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The first thing I feel when I wake up is two arms wrapped around me protectively. Upon actually opening my eyes I come face to face with someone's naked, and quite well formed, chest. I blink a few times and try to get up, but the hands tighten themselves around, preventing any further movement, so I decide to return back to the cosiness of Riddick's muscular chest. Lying back down I let my body relax and listen to his heart. It beats in an even pace, with loud and distinct throbs and I smile against his warm skin. 'He is so warm. And smells so good!' involuntarily I intake deeply and his masculine odour makes my body tingle in a pleasant way.

"Good morning to ya too." He mumbles and makes me yelp.

His deep laugh makes his chest rumble and vibrate and I place my ear over his heart, listening to the sounds.

"You scared me." I say and snuggle.

This act seems to take him off-guard and he freezes, making me realise what I just did. Moving away I mumble a low 'sorry' before standing up and letting my legs hang from the edge of the bed.

"How long was I out?" changing the subject seems to be the best idea.

"A few hours."

For a moment I just sit there and let all the past events replay in my head, letting them sink in.

"It's the three of us now." I whisper and look over my shoulder at Riddick.

His nod and distant eyes tell me that he's too been thinking about that. But soon enough he shakes all those thoughts and feelings off and returns to his usual unaffected self. I look away. 'The moment we find a populated planet he's gonna drop us there and disappear.' That thought makes my heart throb painfully.

"I'll check on Jack." The low whisper barely leaves my lips.

I get up and exit the room, not turning around even once. 'Better start pretending he's not here from now on. It'll be less painful when he really leaves.' I tell myself as I walk towards the room where the little girl sleeps. Upon entering I find her still sleeping, tucked under the blanked comfortably. A few steps closer and I am now standing next to her, studying her peaceful face. There is almost no indication that she was thrown on a deserted planet with carnivore creatures trying to kill her. I gently caress her forehead and leave.

After using the bathroom I go to Fry's room. Even after being aware that she's dead, she looks to me as if she's sleeping. Peacefully and carefree. Yet when I near I see that her chest doesn't rise, indicating that she's not breathing. Out of nowhere a wave of sorrow and grief washes over me and I fall to my knees, tears streaming down my face. My heart clenches painfully in my chest for all the innocents that found their deaths here. For the passengers. For the crewmembers. For Zeke who I barely knew. For Ali and his brothers. For the Imam Abu. For Shazza. For Fry. God, even for Johns, that bastard. And Paris, that two-faced scam. And Jack, whose childhood never came and who was obliged to grow and learn to survive if she wished to live. For Riddick, whose sense of justice gets him mixed up in fatal situations in which he has to turn into a killer. And then for me. The Reaper. The one who has to bear it all, to see it all, and never tell. Because no one wants to die, to get forgotten. All the souls that ever passed through me were petrified of oblivion. And I had to tell them the same thing I told Fry – their loved ones will remember them. But that doesn't happen. The memories fade away, vanish into thin air with time, until eventually I'm the only one who still remembers that such a person existed. Yet, who will remember me, when my clock strikes? Who will cry on my grave and curse the cruel stars that took me? No one. No parents, no husband, no children. I'll fade the fastest. And someone else will be obliged to play the Ripper. And eventually pass through all the things I had to pass; the loneliness, the isolation, the fear, the pain, the sorrow of so many people, the hate, the disappointment, the numbness. 'NO!' shaking my head I try to stop the tears, to push away the depressing thoughts but I can't.

"I'm afraid. I'm so damn afraid." I whisper to myself and hide my face with my hands, the cries silent and painful.

"I'm here." A warm voice hushes and two arms wrap themselves around me. "Don't be afraid." The words are whispered in my ear as the said hands pull me up and carry me out of the room.

"Riddick." I mumble his name in his chest when he pulls me even closer to himself.

The slow and calm strokes of his hand eventually soothe me and lull me back to sleep. Away from the corpses and ghosts. Away from the pain and sorrow. Away from reality.

It happened like I had guessed – when we reached a planet that was good enough Riddick dropped us off. Jack was kicking and hissing, not letting him go. He tried to peel her off of his leg but eventually, not wanting to be rude, looked at me for help. It was easier to pull her to myself when I promised her that she won't be alone and that she can stay with me as long as she wishes. She cried like crazy and I barely managed to contain my own tears from falling.

"Riddick." I called out after he turned around to leave.

I rushed to his side and kissed him like never before. It's not a 'goodbye' kiss, but the 'I'll-see-you-soon' kiss. It's warm and passionate and demanding.

"Make sure the next time we meet you are as solid and alive as you are right now!" I whispered and looked him straight in the eyes. Goggles, actually, but never mind.

He smirked and his large hand travelled down to my bum, pulling me closer to him.

"Next time?"

"Yeah. You still owe me one after saving your ass." I hushed and gave him my coy smile.

"I'll keep that in mind when I come across Katrinya." He mumbled against my lips before kissing me once again.

Without another word he let me go and left. Jack cried for a little while but eventually relaxed and asked me if I really meant what I had said about her crashing in my place. I just nodded.

