Chapter 1

AN: We all know, this has been done quite often, not like any fic is any original, ever. Not anymore. But me and a friend of mine had an idea and planned, and planned, and planned a bit more… and well, then we decided each wrote his own version while using the same ideas - Bonus Bosses, Achievements, Perks and Skills, and not having him win every fight easily due to game mechanics.

I like to play Souls games, btw.

Maybe some stuff will surprise you, I certainly hope so.

Chapter 1

Naruto - RPG Life Sucks

Chapter 1: "What do you mean I can't have my Rasengan, asshole?!"

Naruto's life was over. Quite literally, no sudden revivals, no random moments of "awesome power saves you", just a failure and loss. He wasn't skilled enough.

'Hmmmm…' Naruto thought, 'afterlife didn't suck as much last time.'

Everything was black, not in a "no light" kind of way, but honestly black while he could still see himself normally. Sure, he wasn't a genius, but even he knew that in darkness you usually couldn't see your own hand in front of you face.

"Hey! Anyone here?" At least his parents should be. Or… why did he feel so calm? He just lost all his friends! The world as he knew it was gone and Madara would crown himself the master of it!

But… he didn't really have the power to get angry. Madara won, and they lost. Maybe he should have done some things differently? Actually taking his training with Jiraiya seriously?

Not that it would change anything now.

And suddenly it glared at him, a huge white font appearing out of nowhere.


"Uhh. Right, yes. I suck, I know."

Return to the main menu?

Yes or No.

"Main Menu?"


"Hey wait!" Naruto shouted, "what the hell are you talking about?"

Suddenly the deep blackness was changed into something more familiar: Konoha.

"Ha, nice afterlife! Are you mocking me?" As if answering his question the universe threw some more words around him.

Naruto RPG! Version 1.0

Naruto can't have nice things Edition.

"Well screw you too!" He pointed at the text and looked around. Konoha, it looked more than before, more than the look of it rebuilt, a few months after Nagato's attack. "What is going on?"

Manual activated.

"Shit. Do I have to read?"

Naruto RPG is a deranged game with bad references and a supposed lot of hilarious happenings.

"I do. Is this hell?" Naruto scowled, standing against a wall as more text came down. "It is hell, definitively hell."

Beginning with the Graduation Day, the game will follow Naruto's adventures through the Open-World environment, and the ability to change the happenstances of the world!

Here Naruto reacted and stopped sulking. He could start again? Save his friends? Save the world!

In game mechanics are explained on their way.

Do you wish to start a new game?

Yes or No.

"YES!" Naruto was excited, that could be his chance! His village… no, it wasn't his village was it? Graduation day. Sasuke still a prick, Sakura still hating him, the village still rejecting him… "Wait! Can I change my answer?"

Choose your Perks.

5 Perk Points. More permanent perk points can be unlocked by completing different achievements.

First choose your ninja art affinity.


"Easy," He grinned, hitting the Ninjutsu one.

Ninjutsu: More Chakra, Less Control.

Are you sure?

It's not like it would change anything, right? So Naruto accepted it.

Second choose your elemental affinity.

4 Perk Points remaining.

Wind - Lightning - Earth - Water - Fire

More affinities are unlockable later on.

"Does that mean I can use bloodlines?" He shouted exited, a huge grin on his face. The game decided to ignore his question, waiting for his input. "Right. I guess Wind would be smarter, right? I know a lot of techniques already!"

This time the game decided to answer him.

Techniques learned after Graduation Day are not available.

"Bullshi-" Naruto gripped his head, pulling on his hair. "Does that mean I can't use my Rasengan?"


"GAAHHHHHH!" He glared at the affinity screen and hit Water, accepting it. "At least something to get rid of Sasuke's annoying Katon!"

Please choose 3 Body Perks now.

"Whoa!" The list was long. Really long, as in, if you put all snakes that crazy Sannin could summon together you still couldn't reach that length! But most of them were greyed out.

Looking a bit more closely at one he saw all Kage in Chibi form, placed in small squares right besides the grey text.

[Tsunade's Heir] - Unlock Conditions: Beat Tsunade in her prime 10 times.

"What? How am I supposed to do that?" The game didn't answer. "Are you only going to answer me when it makes me feel miserable?"


Growling he turned to the Perks that weren't grayed out.


"Huh?" Eyes wide open he thought about it. He could choose to not become a Jinchuuriki? Well, it probably won't change much besides the fact he doesn't have Kurama's Chakra… which means there's no disadvantage.

