Chapter 1

This whole cave was dark. That was obvious. Everything was moist and dank. I fucking hated it. Ever since I was given a home transfer to this god forsaken planet, I knew it was going to be the death of me.

I don't know if I'm the last survivor, or if there are others hiding out, but it doesn't matter. What does matter, is that I either run, or I get taken... By them...

I'm heavily panting. I'm nearly out of breath. My throat is dry. My legs feel like jelly...

No, I thought. I'm not gonna die. I'm not going to be taken by THEM either. Just keep running... Don't think, Phil... Just don't think...

But I couldn't NOT think. Over and over played a scene in my head, of me being used as an incubator. If I was caught, then my fate is sealed. If not, then I have a chance to escape this planet and abandon the ruined colony.

There was light, but it was very dim. Even though I had only one eye, I could still coordinate pretty well with my surroundings. I continued to run, and found a sharp turn to the left. Stead fast, I twisted to the left and continued to run like hell.

Almost there! I thought. If I can get to the administrative sector, I can activate the lock-down sequence and reboot the communications antennae with-

"HIIISSSSSSS!" Sounded one of my pursuers. I glanced over my shoulder to see how close they were. To my absolute horror, they were only a few feet away.

With a frightened yell, I ran as fast as I could, barely gaining any sort of distance between me and my pursuers.

"LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE!" I screamed at them. All I got from them was a determined hiss to catch me. I faced forward and continued to sprint.

For every second that I bolted through the cavern, I could feel my energy slowly drain. My panting increased in frequency, and my throat was nearly bone dry.

I gasped when I saw the distant door I was nearing. I glanced behind me once more, and I caught my breath. They were now even closer to me than before. Only this time, I was almost within their reach.

I began to panic. My heart was racing. Adrenaline was coursing through my veins. I could my vision began to blur. Then time seemed to slow... I saw a light... It was rectangular... The... Door!

Within seconds in burst through the door frame and pressed the pressure pad, to close the metal door.

VVVSSSSTT! The door slid to a close, locking them outside, hissing angrily. Immediately, I slumped to the ground, panting like a dog. I was panting so badly that I even coughed out a few drops of blood from my raw throat.

Water... I thought. I need... Water... I could barely move, but I forced myself to drag my body towards the bathroom of the administrative office. Both of my arms shook with exhaustion and weakness.

Minutes upon minutes passed by. Once I got to the open bathroom door, I just laid there, to rest. I waited a while, flexing my fingers and occasionally moving my arm. When my panting lowered to a quickened breathing state, I got up and turned on the water. I bent down to the faucet and mercilessly gulped down the tap water, filling my stomach as much as I could to sate my thirst.

I covered the whole nozzle with my mouth, gulping as much as my dry mouth could hold. I stayed there for what felt like hours, letting the cool, tasteless fluid wet my throat and fill the emptiness I felt within me. I was completely lost into the water. It was so cool... So relaxing... So-CRASH!

I literally choked on the water and gasped for air. Instinctively, I spun around in a defensive positioning. But there was nothing. Heart hammering in my chest, I slowly crept to the door, just barely poking my head out. I looked everywhere, eyeing everything in my wake, trying to see what made the noise.

But everything was silent. Deathly silent. I stepped back, reaching for the door so I could close and lock it. I only caught air in my grasp. I turned my gaze and saw that there was no door. It looked as if the door was ripped off its hinges.

I walked out to begin investigating. I first checked the front door. It was closed alright, but behind it was silent. Curious, I looked through the window. But then I saw nothing.

Did they leave? I thought. Or are they hiding? Waiting for me to come out? I was getting more and more concerned. I turned around and ran into the emergency gun cabinet for a weapon. I yanked the locker open, and I let out an excited yelp. There was actually only one gun in there, but it was a shotgun. Standard, but it was better than no weapon at all. I hefted the gun and smiled. It was light. Too light...