We found a ship that would take us back to my current home-planet – Katrinya. My flat wasn't big, but for the two of us it was good enough. It took us some time to get used to live with one another, but eventually things fell into their previous rhythm. Jack found herself a decent job, despite my solicitation to enrol in school.

"I know enough. And the things I dunno you'll teach me." She said and after a few days of quarrelling I gave up and let her have it her way.

It was fun actually, teaching. Jack was a smart kid and caught on quickly and was quite enthusiastic to learn, making it easy to work with her. And when she was running different errands for a friend of mine who took her up as a courier, I was either at home, drawing or writing, or giving lessons to other kids. Even as a child I knew I'd never be able to work like the other adults, because my artistic nature made me volatile, wishing to do something different after only a few months. So after Jasmine took me under her wing, she let me unwind in any direction I chose without scolding me for my variable taste. Later I started teaching other kids the things I knew - martial arts, drawing, playing the piano, yoga, cooking, swimming and so on. Having so many interests turned out to be more of a blessing rather than a curse – I had my hobbies practised and developed whilst imparting all my knowledge to a youngster. Truth to be told I have always preferred working with kids rather than adults; they have a wilder imagination and will never judge you for who you are.

Jack was keener on learning martial arts and swimming, but I insisted on writing and reading. Eventually she agreed and I spent two hours every day working with her. When it came to teaching her how to swim, we would go to the local pool, usually after the closing time as the man who owned it was a close friend of mine, and I'd teach her the basics. To an outsider it may have seemed like we didn't have a care in the world and nothing could even bother us. But that's not true – every moment of peace I had, I was thinking about Riddick. He was always on my mind, but in those rare occasions when I did nothing but just lay down and rest, his mesmerising eyes appeared. The dreams were passionate and wild, romantic and animalistic. Those were my first ever wet dreams and God, they were epic. Yet, they were only fantasies. That's what I told myself when I woke up covered in thin layers of sweat, hot and bothered, itching for a good fuck. Six months after I last saw Riddick I began to lose hope. I wanted to see him so badly that it hurt.

It's warm and I'm collecting the last rays of the summer sun for the year when Jack barges in the apartment, making me jump.

"What's wrong, Jack?" I yell as I leave my book on the ground and enter the living room in my bikinis only.

"Marco invited me to one of his gatherings!" she exclaims happily.

'Marco' is the butcher's son, who gets in trouble from early morning till dusk. He's the first friend Jack made when she came. At first I was sceptical, as the boy's fame was legendary, but after meeting him I found out that he was a nice guy. And he liked Jack. So I let them be, as long as the police didn't come knocking on my door. His 'gatherings' as they call them, are actually the good old sleepovers, where they try to smoke but fail and tell one another made-up stories about adventures. The said event takes place once a month at Marco's place and this is the third time he invites Jack. The first time I didn't let her go, because she was too sick to even get out of bed; the second time she was grounded after getting herself in trouble.

"Please, please, please! Let me go!" she begs, her eyes big and shiny.

"You really wanna go this time, don't 'cha?" I ask as I cross my hands over my chest.

"Yes! Please! I'll do anything!" I wonder if she's about to start giving me the puppy-dog-eyes or the fake-cry.

"Hm." I sigh and shake my head, as if I'm about to tell her no.

This reaction almost has her in tears. 'I'm being a bad guardian!' I scold myself.

"I'm only playing with you, kiddo!" I laugh and ruffle her now short chocolate hair.

"ANG!" she screams and jumps at me.

I catch her in mid-air and hug her.

"Just promise me no cops and trouble. And if something goes wrong – call me." I tell her after letting her down.

The smile she gives me threatens to split her face in half. She nods eagerly and runs off to her room to grab her bag. Ten minutes later she's out and running to the door.

"Hey! Lunch?" I ask.

"Not hungry!" she shouts back and exits the apartment.

I shake my head and take a sip of my coffee when her rushing steps make me put the glass down. She enters the balcony, comes to me, gives me a kiss on the cheek, a quick 'thanks' and runs off, this time closing the door with a bang. I laugh at her eagerness to go and have some fun.

'Maybe I should also go somewhere tonight?' I wonder and think the idea through for some time before grabbing my phone and making the needed calls. When the whole gang's informed and will be present I relax once again on my lounge, and let my thoughts wonder back to a certain blue-eyed handsome convict.

The music in the club is blasting so loud that I'm sure that by the end of the night I'll be either wasted or deaf. Along with my friends we take one of the booths in the further end of the dance floor.

"So will you share what's with the spontaneous decision to go clubbing?" shouts one of my friends, a blonde with long legs.

"Can't a girl have some fun once in a while?" I yell back and gulp one of the three shots standing in front of me.

"Ahh." Knowingly says one of the men, and takes a sip from his bourbon. "A man!"

I glare his way for a while before drinking down the rest of the shots one after the other and stand up.

"I'll go shake the bones. Coming?" I stand up and my buddies follow me, leaving the men at the table.

