Road Doves, Ride 'til Dark

Dying young and I'm playing hard
That's the way my father made his life an art
Drink all day and we talk 'til dark
That's the way the road doves do it, ride 'til dark

~ Ride; Lana Del Rey

~.~ Chapter 1 ~.~

"Evie, a Mr Drayton in room 78, can you take the interview?" Callum Cole popped his head around her door and looked hopefully at the young female who looked slightly wrong-footed.

"Interview about what?"

Callum shrugged, "it's Ray for crying out loud. Probably something about his last trip down the Red Light District, I can't deal with his coke whore fetish right n-"

"I'll... take care of it." Evie Hart held up a hand and shared a polite smile before Callum disappeared round the corner.

She stood from the office chair, brushed down her black pencil skirt and tucked a few stray strands of dark hair behind her ear before adjusting her glasses and making her way to room 78.

Most of the offices were glass so she saw the young man before he saw her, he was fidgeting in the plastic folding chair and the visitor lanyard around his neck was clenched in his hand.

He was sweating and when he saw her, his bright eyes widened slightly before he saw something rather interesting on the floor.

Evie sighed and glanced behind her at some of her co-workers who were sat at their desks engaged in their work before opening the door and plastering a grin on her face.


Ray Drayton was in his late twenties and supported his habit of picking up prostitutes with a part time mundane job in the local garage.

He looked the type to be on some kind of drug but a story was a story no matter how fabricated it was.

Callum Cole, legendary publisher of the Charming Post usually took care of taking interviews, gathering information and constructing them into something entertaining for the people of Charming however, Evie should consider this a type of honour.

She's usually stuck with the weather or television schedule.

She took the opposite seat and made sure to fold it at least two feet away from the fidgeting man.

Evie noticed the recording device already on the table between them and took it in her hand.

She looked up at Ray who was staring at it.

Biting her lip, she asked, "are you alright?"

Ray nodded once and was breathing loudly. Perspiration rested on his brows.

"You know, you don't have to tell us anything. You chose to come here."

Evie was realizing that whatever Ray Drayton had to say, it was a little more important about what he'd experienced with a cheap girl in his backseat.

"I know." Ray spoke for the first time, his voice was breathy but he cleared his throat. He suddenly sat very still and leaned forward.

His eyes bore into the young brunettes brown eyes in front of him and he licked his lips.

"I saw someone die."

Evie couldn't look away and her heart was beating fast, "who?"

Ray looked outside the glass where people were casually walking past, talking phatically with co-workers and friends, completely unaware of Ray's confession.

Ray looked back at Evie whose eyebrows were furrowed and her eyes weren't wavering behind her black rimmed glasses.

"The Sons killed a clerk. In the 7/11 downtown. Gunned him down. I saw everything."

There was a second of complete silence and before Evie could open her mouth to say anything, Ray jumped up from his seat causing Evie to flinch involuntarily and she watched him walk rather impishly towards the glass door, tossed a sort of salute behind his shoulder before heading towards the elevator.

Evie watched him go until he was out of sight, nobody stopped to look back at the man who looked as if he'd just admitted to murdering the clerk himself let alone be the whistle blower for the notorious biker gang.

Evie breathed out and cursed under her breath. The recording device still sat in her hand untouched. She hadn't turned it on.

She was pretty sure she could write something. She could write what Ray had said. She pushed a hand through her bangs brushing them to the side before debating internally about informing Callum.

Clicking her teeth, she left the interview room and stopped outside Callum's office, the glass window enabled her to see he was furiously typing on his laptop with a stack of papers in front of him, he was talking animatedly on the phone too.

He looked busy. But Evie couldn't shake the feeling that something about this was wrong.

Ray Drayton, local drunk and nymphomaniac had just confessed to witnessing the mysterious 7/11 murder that was reported in Charming Post only a few days ago.

The Sons of Anarchy were no strangers to bad press.

Every other city in California had something to say about the biker gang however Callum seemed to keep Charming Post free from any negative biker publicity.

Before Evie could think about it any longer, she headed back to her office and started to write.

Her story was emailed to Callum in an hour and she left work feeling incredibly uneasy.

The next day was a Saturday.

It began just like every other Saturday in Charming, the weather was nice, overcast but warm and people headed off to work or the supermarket to cure their Saturday morning hangover.

Jax Teller was usually up, showered and dressed by 9am every day.

Regardless if there was club business or church, he liked to get out of the clubhouse as quickly as possible on the mornings to avoid pussy stench that lingered.

As Jax made his way to Teller-Morrow's reception he could see his mother through the small window hunched over the desk.

That was typical for a morning. What wasn't common however was Clay stood rather angrily in front of her pointing his finger at something she was looking at on the desk.

Jax sighed, debating on whether he wanted to involve himself in relationship conflict but curiousity won him over and he opened the door hastily shrugging his shoulders as both his parents looked up at him surprised.

"What's goin' on?" Jax asked looking past his step dad who had stopped talking and saw the paper on Gemma's desk. "Juice get his nudes published in the Post again?"

Gemma pursed her lips and turned the paper around so Jax could see it properly, "have you seen this?"

Jax walked closer to it his hands stuffed in his jeans pockets and sighed before reading the black bold lettering clearly: CHARMINGS' OWN KILLERS.

Furrowing his brow, Jax grabbed the paper and held it in front of his face as he read the story.

There was a picture of their trademark reaper before a long story reported their murder of the lowlife clerk in the 7/11.

"What the fuck is this?" He asked his step dad clenching the broadsheet paper in his fist. "I thought Cole was down with this."

