Hey ya'll! Since the series is still running, and I'm doing my best to keep it as accurate as possible, there is always the chance that I will have to add another chapter or two to this story to do that. Of course, that also means I might have to delete or edit chapters but it hasn't happened yet and if it does I'll cross that bridge when I come to it. Should I need to create new chapters, I will post a chapter after this note called "Chapter Updates" as an easy way to let you know what is new, this way you don't have to go searching through chapter after chapter to figure out which ones are brand new. I only post for Moments during the summer and winter hiatus, so I'll always make sure that at the beginning of each one the series is up to date, that's also when I will post the new chapters, just before I begin posting the other stories. But if it's just a matter of editing posts I won't bother making notifications on FFNet, just twitter, they are usually pretty small adjustments and you can discover that for yourself. Therefore, this story will continue to be labeled as "complete" but be aware that until the series ends it's only "completeish". So, to make sure you'll be notified of any updates, be sure to favorite and follow this fiction or follow Montreat11 on Twitter.

Now, just for the record, here's the most up-to-date reading order for the Moments Series, just in case you need it.

Moments Known and Unknown-Belle's perspective of everything that happened in the Enchanted Forrest. Begins with the moment Belle meets Rumple in her father's castle and ends the moment the curse hits. Currently updated through season 7 and includes the story from the graphic novel.

Moments Seen and Unseen-Belle's perspective of events starting with her in the asylum in "Skin Deep" and continuing on through the moment Regina gives her Lacey in "Lacey".

Moments Missed-Contains all of Lacey's memories. Begins with Regina giving Belle Lacey in "Lacey" and ends with Rumple bringing Belle back in "...And Straight on till Morning".

Moments Shared and Unshared-Belle's perspective of the events from the moment Rumple give's Belle back her memories in "...And Straight on till Morning" through the events at the town line in "Going Home".

Moments Exchanged-Belle's perspective of the events from the year she spent in the Enchanted Forest during season 3B. Begins with the moment they arrive and ends with the moment they leave.

Moments Revealed and Unrevealed-Belle's perspective of the events in Storybrooke during season 3B. Begins with Belle waking up back in Storybrooke just before the events in "New York Serenade" and ends with the wedding in "There's No Place Like Home".

Moments Told and Untold-Belle's perspective of the events in Storybrooke during season 4A. It begins with the night of the wedding in "A Tale of Two Sisters" and ends the morning after the night at the town line in "Heroes and Villains".

Moments Experienced and Unexperienced-Belle's perspective of the events in Storybrooke during season 4B. It begins the morning after Belle banishes Rumple at the town line, briefly touches on the six weeks between 4A and 4B, and ends just after the darkness is removed from Rumple's heart.

Moments Taken-Belle's perspective of the events that took place in Storybrooke and Camelot during 5A. It begins just before Emma receives the Dark Curse, follows the group through the six weeks they were in Camelot, and ends just before they return to Storybrooke.

Moments Clear and Unclear-Belle's perspective of the events in Storybrooke during 5A. It begins just after the group returns from Camelot and ends after Belle goes back to Rumple.

Moments Discovered and Undiscovered-Belle's perspective of the events in Storybrooke and the Underworld during 5B. It begins immediately after Belle returns to Rumple, follow through her departure to the Underworld, the discovery of her pregnancy, and ends with the moment Belle places herself under the Sleeping Curse.

Moments Lived and Unlived-Belle's perspective of the events in Storybrooke during 6A. It begins with Belle trapped in the Red Room while under the sleeping curse and ends with sending baby Gideon away with the Blue Fairy.

Moments Lost-Belle's very own prequel. This is Belle's perspective of about 8-10 years before she made her deal with Rumpelstiltskin. It begins with Belle happy in her family, touches on her friendship with Samuel, her mother's death, the betrothal and marriage to Gaston, her adventure with Anna of Arendelle, and ends with her finally convincing her father to summon the Dark one! Because this is a prequel it is up to you when the proper time to read it is. Read it before Moments Known and Unknown or read it at the end of the series, the choice is yours! It is updated through 5x17.

And Coming Soon:

Moments Explored and Unexplored-Belle's perspective of 6B, beginning just after she has delivered Gideon and ending at the discovery of baby Gideon in the cave.

Moments Grown-This is a smaller fiction of 11 chapters that will be Belle's perspective of about a month of time between getting baby Gideon back in the cave and what I have come to call the Happily Ever After Dinner.

Moments Beyond-Belle's perspective of their life together following the Happily Ever After Dinner. This fiction will take place over the course of many decades, detailing the life Belle and Rumple spent together before her death in season 7.

Please stay tuned for more information about these fictions as well as publication dates!

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