The beat is fast and exotic, with a nice bass, and I just can't miss the chance to dance. 'Need to shake off the stress!' I convince myself and surrender to the music. My body moves by itself once I catch the rhythm and soon enough I'm so lost that I don't know whether the girls are nearby or not, or if someone's watching.

The night passes in dancing and drinking, being loud and without any accidents apart from a few friendly alarms and excursions. By the time I push all the gang out of the bar it's around three in the morning and the feeling that I need to get home and rest is rivalling with the one to find a handsome guy for a good one night stand. In the end I make sure all the drunken asses find their ways home and I call a cab that takes me to my apartment where I intend to take a long and warm bath.

Upon entering the cosy flat my sense indicate that I'm not alone. 'It can't be Jack. She didn't call' And like that, all the drunken haziness disappears as if the only thing I have been drinking the entire night was plain water. Taking slow and cautious steps I relay completely on my hearing and the sense of orientation as the living room is almost completely bathed in darkness. The only light comes from the halfway open shutters of the balcony; the full moon tossing her white rays only a few steps in. Either way, the intruder isn't in my living room so I continue walking as soundlessly as humanly possible down the short corridor. Jack's door is closed so I push the handle and open it. Typically, her shutters are lifted completely and the room is illuminated enough to see that it's empty. 'That leaves my room and the bathroom.' Letting my instinct lead me I near the door to my room and gently crab the handle. My heart's erratic beating is threating to break my ribcage but somehow I manage to keep my breathing even and low for now. Pushing down the handle I open the door and am met with complete darkness.

Even if a saw an alien in my room or a serial killer I'm sure I wouldn't have felt the same terrifying fear freezing my blood in my veins. Not even an ounce of light sheds some visibility and I feel my heartbeat in my ears, threating to burst my eardrums. 'Ohgodohgodohgod!' my brain shuts down for a whole nanosecond and I believe I'm about to faint. And then two radiant eyes look at me from the darkness, their glow making my heartbeat stop, the blood rushing away from my face, my body stiffening. In a huff, the air leaves my lungs and I know I'm either about to faint and eventually be killed by a psychopath or turn into a supernova, blinding him in the process. In the last second I remember I have a knife that I managed to grab from the kitchen on my way here. 'Hurry! Throw it!' I tell myself and my body obeys. The knife cuts through the air with incredible speed and precision. And while it flies towards the intruder I hit the switch, the lights blinding both of us. The next thing I know there's the sound of metal meeting with metal, then a low hiss, and a few muttered curses. Recovering faster I open my eyes and look at the man bend over my bed. And once again feel the blood moving away, this time from my heart.

"Riddick!" his name leaves my lips in a low whimper.

The knife had only cut the side of his shoulder, leaving a small scratch. Yet I used this as an excuse to not talk or look him in the eyes for some time, but rather let my aggravated thoughts torture me. 'He's been injured. What have you been through, Riddick?' I wonder as I clean all his wounds and stand up, wiping my hands from the blood. His blood.

"The bathroom is there," I nod towards the halfway open door of my personal bathroom, "There are clean towels and soap. Clean up. I'll find you some clothes."

Without waiting for any sort of reply I leave the room, the low chatter of my heels echoing in the empty apartment. I walk into Jack's room and open the old rack that we use as a closet for all the clothes we don't wear right now or need. At the top there is a pair of sweatpants, quite big since I like feeling free when I'm at home, and a black V-neck T-shirt, also mine, which I wore up until recently. 'His scent will be absorbed by the material and the next time I put it on it'll smell of him.' is the first though that crosses my mind after I pull the clothes out and close back the rack. I return to my bedroom, leave the clothes on the bed and exit, closing the door behind me all the while fighting with the feeling to barge into the bathroom. 'Tempting. Really tempting, but we need to talk first!' I tell myself as I walk back to the kitchen where I fill myself a glass of water.

Only after I take a sit and drink down two glasses of water does the realisation hit me – Richard B. Riddick, the man I've been dreaming like crazy the past few months, is in my bathroom, showering. He broke into my home and waited for me in my room. My heart, that just managed to calm down, starts beating rapidly once again and I almost feel all the alcohol threating to come rushing back. 'Breathe. That'll do the trick!' I chant as I squeeze my eyes shut and try not to vomit on my kitchen table.

Shortly after, I hear his bare feet echoing, and tilt my head to the side, wondering whether I should start yelling or kissing him. 'Let's just talk. You ain't his girlfriend, nor his mother, so keep it cool.'

He takes a sit in front of me, his eyes narrowed a little bit, obviously irritated from the light which makes him almost blind. After a quick mental talk I stand up and turn off the lighting, light a candle and put it near the sink. I can feel his eyes on me and the waves of anxiety that radiate from him make me twitch in a strange way.

"Didn't mean to scare ya." His husky voice fills my ears and for a second I enjoy the sound that I've been missing the past half an year.

"Could have waited me in the living room. Violating my personal space wasn't a good idea." I whisper as I fill myself another glass of water and take a little sip with my back still at him.

He stays silent for a while and I fight the temptation to peek over my shoulder, when suddenly his hot breath tickles the side of my neck.

