100 Theme Challenge


Theme Six: Obsession


Some people may say that he was obsessed with what he did. Hanamiya didn't think so.

He just enjoyed what he did. The cruel teenager enjoyed crushing his opponent's dreams and hopes. Just because it was so easy to do. So simple to grasp a small dream, rip it up and toss it in the trash.

And, honestly, he was beginning to get annoyed with all the whispers and rumors going around him. Of course, it had started on the courts, spreading from team to team and soon Hanamiya had quite the repetition amongst basketball players.

He had hardly been surprised when students from his own school began to whisper behind his back when they thought he wasn't paying attention.

It was after their loss to Seirin that he finally had had enough of all the talk.

"You shouldn't let it bother you." Furuhashi stated, face expressionless as he spoke.

Currently, the five of them were all inside the first gymnasium during their lunch period. Hanamiya had figured that that was the only place he could have some peace and quiet. The doors had been locked, so no one could enter.

"Yeah," Yamazaki snorted, shoving his rice ball into his mouth. "Who cares what people think?" He offered bitterly, pieces of rice flying out of his mouth as he talked. Hara frowned and moved away from the reddish-brown haired teammate of his, choosing not to say anything.

Behind them, Seto was snoozing away on the bench, appearing quite comfortable in his awkward position.

"It isn't like we're doing anything wrong." Furuhashi said as he shrugged nonchalantly.

At that, Hara snorted whereas Yamazaki smirked. "That's just like you, Furuhashi." He said, inspecting what he had left in his bento.

Unknown to them, Hanamiya was beginning to reach his boiling point. 'Why are they even talking about this shit still?' He thought, sneering. 'We lost.' Hanamiya was pulled further into his thoughts about their match against Seirin, about how that stupid Kiyoshi wanted to play him again.

'Is he really that stupid?' The captain and also coach of his team was stirred from his thoughts by Hara and Yamazaki arguing. He rolled his eyes and stood up. Hanamiya shoved his hands into his pockets and stalked away without saying anything, annoyed and clearly pissed.

He passed by students who didn't dare look at him. He didn't know if it was because of the whispers, rumors, or his deadly aura but he didn't care.

Silence followed him until he reached the basketball clubs room. It was previously known as the tea clubs room but he had taken it because he liked where it was located in the school. Near his classroom and near the gym.

Hanamiya entered the darkly lit clubroom and closed the door behind him with a soft click. He stood there, in the dark, for a few minutes in near-silence, the only sound of his faint breathing filling the room.

Suddenly, he laughed. It wasn't like his normal laughter but one more offish and broken sounding. "Maybe I should just quit," He said, chuckling quietly. "Maybe I'll never play this stupid game ever again..." Hanamiya nodded to himself, as if confirming what he had just said.

Unable to detect the fractured tone in his own voice, he continued. "Just kidding..."


Another short one... But! Poor Hanamiya. T.T I'd hug him, but he might hurt me... *shot*