Stanley continued to press the red button for the sake of keeping the cardboard baby from moving towards the fire. He gradually got tired of this and, with a sigh, let the baby proceed to the fire.

Do you really hate babies or you just did this to spite me? I'm trying to build a better game than the so called Stanley Parable. Why do this? Why be so ha-

*The Following Stanley Song plays*

What? What's happening?

A hole opened on the ceiling and down fell...

... The Narrator

He had a white tuxedo and brown boots. Underneath the tuxedo he wore a blue polo and a red necktie. The Narrator had sky blue eyes and sandy blonde hair. He wore glasses as well. He clutched a thick book with different bookmarks. The story...

"That is most certainly rude Adventure Line™!" The Narrator yelled to the teenager, around 17, who was peeking from the aperture above them. She blew raspberries at The Narrator and closed the hole.

The door to Stanley's left opened revealing a corridor with a painted yellow line. It's the Adventure line™.

The Narrator stood up and brushed the dust off him. He glanced at Stanley's direction and then at the open door. The Narrator cleared his throat.

"Well... I suppose we follow the Line™. Ehem. And Stanley followed the Line™"

Stanley only stared at The Narrator. He gave a quick sigh, "Stanley and The Narrator followed the Adventure Line™"

For the first time, Stanley smiled at The Narrator and together they walked beyond the door, to whatever destination the Line™ had planned for them.

At first, the Line™ had been marked on the floor like an ordinary line, but as they progressed, the line climbed the walls and ceilings. It would momentarily disappear underneath a locked door then reappear a little later.

"She™ would be a little mad to draw her™ line™ like this." The Narrator remarked. "Don't you think?" Stanley nodded and held The Narrator's hand. It was warm. Stanley smiled inwardly and perhaps blushed a bit. The Narrator did not react to this and proceeded to state the obvious as to entertain the imaginary crowd.

For hours they had followed it and at last! They have come to their unknown destination...

"THE BROOM CLOSET?!" The Narrator yelled outraged. "You™ wasted our time to follow your™ line™ just to get to the broom closet?!"

As if the door has its own mind, it opened, and an invisible force slammed onto The Narrator and Stanley's backs and pushed them forward. The door swung and locked them inside. They stared wide-mouthed at the door and then glanced at each other. They were trapped in the broom closet.

"Well, I think it's time to retire from our jobs and just relax." The Narrator said, "Relax... in the broom closet."

Stanley tilted his head.

"Yup, you're right. This is no place to relax. Ideas, my friend?"

Stanley smiled and took the buckle of his shoe. The Narrator beamed at him.

"Sir! Genius!"

Author's Note:

I tried fluff like two or three months ago... Did not end the way I expected it to be.

I'm putting this here for the reason that I think that the world needs more Stanley Parable FAn Fictions /flails