I pulled onto the pump, and it turned out that it was empty. I set the shotgun down and looked into the locker for some shells. I rummaged through the munitions bag, but there was nothing. I opened the ammunition box, and my heart sank. In the box was a single magazine for a pistol.

I picked up the magazine and threw it at the wall in anger. I began searching the room for any shells. I picked up the 12-gauge and started for the door.

I need some ammo, I thought. If I want to live, I need some shells. I continued to walk quickly towards the office across the hall until I heard something. I stopped dead in my tracks, heart pounding like mad. Then there as silence... Cold, dead silence...

I tried to stay still, but it couldn't help but twitch my hand. Literally, as soon as I have done so, a deep hiss sounded on my right. I began to whimper.

Holy shit, I thought. It's one of THEM... Trembling, I slowly turned my head, begging god to let me be wrong. I didn't even get time to react. It swiped at me with an uppercut motion, knocking the gun out of my hand and tearing my eye-patch off. I screamed. I flew over to my side in attempt to escape the I landed, I spied something under the desk. A box of shotgun shells.

With overwhelming joy, I snatched the ammo and loaded the was only a few, but it was enough. With the 12-gauge in one hand, I scrambled to my feet and faced it, sneering. I aimed the barrel to its head.

I shouted. And with that, I pulled the trigger, blasting half of its elongated head. It didn't even shout or screech. It just slumped to the ground, twitching. The blood sprayed onto the wall began to deteriorate the concrete.

Panting, I turned around and began to walk to the private chambers. That's when I heard it. Dozens and dozens of little pitter patters coming towards me.

No, I thought. No, not now. Oh, god please no... I turned back around, expecting to see hundreds of face huggers come at me. Fortunately, it was only another Xenomorph, but that didn't slow down my heart rate. But if it wasn't the Xenomorph that made those weird sounds, then what were they?

The Xenomorph stood there, hissing, spitting at me, almost as if it was taunting me. With an evil smile, I pointed the barrel at the xenomorph.

"You think you can fuck with me? HUH!?" I shouted, about to squeeze the trigger. I stopped when it began making little noises. Short, little bursts of growls and hisses. It was making that noise... Almost as if it was...

"Are you fucking laughing at me!?" I exclaimed. "I'm going to wipe that fucking smirk right off you-"

I stopped. And I swear, my heart skipped a couple of beats. Behind the xenomorph were dozens and dozens of face huggers, all crawling at amazing speeds. They all scuttled past the smirking alien and charged at me.

With a yelp, I shot at them, both pumping the shotgun and the trigger simultaneously. They all scattered, all trying not to stay in one group. One jumped, and I took it out. I backed up, and continued to fire at them.

As if my bad luck wasn't enough, I heard my gun click instead of firing. My blood ran cold as I realized that the shotgun was empty. I turned to run. There was just too many of them!

I only ran for a second when I tripped over a book. FUUUUUUUUUUCK! I screamed in my mind. I turned over, trying to get back. I was then plagued face huggers, each desperately trying to cling to my face.

One by one the entered the room, only to jump at me and claw at me. I swatted at them, doing my best to best them. One had its upper claws on my cranium. With one angered, powerful swipe, I smacked it across the room. To my surprise, one successfully jumped to my face and warped it's tail around my neck, chocking me.

I gurgled, gasping for air. In the meantime the face hugger was clawing at my my one good eye, I saw a slit at its center. That very slit opened, and out came a fleshy, tube-like appendage. I knew very well what it was for.

Oh god! I thought. No! I don't wanna die! The appendage bumped my nose, trying to aim for my mouth. I pulled and pulled on it, attempting to rip it off my body. All that did was tighten its tail on my neck. Then got an idea. An idea that may save my life...

A few years back, I owned a snake for a while. It was a birthday present for my son. Once, it got caught around my neck and nearly killed me. In order to pull it off, I had to pull the snake up, not away.

