It was a piercing scream that woke her in the night.

"Sesshomaru" She said putting her hand on her every growing baby bump. He sat up "It is the miko" He told her.

Kagome stood, her silk night-gown doing her body every bit of justice "I should go check"

Sesshomaru stood, he heard his brothers feet, he was running, and Sesshomaru knew that knocking was not going to happen, so he quickly helped Kagome into her robe. The only person seeing her nipples hard was him, damn silk.

"Wait" He told her,


But he didn't need to answer, Inuyasha came barging in, blood on his hands "Kagome!" He yelled,

"Oh my God Inuyasha!" She ran forward, careful not to touch him.

"Kikyo is in labor! There is blood everywhere!" He was freaking out.

"Oh no" Kagome whispered and she ran pass Inuyasha. Sesshomaru hated it when she ran like that, he really wished she would refrain from doing it.

"It's to soon" Inuyasha looked at his brother.

"Sit" Sesshomaru told him,

Inuyasha slid down the wall, his demon blood turning "I duno it I can handle this"

"Surprising" Sesshomaru crossed his arms as he glared at his brother.

"Something feels, off"

"My Lord!" A gaurd came up to the open door "Shadows have been seen!"

Sesshomaru narrowed his eyes "Protect my mate" Was all he said as he began to walk away.

"Yes my Lord!" The gaurd went running.

Sesshomaru walked quickly down the hall to the room that held his mate, the smell of blood hit him and it made him sick, he never did like the smell of the older miko.

"Kagome" He called, not stepping to close to the room, that women where running in and out of.

"They are coming Sesshomaru!" She called back to him,

"It's to soon!" He heard Kikyo say in a cry,

"You're a little early Kikyo, but it's ok, just listen to me"

"Kagome, come here" Sesshomaru stated again.

Her heard her curse under her breath and then her head popped out from around the door "Yes dear?" She said sarcastic,

"I need to come in"

"Like hell you are!" She stood outside the door "Where is Inuyasha!" She snapped,

Kagome could hear guards running about,

"The shadows are here" He stated, glaring at her. Kagome took in air, fear rising, but Kikyo's cry's had her shaking her head "Fine, don't look, go to the window"

"Do not insult me mate" He said stern, almost mad at her,

She watched as he walked in and went straight to the closed boarded up window, sword in hand.

"Kagome!" Kikyo cried,

"Right, sorry"

Kagome rushed back to her job at hand "Ok Kikyo, they are coming, are you ready?"

"No!" She growled out,

"Well do bad" Kagome got ready "Ok, on the next contraction, push!"

Kikyo screamed and it took Sesshomaru all he had not to yell at her, damn his ears would be ringing for days after this.

"I see a head!" Kagome gently grabbed the baby's head "Ok, push again Kikyo!"

Kikyo cried out-and-out slipped the baby "Its a boy!" She cried pulling the baby to her. Sesshomaru looked over at Kagome, she was covered in blood.

"It's human" Kagome whispered, but it was odd, he didn't feel mortal and he had a holy aura about him.

Sango held out her arms "Here Kagome"


Kagome handed the baby over, he was small "Id say he is about 4lb, clean is air ways good"

Sango nodded and began to clean the baby off.

"Something is wrong" Sesshomaru stated, the amount of shadows had increased, they where swarming the castle.

"Push Kikyo, one more to go"

She was loosing a lot of blood "Sesshomaru, Inuyasha needs to be here, she is going to need some blood"

Sesshomaru looked at the gaurds and nodded his head, they would be left to fish the weak half breed.

"I can't!" Kikyo cried,

"You have to!" Kagome yelled "Push, push!"

Kikyo screamed in pain "It hurts too much"

"I can see hair Kikyo, it's black!"

The boy had white hair, odd for a human child.

Kikyo screamed so loud that the scared everyone, and a tiny scream was heard after that, and it sent a wave of power out, and in seconds all the shadows were gone.

Sesshomaru eyed the tiny child in Kagomes hands, he didn't like it, he didn't like the cry, or the smell, something was off.

"It's a demo girl" Kagome handed her off to Sango,

"She is a little bigger than her brother" Kagome said with a smile,

"I do not care, where is Inuyasha"

Kikyo was in a great amount of pain.

Inuyasha walked in, stumbling "Oh God"

"Inuyasha she needs your blood, feed her and I will get the sleep and pain aid"

Kagome stood and looked at her mate "Come with me?"

She didn't have to ask, he was coming.

They left the room and headed to the herb cellar,

"Something is not right"

"I felt it to, I felt something odd about both children" Kagome said looking at him.

"Mother, father"

Both stopped,


"They are alive?" He asked coming up to his mother, looking her over,


He looked stern at them both "Can I see them" His sword was tight at his side, and his hair high up, it made is marking show even more, he was so cute in her eyes, sometimes he would blush, something he did not get from his father for sure.

"In a moment, help me, both of you"

Both men nodded and followed after the little pregnant miko.