Chapter 22

"Okay! Okay! I will go with you" she said and when he removed his hand from Tyler's chest, Tyler fell to the floor, coughing and panting. As soon as Caroline was about to rush to Tyler, Klaus stepped into her way and shook his head 'no'.

She tried to shake away the tears forming in her eyes. Every time she tried to look for any sort of good and humanity in Klaus, he just gave her more reasons to hate him. Just when she thought things couldn't get any worse, he snapped Tyler's neck ruthlessly and kicked his body to the side where it hit the wall with a loud thud.

He turned to her and smiled. It wasn't warm as usual but cold and emotionless, "Just to be sure he doesn't come after us." He said and moved to her. She stood still knowing there would be no use trying to run, he'd catch her before she could even blink. He moved his hand up to caress her cheek, half expecting her to jerk her head back but to his surprise she didn't. He stained her white, creamy cheek with the blood of her beloved Tyler. She stared at him in disbelief as a few involuntary tears escaped her eyes landed on his fingers.

"Why are you doing this?" she asked. Her voice broken and small.

For a moment, he could swear he heard the voice of his own heart shattering into pieces at how vulnerable she sounded but he willed himself to be strong. He could not break down and soften in front of her. Not now anyway.

"You look breathtaking in red, love" he answered back in mock. He didn't give her a chance to wipe the blood off her face or to respond as he grabbed her upper arm with the same hand that had been inside Tyler's chest, tinting her arm with the scarlet liquid and flashed away.

Rebekah was pacing in the room, waiting for Tyler to come back. She couldn't die at the hands of those hybrids but Klaus would be exceptionally pissed if she killed off any of his hybrids and if she just fought them off, she'd probably get bitten and she didn't want to spend her next day writhing in pain and hallucinations. Stefan was getting worse by the second and Elena' constant jabbering was irritating her. Damon tapping the window with his fingers and looking each second at Liz didn't help her situation either. She sighed in frustration and walked over to the door once more, determined to get out of this mess no matter the consequences.

"Ughh! I can't take it anymore. I'm leaving" Rebekah announced but no one paid her any attention at all. When she opened the door, she was surprised was an understatement.

"Miss me Beks?" the person asked arms crossed over his chest leaning against the door frame, smirking as usual.

Rebekah gasped, not sure to be happy or worried. "Kol" She huffed out. Now she caught everyone's attention.

The younger Mikaelson just smirked and moved forward pulling his sister with him into the classroom. "Sorry Bekah. I can't leave you yet. Class has yet to begin" He commented sarcastically and closed the door behind him. Everyone knew that no one would win a fight against Kol especially when he was focused on not letting them leave.

Kol watched in amusement as Elena ignored him and tended to Stefan's wound. "That's a nasty wound darling" he stated with bogus sorrow wiping a fake tear from his eye.

"What do you want?" Damon asked tiredly. His voice seemed strained. Probably because of the fact that his brother was on his death bed and he couldn't do anything to help him.

Kol narrowed his eyes at the elder Salvatore, "From the others, not much but you mate" he hissed. "I want us to be even" he said and flashed forward and snapped his spine before anyone could even comprehend what was happening.

"Now we're even" He announced smirking to himself.

"Why am I here Kol?" Rebekah asked annoyed by all the suspense and drama and looked to her brother for some answers.

"I'm surprised you don't know." Kol commented. "It's Niklaus. You've upset him Bekah." He said and with each word his tone grew more serious. "They killed our brother or did you forget Finn's death so soon that you're fraternizing with the enemy?" he questioned and turned away from her when he sensed his brother approaching.

"Don't waste your breath, you don't have to answer me" he said with a wide grin. "You have to answer Nik" he stated and right now cue the door opened once again to reveal not only one person but two. Klaus holding Caroline who had blood smeared across her face.

Kol glanced between the two and watched as his brother held onto the blonde baby vampire as if his life depended on it. She walked mechanically as he shoved her in the room. He couldn't help but admire his brother on taming the blonde spitfire.

Elena saw her friend being pushed into the room. At first she couldn't believe her eyes but after a few seconds she realized her worst nightmare had come true. There stood Caroline Forbes tinted in someone's blood. She just hoped it wasn't Tyler's.

"Looks like someone had all the fun themselves" Kol teased earning a dark chuckle from his brother. Klaus walked and sat himself on the teacher's chair and propped his feet onto the table.

"Kol why don't you escort the Sheriff to her home?" He proposed beginning his 'hearing'. Caroline's head shot up at hearing her mother's name. "What about her memories? I'm doing this only because of her-" she hissed angrily unable to complete as the arrogant hybrid interrupted her.

"Well love you'll be coming with me. She'll just be extra baggage tying you down. It'd be better for her if she could forget you and move on" Klaus stated innocently phrasing it as it was the best thing for her mother but not for himself. 'Asshole' she muttered under her breath. Klaus smirked hearing her and motioned for Kol to take her mother and the elder Salvatore away.

"So dearest Elena" Klaus addressed, "you have two choices here unlike my dear sister or my sweet Caroline" He announced possessively glancing over both of them with a devilish smile.

The doppelganger glared him holding onto Stefan like his life depended on it. "Either stay here and watch Stefan die or you come with me willingly. Be a good donor and Stefan gets to kill a happy Elena-free life" He offered and everyone in their right mind knew Elena would choose the latter.

"Just heal him" she said and moved away from Stefan looking at him sadly before going to embrace her blonde haired friend. They both saw in horror how Klaus healed Stefan but shortly after that compelled him to forget the Elena, Caroline and the originals. It was like he was removing every trace of their lives only to start new ones with him. They both wondered what Klaus had in store for his baby sister. His own flesh and blood. How could he punish her?