"You mad?" his low, seductive voice makes the hairs on my neck stand up.

I keep silent and try as best as I possibly can, to make sure my alcoholic and temporarily drunken self stays as far away as possible. Unfortunately, I can already feel the poisonous liquid returning and invading my system, dulling my senses and mostly – my anger and inhibitions. 'And the bastard knows this perfectly well! Damn him!' while I have my inner monologue, Riddick's hands travel to my waist then up to my breasts and back down, not even once doing something inappropriate. Involuntarily I purr and give in to his little game.

Seeing my capitulation, the arrogant male starts teasing my neck, emphasising mainly on that sweet spot he knows will drive me crazy. And it soon does. Leaning against his broad chest, my head lulls on his shoulder, my high heels making us the same height, and I firstly sniff then gently lick his neck. Grabbing my ass and growling in my ear is his way of showing his approval. In a fit of playfulness I shamelessly draw lazy circles with my ass against his now hard groin, making him hiss lowly and bite my neck. I hiss as well, gripping the edge of the sink for dear life.

"Little minx." He purrs over my now red mark and licks it.

A low whimper slips by my lips and I turn my head to the side, glaring at him.

"I like you heels." He suddenly whispers and his hands turn me around, grab me by the hips and pull me up, making me sit on the edge of sink.

Opening my legs for me, and making himself comfortable, Riddick's face is now close enough for me to take a good look at his eyes. And, oh GOD, these eyes make me wet just by giving me that coy glance. He smirks, and traces my inner thigh with his cool fingers, making me tremble from the incredible sensation.

"Those are my 'fuck' heels." I draw lazily and look at him from under my lashes. 'Acting mode during a drunken stage – done!'

The low crumble from his chest makes my skin prickle and I lick my lips with anticipation. Riddick grabs my hips a little bit rougher and pulls me flat against his hard member. I hiss and my head tilts back, letting his seeking lips do their magic.

"I can fuck you on this sink." He growls against my skin after leaving another mark.

"I'd prefer the bed." I manage to say somehow before he grabs me by the hair and pulls my head back up, his shiny eyes giving me the dangerous-coy look.

"You are drunk." He states and to prove his point I suddenly start giggling and my body turns into a pile of jelly.

Riddick grabs me before I manage to bang my head against the tiles or a cupboard and pulls me closer to his chest. I can swear that I hear a low sigh of disappointment and amusement before he gently lifts me up and carries me to my room. I vaguely remember him taking off my shoes and chuckling, seconds before my mind shuts down and lets me float into the nothingness.

I wake up with a jump, barely registering where I am at and crawl out of my bed, throwing the covers away. Somehow I manage to reach my bathroom and most specifically the toilet before the leftovers of my dinner and the alcohol come rushing back out. Gripping the toilet seat for dear life, I'm squeezing my eyes shut while empting the content of my stomach, the cold tiles under my knees making my body grow colder with every passing second. By the time I finally calm down and there's nothing left to vomit, I feel like a monkey just getting off a rollercoaster after eating a pile of bananas. Yet, in a strange sort of way, I also feel better – finally sober and no more feeling that retching in my throat. Slowly, I start registering what's happened around me the past few hours. Well, I start registering things while taking a shower and brushing my teeth for several minutes. 'Riddick was here!' shouts my mind the whole way back to my room and while I dry myself and put on a big T-shirt. 'HE WAS FUCKING HERE AND I FUCKING FAINTHED!' a few seconds of frowning before the next though 'Dear Lord, we almost fucked against the sink!' hits me and my eyes widen.

'Ok. I need to calm down – nothing happened after all. I need to stay calm. For all I care it could have been a hallucination!' the more I pace back and forth in my room, trying to convince myself that I don't want to see Riddick, that it will be best if I only dreamt all that happened, the hotness that still flows though me, the pounding of my heart, the knots in my belly and the wetness down there confirm exactly the opposite.

Before I realise what I'm doing, my feet carry me out of the little cell and into the living room. The space is bathed in darkness and I can't even see the piano that's supposed to be right in front of me. As I stare into the pitch-blackness a sudden realisation hits me – I'm not afraid. There's no terror numbing my body, making me tremble like a little child, no fear gripping me by the throat and suffocating me. I'm standing in the middle of the dark room only in the T-shirt that reaches my knees, and I feel nothing. Only disappointment. Because he's not here. Maybe he never was?

As I slowly take cautious steps towards the light switch a sudden feeling of grief washes over me, making me pant and shake. In a heartbeat I'm kneeling on the cold floor, tears staining my face and barely muffled hiccups echoing in the empty apartment, soon accompanied by low howls, filled with heart-shattering sorrow.