Hitting the button it spread downwards, though all but one option was grayed out. [Jinchuuriki of One] to [Jinchuuriki of Nine] and a few question marks under that.

Pressing [Jinchuuriki of Nine] he heard a loud shout in his head.

"Narutooo!" Kurama shouted. "That hurt like a bitch! What did you do!?"

"Ah, hello, Kurama! Long time no see!" Naruto scratched the back of his head.

"Don't hello me he-" Kurama was cut off and resumed suddenly. "That's how it is, hm? Well, I guess I can follow it, crazy woman."

"What? What do you mean?"

"Sorry, Naruto, but I can't help you until you beat me again." Kurama told him, not really sounding apologetic at all.

Most people would be angry at that, but Naruto was always a competitive person. He accepted long ago that normal just didn't work for him. "Then be prepared to get your ass kicked, Kurama."

"Keh, as if." He could hear the grin on Kurama's face already.

2 Perk Points remaining.

Going through the list again he saw more and more perks that could be interesting, but he could only choose 2 more, so he had to choose wisely.

"A word not quite fitting, hmm?"

"Shut up."

[Swordsman] - Begin with a sword and generic knowledge of sword techniques.

[Blind] - Start blind, but your other 4 senses are heightened.

[Stealthy] - You are spotted harder by enemies weaker or equal to you, and less likely to be spotted by enemies stronger than you.

[General Jutsu] - You know a Jutsu of your elemental affinity already.

"Swords sound cool… Sasuke had one later on, maybe I could beat him one on one with this?" He pondered. It would decide what he starts out with, not what he could learn later on. But any advantage can help, and he never was one for stealth.

Being stealthy is for pranks, facing your enemy mano a mano was how a real man did it!

[Swordsman] and [General Jutsu]

He confirmed both and was thrown around the village.

To open the menu, call "Menu!". While in Menu the world around you stops moving. Leaving the menu sends you back to where you were.

"Thanks for nothiiiiiii-" Suddenly he sat in a chair at the academy, his comrades of war around him and alive! And-

Knowledge the player has gained before this playthrough can't be shared with others. Trying to do so removes the ability to speak.

"So that's what you call Silent Protagonist… hm?" Naruto muttered, shaking his head.

"… Haruno Sakura, Uzumaki Naruto and Uchiha Sasuke. Your Sensei is Hatake Kakashi." Iruka's voice cut him out of his musings. Wait, if this way Graduation Day then…

"Menu!" He shouted, bringing up a lot of screens. Hitting the one titled 'Skills' he found a sword symbol under the Taijutsu section and a water symbol under Ninjutsu. Touching Ninjutsu he looked at the three skills:

"Kage Bunshin, Henge and Kawarimi…"

Going back and touching the water symbol he opened a screen with only one Jutsu.

"Water Release: Large Projectile - Shoot a giant blast of water at your enemy to knock them away or against an obstacle. That's actually not bad at all!"

Again, returning he opened the Inventory and saw "Orange Jumpsuit (0 Defense)" and "Simple Katana".

"Zero? Does that mean if I use other clothes I can take more hits?" He asked himself. Kurama grumbled something, but he ignored it.

Lastly, opening the sword symbol at the Taijutsu category he saw "Kenjutsu Techniques" which consisted of different ways to cut someone.

'Iaido' was some kind of fast draw, and just looking at the skill he could tell his body would easily remember the skill, but he didn't know what the "Lv. 1" besides it means.

Training a skill can add to it's efficiency. A leveled up skill can be used faster and with more power, at the same or less cost of Chakra. Taijutsu generally doesn't cost Chakra.

'Overhead Strike' and 'Vertical Slash' didn't sound as spectacular. What was more useful was the actual 'Kenjutsu' Skill, saying that he knows how to use the sword in battle.

"Leave Menu?" The world resumed and he came back to the image of Sakura hitting her head against the table and Shikamaru looking at him strangely.

Not like that's important, he shrugged.

Graduation Day: Objective - Wait for Kakashi

Naruto wasn't a smart person. He knew that and he also knew that hard work could beat even the most strategical of enemies. And he also knew that even though it seemed to be a game, he already saw the end of the world.

And then he began to think.

It's not just Konoha that needs his help. 'Kiri's civil war…'

QUEST: Kiri Civil War - Help the rebel forces or the loyalists to defeat their enemies.