After Stefan left Klaus turned and smiled to the three ladies glaring him. "Right then. We're all leaving this God forsaken town tonight. Rebekah your stuff is packed and in the car, and Elena and Caroline we'll stop at your houses on our way. Let's be on our way then" he ordered but his sister's shrill voice stopped him.

"I'm not going with you. I'm not following you around anymore. I like it here" she declared jutting her chin in the air confidently. Caroline really admired Rebekah's confidence. She saw how Klaus pursed his lips together into a thin line. She didn't particularly like that look of his though. Wait! She didn't like any of his looks.

"I thought you might say that but if you don't come, poor Matt Donovan will stop at nothing to kill himself" He countered and all three girls gasped, not believing Klaus to be so heartless.

"You're miserable" Rebekah sneered and moved out of the room. Probably to the car. Klaus simply smiled back and laughed silently motioning for the girls to head back out. Elena jeered at him and Caroline stomped her foot angrily before pushing past him towards the car.

Once they reached the car, thankfully, Rebekah was already sitting in the passenger seat so Elena scooted into the back seat, waiting for her friend. But as soon as Caroline was about to dive into the car, Klaus caught her elbow and puller her flush against his chest causing the blonde to scoff and struggle against him.

He pulled her close, "Kol compelled your mother not me. He's removed her compulsion so you can go and say your goodbyes. You have ten minutes and then you, yourself, will compel her to not follow you. You can either compel her to forget you or convince her not to come after you" His lips brushing against the shell of her ear causing goose bumps to appear all over her skin.

"But know this Caroline. I do not like to be disappointed and if I'd have to go and drag you back. I have may snap your mother's neck in the process" He whispered threateningly and let go of her elbow watching her closely.

Normally Caroline would've just walked away but threatening her mother was not okay. No one could get away with intimidating her mother not even an immortal thousand year hybrid. She didn't know from where she got this much courage but her hand flew into the air and slapped the arrogant hybrid across his cheek. She felt a tingling, sharp paining sensation in her hand afterwards but it was worth it.

"Don't you ever threaten my mother again because next time I won't just slap you? I'll drive a stake through your heart!" She hissed angrily. She could care less if the hybrid killed her right now. All she knew was that no one was allowed to intimidate her like this. Not her. Not her mom.

To her surprise Klaus merely smiled. It was like he wanted her to react this way? It was beyond confusing but Klaus was very sure why he wanted to see Caroline react this way. He wanted to see her as a true vampire. Strong, beautiful & full of light. The fire inside her eyes when she protected her mother was just too refreshing.

"I'm immortal sweetheart" he replied back. "A wooden stake can't kill me" He announced rather proudly smirking to himself.

"But it can kill me" she countered. "So next time you think to threaten my mom, I'll drive that very stake through my own heart and then you'll just have to find another obsession to amuse you for eternity" She replied back but didn't wait for his answer and flashed away to her mother. She didn't need to waste any more time with this… this heartless monster.

Caroline stood there in front of the front door of her house. The house she'd grown up in, with her mom and to some extent her dad. All her childhood memories imprinted here and now she'd have to leave again when she just got back after being kidnapped by Klaus.

She breathed in and moved inside, listening to her mother's heartbeat in the living room. Good she was awake and most importantly alive. She had a little doubt about her mother being sent away with the infamous Kol Mikaelson but she had no choice but right now she did. Either she could be selfish and run away with her mother, always in fear like Katherine. Or she could let her mother live in peace and go deal with the devil herself.

She chose the latter.

"Mom?" Caroline called out but it came out as a whisper as she entered the living room, watching her mother sitting on the couch with a few pictures of them surrounding her. Liz turned her head to see if it was true. Kol had told her Caroline would come by but she didn't believe him that she'd be able to see her daughter again. Tears were fairly evident in both the mother-daughter's eyes.

Caroline rushed forward and launched herself into her mother's welcoming arms. She let out a heart wrenching sob as her mother stroked her back while embracing her. Both the women tore down their walls and let their tears flow especially Caroline. She'd have no chance to cry once she'd be with Klaus because she didn't want to show him her weakness. Not only him but anyone in general. She didn't want to cry in front of anyone so she always put up a brave face but not in front of her mother. She could never stay strong in front of the woman who taught her to be strong.

So she cried and wept until the tears wouldn't come out. Ten minutes passed more quickly than she could ever realize. She didn't say anything. Neither did her mother. It was like both were communicating through their sobs and tears. Caroline, regrettably, parts from her mother and moves into a sitting position looking her mother straight into her eyes.

The sheriff just smiles and nods, "Kol told me that either you'd compel me or Klaus will…" She trailed off with a few more desperate sobs escaping her mouth.

"I'm so sorry mom" Caroline said one last time before her pupils dilated and she compelled her to move away from Mystic Falls to some safe town and forget everything that ever happened just like Klaus wanted.

"I'll always love you mom" Caroline said one last time before she stood up and took the pictures of her and her mother, folding them and tucking them away. She looked around the house once more, as if memorizing each and every little detail. Finally she moved out of the front door to see a black SUV parked in front of her house with Klaus and Rebekah sitting in front and Elena sitting in the back.

As soon as she walked closer, Klaus looked over to her and noticed her tear stained, rosy pink cheeks and her puffy eyes. She refused to look at him and mechanically moved into the back of the car and scooted closer to her friend who passed her a sympathetic look. He watched her from the rearview mirror as she laid her head into her friend's lap who kept stroking her hair whispering soothing words to her until the blonde haired vampire fell into deep slumber from all the exhaustion and "life-changing" decisions.


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