Leaning against the wall, with my knees pressed against my chest and my face hidden in my hands, I let it all go. All the accumulated sadness from these past six months, the pain, the doubt, the loneliness, the faith that was fading day after day, the feeling of being let down. Quickly I can no longer tell why I'm crying, so I morn all the dead people that found their fall on that goddamn planet; all the children that barely managed to see the world at its finest; the mothers who even didn't manage to say to their children a proper farewell, let alone assure them that it's all going to be alright; for all the wives that never managed to tell their beloved husbands how much they loved them; for everyone out there, in the outer space, that saw the love of their life pass them by, slipping between their fingers without a chance of ever catching them again. I sob and cry for what seems like hours and probably would have cried until sunrise if it wasn't the sound on my balcony door being opened and the gentle lifting of the shutters. You can say that the death silence that settles in those seconds can make event a grown-man tremble with anticipation. I just sit there, staring wide eyed at the intruder, my heart racing faster and faster. Until I see a pair of shiny eyes scanning the room and stop on me. They narrow and the figure takes three long steps before he's right in front of me. Kneeling to my eyelevel, Riddick gently cups my face and the worry that swirls in his mirroring pools of liquid silver makes me moan lowly and throw my hands around his shoulder, whispering his name like a prayer.

He hugs me and keeps me as close as humanly possible, his muscles relaxing alongside with mine.

"I thought I had dreamt. That you never came." I whisper against his neck when I finally calm down.

He gently strokes my hair for a few seconds before his reply fills the silence, the very sound of his voice making the sorrow from a few minutes ago disappear.

"I checked on Jack. They were sleeping."

He obviously avoids mentioning the scene he witnessed mere seconds ago and I'm grateful. 'I have dulled my edge. Since when crying like a baby is a way of solving my problems?' I wonder as I stand up and we both go into the kitchen.

A glass of water later I'm feeling a lot better and start wondering what the hell came over me.

"I'm sorry, by the way." I say after the silenced spreads for more than I can bear.

His raised eyebrow makes me smirk behind my glass.

"For the whole knife thing… and the what followed." I whisper the last part while closely and intently examining my hands.

"Hm." is his only response and I dare glance his way.

His gaze is lazily following the lines of my face and by the look in those radiant orbs, that have me mesmerized from the moment I saw them, I can see that he's not in the mood for talking. Rather something… more productive.

I smirk and leave the glass on the table, stand up and sit on the edge of the table right in front of him. His eyes suddenly light up with a different kind of spark and my smirk grows more mischievous.

"Why did you say you were here, again?" I purr and daringly narrow my eyes at him.

His hands cup my hips and start stroking them, lifting the T-shirt up with every stroke.

"I never did." He whispers and once again his lips find their way to my neck.

This time there's no dizziness or blunt assessments due to alcohol. I know what's happening. I know what I'm doing. And I want it. I crave for it. My body craves it. Riddick's touch. His lips all over my hot skin. His cool fingers traveling to my most sensitive parts and toying with them, teasing me.

"I want you. Right now." My voice is husky next to his ear, as his lips leave marks along my neck and his hands pull me even closer to his hard body, making me tremble under his touch.

Somehow we end up in my bedroom – the way there is a blur. He throws me on the bed after pulling my T-shirt over my head and I lie there, only in my lace bikini, bathing in the rays of the still present moon. Despite the instinct that screams for me to cover my naked chest I fight against this impulse and rather sprawl over my soft bed. The male only looks at me with the eyes of a predator, whose dinner just fell in the trap. And for once I don't feel disgust overwhelming me at the thought of being conquered by a man. A playful smirk slips on my lips and a though comes to my mind. 'Let's heat things up a little bit…'

My hands, motionlessly lying by my side up until now, start tracing circles on my stomach for a few seconds before traveling up to my breasts and giving them a gentle squeeze. That took Riddick off guard as his eyes widen up a little bit, almost unnoticeably. Almost…

Usually the very thought of foreplay, let alone in front of a man, would have made me burst into laughter and hit someone square in the nose. Yet now I find it arousing touching myself and playing with my body in front of Riddick's wolfish eyes. And so I don't stop.

My right hand travels down, across my stomach, making a lazy circle around my bellybutton, before tracing the outlining of my panties. Instead of going directly to the target, my slim fingers trace right above and I lift my legs, bending them in the knees, yet keeping them decently spread, and gently grab the inner parts of my legs, leaving red trails behind with my nails.

A low growl vibrates in the air the moment a low meow leaves my lips, the fingers of my right hand tracing small circles around my pulsating clitoris. Yet Riddick doesn't approach, letting me play with myself a little bit more.

Eventually he breaks when my index and middle fingers enter my hot and pulsating core, an uneven set of thrusts making my body tremble, my juices seeping down my hand and all over my panties, which are blocking half the view for the dominant male. I know he has had enough when my hands are rudely pulled away, the ripping sound of my underwear barely audible due to his low, feral growl.

Before I realise it, that miraculous mouth of his is all over my hot centre, the Tongue of Mischief that can make you orgasm in mere seconds, now doing its job like a pro. Trying to restrain myself from moaning and encouraging him is rather impossible so I hiss and moan, and meow, and growl all the while he licks my swollen from arousal pussy like it's a lollipop. It's not long before my first orgasm builds up and explodes, making me see little colourful dots. The teasing doesn't end here, though. After all the licking, while I'm still collecting myself and trying to steady my breathing, Riddick's fingers start pumping in and out in my still swollen vagina, making me wriggle underneath his ministration.

