Rose's POV

Two minutes were all we had to share, to think of things to say.

Two minutes just to say a goodbye that never came because we didn't think it would.

Two minutes to tell him I love him just as I should have long before we ended up here.

Two minutes were two minutes too short to hear him say it.

Two minutes and I'm staring at nothing.

Two minutes and his face is gone forever, no sweet smile, no shiny brown eyes, no beat up old brown suit, nothing.

Two minutes are just a memory now; I'll never see him again.

Two minutes, just two minutes for a broken heart.

The Doctor's POV

Two minutes and I'm speaking at nothing, her sparkling brown eyes are no longer looking back at mine.

Two minutes and I'm alone with just the sad humming of my TARDIS and the company of my tears.

Two minutes were all I needed to tell her I loved her too.

Two minutes and all I have are my unspoken words and my deepest regrets.

Two minutes were all we had, two minutes is what we'll never have again.