QUEST: Jinchuuriki of One - Meet Sabaku no Gaara.

'The Sandaime…'

QUEST: Chunin Exams - Be in Konoha at the time of the Chunin Exam finals.

He had many comrades. Konoha seemed so small compared to the Allied Shinobi Forces. Worse, he could not act the knowledge he had from the future! Whatever he did could change the course of the world, and even if it didn't, nobody would believe him.

All he could is train. Or help others.

Graduation Day: Optional Objective - Talk to the Hokage about refusing to be a Konoha Ninja for the sake of the world.

'You're helping an awful lot right now, aren't you?' Naruto thought. No answer. 'Kurama, what do you think?'

"If you want an honest answer… right now, this village isn't worth it." Kurama told him. And that was what he really believed, this village scorned him, and until he risked his life again and again they wouldn't accept him.

"Haaah? Screw this!" He shouted, hitting the table with his fists. He was so deep in thought, he didn't even realize that Kakashi had already put his head through the door. "And screw you too!"

Kakashi pointed at himself as if asking "Who, me?" and just scratched his head. "I don't really think I like you, meet me on the roof."

"No!" Now it was Sakura's and Sasuke's turn to look bewildered at him. "I will go visit the old man, don't wait for me."

Jumping out of the window he ran full speed to the Hokage Tower.

"Soooo…" Kakashi stood on the roof with his two remaining Genin. "Is he always like that?"

Kakashi didn't quite expect his late teacher's son to be such… such an ass.

"No," surprisingly it was Sasuke that answered, "he would have played a prank instead of just leaving."

That sounds more like something could expect, considering Naruto's reputation.

"I guess that's a bit discouraging." Kakashi shrugged and pointed at Sakura. "You, introduce yourself, likes and whatnot."

He would go to the Hokage after this, maybe he can learn what happened.

'He doesn't even try!?' Both thought.

"Old man!" Naruto jumped through the window of the office, ignoring the groan and mutterings about toads. If Naruto hadn't been bound by the player knowledge thing he probably would have hugged the man and told him about Orochimaru.

"What is it, Naruto? I know Kakashi is usually late but…"

"It's not about that, honestly." Naruto looked at the floor, a bit nervous. The Sandaime, Sarutobi Hiruzen was a legend, even his wrinkled face told of battles he had fought, a longing for peace in his eyes. The same look he saw in Jiraiya. "I… I don't think I want to be a Konoha Shinobi."

The Sandaime's reaction was predictable, his pipe fell out of his mouth, and the pen he held in his hand clattered to the floor.

"Why?" The old man asked him. He didn't sound accusing, it was honest bewilderment. "What about your dream?"

"The world is a big place, old man." Naruto wondered if his mature tone would make him suspicious, but he guessed the Hokage would know if an impostor was in his office. "Konoha, I love it. It's the place where I grew up and found my dream, but there are so many things happening! What I want is not to be Hokage, I want respect and acceptance!"

Skill: Charisma unlocked. If you don't know what Charisma is, search for the Intelligence Skill.

Naruto tried to keep his face straight when the game mocked again. Charisma was… right, you could make people see things your way, right?

The Hokage smiled sadly. Maybe Mizuki's betrayal made him think over a few things.

"Very well, Genin Uzumaki," Hiruzen grinned, "I accept your resignation under the condition you come to visit."

Letting a Jinchuuriki go was foolish, and Danzo probably won't be happy, but if the rumors of that organization Jiraiya gathered information on were true, moving around could help keep him safe.

Naruto grinned and gave Hiruzen his forehead protector. "Who knows, maybe one day I will wear it again."

"I certainly hope so."

Graduation Day completed.

Achievement: Wide, Wide World - You are free of Konoha, under the protection of the Sandaime Hokage you are free to leave. You are free to do quests outside. You gained one Permanent Perk Point.

QUEST: Akatsuki - A mysterious organization is searching for you, try to avoid them until you are confident in your strength.

QUEST: Wave - Nami no Kuni is controlled by Gato and its residents live in misery. Join Gato or stand against him.

'Permanent Perk Point?'

When starting the game you started with 5 Perk Points. Now you have 6. Non-Permanent Perk points don't exist, unlocking a perk automatically spends the point. To unlock Perks certain conditions have to be met.

"Thank you, old man." Naruto hugged him.

"Here, take this," Hiruzen said, giving him a document. "This is your official resignation and civilian papers. Using this you can leave Konoha, but be careful, if you are suspected to be a spy you could be attacked."