The face hugger was nearing its own success on turning me into an incubator. I attempted to pull it up, and immediately it's tail slightly loosened. In triumph, I began hefting my arms up and pulling it off. I yelped.

I'm doing it! I thought. I'm going to survive! I'm going to- my hand slipped. The face hugger snaked its claws around my head. I felt the appendage go inside me. But it didn't go inside my mouth. No... It went somewhere else. It... It stabbed me in my eyeless socket!

Immediately I felt immense waves of pain pass on the inside of my head. The face hugger was lopsided, holding onto the appendage piercing my brain to the back of my skull. I felt the appendage curve in my head and stop. The I felt a warm, smooth liquid slowly secrete from the appendage... And a fat lump that made my good eye almost pop out of its socket.

My whole body just went limp. The tears in my brain must have paralyzed me. I just laid there, doing nothing. I couldn't even move my eye. Half of my mouth was free, but I couldn't scream. I breathed, but couldn't scream. My head felt hot and my body was ice cold. My heart hammered in my chest.

I twitched my hands, but I couldn't move. I blinked, but I couldn't move my eye. I layer there. Seconds passed. Minutes. Moments later, the same Xenomorph that I saw earlier came into the room. I couldn't see it, but I knew it was there. And to confirm my suspicions, it's near eyeless face hovered over to mine.

My lips trembled as I struggled to speak: "F-fuck... Y... You..." All it did was snort in my face. Then it reached down and gently picked me up, careful not to touch my face. The whole time this was happening my vision was beginning to fade.

I felt extremely nauseous... It felt like I was in water... My body felt like it was vibrating... I felt weak...

My body was getting colder... Everything was getting dark...

The Xenomorph carried me to a cave I didn't recognize. With my one good eye I saw others. Other people who tried to survive and miserably failed. One was screaming in pure agony. I saw that her chest slightly protruded, sounding a few bones snapping in the process. With one, loud screech, a xenomorph infant suddenly burst out of her... Spaying both blood and viscera everywhere in front of her. I felt sick to my stomache. I wanted to throw up, but I actually hadn't eaten anything for about two-in-a-half days.

Within moments, I was propped onto a wall and held there while two other xenomorphs began secreting some strange fluids out if their mouths and rubbing it on me. I already had a good guess as to what it was. The liquid was weak now, but it would get tougher the dryer it gets, hardening like concrete to keep me pinned onto the wall.

It didn't take long. They covered my arms, legs, even in between my fingers. The only parts they left were my head and chest. Then they left. Just like that. I wanted to move so badly, but I couldn't. My body was getting colder by the minute. The only warmth I felt was in my head.

I felt the Xenomorph embryo grow and slightly squirm inside my head. It felt so disgusting... So vile... but I'm even more surprised at the rate it grew.

It might die since the tube entered the wrong way, I thought. God, I hope it dies. At least I would be taking one more down with me when I die.

I smiled at that. When I die, it would die as well. I was sure of it. I felt myself slipping away, sinking into darkness. Ugh, I feel so weak. So... Tired...

So this is what dying is like, I noted in my mind. I felt extremely tired, as if I worked all my life and never slept...

My breathing slowed... My vision went even darker... Everything seemed to swirl around me like food coloring dripping in water...

So tired... I thought. I closed my eye, welcoming death. This is it. I'm going to die... But it's not so bad. I feel... Nice. I actually feel comfortable... My heart was slowing. I barely felt it at all.

My lips twitched, and for the last time, I spoke. "Carol... I love you... Take care of Jimmy... M-my son..." My tongue and lips both felt slack. A single tear formed in my closed eye and slid down my face as I was beggining to draw my final breath.

It felt as if I stopped breathing, because I couldn't move my chest anymore. Seconds passed, then minutes flew by. Honestly, I couldnt tell the difference anymore. My mind swam in an extremely slow pace... I felt... so... cold... I could feel it coming... everything felt dark... I couldnt even hear anything... God is the greatest... Was my final thought.