An eternity in stars and orgasms passes after he finally has had enough fooling around and while, once again, trying to breathe like a normal human being I hear the falling of his pants. His hot mouth ghosts over my right nipple making it harden while his big body looms over mine, making my skin prickle.

"Riddick." I moan his name when his mouth closes over the sensitive bud. 'Oh, sweet pancakes!'

My eyes roll to the back of my head, my body arching towards his, asking, begging, for his to finally enter me. But he drags on for a few more minutes, the word 'patience' whispered against my itching skin.

"Fuck, Riddick, if you don't fuck me right now, I'm gonna fucking rape you!" I hiss under my breath.

His only reply is a little bite just above my collarbone, making me jump and meow from the pinching pain.

"You are so impatient." He purrs against my throat and I moan. "I hope this little box has a decent isolation, because I'm gonna fuck you so hard that you'll be hoarse tomorrow." And to emphasise his point, the rubs his already hard member against my soaked folds, making me arch my back.

"Mhhmmm…. I'll manage somehow." I mumble and my hands clasp on the back of his neck.

With my eyes halfway opened I blink his way, giving him my dirty look. In response his bluish and shiny orbs sparkle at me, a smirk tugging at the corners of his mouth.

And before I know it, he's deep into me, to the hilt. My mouth opens and forms an 'o' but no sound comes out, apart from Riddick's grumbling growl. For a second the room falls into silence before I start moving my hips slowly against his, telling him to continue. And he does. Again. And again. And again. At first his pace is uneven, still trying to cope with my body, but once he feels that we are both ready, the pumping increases and my moaning with it. I won't lie – I moan and plea for more like a bitch in heat, my libido escalating like a rocket shot in space. And when I reach my second for the night orgasm, I hit the moon with a blast. The feeling of complete collapsing of building blocks has me turning into a pile of jelly under Riddick's muscular body. Somehow he manages to keep himself above me without crushing me, but it's obvious that even his strong hands won't keep him in this position for long, so he rolls to the side, his breathing as erratic as mine.

After a few seconds of catching my breath and staring into the ceiling, the words 'Let's do it again' almost slip my mouth. Turning my head to the side, still panting slightly, I glimpse at Riddick only to find him with his eyes closed.

"Hm…" I purr and turn to the side to rest on my elbows for a second, admiring his features, softened by the moonlight, peeking through a hole in the shutters.

His skin is covered in a thin layer of sweat, making him twinkle; his muscles are like cut into his skin, definitely a result of hard work, and I just can't help but trace his abs with the tips of my fingers. His skin bristles yet his breathing stay even and he continues sleeping. 'So vulnerable.' I think and roll to my side, my free hand gently traveling right above his skin. 'What will his skin feel like if I…?' the though from some time returns and the impulse to lick his abs, a weird fetish as it seems, comes rushing back. 'He's sleeping either ways, so…' and I do it. I hover over his stomach. First my lips graze over hard muscles but soon my tongue darts out and takes a light sensual lick. The moan that I hear makes me jump up, startled, only to find Riddick looking at me through halfway opened eyes, a wild lust swirling in them like thundercloud.

"Round two?" my husky voice hushes in the darkness.

His only reply is the sudden glimmer of his eyes. Before he can react I straddle him, a smirk dancing on my lips.

"This time I'm leading." I purr, my hands resting provocatively over his chest, as if I'm about to push him down.

A slight amusement crosses his face, but his arousal is stronger than his instinct to be always on top and he nods. Without a warning I slip over his hardened cock, my juices making it so much easier.

Purring like a cat and arching my back I start rocking my hips up and down in a slow pace, rotating my hips every once in a while, making the male under me hiss and grip the sheets for dear life. Unfortunately my despotic rule over him ends quickly as my own primal desires take over and before I know it I'm rocking hard and fast, his hands holding my waist and pulling me down abruptly, making me shout every single time. Gradually the need to dominate returns and in a heartbeat he jumps up, with him still deeply buried in me, stands on his knees, my legs wrapped around his waist, our bodies bend under a new angle. This way he's holding all my weight, but also has all the control. Not letting me have time to argue, he slams back into me, hitting that magical spot that I have heard so much about. And, dear Lord, I come right then, so hard, that I see stars. But that doesn't make Riddick stop, quite the opposite – he quickens his pace and midway through my orgasm I feel a new one building up. I'm almost sure that by the time I feel like I'm either gonna die or burst, the glow starts appearing, and my shouts are audible even in the other end of the galaxy. Feeling the climax of my life approaching, my inner senses warn me that this is going to be dazzlingly bright.

"R-Riddick… ah… Ah…. I'm …. I'm g-g-gonnaaa…. Ah, God YES! Ah! I'm gonna cumm….. GOD! Hide your eyes!" the last part leaves my lips like a hiss.

The moment he hits that special spot once again, he bites into the other special spot on my neck and I'm out. The orgasm is so hard and powerful that even through my closed eyelids I see the bright light my body emits. Hiding his face in the crook of my neck, Riddick's release follows right after mine and we both loose ourselves.