"Yeah, thanks again!" Naruto jumped out of the window ignoring the old man's shouts about yet more toads.

Obtained Key Item: Civilian Papers and Resignation.

Hidden in the papers he found a note.

There is an organization hunting for the Jinchuuriki. If you need help, return. They are strong, rumored to be on par with Kage.

'Heh… thanks, old man."

Kakashi appeared in the Hokage's office, a bit faster and ungraceful than usually.


"Naruto is no longer a Konoha Shinobi." Hiruzen hid his grin behind some documents.

"But why? What about Minato-sensei's wi-"

"That wish died with him. Naruto asked to help the world outside, where people didn't know him." The Hokage smiled sadly. "Where he could find the acceptance he searched for."

"Ah…" Kakashi scratched the back of his head. "Maybe I co-"

"He's already gone."

"Hmph." Kakashi pouted.


Naruto hit the stat screen at looked at the numbers.

HP: Hit Points, depending on the attack a certain amount of hit points is lost. In a spar the Hit Points are equal to the enemies, losing all HP means unconsciousness, if the enemy doesn't know mercy, it means death.

Naruto swallowed hard.

Chakra: The amount of Chakra you have, using certain skills costs Chakra. Low Chakra equals exhaustion, no Chakra means rapid HP degradation.

"Sounds like usual…" He thought about it. His HP had a small red arrow pointing up besides it. Touching it it spread outwards:

HP Regeneration: You HP regenerates equal to the amount of Kyuubi Chakra in your system. Being an Uzumaki adds to the regeneration.

"That's why my wounds heal so fast, right? Nice!" He grinned. His HP said 5000 HP, his Chakra 3000C.

"That doesn't really sound like much…" Opening his skill screen again he hit the Suiton Jutsu and got more information.

Large Projectile: Costs 30 Chakra. No cool-down.

"Won't I need the hand-seals?" Naruto asked aloud. "Leave Menu. Let's try this."

"Suiton: Large Projectile!" He shouted clapping his hands together and water shot out of his mouth, making him fly back and hit his head against a tree. "Son of a b-"

"Oioioi, that looked like it hurt. You alright there boy?" A voice cut through the silent woods. Naruto looked around and saw an old man, standing on the tree using wall-walking.

"Yeah, I heal fast!" Checking the stat screen he saw that his HP barely went down and was regenerating again. His Chakra, while slower, was nearly full again too.

"What's a lonesome ninja doing in Fire Country?"

"Ah, me? I'm not a ninja!" Naruto grinned. "Well, I know Ninjutsu, but I am not part of any village."

"Ohhh, interesting." The old man grinned. "How about I teach you something?"

Events: As the player, being lucky as well as unlucky goes hand in hand. Just leaving the house can lead to an event that leads to a fight or a learned skill.


The kind old man smiled and pointed at his feet. "This is what I will teach you. It's a Chakra control exercise. You used too much Chakra and it blew you back. Just push some Chakra into your feet and try to walk on the tree."

"Too much and I will get blown away again, too low and nothing will happen?" Naruto asked him with a smile. The kind old man chuckled and jumped down, turning around and leaving.

"Just keep practicing, you will get it."

Chakra Control: Wall Walking unlocked. Lv. 0

'Right, that means I have to use it to actually learn it.' Naruto told himself, ignoring Kurama's chuckles. Stupid fox always making fun of him.

Putting his foot onto the tree and slowly channeled his Chakra into it. "YES!" The bark exploded at his cry. "NOOOOO!"

Back-flipping he landed on his feet and chewed on his lower lip.

Chakra Control: Wall Walking experience increased.

"This is gonna take some time…"

Chakra Control: Wall Walking Lv. 1 reached. Chakra Control increased. Wall Walking maxed out.

"Suiton: Large Projectile!" Naruto shouted again, water leaving his mouth rapidly and hitting a tree, breaking it in two. "Nice!"

Naruto grinned and grabbed the sword on his side, he still didn't use it and probably should.

Standing in front of a tree he held the sword a bit back and held the hilt. "What was that skill again… ah."

"Iaido!" Naruto called, his body moving to obey the command, pulling out the sword, cutting into the tree and returning it to the scabbard in only one second. Not fast enough to stop an enemy from using hand-seals from a distance.

"Hah!" Naruto pumped his fist and looked happily at the deep cut the tree had. It wouldn't be enough to fell it, but it's faster than the Suiton Jutsu and should help.

