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Chapter 2 The Break In

Next day

After a long day of working the cash register and sweeping the floors the Pines twins are ready for dinner.

"Gruncle Stan! Can we go to the diner tonight?" Mabel asked "Please? I'm hungry!"

"We don't need to waste money at the diner we have plenty of food here!" Stan points to all of the canned meats stacked up for the apocalypse.

"But Stan, we can't eat canned meat every night. We're growing and need more food." Dipper said.

"You mean your sisters growing not you cause you still haven't caught up with that one millimeter!" Stan said laughing at him.

"Ok dudes no need to make fun." Soos chipped in.

"Yeah, even though I enjoy it." Mabel said as Dipper scowled at her "but it wasn't funny."

"Alright I'll take you to the diner, does eight work? That way I can take care of a few things ok?" Stan caved in.

"Yay!" Both twins shouted

Stan finished counting the money in the cash register and headed out with Dipper and Mabel to the diner. Little did they know there was a person Hiding in the bushes waiting for them to leave.

"Thank goodness the Pines family left now I can get in!" He unlocked the door by using one of Mabel's bobby pins he kept. The lock unlocked and he got in. Thankfully to his advantage Soos went to his grandmas for the night and Wendy never shows up or works. Gideon reached the vending machine he pulled out the piece of paper with the codes on them.

"Ok, now A1," he read the code out loud, "B1, A2, C1, C2." The vending machine opened and exposed a new room that leads to the elevator. "Ok now to input the elevator code, second button on the top, last button on the top, second button on the bottom, and last button on the top again. The code glowed green and Gideon hit the down button and got in the elevator. He remembered to hit the button to level three. Once the doors opened he was in shock. "Wow, Stanford Pines had all of this and never told anyone." He continued to walk past many machines until he reached a desk with the three books lined up and Mabel's and Dipper's picture sitting on the desk. "Ah Mabel, this time you will be my queen." Talking to the picture. He picked up the books and ran out of the lab and elevator then raced up the stairs to find the Pines not home yet. "Few! Glad they aren't home." He left the shack and ran to the forest.

"Bill! I got them! I got them!" Gideon screamed.

"Really you did!" Bill said while appearing in front of Gideon.

"Yes, now make me the ruler of Gravity Falls!" He screamed.

"Ok kid but remember I'm your advisor. Oh! And I almost forgot, this spell doesn't work on the ten. Shooting Star, Pine Tree, Claw, Ice, Question Mark, Star which is you, Lama, Glasses, Stitched Heart, and Six Fingered Hand."

"Ok whatever! Just do it!" Bill with his blue fiery hands had a dark cloud conjured over the town. A bolt of lightning flashed and everyone got drawn to it. As they watched the lighting come down the light filled their eyes and made them go blank, they were only focusing on the light not anything else. Once the lightning disappeared everything went back to normal.

"It didn't work you fool!" Gideon screamed at Bill.

"Kid let's take a walk really quick." As Bill walked with Gideon to the town he didn't see one person outside.

"What's going on here!?" Gideon yelled. Bill directed him to a huge crowd where everyone was gathered. One person turned around.

"Look it's Gideon!" She told everyone. Right after she said it instantly everyone did something weird... They got down on their knees and bowed.

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