Clay stared down his step-son and snatched the paper, "he is. We pay Cole more than our own goddamn police department just to keep us off the goddamn convenience store shelves," Clay opened the paper and tapped his finger against a name at the end of the article.

Evelyn Hart.

Jax shared a confused look with his mother, "Evelyn Hart? She writes for the paper?"

Gemma gestured to the paper, "looks like Cole didn't inform Little Miss Geek to keep her stories to herself when it comes to the club."

"I'll handle this." Jax bit out and snatched the paper back from Clay before heading towards his bike outside.

Who would've thought that basketcase loner Evelyn Hart would land herself in her dream job?

Well, he was about to rip apart her dreams.

"I cannot believe this!" Callum was pacing in the small office running his hands through his greying hair. "How could you be so stupid?!"

Evie blanched on the chair, "how could I... why the fuck didn't you read it over?"

Callum stopped and shot her an exasperated look, '"it was Ray fucking Drayton, I wasn't expecting anything short from a midnight blowjob that went wrong. I wasn't expecting a goddamn murder story about SAMCRO to be plastered on all the front pages this morning!"

Evie didn't say a word and chewed her bottom lip.

She watched Cole pace some more and he kept throwing looks over his shoulder through the glass towards the elevator. "Are you expecting someone?"

Cole laughed humorlessly, "I'm expecting Clay Morrow to show up and put a bullet in my skull."

"Cole, they're not assassins. They're just a biker gang."

Evie was finding it difficult to understand why Cole was so frightened, and then she realized, "they pay you, don't they?"

Callum didn't even bother look in her direction just kept his eyes focused on the elevator doors.

He clicked his tongue and that was Evie's answer.

She scoffed.

"They pay you to keep them out of the paper." Evie didn't ask, she was now stating what she finally understood.

She shook her head in disgust at her boss' ethic, three years and she'd never had a clue.

She didn't even read her own goddamn paper most of the time, she had no idea that it was convenient how such a dominant presence in Charming was kept out of the media.

She was still thinking about it when Cole cursed aloud and she shot her eyes up towards the man who had emerged from the elevator.

The first thing Evie noticed was Cole's nerves. He was physically shaking.

The man was young, early twenties with long golden hair and a slight scruff on his face.

His piercing blue eyes could look almost endearing if they weren't ice cold and staring right at her.

He didn't bother knock, he threw open the glass door, didn't spare Cole more than a second look before he crossed the small room and slammed the mornings paper on the desk making Evie flinch.

"Evelyn Hart." Jax Teller stated with an ugly smile, "recognize me yet?"

Evie took a closer look and clenched her jaw.

Jackson Teller.

Fellow Charming High School survivor.

They'd been in the same grade, never had any classes together and despite rolling in completely oppposing social circles, Jackson Teller and Evelyn Hart had their fair share of school conflicts.

From refusing him a pen to him deliberately knocking his bike into her car Senior year, they were anything but friends.

For a brief second, she was afraid but she remembered why he was here and what he'd done in school and suddenly, it wasn't the Vice President of a dangerous biker gang she was looking at anymore, it was the blonde haired wannabe biker in high school that had landed her in the Principles office too many times.

She stood from the chair and leaned on the desk meeting him head on, she took a slow, deliberate gaze downward at the paper and allowed a smirk to plaster itself on her face. "I'm sorry, did I spell your stupid clubs name wrong?"

Cole inhaled sharply, amazed at his employee's guts and watched Jax tense, the VP's hands were balled into fists at his side.

Cole cleared his throat and stupidly put a hand on the leather cut that adorned the bikers back.

Jax and Evie's staring contest was broken as Jax immediately shrugged Cole's hand off and turned to face him.

His index finger was on the editors chest, "you said you had this shit under control."

Cole stuttered, "I did... I... I do! This.. Jax, this was all a mistake. It was her.. she-"

"She isn't the fucking editor of the damn paper!" Jax snapped and dug his finger into his chest for emphasis, "you are."

"It won't happen again, I swear."

"Like hell this will."

Jax turned on his heel and sniffed as he observed the brunette who was still glaring at him, he looked her up and down and shook his head, "if this blows back on us, darlin' you won't have any legs to put into that skirt. Am I clear?"

Evie didn't allow his threat to physically affect her eventhough the sincerity in his words hit her like a stab of ice in her heart, she just clenched her jaw.

Jax left the office without turning around leaving Cole to collect his breath.

His eyes shot over to Evie who was breathing steadily, she sat back down on the chair and rested her head in her hands. "You know him?"

"Charming's a small place, Cole, we went to the same school."

Cole scoffed, "didn't appear you two were besties, Evie." He paused, "you realize if the police collapse on their club it's going to be me and you they'll come after right?"

"I'm beginning to realize, yes." Evie bit and rolled her eyes, "relax. As if the police department would pay any attention to a story in the paper."

Jax had been back at the clubhouse for four hours before Clay approached him.


Jax took a swig from his beer as he sat on the bar, he didn't even look at Clay, his blood was still boiling at how Evie had acted.

"It's done."

Before Clay could say anything else, the clubhouse doors were thrown open and the familiar flurry of heavy footsteps and shouts of "cops!" echoed around the clubhouse.

Some of the clubs hang-arounds hit the floor without hesitation whilst Prospects looked around frantically for directions, Clay was cursing loudly as he argued over the noise with one of the police officers.

Jax remained seated and took a last gulp of his beer before placing it down on the bar and whispered, "she's dead."

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