Falling to his back and bringing me along with him, Riddick's erratic heartbeat is the only thing I manage to hear over my own banging heart. Lying on his chest, I soon drift away, feeling safe, pleased and abnormally happy. This time there are no nightmares and no yellow glowing eyes. Only a pair of hot lips kissing their way all over my body.

I wake up in his arms, in a war cocoon of muscles and blankets, naked and fully rested. And in a need of a shower… 'His scent is all over me… maybe I won't shower.' I think as I lay there with my eyes closed, listening to the male's steady breathing.

Eventually I manage to slip away from his grip and go to the bathroom where, after taking care of my needs, I enter the shower and run the hot water. 'I'm so sweetly sore!' I hum to myself as I rinse away the shampoo and reach for the soap, only to bump my hand into something hard. And warm. As I grope the sudden obstacle a low chuckle has me peeking behind the curtain, only to find a very naked Riddick standing right in front of me, holding the soap in one hand.

"Mind if I join?" he asks and enters before I can protest. Not that I would have, but still.

"I'm almost done." I say and clean away the last remainings of the shampoo before reaching for the soap.

"Let me." He purrs and lathers his hands.

I let him clean my shoulders, my arms and then my breasts, the arousal returning completely by the time his hands reach my stomach. The low moans fill the steamy space and soon my legs turn into two jelly sticks, unable to keep me up. When Riddick kneels in front of me and cleans my legs, I grab his shoulders for support, the moans getting louder.

"Fuck this shit!" I mumble and pull him up.

Our lips clash in a fierce kiss for dominance and soon after I find myself pinned to the cold tiles, my legs wrapped around his waist, with him pumping in and out of me with a steady pace. 'Shower sex. Why not?'

Somehow we manage to reach the kitchen before noon, which I doubted was possible. With a cup of coffee in hand and the decent breakfast I tried to make, we eat in silence, lost in our own thoughts. 'Eventually he's going to leave.' I sadly admit to myself and glimpse at the man sitting next to me, calmly sipping from his cup, his goggles once again safely at place.

The ringing sound of my phone makes me jump and almost drop my cup. Muttering a few curses while running for the phone, I feel myself grow anxious.

"Yes?" I firmly answer, pushing my dark locks away from my face.

"Ang! Finally! Where were ya?" almost shouts Jack from the other side.

"How was the party, Jack?" I change the subject.

"A blast! Thanks for letting me come, by the way!" I can almost feel her smile through the phone.

"I guess you called to tell me you won't make it for your lessons?"

"Uh… I…. well, you see…" she hesitates and I smirk.

"Have some fun, Jackie." I calmly say before a shiver runs down my spine, making me tense.

Glimpsing at the couch, I find a man in his forties glaring at me, his huge hands crossed over his broad, sliced almost in half, chest. The aura that swirls around him speaks of an awful and brutal death. I gulp and narrow my eyes, before returning to Jack.

"Listen, I have some work today as well, so I won't be at home. You'll stay out of trouble, right?"

"Yeah?" the worries and doubt in her voice make me smirk.

"It's all fine, kiddo. Just tired. Had a long night."

And like on cue Riddick walks in the living room and casually leans against the doorframe, a mischievous smirk playing across his face.

"Don't overdo yourself!" chirps the girl before the line goes silent.

I shake my head and put the phone back down. Looking at the ghost who is still there and glares at me I ask Riddick:

"You never told me whether you believe me or not?"

"I never said I don't." his deep voice fills the air with electricity and I gulp. 'Oh, God…' mentally rolling my eyes I nod at the man and turn towards the ghost.

"And you look grumpy."

"Ya think!? I'm dead, ya dumbass!" he growls and I narrow my eyes at him.

"Listen, pal, if you keep that tone I'll send your transparent ass straight to hell! Show some respect!"

The man snorts and rolls his eyes but quickly changes his mind when the pulsating light from my body changes from welcoming to repulsive.

"Fine, fine, fine! Gee. Sorry."

I shake my head and look at Riddick, who has been quietly listening to the whole one-sided conversation.

"Brutal death. It'll be nasty." And with that I sit on the couch and nod at the ghost.

"I can go?"

"Duh! What do you expect? Some kind of a challenge? A prise?" I mutter the last two sentences but the man's disappointed and angry expression make me regret them. "Sorry. Long night."

"I guessed as much." And then he nods towards Riddick, "I doubted the muscle-man was here to change the pipes."

I smirk and bite my lip. 'Half-naked Riddick changing the pipes? Hm…' and as usual when it comes to Mr Sexy abs, my dirty imagination goes wild. 'Shake it off, girl! Shit to do, places to be!' I remind myself and extend my hand towards the ghost.

The man cautiously takes it and in an eye blink disappears. Leaving behind his memories and the pain. And one hell of an ass-kicking pain it is.