"Hey, little swordsman!"

'This is the bad luck I guess.' Naruto thought, looking to his left. His eyes met the other guy's.

"Yeah you! My name is Maron, fight me!"

It's as if the moment their eyes met he was forced into the fight…

A challenger has appeared. Accept the duel?

Yes or No.

Looking at the young adult in front of him he saw very bad gear, a sword on his back and a bored look on his face. His hair was similar to Shikamaru's, his eyes in a deep brown, though the bags under them made him look rather unmotivated. His armor was torn up in different places, but what was the most particular thing about him was the sword.

It was used of course.

"Sure," Naruto grinned, and saw numbers appear around Maron.

Maron, a swordsman.

1200 HP


"That guy seems so weak…"

"Hey I heard that!" Maron shouted, and Naruto realized he said that aloud.

"Sorry, sorry, let's just fight."

The used sword was out of the scabbard faster than he could see.

'The flesh is weak…' Naruto thought, blocking the sword with his own, "but the technique is flawless!"

Grinning, Naruto blocked each strike and replaced his sword in the scabbard.

"IAIDO!" The technique cut through the air and hit Maron's arm.

Things to end rather fast in actual battles.

Not here though. Maron's HP reached below 50% and turned orange.

"YOU THINK SUCH SLOPPY TECHNIQUES CAN BEAT ME!?" Maron shouted, his face suddenly determined.

Iaido: Experienced increased.

"IAIDO!" This time the strike was blocked and Maron spun around, letting his sword drop and gripping it before striking with the other arm, all that before Naruto could sheath his sword again.

His right shoulder was hit, luckily the cut was rather shallow because of the lacking power.

"Overhead!" Naruto didn't know why he shouted it, but he felt a slight increase in speed attacking with it. 'That's right, it's a skill, isn't it?"

"VERTICAL STRIKE!" Naruto hit Maron's hands and cut through a finger.

"IAIDO!" Maron's sword pierced his shoulder the moment Naruto cut open his enemies chest.

Iaido: Lv. 2 reached. Faster and stronger draw.

Maron defeated.

ACHIEVEMENT: First Milestone - Win your first real battle. 1 Permanent Perk Point.

"Hey, I don't know much about games, but shouldn't I get EXP or something!?"

The game uses no Level for NPC's or the player to make it harder to judge an enemy. Under fifty people with equal HP and Chakra, one could still be better.

"Grghhhhh… Hey, you alright?" Naruto asked Maron on the floor. The battered swordsman stood up and glared at Naruto.

"You have beaten me. Your technique isn't as bad as I thought. Here, take this."

Obtained Equipment Set "Light Samurai Armor".

"Hey dude, that's a bit muc-" Maron was gone. "Stupid events! I should move to avoid them!"

"Menu! Inventory!"

Light Samurai Armor, adds to speed of Kenjutsu and Ninkenjutsu. Small armor bonus (+10 Defense)

"Totally gonna equip that." Naruto nodded. The armor was of a simple design, a typical Samurai armor without shoulder plates or greaves. Even the helmet was missing! But it was better than his current armor.

"My poor orange…"

Sadly the armor was in red.

"Deal with it." Kurama said, laughing in his mind.

"I remind you that I wore an orange jumpsuit when I KICKED YOUR ASS!" Naruto shouted. Small victories.

"Hmm… Menu, Quest!"

Naruto learned that shortcuts worked instead of seeking the relevant screen. Small victories.

Current Quests

Wave - Join or Defeat Gato to for money or to free the citizens of his rule.

"I guess that can wait a bit, Konoha takes the mission on and it's not like I have a chance against Zabuza by myself…"

If there was a stat for actual intelligence he would have gained it right there. But a player character is nothing without the player, and as such only as smart as him.

"I feel as if someone just said something terribly rude."

Akatsuki - A mysterious organis-

"Yeah, right, I would be dead, next."

Chunin Exams - Be in Konoha for Chunin Exam Finals to continue this quest.

"This is going to take some time though…"

Jinchuuriki of One - Meet Sabaku no Gaara.

Kiri Civil War - Join Yagura or Terumi Mei in the Civil War and help them against the opposing site.

"Gahhh! I can't choose which to do first! Wasn't Yagura supposed to be controlled by Madara right now?" Naruto gripped his hair and glared at the quest list. "This thing updated when I thought about where I could help, right? What about the other Jinchuuriki? Those need to be warned!"

