Chapter 1

He had eyes and ears everywhere. No one knew that he had been watching them very clearly for weeks now. They were all too consumed by the thoughts of taking down Elijah and keeping the doppelganger safe. They had yet to realize that their every move was being followed. From what everybody knew Klaus was always one step ahead of everyone but they didn't even consider it a possibility that he had already won the game being played.

He had his witches study each and every one of the people of the town close to the precious doppelganger. There were the Salvatore brothers fawning all over Elena. Stefan was the controlled, caring yet boring boyfriend while Damon, the older Salvatore, was impulsive and a true vampire. They would both risk their lives for the doppelganger which was exactly what he needed, At least for the time being.

Jeremy Gilbert, the annoying little brother who hated vampires. Then there was Aunt Jenna, Alaric the history teacher/ vampire hunter. There was Caroline Forbes. The best friend and the baby vampire. A blonde beauty but a means to an end. The other best friend was Bonnie, the Bennett witch. She could come handy someday, alas, she had to die. Matt Donovan, the human quarterback who had too much on his plate as it is and now vampires too. Tyler Lockwood, the werewolf and a whole lot of people willing to die for Elena.

Klaus had exactly what he needed for the sacrifice now his only concern was the interference from one of the Salvatore brothers which would most likely be Damon. So he went by to the Grill to warn Damon.

He saw two men talking to each other and knew one was Alaric and the other had to be Damon. He approached them and took his seat next to the vampire.

"Gentlemen, why so glum?" he asked.

Damon was not in the mood to be interrupted today. He had fed Elena his blood and if the sacrifice took place tonight, she would come back as a vampire and she would hate him for eternity. Damon didn't bother to look at the person wanting to piss him off but the annoyed look on Alaric's face was enough to tell him who it was.

"Klaus I presume?" Damon asked as he sighed.

"In the flesh" he looked to Alaric then and smiled, "Thanks for the loner, mate"

Damon stood up and walked closer to him, "Any reason you decided to stop by to say 'hi'?" he asked annoyed.

"I'm told you and your brother fancy my doppelganger" Klaus stated keeping his calm.

Damon's fake smile was enough to confirm it before Klaus continued, "Just thought I'd remind you not to do anything you'll regret." He smiled but this was not hiding the evident threat in his voice.

"Thanks for the advice. But I don't suppose I could talk you into a postponement, by any chance." Damon asked his voice still dripping with irony.

"You must be kidding. Right? I have my vampire, my werewolf. I have everything I need. The ritual will happen tonight. And if you want to live to see tomorrow, don't screw it up" Klaus said as he stared the vampire in front of him and flashed out of there.

Damon knew he needed to correct his mistake and at any cost had to stop the ritual from happening tonight. Klaus threatened his life and right now he didn't care so after getting the location of Klaus' sacrificial lambs from Katherine, he directly went to the tomb to free the baby vampire. He got rid of Klaus' warlock, Maddox, courtesy to football star, Matt Donovan.

In a matter of minutes, Damon had knocked out Matt who was threatening to kill him with the wooden bullets and had freed Caroline and Tyler from the chains in the tomb. It was almost time for the ritual and the moon would be at its peak in a matter of minutes. That meant it was time for Tyler to turn into a werewolf. They were half way through, with Caroline helping Matt and Damon looking out for any danger AKA Klaus, when Tyler let out a scream.

"Tyler?" Caroline asked. Her voice laced with genuine concern for her friend and well herself and Damon. Being vampires, a bite from werewolves could kill them and once Tyler phased he had no control over himself.

"It's already starting" Tyler responded as he clutched his heart and began walking swiftly through the forest to the Lockwood cellar.

"Grab boy wonder and let's go!" Damon commented as he followed Tyler's lead. They all followed behind closely and picked up their pace.

Klaus had already been waiting for Elena and Stefan at the Salvatore Boarding house. Stefan tried to stop Klaus from taking Elena but it was no use and now Klaus was long gone. He had handed over Elena to the witch to take her to the spot for the ritual. He too eventually made this appearance there but after a total turn of events which was not expected. Damon had been bit and when Damon confronted Klaus about releasing his werewolf and vampire and killing the warlock, Klaus practically laughed in his face saying he had a backup for everything.

Tyler's phasing was over and Matt was left to take care of him while Caroline and Stefan dealt with another major crisis. Jenna had been turned into a vampire and she was the replacement for Caroline. Damon's blood was impure so he couldn't offer himself as a replacement but Stefan and Caroline were a totally different case.

"I'm coming over. Just wait for me and don't do something stupid Stefan" Caroline spoke into her phone as she exited the Lockwood house and moved towards the forest.

"Caroline, you shouldn't come. Klaus will not hesitate to kill you…." Stefan spoke from the other side of the line.

"And he won't hesitate to kill you too. Listen we're going to figure something out. I'll be there in five. Bye" she said as she hurried into the forest and placed her cellphone into her pocket.

She was scurrying through the forest just when she heard something. She stopped in the middle and looked around cautiously. She heard the sound of a twig breaking again and turned but saw nobody. "Whose there?" she yelled out. It was a full moon. She didn't want any other wolves to come take a snack from her and leave her with a bite that could kill her. Correction that would kill her.

She turned quite a few times to see if anybody was there and when she finally turned she saw an unknown face and that was the last thing she remembered before darkness consumed her.

"Caroline will meet us there. We have to go now before she reaches there alone." Stefan announced to everyone. Elijah, Damon and Bonnie nodded as they made their way outside of the old witch house. Elijah and Bonnie were taking the lead while Damon and Stefan were following behind.

"So who do you think is going to take Jenna's place? You or Blondie?" Damon commented sardonically.

"I don't know Damon. But I won't let Elena lose anyone else. She has already suffered too much." Stefan replied as he flashed to the sight of the ritual.

Elijah, Bonnie and Damon were supposed to make their appearance after Klaus had broken the curse and he would be in his most vulnerable state for Elijah to finish with the help of Bonnie's magic of course.