Summary: How Harm and Mac deal with Baby Sarah's death. Spoilers: Forgot the name, but the one where Baby Sarah dies. Disclaimer: Not mine, just wish they were. Author's notes: This is the longest fic I've posted so far, I'm kind of afraid to post some longer ones, so please review and tell me if you think I should start posting some of my longer stuff.

Mac sat on her couch, reading a book that she had started two weeks ago, but hadn't had the time to finish it. Suddenly there was a loud pounding on her door.

"Who the hell is knocking on my door at 9:23 at night?" She grumbled, not wanting to be disturbed. She put the book down and went to go see who was at the door. All thoughts of her book fled, when she saw who it was. She flung open the door, and there stood Harm, not at all the usual arrogant flyboy. He was soaked and out of breath, and his red-rimmed eyes suggested that he had been crying. 'Harm, crying? Something must be really wrong.'

"Harm what's wrong? Why are you soaked?" Mac's voice was full of concern.

"Bud, Harriet.Sarah, Baby Sarah." Harm managed to get out before he collapsed into Mac's arms. He clung to her like a lifeline, feeling that if he let go she would fly away. She soothingly ran her fingers through his hair. She managed to close and lock the door, and walk back to the couch, never once breaking their connection. As they sat down on the couch, Harm pulled Mac onto his lap and buried his face in her chest, crying quietly.

"Tell me what's wrong Harm, please. What happened to Bud and Harriet and Sarah?" A knot formed in her stomach, dreading the words she had a feeling were coming. Harm looked up at her, and her heart broke as she saw the tortured look in his eyes.

"The Admiral found Bud back at JAG. Something about a prolapsed placenta or something. She's gone Mac-Sarah.She's gone!" Harm started to cry again and this time Mac joined him. They cried for a few minutes, trying to find strength in each other. Harm held her so close it was hard to tell where one ended and the other began. Slowly their cries quieted, and they just sat there. Mac broke the silence first.

"You need to get out of those wet things. For some reason I have some clothes of yours, I'll go get them." Harm followed her into the bedroom. Mac threw him the clothes and went to go brew some tea. Harm ambled out of the bedroom a few seconds later. Mac handed him a mug and they sat down on the couch. Needing to feel him, Mac snuggled closer to Harm.

"She's really gone." Mac muttered still not believing it.

"Yeah." Harm put an arm around her shoulders and pulled her closer.

"Why'd you come here? And why were you soaked?"

"I didn't know where else to go." He stated simply. "I ran out of gas a few blocks away and I got out and started running. I had to see you." His voice was thick with emotion.

"Stay the night. I don't want to be alone." Mac's voice was soft and pleading.

"Anything Sarah, anything for you." A silence fell over them, the reality starting to sink in. "Why didn't you go to Renee?" Part of her wanted to know, the other part was afraid she'd hear he'd gone to the video princess first, only to come to her when Renee wasn't there.

"Renee. I don't know I didn't even think about her 'til just now." There was a pause as if Harm was collecting his thoughts. " Remember when I thought I was seeing my dad?" Mac nodded. "It's kinda like that. I didn't even think of Jordan, until you mentioned her. You've always been who I run to when something happens. You're my rock Sarah." Mac choked up at Harm's use of her given name.

"You're my rock too, Harm. You've always been there." Their gazes locked. For once, Mac had gotten her Hallmark moment. But then they were rudely interrupted by the telephone ringing. Mac smiled ruefully. She wiggled out of Harm's embrace and went to go answer the phone.

"Sarah Mackenzie."

"Hello luv. Hope you've been keeping the bed warm for me."

"Mic!" Harm looked up at Brumby's name and started to study Mac intently. "Mic look, this isn't a very good time. Harm's over and." Mac didn't get to finish her sentence.

"Bloody hell! Rabb's over?! You're turnin' me out for Rabb?" Mac now noticed that Mic's words were slightly slurred.

"Mic try to understand. Harm and I just found out something terrible and we really need to be with each other."

"Sure." Mic muttered sarcastically. "Sarah if something terrible has happened, I'd think you'd want your fiancee over, not. whatever the hell Rabb is to you!"

"First of all Mic, you're not my fiancee! You're. I don't know what you are! But I do know that Harm is the most important person in my life, and if you can't accept that, then you as of now, are not a part of my life!" Mac was infuriated with Mic. She had had enough of him laying the guilt trips on her. Every chance he got, he reminded her of how he had given up everything for her. Many times, she pointed out that she had not asked him to dump everything to move halfway around the world. And she always got defensive when he would bring up the topic of Harm. "Come by tomorrow morning to pick up your ring. I can't stand the sight of it anymore!" With that, Mac slammed the receiver down, almost knocking the whole phone off the table.

She went back to her place next to Harm. He had watched Mac's side of the phone conversation, and could tell the minute that Mic said something that made her mad. Mac sighed angrily and leaned into Harm. He ran his fingers through her hair, and ran his other hand up and down her back, both actions meant to soothe her. Once her breathing returned to normal, he began talking to her.

"I'm guessing that Mic isn't coming over?"

"You would be guessing right Sailor." Mac slid the diamond ring off her finger, and placed it on the coffee table. "He just doesn't seem to get why you are so important to me. None of the guys in my life have understood our relationship."

"Maybe you just haven't found the right guy. I am sorry, Sarah." A ghost of a smile danced across her lips.

"No you're not, you've always hated Mic." He held up his hands, and cracked a smile. "Guilty." Both chuckled. Harm put an arm around her waist, and pulled her closer. Mac let loose a little yawn, which didn't go unnoticed by Harm.

"Hey you're sleepy, we should get you to bed."

"Whatever Harm, just don't leave me." Mac murmured tiredly. Harm scooped her up, and carried her into her bedroom. Mac reveled in the feeling of being in his arms. Her head was pressed against his chest, and she could feel his heart beat. Harm set her down on the bed, and held the covers up for her. She gratefully slipped beneath the covers. Harm was about to leave, when he heard Mac's soft voice.

"Hold me Harm?" Those soft words were all he needed to hear, as he turned around, took off his shoes, and got into her bed. Mac rolled onto her side, so she was facing him, and buried her head in his chest. "Night Harm." With that she drifted off to sleep. When Harm was sure she was asleep he spoke.

"Night Sarah, I love you." With that he closed his eyes. He didn't see the soft smile that then graced her face.