QUEST: Yagura's Purge - Find out the truth about Yagura's control under Uchiha Madara.

QUEST: Akatsuki updated - Optional Objective: Search for the other Jinchuuriki and warn them of Akatsuki.

"Hell yes!" Naruto grinned, hitting the quest and watching an arrow appearing out of nowhere.

Quest Marker appear when you choose on quest as main focus. They point you to the general area of the target, but never to the target itself. If the target wishes to be hidden, the general area spreads much further.

From the direction of the arrow it pointed clearly at Land of Lightning. The place with two Jinchuuriki not hated by their village, for their control.

Objectives: Killer B and Nii Yugito. Jinchuuriki of Eight and Jinchuriki of Two respectively.

Onwards to Kumo!

Humming some senseless tune, Naruto sped through the trees and watched the forest thinning out. To reach Kumogakure he would need to go through the Land of Hot Water and the Land of Frost…

The Land of Frost where they lost the battle.

"Tch…" Naruto wasn't happy about this game. But it gave him a chance.

But right now? He needed sleep. He was on his feet since hours and just in front of him was Yugakure! A place to rest!

Of course he was at his apartment to get everything he had before leaving, it's not like he was that stupid.

It's not like he has much stuff, actually.

He just realized he didn't have any source of income too!

"Noooo!" At least he had enough to sleep a night here, which should be enough time to reach Kumo going full speed. But as he was about to go to sleep he heard strange whispers.

"Did you hear about the bandit camps near the village?" A voice said from outside of his room. "Many Yugakure ninja weren't happy about their forced retirement and joined their ranks."

"It's not like Yugakure had any strong ninja, Baa-sama," another voice chuckled.

"Yes, of course, but someone trained as ninja could easily take down a whole bandit group, let alone a village!" The old woman sounded worried, "I would pay for some ninja in Kumo to get rid of them, but they charge too much as neighboring country."

Quest available: The Bandits of Yugakure - Defeat the bandits of Yugakure to get loot and pay.

Throwing open the door, Naruto grinned at the two coincidentally standing women in front of it. "I will take care of them for as much as you are ready to pay!"

"My, my, thank you young man."

Typical game logic dictates that no one will wonder why exactly you would do that when you were obviously no ninja.

Quest Accepted: The Bandits of Yugakure.

"But first!" Naruto turned around, shutting the door and throwing himself at the bed. "Sleep."

For the dramatic effect Naruto was up rather early and sat waiting on a tree branch near one of the bandit camps. Scouting wasn't something he was good in, but he could see the five men and one woman with scratched out forehead protectors.

Strangely all of them just had "Nukenin" as name while the bandits were just named "Bandit".

Unimportant characters weren't named it seems.

They all had less HP than him, but that was probably because he had his Uzumaki body and Kurama. He couldn't just depend on that alone.

But one thing Naruto realized, he loved this sword. Simply because it looked cool when he used it. And hey, maybe he can learn some Kenjutsu in Kumo!

He just needed to find some event, it's not like he can ask and just learn it from someone there. Suspected spy isn't something he wants to add to his list of titles.

Attacking an unaware enemy always does more damage than coming from the front.

"Thank you, capt'n obvious." Naruto muttered distastefully.

Pulling out a few Kunai he got, he threw the first one at one of the bandits. They weren't many and their HP was laughable, so the bandit just fell and, wait was he dead?

The hit bandit stayed motionless on the ground.

"Ah…" Naruto never killed, not on purpose that is. It just wasn't his nature. But it's for a greater good, wasn't it? Shinobi were tools, and if you wielded yourself to the fullest potential you could save your allies!

Skill: Kunai - Experience gained.

'That's probably somewhere I didn't look… of course I know how to throw Kunai and Shuriken.'

Three other Kunai took out the other bandits that stood outside. Sadly the ninja realized rather fast what was happening. Luckily he wasn't an idiot.

He really wasn't!

He had some Kage Bunshin spread out and throw Kunai out of every direction to split them up.

The ones he had to deal with were a rather bulky looking man and the woman who looked like she was the leader of the group.

"Is that an eye-patch!?" Naruto asked loudly. "How can you be some no-name enemy when you have an eye-patch! It's a symbol of strength to fight and lose one!"

The woman didn't answer.

"You don't really have much of a personality, do you?"

