their quivering. Bo raised her eyes slowly to see who the one who dared defy her was identified as, and she stopped dead as she saw Lauren, her lab coat swaying to a stop from her sudden movement to protect the vampire.

The doctor raised her hand slowly, trying to stop it from quivering, and said, "Bo, baby, please stop. He's going to be handed to the Dark. They're going to give him a trial and then execute him for his crimes against the Laws. There is no reason for this. We're all safe."

"Safe," Bo ground out after a few moments of silence. Her voice was resounding, lower and more dangerous just like those other times. "You're safe."

A gentle hand slowly rose and fingers pressed slightly onto the bandage of Lauren's cheek. The doctor placed her own hand over her lover's and she tried to smile.

"Bo, you're hurting us. Do you understand that?"

The Succubus' brow furrowed and she slowly looked around. Trick, who was standing closer, looking scared. Dyson, his composure restored as he went to Kenzi's side. And Kenzi... oh Kenzi. She was trying to shoo Dyson away, telling him Bo pushing her so hard was simply an accident and that she was okay.

These were the people she loved. This was her family. She had hurt her family.

"I don't know what I'm supposed to do," Bo whispered, her voice hitching as she looked back at Lauren then to Raze. Her voice was beginning to come back to its normal register, her eyes turning to its chocolate beauty with flecks of blue. "I have to keep you all safe."

"We are safe, Bo. We'll always be safe."

The scalpel hit the floor with a ting and a thud after slipping from unclenched fingers. Clothed knees hit the ground next, accompanied with sobs of pain and confusion. Brown locks rocked and clamped into fingers that tore through them. Eyes that were now fully darkened from blue to brown now shed hot tears that ran down cheeks and onto the floor.

It wasn't long until strong arms wrapped the crying Succubus into a cradling position, and the doctor and the Fae rocked back and forth.

Bo was back to her; to Lauren.

But for how much longer?