Bend in half I fight for the smallest gulps of air, the pain shooting up and down my spine, across my stomach and straight in my brain. Biting my lip for dear life, I keep all the shouts in my throat and my tears away. By the time my body finally recovers, I find myself lying in Riddick's lap, his misty eyes looking down at me in a worried way, searching for the source of the pain.

A small smile pushes my lips up and I extend my hand, cupping his face. The gesture is quite intimate and extrinsic for both of us, but he doesn't pull away.

"What the hell was that!?" he groans while pushing strands of hair away from my face.

"Meh. Just a ghost. Nothing to worry about"

"Yet you seem worried…" he narrows his eyes at me and I sigh.

"I am." The confession slips.

"About what?"

"You." My voice goes ripe and I clear my throat.

Standing up makes me feel dizzy, but I know that I need to say some things to him, and lying in his lap isn't the position I want to be in when he hears me out.

"My presence worries you?"

"The lack of it worries me."

He frowns and looks at the balcony, even though the light from the lifted shutters irritates his eyes. 'He prefers the pain, rather than looking at me…' that thought itself makes my heart clench in a painful way.

"You know how my life works. I run and hide, kill and survive. That's not a place for someone like you."

Somehow his words don't offend me but rather make me feel… cherished and worried for.

"I know that. I also know that my life itself is shitty enough." I whisper and look at my hands. They are covered in little white scars.

"People die around me, Angelica. I can't have you two anywhere near." His voice is firm and final.

"I know the feeling, Riddick, so don't play the 'I-don't-give-a-fuck-game!'" getting pissed is probably the worst reaction ever, but right now this is the best I got. "No one wants to be alone. Everyone wants to be loved and to love. Even you."

He looks at me with a wildfire burning in his eyes and I feel that he's about to let his snarky tongue go. Instead of yelling, though, he whispers his words and makes my skin bristle.

"Everyone I ever cared for died. Everyone in this fucking universe does whatever they can to make sure I'm on my own."

I stay silent as sudden tears appear in the corners of my eyes.

"The whole fucking Universe conspires against me." I whisper while looking away from him, the lump in my throat almost suffocating me. "That's its way of showing me that I exist only to collect the souls. Everyone who I let come closer dies shortly after. So don't tell me how painful it is to watch your loved ones get killed by your enemies. You can at least get revenge on them." After I say that I look at the man, my eyes watery. "Yet here I am – fighting for what I want, for what I deserve to have. And if it's me against the fucking Universe – then be it."

I stand up and go fill myself a glass of water, using the pause to compose myself and wipe the tears away. After less than a minute I return, almost afraid that he'd have left. But he's still there, sitting on the couch.

"We can fight together, Riddick. Keep one another alive." I whisper while leaning against the wall, suddenly not wanting to invade his personal space.

The silence settles between us and I don't dare break it. Holding the glass with both hands I just look around the room, a feeling of anger forming deep in me. 'It's FUCKING UNFAIR!' I mentally shout and grip the glass tighter. 'It always ends like this. They always go away or die. I can't take it anymore. Not with him. Not this time. ' Gritting my teeth I take a few large steps and stand in front of the convict. Kneeling right before him, I look him in the eyes, keeping his gaze for what seems like an eternity. Watching the inner battle he has. 'It's hard for him, too.'

"I won't give up on you. I didn't when you were gone. I won't even if you decide to go. I'll fight. And if that means chasing you around the galaxy with Jack by my side, then be it!"

He just stares at me and I do what no one else ever dared do – gently cup his face and kiss him. Not the rough dominant kiss, but a sweet like honey one, to mend his wounds. He doesn't pull away so I don't as well.

"I'll be by your side, Richard. As long as you have my back." I whisper after our lips part.

He looks at me, his eyes a mixture of worry and calculation. I give him my most brilliant smile. He chuckles.

Out of the blue he grabs me, sits me in his lap, and kisses me deeply and with passion. When we finally break apart, only due to lack of oxygen, I smirk and raise my eyebrow at him.

"Is that a yes?"

"Hm." He replies and our lips meet once again.

It's hard to leave your life behind, but I managed. Jack was sad for a while, but the thought of being near Riddick soon banished the sadness and she was the happiest girl alive. It was hard. It still is. There are people out there that still want Riddick's head on a pike. And I'm expecting the Universe to start twisting its wheels and turn my life into a living hell. But most of the time I try to keep those thoughts away. As long as I breathe and move, I'll fight for them. For my happiness. I'll give my best and won't back down. The Necromongers can do their best at getting Riddick weakened, but they'll face a serious threat in my face. I realised I am like an angry lioness – protecting my precious ones at all cost and killing everything that may pose a threat.

I keep my promise – I have his back every single time. Jack also helps. And he watches over us. Somehow along the way we turned into a family. And my love for him grows stronger with every passing day.

The nightmares never returned. The terror I feel when I enter the dark is vanishing with Riddick's help. Life is getting better.

… and, dare I say, I enjoy it the way it is.

Strange. Bizarre. Dangerous. Crazy. Passionate. Rough around the edges. Real.


I guess crossing Death's way isn't always a bad thing, as long as you are not on the wrong side of the scythe.

The End.