No answer. He gripped his sword…

"IAIDO!" He shouted out and attacked the bulky man first, his strike was blocked and the man's HP went down only by a very small amount, and he was kicked by the woman right after that.

"Ganking piece of sh-"

They expected his technique. The quick draw was fast enough to make most ninja turn green in envy, but these two, while having low HP…

3000C together.

He still couldn't quite understand how exactly "3000 Chakra" translated into skill, but these two were stronger than the average nin. Too strong.

"Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!" Five clones were created and gathered around him.

His HP went down by quite a bit and he should probably avoid getting it again. What's lacking in their personality they have in skills.

"Overhead!" Two clones shouted, while two others did the Vertical Strike. The strikes were blocked again, but this time his enemies were separated and he could follow up.

"Iaido!" To spam his fastest or strongest technique always is a players best chance to win. Who cares about honor?

And again the strike was blocked. This man… he was stronger than the woman. His clones were battered aside and dispelled. Jumping backwards Naruto clapped his hands together.

"Suiton: Large Projectile!" Naruto used his only elemental Jutsu and shot it at him, but the bulky man jumped over it.

"NOW!" The two clones distracting the woman quickly jumped backwards and while one blocked her attempt to lunge at the the real him, the other stabbed his clone blade right through the bulky man's back.

Or so he thought, a log appeared out of nowhere and the man stood behind him, punching him.

Skill: Precision Strike (Passive) unlocked.

Precision Strike - Your eyes can perceive the weakest points of your enemy, trying to go in between the ribs from behind and going for soft tissue.

At least something.

The clone that tried distracting the woman was destroyed just as easily. And Naruto came to a full stop right in front of her.

"Well… fuck." Kawarimi was really helpful when actually used. Appearing behind the tree he used as lookout before he quickly formed another bunch of clones.

'Too far away for Iaido…' Naruto thought, his hands coming together too before he hit his stomach. His clones following suit."Suiton: Large Projectile!"

"Katon: Great Fireball!" The woman did have a voice it seems, and her called out fireball hit the tree, burning it a bit before Naruto's half a dozen clones hit her with their projectiles. Her wide eyed look was the last thing he saw of her before she was sent into a tent quite some distance away.

Skill: Suiton: Large Projectile leveled up (Lv.2) - Chakra Cost lessened, strength of the technique rose!

The man was left standing.

2200 HP.

"Imi!" The man shouted loudly. "You bastard! Doton: Earth Dragon!"

Ah… shit. His clones were destroyed and his HP sank down to half.

'Hey, a bit help, Kurama?'

"Get drunk on it, and I won't help you."

His eyes turned red, the whiskers on his cheeks becoming darker.

Jinchuuriki Form: Version 1 unlocked

Higher speed. He dodged a punch thrown at his face, barely.

Stronger regeneration… his HP was nearly full again.

And did his chakra bar turn red? Yes!


The technique was overloaded, he was thrown back but even the earth barrier his enemy threw up wasn't strong enough to hold it. The red coated water stream hit the man and threw him to the ground.


Naruto's echoing voice cut through the clearing and he appeared directly over the enemy.

This time the strike wasn't blocked, it cut through the whole man and left a trail of blood on the floor, and after wiping the blood he placed it back in the scabbard.

The mentality of a gamer, no remorse for no-name enemies.

It seems the other 4 ninja weren't that special, his clones could easily sneak up on them and backstab them… which means those two came after him personally because they knew he was real.

Of course, Naruto didn't quite realize he had fought in a war just two days or so ago. His readiness to be ruthless, and to fight enemies stronger, more talented or generally smarter than him had sharpened him.

Where the two he fought were strong, yet unnamed characters in a game he is allowed to play to save his friends.

"IAIDO!" Naruto rushed through the steam and cut the woman across her stomach. Luckily, instead of innards spreading outwards she disappeared with a cry.

Quest complete: The Bandits of Yugakure - Your skills have surpassed those of your enemies! Your reputation in the Land of Hot Springs has risen!

Returning to the woman had been somewhat strange. He got some money sure, and even a recommendation where to bring his sword for repairs.

What he didn't expect was her giving him an axe. It was an axe! He used a katana and Ninjutsu!

Of course, typical games generally give you rarely the weapon you want when you complete a quest. Nice thing is you can sell it!

Which he did. And how he paid for his repairs without losing any money from the reward.

"I think I can live with that," He muttered on his way towards the Land of Frost. "This better not lead to another event, got more important stuff to do…"